Gwen Berry Fails To Earn A Medal At The Olympics

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Sep 21, 2021, 5:30:02 AM9/21/21
American hammer thrower Gwen Berry didn’t earn a medal at the

According to the New York Post, Berry failed to medal Tuesday
after finishing 11th in her event. There were only a total of 12
competitors, and she’ll now return back to America empty-handed!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Berry set the sports world on fire
when she refused to honor and respect our great flag and
national anthem.

Ever since her Olympic trials, fans have been furious with her
amid worries she would embarrass America on the international

Well, she did embarrass herself by being terrible at her event,
but at least she didn’t get on the podium and disrespect the USA.

That would have been substantially worse. People lose all the
time. Won’t people don’t do is spit in the face of this great
country, and that’s exactly what Berry did to upset so many
sports fans and people around the nation.

That is one ugly black bitch.

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