Trumps Re enstatemint!!!

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Famous Amos

Sep 16, 2023, 12:00:44 PMSep 16
Of trumps re enstatemint you shud all be ashewed
Bidens a disese that will soon be cued

Trumpll be re enstatid I say it again
The woman on CNN are rilly ALL MEN!!!

For Trumps re enstatemmi nt we all have a NEED
When Trumps re enstatid I'll smoke a PILE O WEED

Trumps re enstTmint is a long ova dued
When Trumps re enstatid I'll dance in the NUDE

My sinetiffic backgrown said the URTH IS FLAT
Trumpll be re enstatid, I sertin o THAT

Corvid is a HOKES and the Vax makes ya SICK
JFK Joonya will be Trumps VEEPEE PICK!!!!

Fo Trumps re enstatemint I of pend this pome
On Trumps re enstatemint I'd bet my muthas HOME!!!

I no mowa about poetry then ANYONE...even Wilba Churchilled.
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