Newsboys review (sorry - not a tangent! 8^)

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Miles O'Neal

Dec 10, 1993, 5:44:37 PM12/10/93


Newsboys, _not ashamed_

I don't quite know how to categorize these Aussies.
A blend of alternative and retro, with some rap and
straightforward rock thrown in, a hint of new wave,
but no metal/punk/thrash though a bit of the guitar
work edges on some stuff that came out of punk, and
a lot of swirly effects. Some of their stuff does
have a guitar/bass influence like the Soup Dragons
(I *think* that's who I'm thinking of...)

The Newsboys had an all-star cast to help. The album
was produced by Steve Taylor. Dave Perkins and Phil
Madeira's guitar work is awesome, of course. Madeira's
Mighty Hammond Organ work on "Boycott Hell" (a D&K song)
is nothing short of awesome. The bass stays in the
swamp - it's perfect.

There's not a really weak song on the album. I guess
the music on "Love Comes True" is not quite as good as
the rest (still very danceable).

The first 2 cuts, "I Cannot Get You out of My System"
and "I'm Not Ashamed" are probably my two favorite
cuts, with "Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
(a beautiful (in the classic sense), haunting medley of
their own lyrics and the hymn we all know) and "Lost the
Sky Again" (about our reaction to His return), which is
reminiscent of a secular alternative song whose title &
author I forget from last year about a pyro, with some
_Big Sky_ thrown in, and real Newsboys sound. "Dear
Shame" and "Love Comes True" dig into the depths of
what makes us tick.

I give this album 4.5 thingies. [1] One of the 3
best this year.

Now that I've heard this album, I can forgive
Steve Taylor for deserting us a few years back.
I'm bummed that I missed the Newsboys in San
Antonio, tho...

The following song is good for dancing & rejoicing,
coding to, crying & praying, all sorts of stuff. I
want to hear this one a couple of times a day every
day. And not just for the incredible music...
(Phil & the Hammond feature here, as well. [2])

"I'm Not Ashamed"

[transcribed as sung - the lyrics
are written with correct spelling
on the liner]

I'm not ashamed to let you know.
I want this light in me to show.
I'm not ashamed to speak the
name of Jesus Christ.

What are we sneakin' around for?
Who're we tryin' to please?
Shruggin' off sin
apologizin' like
we're spreadin' some kind of disease.
I'm sayin, 'No way!'


This one says it's a lost cause
Save your testimonies for church
The other ones state
you'd better wait
until you do a little
market research.
I'm sayin, 'No way! No way...'



Also, in the liner notes they thank Jacob's Trouble
for playing Hick Hop.

[1] crosses, guitars, asterisks, cavenewts, or whatever
you wish to measure such things in
[2] If I realize Phil Madeira is on an album, I am
almost vertain to buy it - the Keaggy of the Hammond!

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