Whose Cummin to Trumps Reinstatmint Partie??

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Famous Amos

Sep 17, 2022, 9:07:55 AMSep 17
Trump as everyone knows' is gonna be reinstated and Biden espoused as the eleckshun therefore.. so who's gonna be They're at the potty??

1. I, Famous Amos
2. Putin
3. King Jon Um
4. The Sowdy King Prince, all royalties
5. Tucka Carson
6. Shaun Handee
7. Bill Uh Riley
8. Marjree Tayla Green
9. Lenin
10 Stalin
11. JFK joonya
13. JFK seen ya
12. JFK middle
15. The Q Anon Shaman. Like a, his lowya said he's getting the psychiatric help he needs, but no...if he needs psychatr8c help why does he strum the capital and folla Q?
Also all the patriots and homeless tourists who participated in the 1/6 motch
17. Noot Gingarish
19. Docta Ozz
The wizard of Ozz
Totow form Ozz

Not Dorthy tho.. NO WIMMEN ALLOUT.


Famous Amos

Sep 17, 2022, 10:34:31 AMSep 17
Also.. the "Three John's""::

John Home's.. .fer obviously reason's.

John Wayne Gacey..to entayane the young boy's and teesh his handcuffs tri k..

John Lenin.. fer live music.. I'm sure he won't mine takin a brake from making his cummback ablim.

FaMlus Anis

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