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Bill Gamelson

Sep 28, 2009, 3:45:56 PM9/28/09
There exists a man by the name of Rick Kepple. This person has constructed a
fairly well written document focued on an "investigation" of me. It is
titled "Investigative Report," and is being circulated by Mr. Kepple to
various people and orginizations including the FBI and the Secret Service.
It contains mostly outright lies and some half-truths. This message is in
response to this document.

I have never threatened the life of President Obama or Stevie Nicks, either
directly or indirectly.

I have never claimed to "know the law and can't be caught."

I am not a master in mental manipulation .

I am not a long distance marksman with a rifle and I have never been in the

I am not nor was I ever in the Maricopa County Arizona posse formed by
Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

I am not nor was I ever linked with any pro-life extremist group anywhere..

I have never stalked Stevie Nicks, nor have I ever personally been to her

I have no friends nor have I ever had any friends in any pro-life terrorist

I have never been married.

I have never fathered any children.

I have never portrayed Stevie Nicks anywhere or anytime.

I was never kicked out of a concert. I have never used press credentials to
try to gain entry into any concert anywhere.

I am not obsessed with death.

The posting by me regarding killing myself in front of Stevie was a
sarcastic response to a sarcastic statement. There was no seriousness in

The "smalll war" comment was a "machoistic" response and was not intended to
be directed at anyone in particular. That conversation in question had
nothing to do with Stevie or Fleetwood Mac or anyone for that matter.

I do not nor have I ever intended to conceal a gun through an X-Ray machine

I do not nor have I ever intended, desired or contemplated killing Stevie
Nicks or any President..

I have never issued a death threat to any Pro-Abortion group nor do I have
any conspirators who have done the same.

Messages which are portrayed as being posted by "friends and fellow rascists
of Bill Gamelson" are not my friends nor do I even know who they are.

It is clear that Rick Kepple has some serious mental issues and seems to be
obsessed with "bringing me down."

At this point in time, I have enough clear hard evidence to sue the
daylights out of him for slander/libel, however I believe he lives on social
security, probably lives month to month therefore he would be
"judgement-proof." I would be literally throwing my money away. Therefore
the best I can do at this point is to get the truth out.

Rick Kepple posts on a blog on the Arizona Republic even though he is from
Missouri. He has claimed to have had a relationship with Stevie Nicks and
also claims to communicate with her via letters and phone calls from time to
time. This suggests he may suffer from schizophrenia.

I suggest you simply ignore him. Until he decides to seek help for his
mental and emotional issues, there is nothing anyone can do.

Mr. Kepple has worked rather hard on this fairly well-written document. I
understand he used to work as a columnist for a local newspaper and that
would explain his writing skills. However, after a 90 minute interview by
the Secret Service and a thirty minute interview by the Mesa AZ Police
Department, I'm still here. I did not go to jail as Mr. Kepple would very
much enjoy, and no charges were ever brought against me. I never even felt
the need to invoke my Fifth Ammendment Right. I answered all their questions
in detail. I still have my concealed weapons permit and can still buy a gun
anytime anywhere. I have also not had travel restrictions imposed on me as
Mr. Kepple almost begged for in his report.

So, Mr. Kepple, this "Investigative Report" seems to have backfired on you.
I'll bet you spent long hours doing Google searches trying to come up with
something but coming up empty-handed. You might have beter luck continuing
to harass Liz Rosenburg with your phone calls tryng to contact Ms. Nicks.
Maybe someday you'll actually convince her you used to date her.

Have a nice day.

Bill Gamelson

Oct 17, 2009, 1:59:29 PM10/17/09

Mr Kepple has now posted a message on his blog on the Arizona Republic (he
lives in Missouri) admitting he was " usually heavily medicated on
painkillers while investigating and writing the report.."

In this message, he also claims to have had a mutual relationship with Ms.
Nicks, saying the she helped him once and he is repaying a debt for her
words that got him into a business into the field of journalism.

He furthermore claims that this report was an "official" report he made at
the request of the U.S. Government. Can you even begin to imagine this?
The U.S. Government with all the information they have at their fingertips
is going to ask for assistance from a retired disabled journalist who lives
in a wooden shack in the backwoods of Missouri.

Following is a link to Mr. Kepple's blog. I invite everyone who reads this
message to check out all his messages. They usually make very little sense
and his words shows how sick and twisted this man is.

May God protect Stevphanie Lynn Nicks.


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