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Ringo's *next* tour

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Brett Pasternack

Jul 31, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/31/95
In my last post, I did a great deal of bitching about the current Ringo
Starr/All-Starr band tour. Well, it hardly seems right to complain so much
without offering suggestions about how they could do it better. Since I
felt that the band Ringo is touring with now is too rock-oriented for him,
here are my choices for who would be better suited to playing with Ringo.
I'd like to hear your ideas, too.
The top criterion I'm using is the artist's musical compatability with
Ringo. I don't want to pick people who aren't basically rooted in the pop
sounds that Ringo does best, and a country influence would be considered a
plus. There's a lot of room to manuever in there, but I don't want people
like Randy Bachman on the current tour who are too hard-rock for Ringo's
songs. Even the 1992 band, which I enjoyed more, at times seemed to me to
get out of Ringo's range.
In light of the current tour, I feel it's important to remind everyone
that the All-Starrs do not necessarily need to be a pure oldies band. In
the current show, except for Ringo's "Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go",
every song is a AOR and/or pop hit from the 60s or 70s, with a direct
connection to that artist, and I hear people assuming that that is what the
All-Starrs need to be. In 1989, by contrast, Clarence Clemons was
performing his current single--complete with a rap!--plus a song that he
had had a hit with just three and a half years before. Nils Lofgrin and Dr.
John also performed new material, and Rick Danko did a cover of the Buddy
Holly chestnut, "Raining in My Heart". On the 92 tour, Joe Walsh had new
material, Lofgrin again did recent stuff, and Dave Edmuunds and Todd
Rundgren performed material that is more contemporary than anything offered
by the newer All-Starrs. There was even room in the set for Tim Capello's
"Wiggle". So I have included quite a few suggestions for musicians who are
more a part of the current, or at least recent, music scene. Mind you, I'm
*not* suggesting that the whole band be this way. I envision one or two of
the more contemporary people alongside a few of the older veterans.
I'm assuming the format of two or three songs per member continues. I'd
also like to see a rotating spontaneous spot, as on the 92 tour, but I
haven't accounted for that in my song listings. I've also tried to be very
realistic about who would be available for the tour!


Stephen Stills. A frequent collaborator with Ringo, having worked with him
on Stop And Smell The Roses and even written songs with him for Doris
Troy's album (see below), while Ringo has occasionally played on his
albums. A skilled guitarist with plenty of classics in his repertoire. With
CSN currently inactive, he would seem to be available. Probable songs:
"Love The One You're With", "For What It's Worth", either "Woodstock" or
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes".

Jeff Hanna. The leader of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jeff's country
leanings dovetail nicely with Ringo's. The successful Will the Circle be
Unbroken albums demonstrate his ability to work with a variety of
musicians. Could throw in the occasional harmonica solo. Probably songs:
"Mr. Bojangles", "(Voila) An American Dream", possibly "House At Pooh

Eric Carmen. As lead singer of The Raspberries, Eric made some of the
finest examples of Beatlesque pop in the 70s; that group is often mentioned
in the same breath with Big Star and Badfinger. He's had a good deal of
solo success as well. One drawback is that fans will inevitably be
disappointed by the songs he doesn't do if he does only three. I think he
can double on piano, but I'm not certain. Probable songs: "Go All The Way",
"All By Myself", "Make Me Lose Control".

Carl Perkins. A great hero of Ringo's (and the other Beatles'), Carl meshed
well with Ringo on the "Rockabilly Session" TV special a decade ago. Would
add a great dose of spirit to the proceedings. A big question mark would be
his ability to play the more contemporary material well, although he'd
certainly fit well into much of Ringo's repertoire. Probable songs: Duets
with Ringo on "Honey Don't" and/or "Matchbox", "Blue Suede Shoes", possibly
"Boppin' The Blues" or "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby".

Susanna Hoffs. A die-hard Beatlefan, it's hard to imagine she would turn
down a chance to tour with Ringo, especially since she's failed to produce
a follow-up to her commercially disappointing solo debut from 1991, When
You're A Boy. Would bring a bunch of big hits from her Bangles days. Would
add some nice background vocals, but her instrumental skills are limited.
This may not be a big factor if there are two other guitarists. Probable
songs: "Eternal Flame", "Manic Monday", either "Hazy Shade Of Winter" or
"In Your Room". Ringo might insist on "Walk Like An Egyptian" because it
hit number one; perhaps other All-Starrs could take the first two verses?

Aimee Mann. A compelling songwriter, the leader of 'Til Tuesday proved her
versatility when she joined the very Beatlesque band Squeeze for a recent
tour. Her availability would probably depend on the success or lack thereof
of her next album, which has been severely delayed due to the folding of
her record company. Probably songs: "Voices Carry", any one of "That's Just
What You Are", "(Believed You Were) Lucky" or "What About Love", possibly a
new single (remember, All-Starrs were doing current records on the 89 and
92 tours!).

Brian Setzer. The leader of The Stray Cats shares a love of rockabilly with
our boy Richie. His solo material has had little commercial success but
does show that he has the chops to play on any All-Starr's material.
Probable songs: "Rock This Town", "Stray Cat Strut", possibly a new single
or an old rockabilly cover.

Peter Frampton. Has worked with Ringo on a number of occasions. Has a
number of big hits to play. I am concerned that he might take the band in a
bit of a hard-rock direction, but he's had more success with lighter fare
than, say, Mark Farner. Can switch to keyboards. Probable songs: "Show Me
The Way", "Baby I Love Your Way", any one of "I'm In You", "Signed, Sealed,
Delivered (I'm Yours)" or "I Can't Stand It No More".


As Ringo noted in a recent interview with RMB regular Allan Kozinn,
"There's lots of great bass players, but not many players who have
numbers." So the choices are less extensive than with guitarists or
keyboardists, but here goes.

Nick Lowe. Lowe was originally announced as the bass player for this year's
tour, and he's such a perfect fit for Ringo that it's a crying shame it
didn't come to pass. Accomplished as both a frontman and in a backup role,
Nick has a great knack for Beatlesque pop and a country background as well.
His band Brinsley Schwartz once toured with Wings. Would add a tremendous
amout to the show. Probable songs: "Cruel To Be Kind", "I Knew The Bride
(When She Used To Rock And Roll", possibly "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace
Love and Understanding" or "So It Goes".

Randy Meisner. As mentioned in my last post, may have been planned for this
year's tour at one point as well. Also as mentioned, it would be great to
have him replace Timothy B. Schmidt instead of the other way around. His
country-rock background fits in perfectly. While he had one big lead vocal
as an Eagle, his Poco and solo material is largely forgotten today.
Probable songs: "Take It To The Limit", any one of these solo tunes: "Deep
Inside My Heart", "Hearts On Fire", "Never Been In Love" (each a Top Thirty
hit) or "Bad Man" (featured on the "FM" soundtrack).

Jermaine Jackson. Certainly "has numbers", and he is also a fine background
vocalist. Not a reknowned musician, but certainly capable. The big question
is how Ringo's audience would react to him, in light of the hostility
toward his brother that seems to show up so often in Beatledom. Probable
songs: Any two or three of "Daddy's Home", "Let's Get Serious", "Dynamite",
"Do What You Do" and, if there's someone who can duet with him well, "Tell
Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)". Maybe one of the Jackson 5ive
tunes on which he sang part as well (such as "I'll Be There").


Howard Jones. A very talented player, Jones had a string of hits in the
80s, but the well has run dry (commercially) in recent years. Although his
music is usually synth-based, he did an acoustic tour a couple years back
that went well and he should be able to fit his material into the band
setting effectively. Probable songs: "No One Is To Blame", "Things Can Only
Get Better", "Everlasting Love" or "New Song".

Doris Troy. Best known for her one big hit in the early 60s, Troy signed to
Apple in 1970 and released a brilliant album where she collaborated with
Ringo, George Harrison, Billy Preston, Frampton, and Stills. Has since been
active with her show "Mama, I Want To Sing". Not a lot of well-known
material, but a great voice and proven chemistry with Ringo and some of his
potential bandmates. Probable songs: "Just One Look", "Ain't That Cute" (or
possibly "Gonna Get My Baby Back", co-written by Ringo).

Leon Russell. Yet another veteran of Doris Troy's Apple album, Russell was
also at the Concert For Bangla Desh with Ringo. Can play several
instruments. Has a huge track record playing with a wide range of artists.
Probable songs: "Tight Rope", possibly "Lady Blue", any of "This
Masquerade", "Superstar", or "Delta Lady" (all of which he wrote, but which
are better known by other singers).

Billy Swan. His 1974 #1 pop/country hit "I Can Help" is as Ringoesque as
any record I've heard; Ringo even recorded his own version during his
still-unheard Memphis sessions around 1986. Can also play guitar. Worked
with Meisner in the band Black Tie. Probable songs: "I Can Help", "Lover
Please" (which he wrote for Clyde McPhatter).

Joe Jackson. Ambitious, original songwriter had some big hits in from 1979-
1984, but has had little success lately. Doesn't seem like the type to do
this kind of tour, but neither did Todd Rundgren. Probable songs: "Is She
Really Going Out With Him?" "Steppin' Out", possibly "Breaking Us In Two".

Clarence "Frogman" Henry. I have no idea what Henry is up to these days;
I'm not even certain he's alive. Assuming he's available, though, it would
be great to bring him back to the stage. Ringo has always had an affinity
for the music of New Orleans. Can play trombone on the horn-oriented songs.
Probable songs: "I Ain't Got No Home", "But I Do".


Again, it can be hard to find ones who also sing.

Jr. Walker. This Motown star has been touring with a Motown-legends show
this summer, which is no more prestigious than this. Sang numerous hits in
his heydey, and has played on more contemporary materal (e.g. "Urgent" by
Foreigner) as well. Plus, I love the idea of the leader of the All-Stars
joining the All-Starrs. Why hasn't anyone thought of this? Probable songs:
"Shotgun", "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)", possibly "(I'm A) Road
Runner" (if Frampton is in the band, they could do it together).

Curtis Stigers. If his current album is not a hit, his career options may
be limited. Right now, he's a one-hit wonder, but that's one more hit than
many sax players have. Probable songs: "I Wonder Why", possibly "Sleeping
With The Lights On". Could duet with Lowe on "Peace Love and Understanding"
(which Stigers recorded for the megaselling soundtrack to The Bodyguard).

Mark Lindsay. Singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders. Sang on numerous
hits, to the point where he may be better off hitting the oldies curcuit on
his own. Probable songs: Any three of "Arizona", "Indian Reservation",
"Kicks", "Hungry", "Good Thing".

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Bryan D. Woolley

Aug 1, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/1/95
to (Brett Pasternack) writes:
uh, he wrote about his choices for Ringo's next tour
but I erased them...oops!

Brett- both were great articles. I too would've had a
hard time with the Discover guy on stage. Kinda like
the guys at the mall "excuse me, would you like a free
gift for signing a Discover application?" yuk!

Your second post hasd some inspired choices.

Suzanna Hoffs! would be GREAT in Ringo's band! I'd go
see that in a second! I'm in a cover band that does
"In Your Room" and that's a great live song.

Some others that I would choose:

(Doug?) Fieger from the Knack. Major Beatle fan and
great songwriter. He could of course do "My Sharona"
"Good Girls Don't" and others too.

Jeff (let me take the soul out of your music) Lynne-
I like his production of Ringo and the Wilbury's Btw.
He's got MANY songs that he could do.

Paul Carrack- great keyboard player, has a few minor
hits including, "live By The Groove", "tempted" (song
done with squeeze) and "One Good Reason"

The singer from Mr. Mister- They could do "Kerye"
take these broken wings, etc.
he's also a bassist I believe.

Pete Cetera- Great singer, could do some of his old
Chicago hits. (25 or 6 to 4, etc.) If he wants to do solo stuff, don't let
him on the tour bus!

Why not Denny Laine?

no email please

Bill Joyce

Aug 5, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/5/95
I, for one, am looking forward to seeing ringo play with John
Entwistle and other rockers. I've seen both of his previous
tours and liked them both.

I think it would be good for Ringo to play with musicians with a
little harder edge. The former beatles have all gone through
valleys playing with "safe", uninspired players. What made John
and Paul such a great team is that they kicked each other in the

Bill Joyce


Aug 7, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/7/95
I thought it was great on this new tour that Ringo played with the most
hard rocking band yet.
I really thought that the energy level from the band was much higher.
John Entwistle rocked. I mean come on. This was a great band that
The most important thing was that Ringo's presence was felt at the show.
He was like the ringmaster.

True, maybe he didn't do a lot of songs this time, and maybe he should
have done some different ones. Maybe! Just overall I thought the energy
level was higher than previous tours. It seemed to me the old people were
sitting down for most of the show and the younger kids were actually
getting up and into it, which is cool.

Ya know, what I'd really like to see now, is Ringo do an action movie.
Maybe wearing that biker jacket and kicking a bunch of bad guys' asses in.

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