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What happened to Country Music?

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Aug 15, 1994, 1:15:21 PM8/15/94
Beavis and Butthead posed an interesting question the other night. While
watching a Clint Black video they asked:
What happened to country music-when they used to sing about whiskey
drinking and kickin butt?"

A pertinent question??

David I. Laudicina

Aug 15, 1994, 9:53:43 AM8/15/94

>A pertinent question??

The originators of the question would most seemingly indicate that an answer
would be quite ridiculous. Come on I saw Beavis and Butthead the other day for
the first time it reminds me of the MTV Woodstock analysts. Mindless, cynical ,
I think I am so cool that I am above everybody else attitude. These characters
are so boring it is not even funny.
Thx Dave L

garry b.

Aug 15, 1994, 5:33:40 PM8/15/94
In article <32o7r9$> (sterno) writes:

Here's a story we heard this weekend while waiting for dinner before a
gig in faraway Fossil, Oregon, population 400:

A woman saw us at the salad bar and said, "You must be the band, you
don't look familiar." She then came to our table and asked if we
brought our guns with us. Startled, we looked nervously at each other,
and said said no, we left them in our other pants. She told us how, at
last year's county fair dance, the singer had pulled his gun when a
brawl started, pointed it at her son's forehead, and demanded the
fighting be stopped. The fighting stopped. (Maybe that's why they
called the Old West six-shooters "Peacemakers.")

When we ordered our dinners from the waiter, he advised getting the
special, since it was already prepared, so we asked for that since we
were in a hurry. He returned and told us the special was all gone, so
we ordered burgers and reminded him we had to eat fast because we had
to play for the dance very shortly. After we had waited fifteen
minutes, a waitress came to the table and apologized for the long wait.
"The cook had to break up a fight. She's also the town mayor!"


p.s. The dance went without an indoor incident. Nice bunch of people.
I like guitars, pickup trucks, and hillbilly music. Oh, yeah, and my
Marshall amp. "GONE" (CD, 48 min.) by No Way Home soon to be on
Criminal Records or by mail order now. Email for info.

Ted Samse

Aug 16, 1994, 8:45:57 AM8/16/94
garry b. ( wrote:
: In article <32o7r9$>
: (sterno) writes:

: > Beavis and Butthead posed an interesting question the other night. While
: > watching a Clint Black video they asked:
: > "
: > What happened to country music-when they used to sing about whiskey
: > drinking and kickin butt?"
: >
: >
: > A pertinent question??

Indeed, here is something from Blanco County Texas. N of Dirty SA!!
Blanco County News
August 3, 1994


*Malone kills Gamez during break-in, officials say*


When Roger Gamez tumed 36-years-old three weeks ago he
probably didn't think it would be his final birthday.

But Gamez was lucky he reached that age, many Bianco County
residents said this week. They were not surprised to learn he
died violendy last Thursday night,

Matthew Timothy Malone, 24. told authorities he killed Gamez
in self-defense. Malone maintains Gamez broke through a back
door at his residence five mdes north of Blanco.

No charges have been filed against Malone. Details of the
incident will be turned over to District Attorney Sam Oatman who
will present the case to a grand jury, perhaps in September.

The shooting has dominated coffee kiatch conversation
locally. Some residents say Gamez's death was no great loss to
the community; that it made Blanco County a better, safer place
to live.

Derisively called a "scrot" (short for scrotum) by some
members of local law enforcement, Gamez was a convicted felon
with a nasty reputation as the most dangerous man in Blanco

But "mama goose" was another nick-name, according to Katie
Ward, his sister.She said the term referred to the line of
children who would follow her brother to the park or who gathered
around him for ice cream.

"He's got a heart," she said. "He's not a mean person."

While rumors and speculation about the shooting swirled
around Blanco County like so much caliche dust, Chief Deputy Gary
Rowe was the only authority providing details of the incident.

Malone, and three other individuals at the scene, would not
talk to the Blanco County News this week.

Here's the story:

Early Thursday evening Gamez joined Bret Immel, 36, and his
girlfriend, Wendy DeLeon, 37, on a trip from Blanco to Malone's
residence. A pair of concert tickets for the heavy metal band
Metallica, perfoming in Austin Saturday, were on their mind as
they drove north.

Metallica tickets were among the items in a purse DeLeon
reported stolen July 18. The theft allegedly occurred in the
parking lot of the Stagecoach Saloon the day before.

Apparently the trio had some reason to believe Malone was in
possession of the tickets. And according to Grace Gamez, another
sister, her brother was trying to collect a $50 to $60 reward
offered by Immel to find the tickets.

Malone's girlfriend, Donna Wizbicki, 23, told authorities
she informed the group Matt was not at home. He was, however, in
the house.

According to Gamez's girlfriend, Laura Kriewald, Gamez and
Malone engaged in a vicious fist fight sometime in early July.
She claims her boyfriend beat-up the younger man.

Accepting Wizbicki's bluff, at least for the moment, Gamez,
Immel and DeLeon left the scene and apparently drove north to
Johnson City. But on the way back to Blanco, the trio stopped
again at the Malone residence.

While the first visit is said to have occured anywhere
between 6:30 and 7:45 p.m., the fatal encounter at the Malone
residence has been narrowed down to shortly before 9 p.m.,
according to Rowe.

Gamez allegedly walked up to the house while Immel and
DeLeon remained in Immel's vehicle. Rowe said Malone and
Wizbicki claim Gamez entered the residence by kicking in a locked
back kitchen door.

"There's evidence of forced entry through the rear door,"
Rowe said. He said a broken door jamb, the extended tongue of a
dead bolt, and wood splinters on the kitchen floor substantiated
the couple's claim.

According to Rowe, Gamez made it through the kitchen and
into the living room before Malone confronted him with a .22
calibre semiautomatic rifle he'd grabbed from a bedroom.

Nine shots were fired, Rowe said. Seven bullets hit Gamez
in the torso, ripping through his black "San Antonio, Texas"
t-shirt and forcing him back toward the kitchen.

Rowe said it is unclear if Malone gave Gamez any verbal

Unsure that Gamez was dead, Malone, Wlzbicki and a
six-year-old boy who was also in the house fled to a nearby
residence occupied by other members of the Malone family, Rowe

Meanwhile, Immel and DeLeon, heard the shots. Immel has
indicated to authorities Malone exited the house and made some
type of threatening gesture with the gun.

But Immel stomped on the gas and fled to Blanco with DeLeon.

Malone's grandfather contacted authorities at 9:58 p.m.,
Rowe said.

Eleven minutes later, Immel contacted authorities from his
mother's office in Blanco, Rowe said. But he reported the
incident to be near Ranch to Market Roads 1623 and 1888.

"Initially, we thought we had two shootings," Rowe said.

Four minutes later Immel called a second time and reported
the correct location. He and DeLeon were later picked up by
Blanco police and brought to the Sheriff's Office in Johnson City
for questioning.

Deputies were familiar with the house from several domestic
disturbance calls in the past, authorities said, but an EMS crew
from Blanco missed the driveway and had to turn around.

It didn't matter. Gamez was dead by the time they arrived,
fallen between the living room and kitchen.

Justice of the Peace Bill Guthrie pronounced death at 10:05

Wizbicki and the small boy were kept at the grandparents
house while Malone was disarmed and brought back to the scene.
He looked as white as the deputy's cruiser where he sat for much
of the next few hours.

On Highway 281 the hazard lights of Constable Joe
Armstrong's cruiser flashed in syncopated rhythm. He detained two
members of the Malone family while the investigation continued in
the house 40 yards away.

At 10:51 p.m. a representative of Croft's Funeral Home
arrived in a white Suburban which was becked up to the door where
Gamez allegedly entered the residence. Twenty minutes later the
body was taken to the Travis County Medical Examiner's Office in
Austin for an autopsy.

By 11:30 p.m. Immel and DeLeon were brought back to Blanco.
The Malone's were allowed to drive onto the property ten minutes

Sheriff Harry Carpenter notified Gamez's family of the death
shortly after midnight.

Convicted of robbing the Blanco County Jail in 1989, Gamez
served about three years of a 20 year sentence at Ellis One
Penitentiary in Huntsville. But Gamez also received a civil
settlement from Blanco County because of alleged mistreatment at
the same county jail.

"There's a history of things that have not been right in
this county," his sister said. "I'm not going to let them get
away with this."

After a Sunday viewing and rosery, Gamez was buried Monday
at First Memorial Park south of San Antonio.

And no matter what the nickname, Roger Gafnez will have no
more birthdays in Blanco County.

!!I miss Texas........sniffle, whimper, winge.......!!

"driving a Hudson Hornet on the information superhighway, in search
a JC Whitney catalog sos's I can buy fuzzy dice."


Aug 16, 1994, 9:02:03 AM8/16/94

Probably not, considering the source. For good old whiskey and kickin'
ass songs, about all we have left is Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart singing
"The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore" and Travis' "Ten Feet Tall and Bullet

Mike Paugh
AT&T Bell Labs


Aug 16, 1994, 9:41:51 AM8/16/94
David I. Laudicina ( wrote:

: >Beavis and Butthead posed an interesting question the other night. While

: >A pertinent question?? worked-they got you! huhuhuhuh

Linda B. Gordon

Aug 16, 1994, 10:06:48 AM8/16/94

Are you referring to the songwriter Steve Goodman (City of New Orleans) who
died several years ago of leukemia?

Joe Chew

Aug 16, 1994, 10:27:21 AM8/16/94
Well, there's always the new Johnny Cash album. It covers many
of the canonical themes of C&W:

* The superiority of the simple life.
* One's troubled war buddies.
* Women who don't understand.
* Violence (ibid., passim, op. cit.)
* Getting right with Jesus (even if dawn and sobriety will intervene).
* Insobriety and the considerable time remaining until dawn.
* Trains, though mostly as metaphor.
* Prison (passim.)
* Mom (passim.)

Steve Goodman, eat your heart out. Oh, wait. There's no truck.


Cheryl Valentine

Aug 16, 1994, 10:08:13 AM8/16/94
>called the Old West six-shooters "Peacemakers.")
Trivia for y'all--it was the Colt .45 that was called "The Peacemaker."

Have fun,

Dominick J. Swinhart

Aug 17, 1994, 3:41:52 AM8/17/94
That was a Garth Brooks video they were watching, Silon!


Aug 17, 1994, 9:54:28 AM8/17/94
Dominick J. Swinhart ( wrote:
: That was a Garth Brooks video they were watching, Silon!

Yeah, Garth Black, Clint Brooks, whatever, I guess that's the point. At
least someone was paying attention to Butthead.

garry b.

Aug 17, 1994, 11:27:28 AM8/17/94
In article <> (Joe Chew) writes:

> Well, there's always the new Johnny Cash album. It covers many
> of the canonical themes of C&W:

On one segment B and B were watching the "The Devil Came Back to
Georgia" video and decided that the guy on the hill wearing black
(Johnny Cash) was pretty cool and could probably kick every other guy's
butt in the video. That cracked me up.

Don't judge me, I need whatever humor I can find at the end of the day!

Peace and love,

Dave Purcell

Aug 22, 1994, 1:17:31 PM8/22/94
"...called a Peacemaker, but I never knew why
I never knew why, I didn't understand
mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand...."

-Steve Earle, "Devil's Right Hand"

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