Flaming: Defined.

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Dec 26, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/26/96

"Flaming" is anything said (Or printed) in anger, or to hurt
someone. A difference in opinion can be called "Trolling". I guess if you
post your opinion and someone disagrees, they are entitled to that
opinion. Just don't get mad over that opinion. Satan likes it when we
attack our own brothers and sisters. (It keeps us off his back, where we
should be.) If you think an opinion is wrong, pray about it.

But there are two sides to every story. How someone responds can
be flaming. If someone said they love lima-beans on rye and someone else
said that the person was a "raving fool" or a "Black stain on their
family" because they like lima-beans on rye; that would start an
argument. We should always try to be clear in our response, so that no
one take us wrong. We should always check our wording. And refrain from
tossing mud. I made those mistakes a lot of times. ; )

To prevent flaming, I guess we should all read through a post
before we send it. Then decide if it's worth arguing over. I've started
thinking more before I send something. We should all do that. It also
helps to calm down before we even write something out. The RSJ web site
said that there are over 2000 people signed onto the news group, so I
guess they all would like to see us stop trashing each other. If we
believe we can stop arguing and just stop, the "No-Flame" Zone will work.
After all, the best way to stop an argument is to NOT respond.

Am I clear??,
PAWPAW the firedog ; )
(Philip Wesley)
{I wanna be a Disney dalmatian!}

P.S. ALWAYS read something twice!!


We must follow The Highest Name,
Make the world see our only aim,
Dare to show we are not the same,
Put down the hard feelings and refuse to flame.
(It's a slogan!)

BTW, "NoElmoHere" can be defined as "Noel mo' here" (Just thought that
was interesting.) ; )

"If we could change the world, would it be a better place?"

"We have dogs, snails, ducks and muppets here." "Anybody building that
Ark yet?"

"Never mud-wrestle with a pig." "You'll both get dirty, but the pig will
enjoy it!" -Abraham Lincoln- (Or was it Thomas Jefferson?) (Maybe it was
Richard Nixon?) (Anyhoo, SOMEONE said it.)


Jan 2, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/2/97
to awwe...@juno.com

awwe...@juno.com wrote:
> "Flaming" is anything said (Or printed) in anger, or to hurt
> someone. A difference in opinion can be called "Trolling".

I always thought trolling was a post that's purpose was to start trouble, such as a
person who posts a message that "all Christians should be killed" in a Christian
oriented newsgroup.

A difference of opinion is every day posting, usually. The term "disagreement" or
"debate" applies to those.

At least that's my opinion. (not a troll).


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