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Pradeep Bhatia

Dec 1, 1998, 3:00:00 AM12/1/98
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Frequently Asked Questions [1/2]
for newsgroups: alt.music.amy-grant


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* General
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* Who Are We?
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Part 2
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* Amy's Achievements on Billboard Magazine


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At the tender age of 16, when Amy went into the
recording studio to make her first recording, she was scared
stiff and couldn't do it. Finally, this was resolved by
turning off all the lights in the studio. This let her
concentrate on her feelings for God (since this was a
religious tune), and just sing her heart out about it. (a)

Here are a few highlights from the biography written on Amy.
by: Bob Millard (1986)

[aside: This is an unauthorized biography. I am told Bob
was able to meet Amy on a couple of interviews while he was a
reporter for the Nashville Banner. (b) Shortly after the book
was published, Amy commented "He was pretty kind to me, for
the most part"] (c)

Amy entered her career rather naively. There was some
confusion in her mind when she was told that she could do her
first concert for $300. Not realizing that her hosts would
pay HER for the privilege, rather than the other way around,
Amy protested. "I only have $500 in my savings and I need
it," she said. (71)

"When I first started doing concerts I didn't have to go
on the road because there wasn't any big demand for me," Amy
recalls. "People would just call about once a month and ask
if I could come to their place and sing. I'd pack up my
guitar and just fly out there. It has really only been [since
1980 or 1981] that I've done any real touring at all. But
one of the first concerts I can remember doing I had one
thousand kids show up at the Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium
in Fort Worth, Texas.
"I had no idea how the promoter did that. I knew maybe
three people in Fort Worth and couldn't understand how the
promoter got one thousand people there. I hardly knew any
songs. I just knew the songs I'd written plus maybe five or
six more. I remember playing everything I knew and I'd only
played for like fifty-five minutes and I finally said, 'I
don't know any more songs.' But the kids yelled from the
balcony, 'Why don't you just sing your songs over again?' It
was so informal. I just said okay and started singing 'em
over again." (79-80)

"I had a dream," she says. "I dreamed I was in heaven
and God put His arm around me and said, 'Amy, what have you
done for me?' I had my album behind my back and said, 'Look,
Lord, I've been singing for you. Here's my album.' He was a
little disappointed. That's when I woke up and realized I
was a little too proud of myself and that my whole life at
that time was just a piece of plastic, a round record." (83)

"Let me tell you what Amy did when she first started
writing songs and getting a few royalties," Amy's mother
says. "One year at Christmas she gave each one of her
sisters one of her songs. They each get a royalty off it
twice a year." The sisters' names do not appear as writers on
any of the album jacket credits and no one in the family or
management team has revealed which songs they are. Given the
continued, steady sales of her albums, Amy's gift of
songwriter credits has undoubtedly been worth hundreds of
dollars to her sisters and will continue to ring up
royalties, as long as her records stay in print. Amy's
generosity to her sisters is a quiet, personal thing among
the tightly knit family. (94)

Amy and Gary spent long hours together both on and off
the road that summer. Chapman's warmth and wit were winning
one heart in the wings along with all the hearts and souls he
was winning over in the audience. Amy learned a lot about
performing by watching Chapman's timing and humor. And Gary
couldn't help but notice the forthright honesty which
magnified Amy's charismatic rapport with her audience. In
front of the largest crowd, a thirty-thousand-strong festival
of young people held in Kissimmee, Florida, Amy blurted out
something to the crowd of high school and college students
that immediately tore down all the barriers of pretense which
an elevated stage and musical message can create. She told
them that she was horny. "We're sitting there, I do my
sound check. All these girls are in halter tops, great
figures, everybody's wearing nothing, we're in Floriday," Amy
says. "I'm eighteen and I know what they're thinking. I
said, 'I really want to know Jesus and I really want to love
him except...my hormones are on ten and I see you all...
sitting out there getting chummy and praying together--and
we're horny. My feeling is why fake it? I'm not trying to
be gross, I'm saying let's be honest about what's coming
down. Do you want to get to know Jesus? Fine. Let's be
honest about who we are.' " (103)

"I get tired of Christians trying to tell me what being
a Christian is," Amy said when she was twenty years old. "I
get tired of that kind of Christianity. I don't mean that in
a disrespectful way, but it's especially true in the college-
age group. People asking, 'Have you had your quiet time
today?' We have such a regimented idea of what Christianity
is. In college, everybody wears the same thing and they want
their walk with the Lord to be the same way. Sometimes I
just want to scream, 'I had a loud time with the Lord this
morning!' Sometimes I just feel like Christians are boxing
themselves in." (107)

"I felt that initially I was really accepted and well-
received by the audiences, but among the music people I was
really looked down upon," she recalls. "They were all
thinking...all the young kids buy [her records] because
she sings so simply. They all thought that the three-year-
old kid next door could write my songs. But that's just it;
the three-year-old next door was not writing them." (114)

"Sometimes I think it's a little unrealistic to think
the only thoughts a person has are Christian thoughts," Amy
recalls. "I remember going to a fraternity party and you
just sense the electricity starting to happen. Some guy's
paying you some attention and then somebody goes, 'Hey, this
is the gospel singer' and phhht, there it goes. I felt like
saying, 'Hey, look, I can flirt, I can date, I will kiss good
night, we can embrace.' But once the stereotype is there--
wham!" (118)

Many Vanderbilt boys were intimidated by her status as a
"professional Christian." They avoided Amy in any normal
social situation. "They think you're a female Billy Graham
with a guitar," she complained (119).

"I'll never be a star.
I just prefer to wish upon them,
Greet them at dusk,
And watch them fall."

That's how the postcard poem read. The message comes
from her heart, a young woman's rejection of the Hollywood
star-making machinery and its counterpart in the gospel music
industry. Recognitions of her in the world of professional
entertainment was growing each month, as the Grammy
nomination and the GMA Dove Award nominations of the two
previous years attested. The legion of Amy Grant fans
continued to grow. (122-123)

"Our big thrill was when we sang in a place called
Brugg. This is not Bruge, Belgium it's Brugg, Switzerland.
We sang at some kind of a ruin, it was like a circle of
stones and obviously had pillars. There were about six
thousand people there and we were invited to be part of a
music festival there. They were cheering when we walked out
and at first they told us to do six or seven songs, but by
the time we got up it was only two songs. We were the
nobodies so they cut us way down. We walked off and said,
'This will be incredible, the record company will be so
excited. We've spread our names and spread our music.'
"We walked off and someone came up to shake our hands
and they said, 'Now what is your name?' We said Gary Chapman
and Amy Grant. They said, 'They didn't introduce you, they
just said here's the two Americans.' " (137)

"Historically, any time a gospel artist has tried to
cross over, it has been just death for them in the Christian
music realm," Amy reflects. "I don't understand it. I don't
understand the mentality that says you can't express several
sides of your life. B.J. Thomas does it but he's highly
criticized, and unfairly so. A person is a person and you
have feelings. You know, I love my husband, I struggle in my
relationship with my family, this is what I feel like when
I'm driving home from work, this is how I brush my teeth.
Not everything has some heavy spiritual emphasis. But I
feel like there have been so few gospel artists that there's
a real protective feeling in the gospel music industry."(141)

"I felt like meat on a hook," Amy told Contemporary
Christian Music magazine. "We'd go to places like Johnny
Carson. The talent director would take me into the inner
sanctum while Gary and my manager sat outside taking bets on
how I'd do." (151)

"Parents encourage their kids to go see Amy because her
lyrics are clean, they're acceptable, and her venues are
wholesome," explains GMA executive director Don Butler. "She
doesn't want the conservative fundamentalists coming to her
concerts. She wants young people who will get up and move to
the beat, people who want to be pinned against the back wall
by the volume for two hours. That's what she gives them.
Besides, Amy never had the traditional gospel music fans, so
how could she turn them off? She has never been the darling
of the fundamentalists." (153-154)

"There are a lot of songs that I just write and the only
differentiation between them and secular pop music that I
would say is that they are an observation of everyday life
from a Christian perspective," Amy explains. "Like, I wrote
a great song about my great grandmother one time and somebody
who was really serious about what the lyrics should say might
say, 'You know, you say you're a Christian singer, but I've
played this song about your great grandmother for my friend
and they were not saved. You're a failure.' A hard-line
gospel songwriter might say that. But my point of view would
be that instead of just writing about this one little piece
of the spectrum, I'm just, as a songwriter, approaching
life." (155)

"There is a point at which we all have to say we're
satisfied," she says. "I can't let the number of albums I
sell dictate what I think of myself. If you start equating a
song with dollar signs, you'll lose your value of what a song
is all about." (159)

"Gary's really great," she said. "Sensitive--maybe too
much so--but that's balanced by a terrific sense of humor.
Like most couples we fight about everything. 'You're so
pushy,' he'll say. 'Stop manipulating me,' I'll say. It's a
great marriage." (161)

In Detroit, Amy was confronted by young fans who
presented her with a bouquet of flowers attached to a note
that read: "Turn back. You can still be saved if you renounce
what you've done."
"I cried in the shower, then went into the room and Gary
was in bed, and I said, 'Would you hold me for a while?' and
I just cried," Amy confesses. "Gary prayed for us, then the
words of my pastor echoed in my head: "You are called to love
them." (162)

"I feel like in the past we have felt, we as Christian
artists have felt like every song, every album had to
encompass everything that means to be Christian," she says.
"I feel like a lot of us now feel like 'let's approach all
aspects of life from a Christian perspective.' Now it doesn't
mean that suddenly every song doesn't have to be 'Blood on
the Cross.' That's never not included. But it's just saying
there's so many areas of life to be discussed and it's
important to have somebody discuss it from a Christian
perspective. How great to have a song that says, you know,
it's really bad between me and my husband but I know that
love perseveres." (167)

Amy's enuncitation is often poor from behind a
microphone, occasionally obscuring her lyrics, which, after
all, are the heart of a gospel song. Many of her young fans
know her lyrics by heart anyway, so they found a palatable
invitation to faith in her Christian witnessing in her
performance. There was the added communication of her mid-
concert monolog, delivered partly while Amy lay flat on her
back, legs crossed and kicking into the air like the B-grade
movie stereotype of a teenage on the telephone. She came as
close as she ever has to delivering a full-scale Christian
witness during this part of the concert.
"For maybe five of ten minutes [during concerts], I'll
say who I am and what Jesus means in my life," Amy says. "I
don't want to browbeat a crowd for two hours." (168)

"I do what comes the easiest to me and people fall in
the aisles," she says. "That's the difference with music.
It's a talent that people will know who you are, but that
doesn't mean it's a greater talent than any other. There are
times when I've felt, 'What a farce,' that my sisters work so
hard with their kids and get no attention. I do what comes
naturally and get enought attention for all of us and forty
times more. It's a humbling thing." (173)

"When people express shock at the idea of crossover
they're assuming that you're leaving something essential
behind," Amy said to her critics in the Christian community.
"I want to keep singing what I've always sung, but I see an
opportunity to do both--to sing for a larger audience and to
keep singing truth. And then I just go woooooo! Do it! Go
for it!" (176-177)

"What I want to do is to, in the way that I communicate
and express myself, is to say what it means to be a vibrant
Christian woman in the eighties," Amy explained. "And it
doesn't mean, hey, my breasts are going to hang out over my
shirt. I mean, that's gross to me. But it means to be
wholesome and alive. I think a lot of times to me something
that's very sexy, if you want to call it that, appealing to
me is something that's very alive." (177)

She stopped saying "maybe" to the possibility of
crossover into the country or pop industry and in 1985
announced, "I want to play hardball in this business."
"I want to be the U.S.A.'s top pop singer with the
wholesome image," she says. "It's fun to fantasize with a
Madonna. All through history there have been singers that
projected a popular image: Carole King, Karen Carpenter.
There's no balance to what kind of image is being presented
to kids today. I want to be there." (177)

"I see myself as sort of a combination performer and
evangelist," Amy explains. "I hope people enjoy my singing,
but at the same time their lives are affected by the words."

==> From Friends In Motion.
(a) Thanks to Traci Miklos for this information.
(b) Info c/o Julie Smart
(c) From Lori McAlister -- thanks for the update! :)


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Name: Amy Lee Grant :^)

Born: Nov. 25, 1960 at St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta, GA
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown, naturally curly
Weight: 128.4 lbs.
Height: 5'7"
Sisters: Mimi, Kathy, Carol
Brother-in-law: Dan Harrell (married to Kathy)
Married: Saturday June 19, 1982 - wedding at Vine Street
Christian Church in Nashville, TN
Husband: Gary Chapman (born August 19, 1957 in Waurika, OK)
Children: Matthew Garrison (b.1988), Gloria Mills (b.1991),
Sarah Cannon (b.1993)
Father: Dr. Burton Paine Grant
Mother: Gloria Grant
Grandfather: Dr. Otis Grant
Great Grandfather: Andrew Mizell Burton
(multimillionare and philanthropist)
Great Grand mother: Lillie May Armstrong Burton (Mimi)
Cousins: Wilson Burton (founder of City magazine)
Barry Burton (Vanderbilt Univ. football star)
Nieces/Nephews: 19 and counting
Pets: 2 cats, 1 German Shepherd, some horses, a mule, chickens
Hobbies: writing, long walks, manual labor, sitting in barns

Baptized: Church of Christ congregation in grade 7
Switched to: Belmont Church (of charismatic Christians), early teens

Grammar school: Ensworth private
High School: Harpeth Hall (got top honor -- 'Lady of the Hall')
# A's = 5; # F's = 1 in English Lit
Colleges: Furman University in Greenville, SC and Vanderbilt
Univ. in Nashville, TN (20 hours short of graduating)
- Major: English Lit (of course!)

Favorite food: spaghetti (can't think of any least fave foods)
- ethnic foods: crunchy shrimp rolls & bagels w/ smoked salmon & capers
- ice cream: Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip, Haagen Dazs Chocolate
- desert: Something that involves chocolate and peanut butter.
It can be a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup or just a blob
peanut butter butter with Nestle chocolate chips.
- restaurant: California Pizza Kitchen (Los Angeles, casual)
- past-time: gardening and cleaning
- thing not to do: scrub the toilet
- TV show: Seinfeld
- comic: The Far Side
- movie: Forrest Gump (Terminator, Rambo, etc, NOT my type)
- source of trivia: Harper's Index
- sport to join in: snow skiing and GOLFING
- pro sport: football

First piano lesson: 10 years old
- took up guitar: 7th grade
- romantic Kiss: Spring of 7th grade (last romantic kiss: 2 hours ago)
- car owned: maroon, '73 MG GT (learned to drive on '63 VW Bug)
- serious concert: [according to her] in July 1978 at Lakeside
Amusement Park in Denver, CO. Given $300 for it.
- album: 'Amy Grant' recorded at age 16, released in 1977
50,000 copies sold in first year--now 250,000+ sold!
- big tour: 1981 with Ed DeGarmo and Dana Key
- Dove award: presented at age 17
- Platinum album: Age to Age (1982). Also, first time ANY Christian artist
had ever gone Platinum. Album won 6 Doves & 1 Grammy

Started singing: At school for my friends
Wrote first song: 15 years old (Mountain Man - never released)

6th, 7th, 8th grade music obsession: Cher, Carole King, Bette Midler

Longest tour: Unguarded (June 1984 - September 1, 1986)
Longest camping trip: 21 days, summer after 9th grade (3 bath)
Longest flight: to Niarobi, Kenya to visit a friend

Traffic tickets: Speeding = 1; Parking = 14+...I stopped counting
Pet peeves: Too many interviews

Scariest thing that happened: radial karetotemy eye surgery
Best thing that happened: radial karetotemy eye surgery

Thanks to David Ragsdale for compiling this section from the
'Friends of Amy' newsletter, and a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE goes to
Lori McAlister for researching it in the first place. ;^)


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`Y88Pw dP dP Yb


Where was the "Lead Me On" video shot?

That song video was shot on three different locations. The waterfall
scenes were filmed about 90 miles from my house in Tennessee. It is
a privately-owned old mill, river and waterfall. Not a bad place for
a backyard party, huh? Zion National Park in Utah was the grand, arid,
mountainous part of the video. And finally, we did some set work in
a sound studio in Los Angeles. Four days of filming in all, five
days of travel and two weeks of editing...and voila! a 4 minute video!
(Aug '89 FOA newsletter)

Why are there two videos to "Good for Me"?

The first video featured Amy singing and dancing with another female.
Amy was trying to convey a message of two childhood friends, but in
the making of the video and all the overprocessing that went on, she
somehow felt the message she wanted got lost. Thus, she asked her
male friend, Jme Stein, to shoot another video with her--the 2nd video.
Refer to the section "Video Reviews" for a more detailed description.

Where can I find "Politics of Kissing"?

PoK is a very catchy song that Amy recorded for the House of Love
project. It was released only on the Euro/Asian versions of the HoL CD.

What circumstances inspired Lead Me On?

Well, before recording Lead Me On, Amy had just come off of a lengthy
(eighteen months) tour for Unguarded which had kept her on the road
for over a year. This was pretty shortly after her marriage to Gary
and the tour really put a strain on their relationship. Seems that
travelling in buses everywhere with other musicians & concert production
people, and staying in hotels and motels with thin walls made it hard for
them to have time alone together; they came off the tour feeling kind of
like strangers. On top of that, their first child, Matt, was born when
Amy started Lead Me On, which put an additional strain on them adjusting
to be new parents. Gary and Amy entered marriage counseling to get their
relationship back on track. They were able to work it all out; two
children and two albums later, things seem great between them.

However, Lead Me On is definitely a product of those low times. The
album has an overall melancholic feel to it, more thoughtful and
reflective than her earlier gospel albums or her later pop albums.
Especially songs like "Faithless Heart" which describes her temptation to
be unfaithful in pretty clear terms. In the album dedication (to Matt)
she wrote that she wanted him to know "how his mom felt about things" so
she was clearly trying to make an album that reflected the times she was
going through and the eventual strength she found. Because of these
things, Lead Me On is the best and deepest album she has done, in my
opinion. It really speaks to me of hard times overcome. This is the
album that I put on when I am depressed and I have found it to be
excellent personal therapy. Lead Me On is not only my favorite Amy
Grant album, but my favorite album out of everything I own, period.
However, although I would love for her to record another "Lead Me On",
more than that I don't want Amy to ever have to go through that again.
It's kind of a tough situation. The "tortured artist" has produced so
much amazing art, literature, and music. How much do we want them to get
their heads and lives straightened out, when it means that their work may
be less interesting. Of course, I would never want Amy to go through pain
for the purpose of writing better music (and of course, it is debatable
that it is better in the first place) as she writes great music anyway.
But I have that tug in me that wishes she would write something in that
vein even though I know it was largely due to circumstances I would never
wish upon her again.
(David Ragsdale)

What's In a Name?

Who is Laura in "Saved by Love"?

"Laura is a combination of everyone in my life, she is more than
one person." It is a feeling, Amy goes on to say, that every woman
has from time to time; wondering if there is more to life.
(Today Show, interview by Jane Pauly, Nov. 24, 1988)

"Laura" is not any one certain person. I've always liked the name. In
fact, when I was a little girl, I wanted my name to be Laura. This
character is actually based on one of my sisters. ("Laura loves her
little family"...I liked all those L's)
(Aug '89 FOA newsletter)

Who is Sharayah?

"Sharayah" is a name, that is all. It has no meaning that I know of,
and it is not Hebrew. Actually, the man that I co-wrote the song with
came up with the name Sharayah. It seems that he first saw the name
in a newspaper article in his hometown of England. However, the owner
of the name was a racehorce. (I guess you never can tell where a
little inspiration might come from.)
(Mar '86 FOA newsletter)

What does El Shaddai mean?

Here's a translation of the song lyrics:

El Shaddai, El Shaddai
(God Almighty, God Almighty)

El Elyon Na Adonai
(God in the highest, Lord)

Er Kam Ka Na Adonai
(I will have compassion on you Lord)
(July '87 FOA newsletter)

Friends of Amy:

"How can I meet Amy?"

Occasionally, when Amy is touring, a local concert promoter or
sponsor will arrange for an autograph party in that city. We do
not attempt to make arrangements for individuals either in
their cities or here in Nashville. It would be a security and
logistical nightmare to accommodate such requests. (Amy wanted
me to add that if you ever pass her on the street, don't
hesitate to stop and introduce yourself!)

"regarding packages and gifts..."

As of April 1990, we adopted a policy of not receiving packages
or gifts of any kind. Packages with return addresses are
returned. Those without are simply left at the post office.

"regarding music, lyrics and demo tapes..."

Amy simply does not have the time nor does she feel
particularly qualified to critique music and lyrics sent to
her. As for "pitching" your song to her, she only receives
material presented through a reputable publisher and by her own
request. In the past, we have attempted to return any lyrics
submitted witha note of explanation. As of January 1992, we
will only be returning those lyrics that are sent with a self-
addressed stamped envelope. For legal purposes, all others will
be destroyed.

"regarding working for Amy or trying out for a band..."

Honestly, you've got to know somebody on the "inside track" to
even be considered for a position either in her personal staff
or touring entourage. Prospective musicians/vocalists are
welcome to submit resumes, demo tapes and inquiries to Mike
Blanton at:

Blanton/Harrell, Inc.
2019 Poston Ave
Nashville, TN 37203 (this is Amy's management office)

Who Are We? (in reverse alphabetical order)

Lori McAlister: (refer to Friends of Amy section for more details)
- Amy's personal correspondent since 1985
- handles Amy's "fan" mail
- writes the Friends of Amy newsletters
- joined Internet and a.m.a-g with a 'splash' in late June of '94
- an extremely valuable resource...gives us the 'inside' on Amy
- lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
- she can be reached at: LoriM...@aol.com or amyg...@netcentral.net

Andreas Haug: (refer to ART Server and Obtaining... for more details)
- sent the new group create control sequence in mid-January '94,
bringing alt.music.amy-grant to life
- administers the Amy Response Team (ART) Server and Gateway
- administers Amy Grant - the Archive (AGtA) World-Wide-Web Server
- lives near Stuttgart, Germany
- he can be reached at: a...@ipc.uni-tuebingen.de or m...@this.net

Steve Hill:
- assisted in proposals to set rec.music.artists.amy-grant in motion
- Amy's semi-official "dyed-in-the-wool" concert photographer
- check out http://www.mindspring.com/~steve550/amy.html
- he can be reached at: stev...@mindspring.com

Gary Chapman:
- Amy Grant's husband, lives in Franklin, Tennessee
- he joined the group in early November, 1995
- Gary can be reached at: tej...@aol.com

Pradeep Bhatia:
- nurtured a seed (idea) during Christmas of '93 to set
alt.music.amy-grant (initially alt.fan.amy.grant) in motion
- founder/administrator of alt.music.amy-grant, at the time the
2nd real newsgroup devoted to a female artist (alt.fan.debbie.gibson
was doomed from the start because of naming problems)
- pushed forth proposals to establish rec.music.artists.amy-grant
- maintains the Amy Grant FAQ (what you are hopefully enjoying now)
- currently lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
- he can be reached at: bla...@this.net

Thanks to JediHolo for his contribution of the Today Show interview.
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Send any and all correspondence to:
Amy Grant
Friends of Amy
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** FOA Newsletter (February, June, and October issues)
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recipies, question/answer, sneak peek lyric previews, behind the
scenes and whatever else Amy feels like writing about.
$10/year US $12/year CANADA $15/year other foreign

** A personalized, autographed, 5x7 B&W photo of Amy
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** "Meet Amy Grant Chapman" info package:
autobiographical info, trivia, personal spiritual journey,
discography, her career start and most current project news.
$7 US $8 all foreign

** "The Music Business From Amy's Perspective" info package:
How Amy got started, her thoughts and advice for
aspiring writes/performers, addresses to write for more
$2 US $3 all foreign


All the above prices include shipping and handling. Make cheques
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At this time, official Amy stuff is available only at the
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and video product are available wherever WORD or A&M products
are sold. If what you're looking for is not in stock, ask the
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you can write to:

Family Music Club
P O Box 10659
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Another excellent place to find Amy collectibles is:

Goods For You
P.O. Box 25082
Nashville, TN 37202


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P I C T U R E S, N E W S L E T T E R S, L Y R I C S

via the W O R L D W I D E W E B

Marc Drumm's "Amy Grant Throughout this Web Wide World"

Marc has set up links to just about any site on the web that contains
Amy related pages. This would be a good site for surfers to
springboard from. ;^)



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Frequently Asked Questions [2/2]
for newsgroups: alt.music.amy-grant


Part 2:
* Discography
* Amy's Top 20
* Videography
* Video Reviews
* The Collection

* CD's
* Vinyls
* 7" Stuff
* 12" Stuff
* Cassette Singles
* Cassettes
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* The Year of 1991
* Amy Grant -- The Top CCM Artist in Billboard History


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wwdP 8 dP

This is a list of all known Amy Grant albums/CDs [as of June 01/97]

Amy Grant (1977)
Beautiful Music|3:09
Mountain Top|3:37
Psalm 104|3:27
Old Man's Rubble|2:57
Brand New Start|2:51
Grape, Grape Joy|1:10
Walking in the Light|1:32
What A Difference You've Made|3:26
I Know Better Now|2:49
The Lord Has A Will|2:37
On And On|3:20
He Gave Me A New Song|1:21

My Father's Eyes (1979)
Father's Eyes|4:03
Faith Walkin' People|3:29
Always The Winner|2:28
Never Give You Up|3:21
Lay Down|2:44
You Were There|2:30
O Sacred Head|2:05
All That I Need Is You|3:33
There Will Never Be Another|3:38
Keep It On Going|1:06

Never Alone (1980)
Look What Has Happened To Me|3:10
So Glad|4:39
Walking Away With You|4:22
Don't Give Up On Me|3:56
That's The Day|3:41
If I Have To Die|3:45
All I Ever Have To Be|2:34
It's A Miracle|2:44
Too Late|3:14
-cas First Love|2:49
Say Once More|2:26

In Concert (1980)
Beautiful Music
Old Man's Rubble
Never Give You Up
Mimi's House|3:26
Father's Eyes|5:50
Faith Walkin' People|3:56
Walking Away with You|4:38
Mountain Top|3:40
All I Ever Have To Be|3:16
Singing A Love Song|5:52
Don't Give Up On Me|4:04

In Concert Volume Two (1981)
I'm Gonna Fly|4:12
Too Late|4:43
So Glad|4:25
You Gave Me Love|3:17
Fill Me With Your Love|2:44
What A Difference You've Made In My Life|2:33
If I Have To Die|3:31
That's The Day|3:29
Look What Has Happened To Me|3:12
Keep it Goin'|1:03
Nobody Loves Me Like You|3:26

Age to Age (1982) A&M
In a Little While|4:20
I Have Decided|3:13
I Love a Lonely Day|4:03
Don't Run Away|3:33
Fat Baby|2:09
Sing Your Praise to the Lord|3:12
El Shaddai|4:05
Raining on the Inside|4:10
Got to Let It Go|4:00
Arms of Love|3:10

A Christmas Album (1983) A&M
Tennessee Christmas|4:33
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing|2:53
Preiset Dem Konig~Praise the King|1:39
Little Town|2:47
Christmas Hymn|2:32
Love Has Come|4:02
Sleigh Ride|3:35
Christmas Song, The (Chestnuts)|3:45
Mighty Fortress, A~Angels We Have Heard on High|5:00

Straight Ahead (1984)
Where Do You Hide Your Heart|3:57
Straight Ahead|3:47
Thy Word|3:19
It's Not A Song|3:27
Open Arms|3:22
Doubly Good To You|3:12
The Now And The Not Yet|3:36

Unguarded (1985) Myrrh
Love of Another Kind|3:22
Find A Way|3:28
Everywhere I Go|4:12
I Love You|4:25
Stepping In Your Shoes|4:37
Wise Up|3:51
Who to Listen To|4:22
Prodigal, The|5:10

The Collection (1986) Myrrh
Stay for Awhile|5:37
Love Can Do|4:22
Find a Way|3:27
Everywhere I Go|4:10
Thy Word|3:19
-lp Where Do You Hide Your Heart|3:58
Sing Your Praise to the Lord|3:17
-lp In a Little While|4:22
-lp El Shaddai|4:08
-lp I Have Decided|3:16
-cas Too Late|4:24
-cas I'm Gonna Fly|4:23
All I Ever Have To Be|2:38
My Father's Eyes|4:05
-lp Ageless Medley|6:10

Lead Me On (1988) A&M
Lead Me On|5:35
Saved by Love|4:38
Faithless Heart|5:10
What About the Love|5:23
If These Walls Could Speak|5:42
All Right|4:23
-cas Wait for the Healing|5:36
Sure Enough|4:00
-cas If You Have To Go Away|4:01
Say Once More|4:54

Heart In Motion (1991) A&M
Good For Me|3:59
Baby Baby|3:57
Every Heartbeat|3:32
That's What Love is For|4:17
Ask Me|3:51
You're Not Alone|3:49
I Will Remember You|5:00
How Can We See That Far|4:26
Hope Set High|2:48

Home For Christmas (1992) A&M
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas|2:36
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year|2:26
Joy To The World/For Unto Us A Child Is Born|2:33
Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)|5:29
O' Come All Ye Faithful|3:01
Grown-up Christmas List|5:00
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree|2:07
Winter Wonderland|2:17
I'll Be Home For Christmas|3:27
The Night Before Christmas|3:52
Emmanuel, God With Us|4:56
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring|4:47

Songs From The Loft (1993) Reunion
What We've Come Here For|2:29 Michael W. Smith
I Got the Want To|2:42 Donna McElroy
Seek First|2:26 Susan Ashton
Joy!|3:02 Wes King
Where Do I Go|3:21 Ashley Cleveland/Gary Chapman
Salt and Light|2:14 Amy Delaine
How Do You Know|1:47 Kim Hill
We Come to Praise|4:11 Michael James
We Believe in God|3:42 Amy Grant
Hope Set High|3:24 Gary Chapman
Hey Now|4:22 Amy Grant

Music of the Spirit (1/May/1994) AG Productions
The Bells Ring Out|1:08
Venite Exultemus Domino|2:41 St. John's Abbey Schola
Fanfare and All Hail the Power|5:44 Pax Christi Orchestra et al
Opening Commentary|4:02
El-Shaddai|4:46 Amy Grant (Gary Chapman on Guitar)
Ubi Caritas|2:08 St. John's Abbey Schola
Ich will den Herrn loben alle Zeit|2:40 St. John's Boy's Choir
Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring|3:25 Amy Grant
O Praise the Lord with One Consent|4:35 St. Benedict Choir et al
Commentary|2:16 Philip Brunelle
O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing|2:37 Congregation and Choirs
Fairest Lord Jesus|3:28 St. Benedict/St. John Choirs
We Believe in God|4:12 Amy Grant (Gary Chapman on Guitar)
Citation and Presentation of Pax Christi Award|6:51 Bro. Reinhart
Amy Grant's Acceptance|4:10
Charity and Love|4:48 Amy Grant and Choirs
Pax Christi Hymn|3:45 Amy Grant (Michael W. Smith on piano)

House of Love (1994) A&M
The Lucky One|4:11
Say You'll Be Mine|4:04
Whatever It Takes|4:10
House of Love|4:38
The Power|3:54
Oh, How The Years Go By|5:12
Big Yellow Taxi|3:01
Helping Hand|4:39
Politics of Kissing [released on Euro HOL + BYT CD Single]
Love Has A Hold On Me|3:55 [Euro version produced by Michael Omartian]
Our Love|5:08
Children of the World|5:16
Say You'll Be Mine (single) [released only on Euro/Asia A&M]

Behind the Eyes (1997) Myrrh
Nobody Home
I Will Be Your Friend
Like I Love You
Takes a Little Time
Cry a River
Turn This World Around
Curious Thing
Every Road
Leave it All Behind
Missing You
The Feeling I Had
Somewhere Down the Road

-lp, -cas: denote songs that do not appear on the vinyl version and the
cassette versions respectively. By default, any song not appearing on the
cassette version will also be missing from the vinyl version



Animals' Christmas (with Art Garfunkel, 1986) Columbia
Annunciation, The|2:38
Creatures of the Field, The|2:31
Just a Simple Little Tune|2:54
Decree, The|3:25
Incredible Phat|4:56
Friendly Beasts, The|3:23
Song of the Camels, The|2:44
Words from an Old Spanish Carol|3:43
Carol of the Birds|1:58
Frog, The|5:15
Wild Geese|3:32

Michael W. Smith Project (1982) Reunion
"Friends" (duet with Michael W. Smith)

Michael W. Smith 2 (1983) Reunion
"All I Needed to Say", "One Restless Heart"
(duet with Michael W. Smith)

"Always" (duet with Gary Chapman)

This Ain't Hollywood
"Nobody Knows Me Like You Do" (duet with DeGarmo & Key)

Talk to One Another - Reunion
"Create in Me a Clean Heart" (duet with Brown Bannister)

Rich Mullins
"Live Right" (duet with Rich Mullins)

Together We Will Stand
"Kingdom of Love" (solo on Continental Singers' album)

Another Time Another Place
"Unexpected Friends" (duet with Sandi Patti)

Love Beyond Reason, Randy Stonehill (1985)
"I Could Never Say Goodbye" (duet with Randy Stonehill)

Big Beats for Happy Feets - Word Compilation Album
funky dance re-mix of "Wise Up"

Solitude/Solitaire, Peter Cetera (1986) WB
"The Next Time I Fall" (duet with Peter Cetera)

Christmas (1989) Reunion
"No Eye Had Seen" (duet with Michael W. Smith)

Our Hymns (1989) Word
"Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" (solo)

Our Christmas (1990) Word
"It Came Upon The Midnight Clear", "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
(duets with Sandi Patti)

The Gingham Dog and The Calico Cat (1990) Rabbit Ears Productions
A story about two Christmas presents who just don't get along - until
Christmas Eve when they fall out of Santa's sleigh and get lost in a great
forest. There, working together, they find their way through the snow to
their new home, where their example of love for each other brings harmony
to the entire household. Read by Amy Grant/Music by Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins' "Sneakin' Around" (1991)
(Amy and Gary Chapman - background vocals)

Change Your World, Michael W. Smith (1992) Reunion
"Somewhere Somehow" (duet with Michael W. Smith)

Sister Kate - NBC theme song (not available retail)

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)
"Love me Tender" (remake of Elvis Presley's classic)

"Love makes you Real" (1992) Target Stores Christmas promo
(not available retail)

"Let the Season take Wing" (1992) Target Stores Christmas promo
(cassette single available only at Target with
purchase of the album HOME FOR CHRISTMAS)

On this Christmas Night (MCA/Songbird)
"Santa's Reindeer Ride"

Gary Chapman - EVERYDAYMAN "Love like Blood" duet and background
vocals with Michael W. Smith & Gary Chapman - A MOMENT IN TIME songs
performed live and conversations from Lead Me On tour,
Limited Edition promotional cassette

Gary Chapman - SHELTER "One of Two" duet and background vocals

Love's Alright, Eddie Murphy (1992)
"Yeah" (Amy has one line along with a a couple dozen other artists.
Sidenote: It is reported that Eddie's producers were
blown away with her grace and professionalism
after flying to town to record her part.)

The Creation (1993) Rabbit Ears Productions
First in a series. The story of Creation as recorded in the Bible.
Features an acappella version of "Creat In Me a Clean Heart"
Read by Amy Grant/Music by Bela Fleck

Maverick (1994)
"Amazing Grace" (Amy sings one line + sings in a chorus)

The Light Inside (1994)
"Razor's Edge", duet with Gary Chapman

Return to Pooh Corner, Kenny Loggins (1994) title song.
(Gary Chapman also contributes to background vocals)

Tapestry Revisited (1995),
"Too Late" (Amy is one of several artists on this tribute album)

Mr Wrong (1996) Soundtrack
"The Things We Do For Love" (a cover of the original 10cc version)

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dP Yb 8 8 8 dP Y88P 8 `Y8P' 88P' d888 `Y88P'
dP 8

A M Y G R A N T ' S T O P 2 0 S O N G S O F A L L T I M E

chosen by her as of July 6, 1992

1. El Shaddai
2. Sing Your Praise To The Lord
3. Father's Eyes
4. That's What Love Is For
5. Thy Word
6. Angels
7. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
8. Find A Way
9. Saved By Love
10. Lead Me On
11. Everywhere I Go
12. Jehovah
13. In A Little While
14. 1974
15. Old Man's Rubble
16. Faith Walking People
17. Tennessee Christmas
18. Stay For Awhile
19. Beautiful Music
20. Look What Has Happened


Yb dP w 8 8
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YbdP 8 8 8 8.dP' 8' .8 8 8 8P 8 8 8 8 8P Y8 YbdP
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A listing of laser discs/VHS tapes currently available:

AGE TO AGE concert video (1983) 90 minutes
150 A&M DG Stereo CX (Laser disc and VHS)
Note: Laserdisc has been discontinued

FIND A WAY 5-song compilation video (1985) 20 minutes
"Don't Run Away", "Angels", "It's Not A Song", "Find A Way", "Wise Up"
150 A&M DG Stereo CX

NBC TV special released on laser disc and video 1992
140 A&M Hi-Fi Stereo CX

HEART IN MOTION Collection (1991) 20 minutes
includes "Baby, Baby", "Good For Me" (Girlfriend or Hunky version),
"Every Heartbeat", "Next Time I Fall", and "That's What Love Is For"

MUSIC OF THE SPIRIT (1/May/1994) 75 minutes
Features live footage from the Pax Christi Award Ceremony honouring
Amy Grant. Also shows behind the scenes look at practise sessions,
Amy interviews (at home and at St. John's Univesity).
Available from Target Stores ($9.99) or direct from St. John's Univ.

Behind the scenes look at the making of House of Love
Available on laser disc ($24.95) and VHS
Special thanks to David Ragsdale, Sam Stoddard, Hiram W. Lester Jr.,
Lori McAlister, and Jack Liu for providing additional information.


Yb dP w 8 888b. w
Yb dP w .d88 .d88b .d8b. 8 .8 .d88b Yb dP w .d88b Yb db dP d88b
YbdP 8 8 8 8.dP' 8' .8 8wwK' 8.dP' YbdP 8 8.dP' YbdPYbdP `Yb.
YP 8 `Y88 `Y88P `Y8P' 8 Yb `Y88P YP 8 `Y88P YP YP Y88P

The following 3 videos are representative of Amy's style in the
pre-Unguarded era. They are included for reasons of brevity and

It's Not a Song (as reviewed by J.P. Blackwood)
Amy sits in her room saddened, trying to write a song. Her
paper flies out the window through the streets to a nursing
home. Amy follows it, sings to the residents and they cheer
up and do a broadway type dance number

Angels (as reviewed by J.P. Blackwood)
Scenes switch between Amy teaching Sunday school, Paul
released from jail and some abstract shots of Amy escaping a
car crash and being haunted by some kind of ghost hands.

Don't Run Away (reviewed by Pradeep)
The video starts off with Amy on stage wearing a trenchcoat
and hat as the crew is setting up. As the setup nears
completion, she removes her coat and hat (shaking her hair
free from it's confines). Michael W. Smith is playing
keyboard. The band seems to be having a great time overall,
singing to the crowd of people in the auditorium. This video
provides a very sharp contrast between the Amy and Michael of
yesteryear with the same Amy and Michael of only a few years
later. (both had an appearance/outfit that would no doubt
make them cringe today, but in fact this simplicity was very
prevalent in the videos of many artists at that time.)

The following are descriptions/reviews of Amy's videos from the
Unguarded (1985) album and later. Amy undergoes an *incredible*
change in image, style, and confidence from the videos mentioned
above to those below. ;-)

Wise Up (reviewed by Pradeep)
This is a live video shot in Pittsburg. Amy is wearing her
trademark spotted leopard skin jacket (as appears on the
cover of the Unguarded album). Amy is noticeably very
energetic and it is exciting to see her move in synch with
the music. This is my favourite live video of her.

Find a Way (reviewed by Pradeep)
Amy's outfits alternate between her leopard skin jacket
with flashy dress shirt and cummerbund, to a crimson dress.
The video shifts several times from indoors where an
argument between a man & a woman is taking place, to
outside where Amy is standing atop a brick building.
Several outdoor scenes take place near a water setting.
Eventually the couple reconcile their differences and Amy
twirls her jacket in the air producing a rainbow pattern.
The video ends with Amy in casual white top and rolled-up
pants; an incredible wave rises above and behind her, and a
beautiful rainbow appears.

Next Time I Fall (reviewed by Pradeep)
This video was done in conjunction with another A&M
superstar, Peter Cetera. It takes place in a room with
very high windows. A dance troupe is performing among the
singers. Although Amy has a rather small singing role in
this duet, her performance more than makes up for it. She
is wearing a jean jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans
and cowboy boots. All in all she looks really good. :) I
am told by J.P. Blackwood that Peter and Amy were photo-
graphed at different locations (and/or times) for this
video, and this explains why you don't see them in the same
scene. This video was responsible for introducing much of
the pre-HIM public to Amy.

Stay for Awhile (reviewed/detailed by Marjorie Soifer)
This video opens with a man horseback-riding into the camera.
Amy's face appears through this--superimposed on the screen through the
background, as the lyrics begin. The scenes cuts to Amy laughing,
maybe with friends, maybe with the guy, maybe in the present, maybe
in the past (left for personal interpretation). Meanwhile the screen
splits vertically and shows the man riding the horse again. Then Amy
is seen sitting in a chair, her head on her hands as though she is
reminiscing/thinking. The video cuts to Amy with the man and the horse
walking out the the center of a field. Only after a moment, the video
returns to Amy alone in the chair. The scene continues to periodically
shift from Amy alone in a house, to Amy with the man in the field. In
the field, Amy is seen working out the horse while the man watches,
Amy watching while the man works out the horse (both are holding the
horse by some kind of reign while the horse moves in a circle), both
Amy and the man riding the horse, and Amy running in a zig-zag fashion
though the field while the man follows her pattern on the horse.
In the house Amy is seen sitting on the chair or on the windowsill.
Basically, Amy moves throughout this one room, reminiscing.
It is as though she is saying goodbye to the memories as she packs up
and moves out. These single scenes of Amy alone are interspersed
with the scenes from the field.
In the video, Amy wears a black leather jacket, white t-shirt,
jeans, and boots. In the house she wears a denim shirt, black leggings,
and sneakers. Her hair is wavy (pre-children, hence, pre-perm). The
scenes in the field have an earthy color tone, the scenes in the house
have a blue overtone, and the "other" scenes (Amy innocently flirting
with the man) have a little color but are primarily black and white.
The video ends with Amy leaving the house with a packed suitcase
and a scene of Amy and the man riding on the horse across the screen.
The video is really simple. Amy conveys the sense of "time gone by"
really well.
It took me 4 years to get my hands on a copy of this video.
There is nothing spectacular about it but it was still definitely
worth the wait!

Lead Me On (reviewed by Pradeep)
This is arguably the most moving and scenic of Amy's
videos. It takes place near a very beautiful set of
waterfalls, amidst rugged 'bitter cold' terrain. Amy is
wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans, a dark sleeveless
tank-top, and a pair of earrings. The earrings, however,
are purposefully different from each other, indicative of
the new 'hip' Amy. Amy radiates her inner and outer beauty
throughout most of the video. Note: This video was released
commercially on a tape with several other artists, "VH-7".

Baby Baby (reviewed by Pradeep)
This video teams Amy with her hunky friend, Jme Stein. Amy
originally wanted to do this video with babies dancing around
in diapers, but one of her nephews thought this would be
lame. Baby Baby is the first of a series of videos that she
did for the HIM album. Almost all share a common thread of
rapidly switching from scene to scene, forcing you to either
see parts in slow-motion or watch the video many times to
catch all the subtle details. Most of the video shows Amy and
her male-friend having fun at an amusement park. As the
video progresses, they are trying to out-do each other's
silliness. During much of the video, Amy is wearing a black
outfit complete with a black bowler's hat. She looks
particularly striking in the beginning when she is wearing
her Mexican outfit (complete with white shirt, hat, bolero,
black skirt, and black boots).

Good For Me (reviewed by Pradeep)
(hunky version)
The guy from Baby Baby is back for another fun-filled video
with Amy. The setting takes place near a waterpark. Indeed,
Amy can be seen wearing full scuba gear and beach attire. If
you liked Baby Baby, this video is not to be missed.
According to Rodney, this version is the one Amy prefers. She
made it after realizing the other version about two childhood
friends did not come out as she originally intended.

(girlfriend version)
This, IMHO, is the better of the two versions. In the
beginning, Amy and her girlfriend are shown running to a barn
carrying a chest of clothes between them. The adventurous
girlfriend is seen holding different items of lingerie in
front of both herself and Amy (much to poor Amy's shock) to
test how it looks. Amy is wearing about 5 different outfits
in all. In the classroom setting, she is wearing a black top
and black short-shorts (I mistook it initially for a black
mini-dress). Several times during the video, the camera does
a close-up of her face while she is wearing this black
outfit. I can't describe it, but I have never seen her
looking more stunning and beautiful than in those close-ups.
Her facial features in these close-ups are well set off
against the bright backlighting. Occasionally, we are
presented with scenes of the "younger" Amy and her girlfriend
in class and in a restaurant meeting boys. At the end, Amy is
wearing a grey mini-sundress. She sits atop the hood of a
fire engine, next to her girlfriend. They are flirting with
(and being serenaded by) a group of dancing firefighters who
eventually soak them with a fire hose. Warning: This version
shows scenes of a controversial nature, and thus may not be
suitable for all Amy fans. Viewer discretion is advised.
(Gee, I'm making this sound like an R-rated Madonna flick.) :)

Every Heartbeat (reviewed by Pradeep)
The settings are a laundromat and an auto-repair shop. Amy
starts off by blowing gum bubbles. She is seen wearing
several outfits. The most notable is a white baby-doll style
polka-dot mini-dress in a polka-dot room (and she sometimes
holds a cute puppy which needless to say is also covered with
polka-dots). One other side-scene worth mentioning shows Amy
striking poses in a sophisticated pair of sunglasses, gloves,
and a hat. In the main setting of the laundromat, a guy and a
girl are doing laundry (what else?), but soon are attracted to
each other. Their shyness prevents them from meeting
initially. In fact, they are both seen reading the same
shyness self-help book (which each thankfully remembered to
bring along). Finally, he takes off his outer shirt, and she
teases him by unbuttoning hers (I don't see the point of
this), and they have a laundry war by tossing clothes at each
other from all the dryers (which conveniently were not even
running). Then they become affectionate (of course). In the
auto-shop, a guy comes to check on his car, when all of a
sudden a girl pops out from under. They seem to hit it off
without a hitch (no grease wars!).

That's What Love is For (as reviewed by Ho)
Very poetic setting, on a rocky but flat field. Amy wears a
red, LONG cloak as she sings to a couple. The male is wearing
big white pants, no shirt and the female is seen in a white
sweater. There are scenes with them apart but slowly they
drift back together as they listen to Amy and a guy dressed in
black, playing the guitar he picked from the ground. There
are some beautiful shots of Amy under a huge rock. Also shown
are beige monochromatic shots of Amy in a white dress in some
kind of volcano opening...very beautiful and poetic. Then
there are bad shots of Amy with VERY curly hair in white,
kinda like a sailor's outfit. She begins to cry in these shots
but her hair is...blah! At the end she is standing in front
of a mountain that has the words LOVE on it, like Hollywood in
California and the couple is behind her, clinging to each
other (a decent shot). Overall, I love the imagery but some
shots could have been better...there is one strange shot of
Amy as her dress flows in the wind and she does some strange,
strange dance!!!
Note: You might want to hold off showing this video to
friends that you want to introduce to Amy. Wait 'til they
develop a greater appreciation of her earlier music first. -Ed

[There is not a single Amy video that I can even begin to
compare this work of art with. In fact, I don't know of any
secular videos I can compare with either (the only one that
comes to mind for artistic appeal is a-ha's 'Take on Me').
In terms of artistic appeal, special effects, etc, it's in a
class above the rest (with only the aforementioned a-ha
video, IMHO). This is one video where the excitement and awe
of seeing it in reality actually exceeds the expectation
built up for it. Since this video was not released
commercially, I would not know where one would go to obtain
this video. (Try and beg or borrow it from a friend or
request your local music video station to play it. It'll be
worth the effort! -Pradeep)]
Because of the sheer scope of this video (most expensive to
film at US$250,000), I present a very detailed description:
(kudos to Marjorie Soifer for this; some editing by me)
The video begins with the ticking of a metronome and a
film reel with Amy in the background, sitting. Several scenes
are shown within moving photographs: a soldier getting ready
to go off to war...his family walks out to the front yard to
embrace him and say goodbye; a couple holding hands, walking;
Amy by the beach; a swimmer swimming.
All of the scenes shown are interspersed together throughout
the video. The key is that each photograph tells a story.
The video moves from right to left like a film reel, with Amy
shown periodically.
The metronome, signifying passing of time, is shown ticking
between photos; as the scenes continue, Amy is shown in a
heart-shaped still.
The photo goes back to the teen couple--the girl holds flowers
behind her back admires the man working. Amy is seen interspersed
between frames. The girl comes to a car and stares through the
window into the camera but really through the other side of the
car to the man. The flowers have been left on the wheel of the
car. The swimmer is seen being presented with an award. Amy sits
and watches this presentation on the film reel shown at the
beginning of the video.
The whole sense of the video changes at this point. The song,
I think, changes key, too. There are no more photograph-action
images. Instead, the clips look like they are taken from a movie.
The young couple are seen driving to a pasture, hugging and
kissing -- this is very tactful. Amy is seen in another clip
staring out through a fire (perhaps on a beach).
Soldiers are seen dodging gunfight. Then the soldier gets hit
and falls to the ground while a fellow soldier comes to his rescue.
Soon the video changes back to the book format and to picture
frames. The video again moves from right to left. The older couple,
mentioned before, are now rowing a boat in a river. Another couple
is seen walking toward a train. The man says goodbye to the woman
as she boards the train. Amy's face is seen periodically in a
picture in the book. The mother of the soldier receives a letter
in her mailbox regarding her son. The soldier's friend is seen
walking next to an American flag. Flowers are seen in the middle
of a book. The mother is shown embracing her husband, crying.
The young couple are seen kissing...the man who said goodbye to
the woman boarding the train is waving his hat as the train departs.
The swimmer is seen sitting at the edge of the pool. Amy comes
in from the background of the picture.
This gives a more-or-less complete account of what is shown.
Unfortunately, much of the symbolism is left out during the
description. In essence, the theme is the passage of time.
The couples shown seem to represent young love versus romantic love.
Also shown is happiness versus sadness; hard times versus carefree
Amy is not shown for any length of time. She is wearing an overly
large white blouse, jeans and of course, boots. Many times she is in
the shadows. She was 3 months pregnant with Sarah Canon when this
video was shot and she was beginning to show. The video was shot in
It is hard to recreate the special effects. The colors used are
very powerful. The war scenes are shown in black and white. The scenes
of the young couple in the countryside use a lot of earth tones: beige,
yellow, etc. The swimmer is always seen around a lot of blue: the
pool when swimming and the sky when receiving the award.
All in all, A MUST SEE. The video cannot be bought so try to get
your cable music operator to play it.

Grown-Up Christmas List (as reviewed by Rodney and Pradeep)
Amy is shown in a very pretty, nicely decorated living room,
lighting candles on the tree. She looks in on her
"daughter" who is asleep in bed holding a stuffed Santa.
The camera pans over cute kids (of all varieties) holding
candles. Matt, Amy's oldest, is in the video. Amy had asked
him if he would play her child in the video, but he insisted
on being in a scene with fire in it; thus he got to hold a
candle along with the other kids.
[Amy looks especially radiant, glowing, stunning, etc. -Ed]

The Lucky One (as reviewed by J.P. Blackwood)
It is set in a Latin-American villiage by a beach, and has a
definite world-music atmosphere, the video more than the song.
Amy in a sleeveless vest cavorts with children near a Hotel de
Bueno Dulce (Hotel of good sweetness??) and in the streets of a
village and a beach. Sweetness is definitely the theme. We see
ice cream of all flavors and watermelons etc... The video is
filmed in letterbox format. Village musicians occasionally
provide some music. The video gives a great feel for the Latin
village's culture.

Say You'll Be Mine (as previewed by Lori McAlister)
Very colorful and clever. Has Amy as "an ant at a picnic"
(actually, we see her as several ants before it's done!) Amy is
wearing baggy blue jeans, a wide black belt and a long-sleeved
oxford shirt. She is standing amid blades of grass, dwarfed by
bright-hue, computer-generated butterflies, singing away as we
see a young couple getting out of a late 60's convertible and
unloading a picnic basket and blanket. It's really a lot of fun
and almost funny in parts, with Amy almost getting stepped on by
the lovebirds at one point! They managed to capture Amy in a
scene with a real lady bug climbing a nearby blade of grass.
It's almost like she's singing into the couple's ears what each
one would want the other to think, but are too shy to say so.
My personal tastes run ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE on things like this.
(Amy and I had some serious conversations when the HIM videos
began to come out...) There are only two very brief cuts that
make me somewhat uncomfortable: First, I want to recommend a
sports bra for the young lady if she's going to be running
across meadows... and at one point, the couple fall into a heap
upon the ground and begin some rather serious kissing and
carressing. (But conspicuous lack of full body contact, whew!)
Fortunately, this is cut short and quickly returns to more of
what I would call more appropriate public displays of affection.
Let me reiterate - this is my own humble, personal and
conservative impression. In the end, I really like it and the
angle they've taken on representing the song visually.

House of Love
(Original) (as previewed by Lori McAlister)
Filmed entirely in black and white. Rather artsy looking, but
also rather morose as neither Amy nor Vince Gill even smile. In
fact, they tend to look more like they are miserable (perhaps
empathizing with the poor abandoned partner, but I thought this
was to be an encouragement...) Begins in an open field with
shots of an old iron bed made up with flowers (I believe). Then
you see a Victorian "doll house" in the field with the bed. Amy
and Vince are both dressed very conservatively, almost "old
fashioned" or "Amish" as Amy described it. By the chorus, you
see both Amy and Vince singing in, around and on a full blown
Victorian house. (The doll house is an exact replica which Amy
tried to buy after the shoot, but they wouldn't sell it to
her...) While you do see Amy and Vince in many scenes together,
they never make eye-contact or even acknowledge the other's
presence. As it went on, I kept hoping for maybe some more
hope or happiness expressed, either in expression or symbol,
but it never came. So it left me with a rather odd feeling...
But the video itself is very well done and certainly nothing to
get worried about from the "appropriate/inappropriate"

(Speechless version) (reviewed by Pradeep)
A second version was made for the romantic comedy, 'Speechless',
starring Geena Davis and Michael Keeton. The video is more
upbeat than the original and shows Amy and Vince Gill singing at
a studio, and interspersed with scenes from the movie. Some of the
movie scenes were questionable, however, and Amy mentioned she wasn't
aware of them. All in all, the singing parts were well shot.

(third version!) (reviewed by Pradeep)
This is the same video used for the Speechless version, the exception
being there are no Speechless scenes in it.
So, 100% pure Amy and Vince! :) Again, well photographed!

Big Yellow Taxi (as previewed by Lori McAlister)
I love it!
Amy said it is her favorite of the videos she's made to date.
I first watched it with two other co-workers. Neither of them
liked it - so, to each his own! When I brought it home, my 2 1/2
year old said, "Again!" five times before I could put anything
else on!
Amy was having a bad hair day (she had just gotten a perm and it
was a little out-of-control). She said she didn't care what her
hair looked like - the video is still interesting. (That's our Amy!)
As she said, it all looks "organic", but it's all computer generated.
The Director is Michael Geoghegan "Why Not Films"
The opening shot looks like the stage of an old theatre, red
curtains drawn, single spotlight in the center. Open curtains to
see Amy standing in a storeroom...wood plank floor and brick walls.
Amy is strumming a simple acoustic guitar with a pick. She is
wearing black suede boots, black leggings, a short black jacket,
striped vest and white tee. She recorded her part walking on a
conveyor belt, thus there is a sense of pretty much constant
motion once she begins to move...
The walls collapse and pull away to find Amy walking, strumming,
and singing across a desert landscape. We even see tight shots
of her feet leaving footprints in the virtual sand! Suddenly the
desert is paved with blacktop and Amy continues down the center
line. Desert is replaced with lots of flashing neon signs as she
releases the guitar to fly straight up and flips the pick over her
shoulder. Three girls ("mall babes") cross the road in front of her
on their way to the "boutique". At one point, Amy ducks to avoid
being struck by a flying neon sign.
Pavement turns into a trail of fall leaves. Signs give way to bare
ground and odd, half-dead looking trees that move in from each side
as she goes. She passes between two security guards, one of whom we
see a little later chasing after paper money that is being blown
about by the wind.
Leaves give way to rocks and barren earth, very "post nuclear blast"
looking with an angry red/orange/gunmetal sky and even sicker looking
trees being sprayed with an iridescent green mist by people in
radiation suits. The trees are in constant rotation. One of them
bears a single apple of cantaloupe proportions which Amy takes in
her hand only to watch it vaporize.
Rocks give way to what looks like a pavement of currency and a city
scape in metallic, growing up around her against a bright blue sky.
The guitar drops back into her hands and again she walks and strums
through the city. Walking through a "doorway" in the city scene,
she is now in an old, dark apartment hallway. The floor is wood,
but there seems to be a trail of foil down the middle. She stops
in the hall to sing of hearing the screen door slam. She turns
suddenly to see the door behind her swing shut. She then turns
back toward the camera and runs to the other end of the hall where
the taxi is taking off in a very "elastic" fashion.
She continues running and is now on a pathway of gears on a dark,
shiny sea where a variety of automobiles are half-submerged,
end up in the "ocean".
Gears give way to sheaves of wheat making a path down the middle of
an expansive wheat field. The very blue sky with cotton candy
clouds returns and Amy is walking again instead of running.
Wheat gives way to sand and we are back in the desert then the walls
and floor of the storeroom suddenly slip back into place.
The guitar drops one last time and we are back where we began. Amy
strums the final chord and turns around as the curtains close and
we see the opening scene again.
Her expression is bright and positive throughout, looking
appropriately bewildered when singing about the $25 admission
charge to the tree museum. It reminds me a bit of Peter Gabriel's
"Sledge Hammer" video, but not as elaborate or outrageous.

The Things We Do For Love (open to review)
Yes, believe it or not, this _is_ Amy, sporting a new hairdo!
Once again, I haven't seen this, so please send me your reviews. :)

The reviews are sketchy at best, and all opinions are in no means accurate.
Overall, I feel the intended purpose of these video reviews is to let
people know of the existence and contents of videos they may not have seen
or even knew existed.

The following are reviews/descriptions of feature length videos:

Age to Age Concert Video (reviewed by Carrie M. Pirmann); 83 minutes
The concert opened with Amy's three back-up singers (Donna McElroy,
Kim Fleming and Mark Baldwin) singing the chorus of "I Have Decided" a
capella. Amy came on stage and joined them for the rest on the song
to begin the show. She was wearing red pants and a red shirt with a
black blazer and noticeably more makeup than she does now. Although
the back-up singers were a little overpowering at times, both the
sound and cinematography were excellent throughout the show.
Amy continued her set with "Old Man's Rubble," and "In a Little
While," which she sounded great on. Despite the fact that she was
not dancing up on stage like she does in her current shows, she still
sounded great. The lack of movement on stage might have been due to
the fact that she was playing on a rather small and cramped stage.
Amy then took out her guitar (the only time she played the entire
night) and strummed along with an excellent live version of
"My Father's Eyes." She then got into a rousing version of "Faith
Walkin' People" before performing a masterful version of "El Shaddai."
Accompanied only by Michael W. Smith on piano, Amy translated the
Hebrew lyrics of "El Shaddai" during the song and received her
biggest applause of the night at the conclusion of this piece.
She finished the first half of the show with an extended chorus of
"How Majestic is Your Name" and "Fat Baby," during which she and the
back-ups did a cute little dance number. She then introduced Gary
Chapman as the intermission act while she and the band took a break.
Gary come on and entertained the crowd with some of his humor
before breaking into his set. The first song he sang was "Treasure,"
which received so much applause that he had to quiet the audience
down before starting the next song.
The band returned and Gary started up what he called a "rowdy"
song, "I'm Yours Lord." He followed this song with "In His Hand."
Gary then put his guitar down and joined MWS on keyboards for an
emotional version of "Finally." For each of his songs, Gary
thrilled the crowd and received more applause than Amy ever did
during the show.
Amy then returned to the stage (wearing the hideous red leather
pants / black and white striped shirt outfit from the "Don't Run Away"
video) to sing a duet with Gary, "No Matter Where Time Takes Us."
This was the first time I heard Amy and Gary sing together and they
sounded incredible.
After finishing the duet, Amy talked to the crowd for about ten
minutes. The gist of her speech was basically "knowledge without love
means nothing" and she also stated that "if Jesus doesn't make a
difference in the little mundane things (in life), I pray that he's
made a difference at all." She then launched in to a great version
of "Arms of Love," followed by a new song, "Where Do You Hide Your
Amy finished by singing "Don't Run Away" before concluding with a
high energy version of "Too Late." Amy then abruptly ran off stage.
The crowd gave her a hearty round of applause before the band broke
into a 3 minute instrumental intro to "Sing Your Praise to the Lord."
Amy returned for her encore, "Sing Your Praise to the Lord," with
some lyrics from "I Have Decided" interspersed throughout. The show
concluded with "Friends," and the entire band (MWS, Gary, Keith
Edwards, Reed Alvin, Duncan Mullins and James Holihan) holding hands
across the stage.
Overall, the show was quite good, with the highlight for me being
Gary's set. For die-hard Amy fans, the video of this show is
definitely a must-see and a bonus to add to your Amy collection.

Heart in Motion Concert Special (reviewd by Carrie M. Pirmann); 1 hour
(from "Videosyncrasy" on Family Channel, 1991)
This show was hosted by Jimmy Hodson and featured some Amy videos
as well as a few numbers from her HIM concert in Minneapolis. After a
brief introduction by Hodson, Amy's video for "Every Heartbeat" was
At the conclusion of the video, the show moves to Amy and Jimmy in
a backstage locker room talking. Pieces of their interview were
nicely pieced in throughout the remainder of the show, with Amy often
providing a well-suited intro to a particular song or video. Some of
the topics which Jimmy and Amy discussed included the experience of
being on the road; the kids; the relationship Amy and her family have;
her "cross-over" from Christian music to pop music ("I think it was
time for me to do something besides strictly Christian music, but
that was not a faith issue."); and suicide.
The program then moves to the opening number for Amy's show that
night. Dressed in red stretch pants and a multi-colored striped jacket,
Amy looked great as she took the stage singing "Fight" from her
"unguarded" album. The audience was very receptive of her throughout
the concert. She sang the second verse of "Fight" while lying on the
stage and was continually dancing on the stage throughout the show.
Both the sound and cinematography were incredible.
The video for "Baby Baby" was then shown, with Amy providing some
insight into the making of the video. Amy then gave the following
monologue (during the interview) which served as a perfect intro to
a live performance of "That's What Love is For."

My parents, my mother especially, was a bridge builder when it
came to conversation. And I think she learned her lesson through
three older sisters. I think a lot of times parents get upset
because their children don't talk to them, usually about subjects
that are really difficult to talk about. And I think it's weird
to presume that a child would be the one to make the first move.
I remember, oh, a lot of stories. I remember being in like
seventh grade, my mother talking to me about different friends of
mine that were starting to smoke pot. In a very unaggressive way
she was talking to me about it. And it led to a great discussion.
And she didn't come down hard on me, and as the situation turned
out I chose not to go with that group.
When I was in college, one time I was really sick. I was getting
ready to go on an overseas trip. And my mother very gently asked
me if I were pregnant. And, of course, my first response was
'You know, you don't trust me, and I can't believe you'd even
bring this up.' But I wasn't pregnant, and it would have been a
miracle had I been. But I thought about it later, after my mother
was gone and after I'd blown up at her. I thought, you know, she
risked offending me, but what if I had been? What if I was like
lying awake at night, terrified because of the kind of family
I was reared in, the moral fiber of what I was raised to believe
was right, you know, and she just kind of reached through all
that and said 'Hey, are you okay?'

The scene then shifted to Amy on a mostly darkened stage, dressed
in a long white gown, singing "That's What Love is For." She sounded
especially great on this piece and she and her back-up singers were in
perfect synch.
Amy provided another notable anecdote as an intro to the video for
"Lead Me On":

We'll start a song, maybe that has kind of a deeper message like
"Lead Me On" or "All Right," and to look out and see thousands of
people with conviction all over their face singing these songs
because of what it means to them--you just get this feeling of wow.
You know, in one sense it has nothing to do with me. It has to do
with how these songs reflect the lives of these people.
I'm just singing it.

The show concluded with two more live performances by Amy. The
first was a peppy version of "Good For Me." The second was Amy's final
piece in the concert, a haunting, emotional and beautiful version of
"I Will Remember You."
This program is by far the best for-TV special of Amy's that I have
seen. Her maturity as a singer is shown throughout as she performs
live and talks with the host about a variety of topics.
A definite must-see for any Amy fan, if you can get your hands
on a copy!

Building the House of Love (reviewed by Carrie M. Pirmann); 84 minutes
This is, in my opinion, the best Amy video ever made. It opens
perfectly with shots of Riverstone farm and the music to "Oh How
the Years Go By" playing in the background. What unfolds next is
a morning at the Chapman house, with Amy bringing little Sarah
(who was at the time about a year old) down the stairs and making
From there, the video moves to the Bennett House (recording studio)
where Amy is recording the song "House of Love" with Keith Thomas.
Distributed nicely throughout are scenes of Amy talking about the
process of recording an album. More shots of the farm accompanied
again by the music from "Oh How the Years Go By" provide a nice
segue to shots of Amy celebrating her birthday and Amy and Gary
talking about how they fell in love and their relationship.
After this, the show returns to the recording studio where work is
being done on "Oh How the Years Go By", and during this time Amy
explains the chip thing. Christmas time rolls around, and Amy,
Sarah, Millie (and Matt was supposed to be there but he wasn't) are
shown filming a live feed for Good Morning America.
Vince Gill and Amy then team up to complete the process of recording
"House of Love." A brief piece of Amy and Matt in New York City
taped for Entertainment Tonight is also shown. A concert at the
Grande Ole Opry in which Amy performed with Vince Gill and Michael W.
Smith is also showcased.
The strings which were used in "House of Love" were recorded in
Amy's house, and this follow as the next scene. More shots of the
farm, along with the kids playing in a field while "Love Has a Hold
on Me" plays give the film an intimate quality.
Amy then talks about the song "Children of the World" and how much
it moves her emotionally. She talks about her kids, and then we see
the recording of the adult and children's choruses used in the song.
Amy hosted a group of country music stars to record "Amazing Grace"
for the movie Maverick, and the recording of the song, as well as the
video, are shown. The whole production took place at the farm. As the
show winds down, we see the kids playing in the studio while Amy and
Michael Omartian work on the recording of "Helping Hand".
The film concludes with Amy discussing how the album came to be
named House of Love, and with shots from the filming of the video
for the song "House of Love." Three videos, "Lucky One", "House of
Love" and "Say You'll Be Mine" are shown in their entirety at the
conclusion of the film.
The "Building the House of Love" video offers a unique look at
Amy's life inside and outside of recording. My guess is that this
is as close a look at her life as we will likely get for a long time.
A must see!


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of David Yoshihara (11/24/92)
updated by Jack Liu, Sophia Hedberg, Pradeep Bhatia (12/30/94)
updated by Marjorie Soifer (5/01/96)
updated by Julie McCarrier (6/01/97)

This is a major section of the FAQ. My original intent for including it
was to give everyone a taste of what is available in the way of CD's,
vinyl, cassette, singles, videos, bootlegs, articles, interviews, posters,
etc. I have been fortunate to receive help in updating this for the

Amy Grant
My Father's Eye's
Never Alone
In Concert Vol I
In Concert Vol II
Age To Age
Christmas Album
Straight Ahead
Unguarded (R cover) (ss)
Unguarded (D cover)
The Collection
Lead Me On
Heart In Motion
Heart In Motion (Japanese) (ss)
Home For Christmas (3) (2-ss)
Animals Christmas (With Art Garfunkel)
Music of the Spirit (PAX Christi Award Ceremony honouring Amy Grant) !!
House of Love !!
Baby, Baby CD single (US)
1) 7" HIM Mix 2) 12" HIM Mix 3) LMO
Baby, Baby CD single (UK) (#1 in USA label)
1) 7" NGOY Mix 2) 12" HIM Mix 3) LMO
Baby, Baby CD single (Germany)
1) 7" NGOY Mix 2) 12" HIM Mix 3) LMO
Every Heartbeat CD single (promo)
1) 7" Heart & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix 3) 7" Piano Mix
4) LP Version 5) 12" Body & Soul Mix
Every Heartbeat CD single (UK) (White label promo)
1) 7" Heart & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix 3) 7" Piano Mix
4) 12" Body & Soul Mix
Every Heartbeat CD single (Germany)
1) 7" Heart & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix 3) 7" Piano Mix
4) 12" Body & Soul Mix
That's What Love is For CD single (promo) (2)
1) Single Mix 2) LP Edit 3) Extended Single 4) LP version
That's What Love is For CD single (UK)
1) Album Edit 2) Single Mix 3) Extended Single Mix 4) Album Version
That's What Love is For CD single (UK Picture CD) (2)
1) Album Edit 2) Baby, Baby - 7" NGOY Mix
3) Extended Single Mix 4) Album Version
Good For Me CD single (promo) (2)
1) 7" Good For You Mix 2) 7" You Like To Dance Mix
3) LP Version 4) 12" You Like To Dance Mix
Good For Me CD single (UK)
1) 7" Good For You Mix 2) 12" So Good Mix 3) Dub So Good Mix
4) 7" You Like To Dance Mix
Good For Me CD single (UK version 2)
1) 7" Good For you Mix 2) 12" You Like To Dance Mix
3) You Like To Dub Mix 4) Album Version
I Will Remember You (promo) (3)
1) Rhythm Mix 2) Album Remix 3) Album Version
Greatest Hits (promo)
1) IWRY - Rhythm Remix 2) Baby, Baby 7" - NGOY Mix
3) Baby, Baby - 7" HIM Mix 4) EHB - 7" Body & Soul Mix
5) TWLIF - LP Version 6) TWLIF - Single Mix 7) GFM - GFY Mix
Unistar Interview Disk #1
Unistar Interview Disk #2
Dick Clark Interview of AG
Home for Christmas Radio Special (hosted by Jon Rivers)
House of Love (import) (includes bonus track: Politics of Kissing)
House of Love Radio Special (hosted by Jon Rivers)
Lucky One
1) Remix 2) Lucky Street Mix
3) A/C Rhythm Mix 4) Kupper Radio
5) 7" Good For You Mix
Say You'll Be Mine
1) Album 2) Life's Gonna Change
3) Radio Remix 4) Heart in Motion Remix Medley
House of Love
1) Classic Philly Soul 2) South Street Remix
3) Album version 4) Lucky One: Kupper 12" Mix
Big Yellow Taxi
1) Paradise Mix 2) Alternative Paradise Mix
3) Politics of Kissing 4) Heart in Motion Medley Mix

Amy Grant (ss)
My Father's Eye's (ss)
Never Alone (ss)
In Concert Vol I (ss)
In Concert Vol II (ss) (2)
Age To Age (ss)
Christmas Album (ss)
Straight Ahead (ss)
Unguarded (facing left) (ss)
Unguarded (facing left) (promo)
Unguarded (facing straight) (promo)
Unguarded (facing forward)
Unguarded (coded W) (ss)
Unguarded (coded O) (ss)
Unguarded (coded R) (ss)
Unguarded (coded D) (ss)
The Collection (ss)
Lead Me On
Lead Me On (gold stamped promo) (2)
Heart In Motion (ss) (2)
On This Christmas Night

7" stuff:
The Next Time I Fall (US): The Next Time I Fall/Glory of Love
The Next Time I Fall (US): The Next Time I Fall/Holy Moly
Wise Up (US): Wise Up/Straight Ahead
Find A Way (US): Find A Way/Angels
Find A Way (Japenese): Find A Way/Angels
1974 (US promo): 1974/1974
Lead Me On (US promo): Lead Me On/Lead Me On
Lead Me On (US): Lead Me On/Sure Enough
Lead Me On (UK): Lead Me On/Fine A Way
Baby, Baby (US): Baby, Baby/Baby, Baby
Baby, Baby (UK): 7" No Getting Over You Mix/Lead Me On
Baby, Baby (UK w/press sheet): 7" No Getting Over You Mix/Lead Me On
Baby, Baby (Germany): 7" No Getting Over You Mix/Lead Me On
Every Heartbeat (US): Every Heartbeat/Every Heartbeat
Every Heartbeat (UK): 7" Heart & Soul Mix/7" Body & Soul Mix
Every Heartbeat (UK w/press sheet): 7" Heart & Soul Mix/7" Body & Soul Mix
That's What Love Is For (US): TWLIF/TWLIF
That's What Love Is For (UK): Album Edit/Single Mix
Good For Me (UK): 7" Good For You Mix/7" You Like To Dance Mix

12" stuff:
Baby, Baby (promo)
A. 1) 12" No Getting Over You Mix
B. 1) 12" Heart In Motion Mix 2) 7" Heart In Motion Mix
Baby, Baby (UK)
A. 1) 12" Heart In Motion Mix
B. 1) 7" No Getting Over You Mix 2) Lead Me On
Every Heartbeat (Promo) (3)
A. 1) 12" Body & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix
B. 1) Baby Baby - 12" Heart In Motion Mix 2) 7" Piano Mix
Every Heartbeat (Domestic) (1) (1-ss)
A. 1) 12" Body & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix
B. 1) Baby Baby - 12" Heart In Motion Mix 2) 7" Piano Mix
Every Heartbeat (UK) (2)
A. 1) 12" Body & Soul Mix 2) 7" Body & Soul Mix
B. 1) 12" HIM Mix 2) 7" Piano Mix
That's What Love Is For (UK)
A. 1) Album Edit 2) Single Mix
B. 3) Extended Single Mix 4) Album Version
Good For Me (promo) (2)
A. 1) 12" So Good Mix 2) Dub So Good Mix
B. 1) 12" You Like To Dance Mix 2) You Like To Dub Mix
3) 7" Good For You Mix
Good For Me (Domestic) (3) (1-ss)
A. 1) 12" So Good Mix 2) Dub So Good Mix
B. 1) 12" You Like To Dance Mix 2) You Like To Dub Mix
3) 7" Good For You Mix
Good For Me (UK) (3)
A. 1) 12" So Good Mix
B. 1) Dub So Good Mix 3) 12" You Like To Dance Mix

Cassette Singles:
Baby, Baby: LP version/7" Heart In Motion Mix
Every Heartbeat: 7" Heart & Soul Mix/7" Body & Soul Mix
That's What Love Is For: Single Mix/LP version
Good For Me: 7" Good For You Mix/7" You Like To Dance Mix
I Will Remember You: Album Version/Rhythm Remix
Let The Season Take Wing: From Home For Christmas (ss)
Lucky One: Album Version/Single Mix
House of Love: Album Version/Philly Street Mix

A Moment in Time (with GC and MWS)
Christmas Album (2) (ss)
Unguarded (W cover) (ss)
Unguarded (O cover) (ss)
Unguarded (D cover) (ss)
Lead Me On (promo) (special pre-release)
Lead Me On (12 tracks...rare) (ss) (2)
90 min concert recorded at Reebok Riverstage NY on 7/19/89 (stereo)
120 min concert recorded at Paramount Theater on 10/10/91 (stereo)
interview clip from Release Audio Magazine
60 min narration of Bible Stories (with personal experiences)
from Heart To Heart

Accompaniment Tracks:
Angels: A) demo B) pt
Ask Me: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Arms Of Love: A) demo B) pt
Baby, Baby: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Every Heartbeat: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Galileo: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Good For Me: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Hats: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Heirlooms: A) demo B) pt
Hope Set High: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
How Can We See That Far: A) demo B) pt
I Will Remember You: A) demo B) pt
Lead Me On: A) demo B) pt
That's What Love Is For: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
What About The Love: A) demo
You're Not Alone: A) demo B) pt w/vocals; pt w/o vocals
Saved By Love: A) demo
Say Once More: A) demo B) pt
All Right
Create In Me A Clean Heart (*)

Title Source Date Network
Age To Age Original -1984-
Find A Way Original -1985-
Stay For Awhile Take five 2 Original -1986-
Heart In Motion Original -1991-
HIM interviews (promo) still in PAL form -1991-
Old Fashioned Christmas Original Laserdisc -1992-
Gingham Dog/Calico Cat Original (*)
Lead Me On Tour Bootleg from 7/89 in Nashville (*)
Look What Has Happened
To Me/Here We Are
(w/Russ Taff)/Walking
Away With You/ My
Father's Eyes More Than Music -1981-
Circle Of Love Lots of early live footage -1982-
Interview by Tom Green Lightmusic 9/18/85 CTV
You Are My Friend
(w/Patti Labelle)/
Everywhere I Go The Patti Labelle special 11/28/85 WNBC
Love Of Another Kind Martin Luther King Tribute special -1985- WNBC
Fat Baby/Stay For Awhile
For Awhile/interview
by Johnny Carson The Tonight Show -1986- WNBC
Love Of Another Kind/
interview by
David Letterman Late Night w/David Letterman 4/3/86 WNBC
Sleigh Ride/
Tennesse Christmas/
interview by
Johnny Carson The Tonight Show 12/19/86 WNBC
Sleigh Ride/Emmanuel/
Little Town/Joy To The
World/A Christmas Song Christmas In Washington Dec 86 WNBC
Find A Way/Emmanuel/
Little Town/Sleigh Ride/
Tennesse Christmas/
Carol of the Birds/
Hark the Herald Angels
Sing Headin' Home For The Holidays 12/21/86 WNBC
interview about
Christmas Special AM Cleveland Dec 86
interview Backstage -1986-
interview by
Robert Schuller Hour of Power -1986-
The Next Time I Fall -1986- VH-1
The Next Time I Fall Solid Gold -1986- WPIX
interview by
Lorianne Crook Crook & Chase -1986- TNN
He's Got The Whole
World In His Hands 18th Annual Dove Awards -1986- CBN
Friends/Find A Way Michael W. Smith -1986-
interview by Leeza Gibbons Entertainment Tonight -1986- WABC
presenting award 13th Annual American Music Awards -1986- WABC
duet w/Ricky Scaggs Country Music Awards -1986-
guest co-host and
interview by
Gary Collins Hour Magazine WABC
Find A Way/
Everwhere I Go Jerry Lewis Telethon Sept 87 WWOR
Find A Way ABC presents A Royal Gala -1988- WABC
interview by
Kathryn Kinley Entertainment Watch -1988- VH-1
Lead me On -1988- VH-1
Lead me On Lightmusic -1988- CTV
El Shaddai/interview/ If
These Walls Could Speak Compassion International Special -1988- CBN
interview by
Lorianne Crook Crook & Chase -1988- TNN
Comment on Beach Boy's The Beach Boy's Endless Summer -1988- TNN
Stay For Awhile/Saved by
Love/Friends/Find A Way/
If These Walls Could
Speak/El Shaddai/Thy
Word/How Majestic Is
Yor Name/Great Are You
Lord/interview for each
song on LMO Lead Me On Promotional Tape -1988-
interview by Scott Ross The 700 Club 1/11/89 CBN
Save By Love/interview
by Pat Sajak The Pat Sajak Show 3/1/89 WCBS
interview/If These
Walls Could Speak Good Morning America 7/19/89 WABC
Wise Up/Find A Way/ Stay
For Awhile/Lead Me On Real Videos -1989-
Target commericals for
Christmas Season -1989-
Friends 21st Annual Dove Awards 4/6/90 TNN
Saved By Love Lightmusic -1990- CTV
Love Of Another Kind/
interview by Arsenio The Arsenio Hall Show Mar 90
The Christmas Song Disney's Christmas Parade 12/25/90 WABC
interview at home Inside Edition -1990- KATU
Baby, Baby (HIM mix) -1991- VH-1
Baby, Baby What's New on VH-1 3/3/91 VH-1
interview by Sheila
Walsh and answering
audience questions The 700 Club 3/14/91 FAM
interview by Leeza
Gibbons about HIM Entertainment Tonight 3/16/91 WCBS
interview by Sheila Walsh Heart To Heart w/Sheila Walsh 4/4/91 FAM
Baby, Baby and interview The Arsenio Hall Show 4/17/91 WWOR
interview Good Morning America 4/19/91 WABC
guest host and introducing
videos (excluding vids) VH-1 Top 21 Countdown 4/25/91 VH-1
guest host and introducing
videos (excluding vids) VH-1 Greatest Hits Countdown 5/5/91 VH-1
Every Heartbeat Videosyncrasy 6/15/91 FAM
Comment about Christian
Music Crossover Inside Music 6/27/91 VH-1
Every Heartbeat Amy Grant: June Artist of the Month 6/27/91 VH-1
interview w/ host/
Baby, Baby Videosyncrasy June 91 FAM
interview clip Showbiz June 91 CNN
interview clips Smash Hits June 91 CNN
interview with Jane Pauly The Today Show -1991-
HIM CONCERT BOOTLEG from New Orleans University 8/11/91
Baby, Baby/TWLIF (live)/
Lead Me On/GFM (live)/
IWRY (live) Videosyncrasy: HIM Tour 8/31/91 FAM
Target Commercial 8/31/91 FAM
introducing videos
(excluding videos) VH-1 Artist's Choics 9/8/91 VH-1
interview Regis & Kathy Lee 10/8/91 WABC
Baby, Baby Walt Disney World's 20 Ann Special 10/26/91 WCBS
That's What Love Is For Street Party 11/3/91 VH-1
Sister Kate theme song Sister Kate -1992- LIF
Baby, Baby/TWLIF/interv. The Oprah Winfrey Show 2/14/92
Good For Me Winter Games Jam 2/15/92 VH-1
introducing videos
(excluding videos) VH-1 Top 21 Countdown to Grammy's 2/23/92 VH-1
Baby, Baby 34th Annual Grammy Awards 2/25/92 WCBS
comment on Gulf War TNN News -1992- TNN
interview/GFM MTV Most Wanted Feb 92 MTV
interview about Grammys Entertainment Tonight Feb 92 WCBS
feature about 34th
Annual Grammys Showbiz Today Feb 92 CNN
interview clip from
charity benefit Entertainment Tonight Apr 92 WCBS
World Premiere Hanging With MTV May 92 MTV
clip from original
version of TWLIF MTV Video Countdown -1992- MTV
intro comment on Christian
upbringing & youth rally Youth Rally 2000
I Will Remember You What's New On VH-1 5/6/92 VH-1
Tenessee Christmas/Walking
In A Winter Wonderland/
interview Nashville Now 11/23/92 TNN
interview, Grown-Up
X-mas List clip Entertainment tonight Dec 92 CBS
interview, Have Yourself
A Merry Christmas/
Winter Wonderland CBS This Morning Dec 92 CBS
Winter Wonderland Tonight Show Dec 92 NBC
Grown-Up Xmas List Regis & Kathy Lee Dec 92 ABC
DEEP interview (30 min) Later with Bob Costas Jan 93 NBC
"We Shall be Free" video Garth Brooks (with Amy's face) -1993-
Award, St. John's Abbey
& University PAX CHRISTI (Peace of Christ) May 94
Host, sang Children of
the World 25th Annual Dove Awards Jun 94 FAM
after 25th Dove Awards The 700 Club Jun 94 FAM
Host (long) Nashville Today Jun 94 E!
interview Regis & Kathy Lee Jul 94 ABC
w/Joan Lunden Good Morning America Aug 94 ABC
Big Yellow Taxi Late Show with David Letterman Sep 94 CBS
interview (short) CNN Entertaiment News Sep 94 CNN
Award, Female Artist
of the Year American Christian Music Awards Sep 94
interview, House of
Love (w/ Vince Gill) Tonight Show Nov 94 NBC
On location Fairway to Heaven 11/20/94 VH1
Making of Maverick Special Dec 94 HBO
interview Naked Cafe "Backyard" Feb 95 VH1
HOL/Lucky One/
Sweet Glow of Mercy(G.C.)/
short live clips of HOL
tour/interview CCM-TV Feb 95 FAM
Live HoL Special 2/25/95 CCM
interview from HOL tour Entertainment Tonight Mar 95
Many videos (almost all)
plus some live videos Lightmusic Special (3 parts) Jun 95
Interview Today Show Jun 95 CBS
Various Artists Sam's Place Jul 95 TNN
On Location Naked Cafe "All's Fair" Aug 95 FAM
Various Artists Sam's Place Christmas Dec 95 TNN
Special Christmas at Home with the Stars 12/25/95
Baby Baby "Ninety Something" -1995- VH1
Live American Christian Music Awards -1995-
Amy and Vince presenting American Music Award -1995-
Special "Too Late" Tapestry Revisited -1995-
Special Maverick Movie video E!
A-Z Videos most of HIM & HOL videos -1995- VH1
Interview + 2 songs Oprah (plus Aaron Neville, Mariah) -1995-
Video special "This I Believe" 7/16/96 DISNEY
Clip Fairway to Heaven III -1996- VH1
Christmas Special Kathy Lee 12/18/96
Interview Prime Time Country 12/23/96 TNN
Appearance Dove Awards 4/24/97

HOL - cover of HOL 24x36 (2)
HIM - cover of HIM 36x60 (UK promo large) (2)
HIM - cover of Sat. Evening Post 24x36 (UK promo) (2)
HIM greatest hits poster 24x36 (US promo) (2)
HIM tour poster 24x36 (3)
HIM poster 24x36 (US promo)
Every Heartbeat - in black dress 24x36 (US promo)
Every Heartbeat - in black dress 36x60 (UK promo large) (2)
Lead Me On - cover shot 24x36 (2)
Lead Me On - sitting on crate 24x36 (3)
Unguarded - 5 shots 60x24 (3)

Signed (& inscribed) 8x10 B&W photo from House of Love (courtesy FOA)
Signed 8x10 color photo - holding puppy in Every Heartbeat
Signed 8x10 B&W photo - photo from press kit
Signed 5x7 B&W photo
8x10 B&W photo - leaning against wall (around time of Straight Ahead) (6)
Signed 8x10 color photo - leaning against wall (around time of Straight Ahead)
Heart In Motion flat (signed)
HIM - shot from concert
Lead Me On Press Kit with 8x10 b&w photo and biography
Lead Me On promo shots - about half a dozen different shots
HIM Press Kit
HIM - shot from concert of her signing autograph
Billboard Magazine 11x14 ad--color (signed)- from HIM
Billboard Magazine 11x14 ad--b&w (signed) - from Unguarded
Honeymoon in Vegas Press Kit
Home For Christmas Press Kit
Color promo photo from HFC (she is leaning against a tree)

"Amy & Gary: Life on Riverstone Farm": CCM Magazine, May 1994
"Amy Grant: An Autobiography": by Bob Millard (*)
"Amy Grant": The Heart of Rock & Roll (p) (8 pgs)
"Amy Grant": The Best of CCM (o,p) (18 pgs)
"Amy Grant": Live Ink, 9/29/91 by Kim Steward (o)
"Amy Grant: A Heart In Motion": Bookstore Journal, Feb 1991 by Todd Hafer
(o,p,cs) (4 pgs)
"Amy Grant and Gary Chapman: Harmony At Home": Charisma & Christian Life,
June 1988 by Steven Lawson (o,p,cs) (6 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Charting A New Course": Saturday Evening Post, Dec 1991 by
Patrick M. Connolly (o,p,cs) (4 pgs) (3)
"Amy Grant: Heart In Motion": The Tampa Tribune, 3/29/91 by Rick Brunson (o)
"Amy Grant: Heart In Motion": CD Review (o,p) (2 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Heart In Motion": Christian Music Review, March 1991 by
David J Stanford (p)
"Amy Grant: Heaven And Nature Sing": Release, Fall 1992 by Kathy Bubel
(o,p,cs) (4 pgs)
"Amy Grant: I'm Not A Prude": Ladies Home Journal, 1985 by Cliff Jahr (p)
(4 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Jesus Loves Me": Sept 1991 (p)
"Amy Grant Lands Dove's Top Honor": Billboard, 4/25/92 (o) (2pgs)
"Amy Grant: Letting the Music Lead Her On": Gig, July 1989 by Stephanie
Bennett (o,p) (3 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Music From The Heart": Saturday Evening Post, May/June 1986 by
Todd Gold (o,p,cs) (4 pgs)
"Amy Grant On Youth Ministry, Music, & Immortality": Group, Oct 1991 by
Stephen Parolini (o,p,cs) (5 pgs)
"Amy Grant: The Interview": Release, Spring 1992 by Roberta Goteau
(o,p,cs) (5 pgs) (5)
"Amy Grant: Platinum Brunette): Listen, May 1991 by Audrey T. Hingley
(o,p,cs) (4 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Relatively Speaking": CCM, March 1991 by Thom Granger
(original) (cs) (p) (4 pgs) (15)
"Amy Grant: She'll be Home for Christmas": CCM Magazine, Dec. 1992
"Amy Grant: Singer/Songwriter": Contemporary Musicians Vol 7 (2 pgs)
"Amy Grant: Spotlight": The Orlando Sentinel, 10/27/92 (o,p)
"Amy Grant Wants To Put God On The Charts": Rolling Stone, June 6, 1985 by
Michael Goldberg (p) (4 pgs)
"Amy's Heart In Motion": Today's Christian Woman, Nov/Dec 1992 by Julie A
Talerico (o,p,cs) (9 pgs) (2)
"Amy Grant's Inspirational Message": NY Times, 10/17/91 by Jon Pareles (p)
"Another New Beginning": Campus Life, July/Aug 94
Billboard Album Review: 3/18/91 Heart In Motion (o)
Billboard Chart: 5/4/91 Baby, Baby at #1 (o)
Billboard Single Review: 6/8/91 Every Heartbeat (o)
"Baby, Baby": (p)
"Baby, Baby Is No 1, No 1": Billboard, 5/4/91 (o,p)
"Baby Love": (p)
"Baby 'Talk': Grant Her Play Or Not?": Billboard, 4/27/91 by Sean Ross (2 pg)
"Best Bet": The Tampa Tribune, 8/30/91 (o,p)
"Best Christian Act: Amy Grant": Nashville Scene, 5/23/91 (o,p)
"Christian Musicians inthe Mainstream": Campus Life, Jan 1992 by Jim Long
"Christian Music's Best Seller Is The Sweet-sounding Gospel According To
Amy Grant": by Dolly Carlisle (p) (2 pgs)
"Christian Singer Appeals To Fans Of Secular Pop Music": Christianity Today
by Steve Rabey (p)
"Crossovers Boost Christian Stores": Billboard, 1/11/92 by Glenn Darby (o)
"Crossover Dreams": Billboard, 4/11/92 (o,p) (2 pgs)
"The Dating Game: Playing For Keeps": Today's Prim Time Vol 3 by Amy Grant
(o,p,cs) (3 pgs)
"Down On The Farm With Amy Grant": Today's Christian Woman, Sept/Oct 1990
by Dale Hanson Bourke (o,p,cs) (9 pgs)
"The Devil In Amy Grant": Esquire, November 1985 by Mark Jacobson (p)
"Don't Take Amy For Granted": Menz, Spring 1992 by Sandy Stert Benjamin
(o,p,cs) (3 pgs)
"Family Channel Takes Close Look At Musical Lives Of Amy Grant": The Orlando
Sentinel (o,p)
"Faithful Is Her Fashion": LA Times, 4/16/92 by Chris Willman (2 pgs)
"Grant Her The Gold": Billboard, 8/17/91 (o,p)
"Grant In Motion": Billboard, 5/23/91 (o,p)
"Grant: In Motion": (p) (3 pgs)
"Grant 'In Motion' Toward Top Of Charts": National College Newspaper (o,p)
"A 'Heart' Of Platinum": Billboard, 9/21/91 (o,p)
"Idyll Time": In Style (People), Oct. '94 (6 pgs, 8 photos)
"Life on Riverstone Farm
"Meet Amy Grant Chapman"

"The Music Business From Amy's Perspective"

"Once In Love With Amy": by Ken Sidey
"Personality Parade": Parade, 11/24/91 (o,p)
"P'Grams Singapore Shingid": Billboard, 6/15/91 (o,p)
"Phylicia Rashad & Amy Grant on What Makes a Good Mother", Ladies' Home
Journal, May 1994
"Pop-chart Success Has Shaken Amy Grant's Faith": by SteveKnopper (p)
"Rich & Famous": US Express, 5/23/91 (o,p)
"Rocks Spiritual Girl": Mademoiselle, April 1986 by D.M. (p)
"Saint Amy Gets Sexy": by Cynthis Sanx and Vicki Sheff (p) (2 pgs)
"Sin and Salvation: The Gospel According to Amy Grant": Details, Sept. '94
"She Likes God And Aprons": by Sylvia Patterson (p)
"Up Close With Amy": The Orlando Sentinel 8/25-31 1991 (o,p)
"Who's Hot!": Biography by Evan Keith (43 pgs), July '92
"Work On Grant Album Puts Crossover Success In Motion": Billboard, 2/29/92 by
Gordon Ely (o)

HIM (Word publishers) (2)
HIM (Hal Leanard publishers)
HIM (elec. keyboard)
Lead Me On
Lead Me On (elec keyboard)
The Collection (2)
Age To Age
Straight Ahead
Christmas Album
My Father's Eyes (used)
Amy Grant - contains songs from first two albums
Amy Grant Songbook - wearing Leather jacket on cover
Greatest Hits Songbook - LMO shot on cover
Greatest Hits Songbook - LMO shot on cover (elec keyboard)
Amy's Songs - white flower on cover (2)

That's The Day
Tennessee Christmas
The Next Time I Fall
The Next Time I Fall (easy piano)
Baby, Baby (3)
Baby, Baby (easy piano)
Every Hearbeat (3)
That's What Love Is For (2)
Good For Me (2)
I Will Remember You (2)

Helping Hand - 2 sided with multicoloured hands on front (from FOA)
Tour shirt - black with HIM logo
Tour shirt - shot from Baby Baby
Tour shirt - various shots from Every Heartbeat
Lead Me On World Tour shirt (2)
Silhouette Unguarded sweatshirt
Shirt with picture from LMO
Unguarded Tour T-shirt

Lead Me On RIAA Gold Record Award
24 Newsletters
Unguarded Button
Lead me On button
HIM promo pop up display
Dr. Strange #15 with controversial cover (2)
Unguarded Tourbook
HIM Tourbook (2)
Word/Commordore Computers promo mag (AG & Sandi Patti on Cover)
Press Release for Amy Grant biography by Bob Millard
Age To Age (laserdisc)

(#) - denotes number of copies
(ss) - still sealed
(o) - original
(p) - photos
(cs) - cover story
pt - performance track


888b. w 8 8 8 8
8wwwP 8 8 88b. .d8b. .d88 8d8b .d88
8 b 8 8 8 8 8 8' .8 8 8 8P 8 8
888P' 8 8 8 88P' `Y8P' `Y88 8 `Y88

*** Amy Grant's Achievements on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart ***

Album Title Peak Position Date of Entry Weeks on Chart
"Straight Ahead" 133 Apr 20/85 20
"Unguarded" 35 Jun 15/85 38
"The Collection" 66 Aug 20/86 33
"Lead Me On" 71 Jul 23/88 13
"Heart in Motion" 10 Mar 23/91 105
"Home for Christmas" 2 Oct 24/92 14
"House of Love" 13 Sep 10/94 54+

Thanks go to Xiaoqin Xu for researching this! :)

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A Preface to Amy's achievements on Billboard Top Singles chart:

Amy Grant is undoubtedly the most important and popular contemporary
Christian music artist of 1980s, winning 5 Grammys and 19 Dove awards from
1982 to 1989.

Through the years, Amy Grant had shown her talent with popular music
through hit single releases, many of them though are without an incident.
A&M started to promote Amy Grant's album "Unguarded" to the secular world
in 1985. When "Find A Way" made its way to top 30 on the pop chart, There
was some controversy over this even though the song contains Christian
content. A year later, the huge success of her duet "The Next Time I Fall"
with Peter Cetera sparked even more fury among some people. And when the
first single "Baby Baby" from "Heart in Motion" came out with a bang in
1991, it raised a few eyebrows as well. Many Christian radio stations
chose not to play it. KLTY in Dallas (under Jon Rivers) was one of the few
stations that played "Baby Baby" despite some angry phone calls and
letters of complaint from its listeners. But through it all, Amy Grant has
been successful in keeping most of her Christian fans while broadening her
audience in the secular world. All 5 singles off the "Heart in Motion"
album are still played on the radio today. And now with "House of Love",
Amy, at the age of 34, is trying to repeat some of the single success of
"Heart in Motion" (although she doesn't feel under any pressure if they
don't. -Ed)

Following contains the information of Amy's single releases since 1985
from Billboard Magazine. Both the Hot 100 Singles chart and the Hot Adult
Contemporary chart are used here. "--" indicates that a song didn't make
it on the chart.

*** Amy Grant's Achievements on Billboard's Top Singles Chart ***

(as of the week of October 1, '95)

POP= Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart
AC = Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary chart

Song Title peak (# wks) entry date weeks on
"Find A Way" 29 7 May 18 Jun 01,'85 16 16
"Wise Up" 66 34 Aug 17 Sep 07,'85 9 3
"Everywhere I Go" -- 28 -- Nov 09,'85 - 6
"The Next Time I Fall" 1 (1) 1 (2) Sep 20 Sep 27,'86 21 22
"Lead Me On" 96 -- Aug 06 -- 2 -
"1974 (We Were Young)" -- 31 -- Oct 01,'88 - 7
"Saved by Love" -- 32 -- Jan 07,'89 - 7
"Baby Baby" 1 (2) 1 (4) Feb 23 Mar 09,'91 21 32
"Every Heartbeat" 2 (1) 2 (6) Jun 15 Jun 15,'91 19 33
"That's What Love is For" 7 1 (3) Sep 28 Sep 28,'91 20 32
"Good For Me" 8 4 Jan 18 Jan 18,'92 20 29
"I Will Remember You" 20 2 (2) Apr 25 Apr 18,'92 20 33
"Lucky One" 18 2 (1) Aug 13 Aug 13,'94 20 27
"House of Love" 37 5 Nov 26 Nov 26,'94 21 40
"Big Yellow Taxi" 67 18 Jun 17 May 27,'95 13+ 16+
"Things We Do For Love" data unknown


1991 was a big year for Amy: she's a top 5 single artist.
"Baby Baby" makes it to #1 on the Billboard Pop and AC charts.

The year of 1991

Category Amy Grant

Top pop artist #9
Top pop single artist #4
Top pop single artist-female #3
Top Album artist #19
Top Album artist-female #5
Top Album #15 (HIM)
Top pop single #10 (Baby Baby)
#28 (Every Heartbeat)
Top AC artist #2
Top AC single #2 (Baby Baby)
#12 (Every Heartbeat)
CCM album #3 (HIM)
#13 (The Collection)
CCM artist #2

- Xiaoqin Xu



Nashville, Tenn.--Myrrh Recording artist Amy Grant was recently
recognized by Billboard Magazines in their 100th Anniversary Issue as
having six of the Top 10 Contemporary Christian albums of all time.
Age to Age (#1), Straight Ahead (#3), The Collection (#4), Unguarded
(#8), Heart in Motion (#9)and Lead Me On (#10) all appeared on the Top
10 list, and My Father's Eyes (#25) and Never Alone (#29) appeared in
the Top 30.

Grant, who has been in the recording industry since she was signed to
Myrrh records in 1977, has recorded 14 albums. Her debut album, Amy
Grant, has been certified Gold. She has seven Platinum albums (Age to
Age, A Christmas Album, Straight Ahead, Unguarded, The Collection,
Lead Me On and Home for Christmas), and one Quadruple Platinum album
(Heart in Motion).
Extracted from TLeM 2.1.4

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