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Kade Hansson

Apr 8, 2001, 8:09:32 PM4/8/01
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The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions
Issue #039 (9th April 2001)- The Welcome To Virgin Edition

The maintenance of this FAQ is a non-profit project of Kasoft Typesetting, a
division of Kasoft Software, Australia. The editor and author, Kade "Archer"
Hansson, can be reached by e-mail at
Corrections, additions and all forms of feedback are encouraged.

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The hypertext version of this FAQ includes local links to full lyrics and
cover thumbnails, as well as selected articles and photographs.

New readers should read the general section first, and then to browse through
the music, movie, personal information and miscellaneous sections. People
with a strong interest in Mariah Carey may like to browse the fan section, to
find out about fan clubs and collectables. Regular computer users may also be
interested in the technical section.

At the end of the FAQ I give a selected bibliography. I also list some
articles about Mariah and interviews she has done.

See question G3 for recent developments, including updates on Mariah's move
from Columbia to Virgin and the upcoming movie and soundtrack All That


General questions

G1. Who is Mariah Carey?
G2. What kind of articles are posted on the newsgroup?
G3. What is Mariah's most recent work?
G4. Where can I find lyrics?
Lyric archives
G5. Are there instrumental or karaoke versions of Mariah's songs?
G6. Should I post pictures, songs or sound clips on the newsgroup?
G7. Where else on the Internet, besides the newsgroup, can I discuss Mariah?
G8. Where can I find some other Mariah-focused Internet resources?
Worldwide Web pages
G9. What if my question isn't answered here?

Musical questions

M1. How did Mariah become a recording artist?
M2. What songs has Mariah recorded?
M2a. Finding information about discs and songs
M2b. Discography overview
M2c. Brief album discography
Mariah Carey
MTV Unplugged EP
Music Box
Luther Vandross: Songs
Merry Christmas
Babyface: The Day
Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472
M2d. Brief single discography
Single B sides
Single remixes before Butterfly
Honey single
Butterfly single
Breakdown single
The Roof (UK) single
My All single
My All/ Stay Awhile (US) single
Sweetheart (US) single
When You Believe single
I Still Believe single
Heartbreaker (US) single
Thank God I Found You (US) single
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US) minisingle
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US) maxisingle
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (US) single
Ungrouped single remixes
M2e. Videography index
Video albums
Video singles
Video clips
M2f. Album and single videography
M2g. Clip videography
M2h. Songbook and sheet music bibliography
Sheet music: general
Sheet music: choral
M3. What awards has Mariah won?
Grammy Awards
World Music Awards
Billboard Music Awards
American Music Awards
Soul Train Awards
New York City Music Awards
Australian Record Industry Association Awards
UK Smash Hits Awards
Germany's Bravo magazine
Rockefeller Center Awards
Blockbuster Awards
Lady Of Soul Awards
BMI Awards
M4. What records and precedents has Mariah set?
M5. Does Mariah do rap?
Guest rap artists
M6. What other songs has Mariah written?
Unrecorded/unreleased Spanish songs from Mariah Carey
Unrecorded/unreleased songs predating Mariah Carey
Songs written for Trey Lorenz
Songs written for Allure
Songs written for 7 Mile
Other songs cowritten by Mariah Carey
M7. What songs were on the famous demo tape?
Original Mariah Carey demo tape
M8. What other songs have been produced by Mariah?
Songs coproduced for Allure
Songs coproduced for 7 Mile
M9. Where has Mariah performed concerts?
M10. Which songs have Spanish versions?
Spanish recordings

Movie questions

S1. What can you tell me about Paint Your Wagon?
S2. Which movies has Mariah appeared in?
S3. What's the story with the Honey video?

Personal questions

P1. What is Mariah's family like?
P2. When and where was Mariah born?
P3. How would I pick Mariah in a crowd?
P4. What are Mariah's favourite things?
P5. What was Mariah's first wedding like?
P6. Does Mariah smoke?
P7. Who was Mariah's first husband?

Fan questions

F1. What unofficial fan clubs are there?
F2. How do I join Sony's official Mariah fan club?
F3. Where can I write to Mariah Carey?
F4. What are some Mariah collectables?
Older posters
Previous tour merchandise
Limited release albums
Limited release singles
Special album versions
Computer software
Instrumental albums
Known bootlegs
F5. What are some rare Mariah collectables?
Love And Dream
F6. Where can I get Mariah collectables?
Freelance collectable traders on Internet

Technical questions

T1. What does the Merry Christmas CD Extra offer?
T2. What is the #Mariah_Carey chat channel all about?
T3. Does Mariah have any DVDs?

Miscellaneous questions

X1. When was the newsgroup founded?
X2. What is MCT?
X3. What is The Gospel According To Vision?
X4. What is all this AIWFCIY and AYNAF and DYTOM stuff?
Index of Mariah Carey songs
X5. What was "Crave"?
X6. What is "Camp Mariah"?


G1. Who is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is the biggest selling recording artist of the 1990s and the
biggest selling female artist of all time (despite what you may have heard).
Mariah Carey is unique in having both a breath-taking multi-octave vocal
range as well as an amazing talent for writing and producing highly popular
songs. Since her self-titled debut album was released in 1990, she has sold
over 120 million albums and 20 million singles.

Mariah Carey is often referred to as simply "Mariah", though some may prefer
Ms Carey over such blatant familarity. Also, fans usually capitalize the
personal pronoun "her" when discussing Mariah, viz "Her". MC is also a common
abbreviation. Mariah has no middle name, and her first name is supposedly
derived from the song They Call The Wind Mariah from the movie Paint Your
Wagon (see S1).

Mariah Carey has been married once, to Sony Music Entertainment President,
Tommy Mottola, but that relationship ended in divorce in March 1998 after
four years of marriage and nine months of separation. Her present marital
status is single, but she is romatically linked to Luis Miguel, a latin

Mariah was originally signed to the Columbia music label, now a division of
Sony Music Entertainment, by Tommy back in 1989 (see M1). Under Columbia she
released nine albums (see M2), including one compilation and one EP. Since
last month she is now signed to the Virgin label, a division of EMI Music
Publishing. Her first album with Virgin will be the soundtrack to the
upcoming movie All That Glitters (see S2), allowed under a special
arrangement with Columbia (whose parent co-owns the rights to the movie).

G2. What kind of articles are posted on the newsgroup?

The newsgroup is about Mariah Carey, and that
includes articles about, or at least closely related to, her life and her
music. News bulletins, announcements, questions, opinions, reviews and
discussions all have a place on the group. It is not dedicated to fans alone,
and anyone who is interested in the discussions taking place is encouraged to

As a general rule, articles should not be crossposted to or from other music
groups. The point of having the* hierachy divided into separate
sections is to allow discussions specific topics to take place without
disturbing those who do not have an interest in them. Music is a very broad
topic, and also one where opinions vary greatly and emotions can run high.
Learn to respect others' opinions, and do not force your opinion on others.

People who post deliberately provoking and generally thoughtless articles
should be ignored. If you do feel a reply is necessary, use e-mail in the
first instance. Public follow-ups to such articles should be avoided. In any
instance, do not crosspost replies to any groups other than those to which
the article is directly and indisputably relevant.

G3. What is Mariah's most recent work?

The most recent developments for Mariah have occurred on two fronts:

1. Details about the release of the upcoming movie All That Glitters (read
on) have become public- Mariah has coproduced the soundtrack and stars in the

2. Mariah has left Sony for EMI, and has a $US20 million per album deal with
the Virgin label. This has been rumoured ever since Mariah split with Sony
CEO Tommy Mottola. Various sources cite Mariah being unhappy with promotion
(or lack thereof) at Sony, but the truth is certainly more complicated.

Mariah's most recent studio album is entitled Rainbow. This album is packed
with collaborations with urban and R&B artists, but has a few ballads to
pacify older fans. The work is testimony to Mariah's astounding ability to
adjust herself to the popular styles of the day.

The singles released from the Rainbow album appear to be different in each
part of the world. Heartbreaker, the one which has a worldwide release, had a
record debut week, with sales tying a Beatles record of 271 000 copies sold
in the US. Thank God I Found You was then released to some markets (including
the US), followed by Against All Odds and Can't Take That Away (Mariah's
Theme) (paired with Crybaby in the US), though the order of release depends
on the market.

Mariah appeared in the movie The Bachelor, a film starring Chris O'Donnell
which had wordlwide release around the beginning of 2000. Mariah's next movie
role will be much bigger, as she will appear in the star vehicle All That
Glitters, believed to be ready for an Autumn 2001 release. See question S2.

Mariah's most recent worldwide video album (available on VHS and DVD
worldwide) is Number Ones, containing video clips featuring Mariah's number
one singles.

Current Album: Rainbow (November 1999)
Recent Videos: Around The World (1998)
VH1 Divas Live (1998)
Number Ones (1999)
Previous Tour: Rainbow Tour 2000
(visited Canada, US and Europe in Feb/Mar/Apr 2000)
Recent Singles: The Roof (March 1998, Europe)
My All (May 1998, Australia & US)
My All (Stay Awhile) (June 1998, US)
When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) (November 1998)
Heartbreaker (September 1999, US)
Thank God I Found You (December 1999, US)
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (May 2000, US)
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
(October 2000, Australia)
Other Releases: Merry Christmas (CD Extra interactive disc, 1996)
Valentines (CD limited edition single, 2000)
VH1 Divas Live (DVD, 1998)
Around The World (DVD, 1998)
Number Ones (DVD, 1999)

G4. Where can I find lyrics?

Not on the newsgroup- check the FAQ website (address given below), amongst
others. As the FAQ maintainer, I used to post new and updated lyrics to the
newsgroup as they became available. This was to prevent the newsgroup being
flooded with multiple conflicitng copies of Mariah's lyrics. The lyrics were
cited with a revision number and date, and I encouraged readers to bring
disagreements to my attention.

The result of my efforts are the Mariah Carey lyric archives. The lyric
archives are available as links from this page:

I still encourage people to correct the archives, because lyrics are very
rarely 100% correct. Please note that not all archives are complete, and some
are not yet publically available (those marked at revision 0). This is
because they are very incomplete or I am otherwise unhappy with them.

[Lyric archives]

ARCHIVE Title Current revision
01. Mariah Carey (album) 1 (08 Apr 1996)
02. Emotions (album) 2 (08 Apr 1996)
03. I'll Be There (song) 2 (08 Apr 1996)
04. Music Box (album) 2 (08 Apr 1996)
05. Dreamlover (remixes) 1 (22 Apr 1996)
06. Do You Think Of Me (song) 2 (08 Apr 1996)
07. Heroe (song) 1 (15 Apr 1996)
08. AYNAF (remixes) 1 (22 Apr 1996)
09. Merry Christmas (album) 1 (22 Apr 1996)
10. Joy To The World (remixes) 2 (08 Apr 1996)
11. Fantasy (remixes) 4 (22 Apr 1996)
12. Daydream (album) 2 (15 Apr 1996)
13. El Amor Que Sone (song) 1 (15 Apr 1996)
14. Always Be My Baby (remixes) 2 (03 Jul 1996)
15. Slipping Away (song) 1 (08 Apr 1996)
16. Endless Love 1 (15 Apr 1996)
17. Honey (remixes) 1 (30 Jul 1997)
18. Butterfly (album) 2 (24 Sep 1997)
19. ETICME (song) 2 (24 Sep 1997)
20. Head Over Heels (song) 0 (01 Apr 1998)
21. Butterfly (remixes) 0 (01 Apr 1998)
22. Breakdown (remixes) 0 (07 Apr 1998)
23. My All (remixes) 0 (23 May 1998)
24. Mi Todo (song) 0 (24 Jun 1998)
25. Sweetheart (remixes) 0 (30 Nov 1998)
26. Number Ones (album) 0 (30 Nov 1998)
27. The Roof (remixes) 0 (01 Oct 1999)
28. Heartbreaker (remixes) 0 (01 Oct 1999)
29. Rainbow (album) 0 (01 Oct 1999)

If a song you want isn't available here (and remember that album archives
contain the full lyrics for all songs on international releases of that
album), may I suggest you visit Mihau's Mariah Carey Lyrics Archive at:

G5. Are there instrumental or karaoke versions of Mariah's songs?

There is are a few instrumental or karaoke albums available, but they are not
officially endorsed. See question F4. Additionally, MIDI music files are
readily available on the net (see G8). For the musically inclined, sheet
music is available. Question M2h has a list of songbooks.

Rachid Guernane has indicated that the avid Mariah fan can track down true
instrumental versions (that is the exact same backing tracks Mariah sings to)
of some songs. The instrumental tracks he has been able to find:

Against All Odds
[from the Japanese 5" CD single.]

All I Want For Christmas Is You
[from the Merry Christmas CD Plus, used in the introduction
to the interactive session.]

Endless Love
[from the US/European/Australian 5" CD single & the Japanese
3" CD single.]

My All
[from a rare French compilation.]

Sweetheart/ The Story Instrumental
[from the US promo CD single & the Japanese 5" CD single.]

When You Believe
[from the US CD single.]

DVD (see question T3) would provide the ideal format for delivering such
material. However, to my knowledge, there is no DVD containing karaoke
versions of Mariah's songs. However, Mariah's music DVDs (see question M2f)
do include synchronised lyrics, and many audio receivers allow vocals to be
suppressed. There may also be laserdiscs available with Mariah Carey songs on
them, so check in a laserdisc catalogue.

I myself have a long-standing project to create a karaoke machine based on a
computer and a CD player, but I wouldn't wait for that. If you are
interested, e-mail me and I'll tell you how it's coming along.

G6. Should I post pictures, songs or sound clips on the newsgroup?

This is not a newsgroup designed for binary traffic (such as music, sounds
and images), so you should never post this material. The correct protocol is
to post the binary file to the alt.binaries.* hierachy and then post a
message here notifying the group of its whereabouts.

G7. Where else on the Internet, besides the newsgroup, can I discuss Mariah?

There is an established live chat channel called #Mariah_Carey (also try
#Mariah) on Undernet IRC which is dedicated to the discussion of Mariah and
her music. Look at the IRC newsgroups (such as alt.irc.undernet) to find out
more about Undernet and IRC, and how you can connect. Some further
information is given in question T2.

Also, there are three mailing lists you can subscribe to:

Description Name of list Posting address
Mariah Carey's fan list Vision
Mariah Carey news list Vision News
Mariah Carey marketplace list Goddess-Mariah -

(The Vision list is a superset of Vision News, in the sense that articles
sent to Vision News appear on Vision, but articles sent to vision do not
appear on Vision News.)

You can subscribe to either of the Vision groups by sending a message to with a body containing the line:

subscribe <name-of-list>

To unsubscribe from a Vision group send a message to
with a body containing the line:

unsubscribe <name-of-list>

(Replace <name-of-list> with one of the mailing list names given above.)

To join the marketplace mailing list, send a message to with a body containing the line:

subscribe goddess-mariah

Whenever you send to an automated "majordomo" account, you can leave the
subject line blank. Messages posted to the mailing list you subscribe to will
be sent to your e-mailbox.

G8. Where can I find some other Mariah-focused Internet resources?

There are a great many worldwide web pages dedicated to Mariah Carey, and the
table below gives but a small sampling of these. Of foremost interest is the
Official Sony Mariah Carey page at:

There are many Mariah Carey chat channels. The one which is arguably the most
popular is #Mariah_Carey on undernet. See question T2. Many web pages also
include live chat facilities and message boards.

[Other Worldwide Web pages]

These pages are selected by the FAQ maintainer because they are reasonably
contemporaneous and represent a reasonable cross-section of what is
available. E-mail me if you would like me to review your page for inclusion.
I have had to remove a lot of pages because they are no longer actively
maintained- I would ask that you notify me should that happen to pages listed
here, particularly if you are the maintainer.

ADDRESS (Author) (M Batson/D Leveillee, US) ("mihau", Germany) (E De Ridder, Netherlands) (R Grunwald, Australia) (E Zwiggelaar, Netherlands)

G9. What if my question isn't answered here?

If your question has not been answered by this newsgroup FAQ, please feel
free to ask on the newsgroup. If this fails, feel free to ask me at, and I will endeavour to learn the answer for

If you feel any commonly asked question deserves to be listed in this FAQ,
please contact me. It would be nice if you have an answer too, but not



Kade Hansson

Apr 8, 2001, 8:09:53 PM4/8/01
Archive-name: music/mariah-carey-faq/part4

Posting-Frequency: monthly (third Wednesday)
Last-modified: 2001/04/09
Version: 39

The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions

Issue #039, 9th April 2001


S1. What can you tell me about Paint Your Wagon?

This is a musical motion picture released in 1969, first released on video in
1983 by CIC/Arena. It featured the song that Mariah is supposedly named
after, They Call The Wind Mariah. This was perhaps the most popular song from
the movie, bar Wand'rin Star which was sung by Lee Marvin.

The film was directed by Joshua Logan and starred Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood,
Jean Seberg, Harve Presnell and Ray Walston. It runs for 164 minutes, and is
the "wild west" story of a couple of prospectors who make their way to No
Name City. Rumson (Marvin) meets a travelling Mormon, and buys his wife
(Seberg) at auction for $800. Rumson falls in love with her, but she falls in
love with Pardner (Eastwood).

S2. Which movies has Mariah appeared in?

She had a bit part as an opera singer in The Bachelor, which stars Chris
O'Donnell and screened worldwide. For details, The Bachelor website at http:/
/ should be your first point of call.

For some time now Mariah has also been involved in a project with the title
All That Glitters, supposedly based on a concept developed by Mariah. Mariah
will star and sing in the movie, which has now been filmed. The story is not
meant to be autobiographical, although it may borrow from some aspects of
Mariah's life and rise to fame.

All That Glitters has finished post-production and is expected to be released
shortly. The Internet Movie Database has additional information on this
production at:

Some details have now emerged about the film. Initial reports (now several
years old) on the director and production arrangements were based on old
information. Originally Buena Vista, the distribution arm of the Disney
studio, was associated with the production, which was also linked to German
backers. Promotion of the film indicates that Twentieth Century Fox and
Columbia TriStar (Sony Entertainment) now own the rights and will distribute
the film.

Mariah plays Billie, an up and coming singing sensation, who rises from the
ashes, facing adversity and striving against the odds to make a place for
herself in the cutthroat entertainment business. Sound familiar? Directed by
Vondie Curtis-Hall (writer/director Gridlock'd) and written by Kate Lanier
(writer What's Love Got To Do With It, Set It Off and The Mod Squad), the
production showcases new talent itself in its actors, and also includes
rapper Da Brat in the supporting cast.

Mariah was also cast as the step-daughter of the arch-villan in "Double-0-
Soul". The movie was supposed to be an action comedy starring Chris Tucker.
In the movie, Tucker's character is a bungling secret-agent, suddenly saddled
with the age old task of saving the world after all the top agents are taken
out. An acceptable script for the film failed to surface, so the movie is now
dead in the water.

S3. What's the story with the Honey video clip?

Speculation on a movie role for Mariah began when many fans observed that the
video for Honey is like a mini-movie, and does place Mariah in an acting role
of sorts. This is much apart from her other videos, just as her intention to
move into making movies is unexpected. As recently as two years ago she
laughed in disbelief at the very idea.

Interestingly, the Honey video has more in common with a James Bond story
than simply the broad brush strokes of plot and subtle nuances of extravagant
costumes and tongue-in-cheek acting. The bikini costume which Mariah wears is
almost identical to that worn by Ursula Andress' character, Honey Ryder, in
the first ever James Bond film, Dr No (1962).


P1. What is Mariah's family like?

Mariah was born of a multicultural parentage, with a European descended
mother (Patricia) and a father (Alfred Roy) of mixed South American and
African-American parentage. Alison and Morgan are Mariah's only siblings, and
are significantly older- by ten years.

Alison is the most outspoken of the two, frequently speaking negatively about
Mariah to the gossip press, and perpetually threatening to write a "tell-all"
biography. Alison turned to drug use and prostitution in her teenage years.
Mariah dedicated her debut album to her, but these days the two are bitter
enemies, largely due to a custody battle over Alison's offspring where Mariah
took her mother's side.

Morgan suffered from serious symptoms of cerebral palsy and epilepsy in his
youth, but is now part of the recording industry, CEO of Big Kid Records
( Morgan is currently single, and has no children.
He was briefly married to actress Jeannie Millar in August 1996, but the rest
of the family never met her.

P2. When and where was Mariah born?

Mariah was the third and final child born to Patricia, an Irish-American
mezzo soprano opera singer, and Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer of
mixed Venezuelan and African-American descent. She was born on Friday March
27th 1970 in New York. She was raised on Long Island, New York.

P3. How would I pick Mariah in a crowd?

Mariah used to be most commonly recognisable for her shoulder to elbow length
slightly reddish brown curly hair. But given the number of changes in the
last few years, the trademark look is now a thing of the past.

Mariah's hair was darker and straighter than her natural red/brown during
part of 1994 (see the Fantasy and Daydream covers), and in interviews and
video clips after the release of Daydream, her hair appeared much lighter,
although was once again curly.

Often Mariah appears to be almost completely blonde, and her hair is now most
often straight. But this changes, so don't take it as gospel. In summary, I
certainly wouldn't envy anyone who tried to pick out Mariah in a crowd based
on her hairstyle. Better to look for her now well-established trademark- dark

Mariah has brown eyes, stands 175 cm tall (5'9") and weighs approximately 55
kg (120 lbs). She is tall and lean, and has tanned skin, partially natural
due to her parentage. Her dress size was once reported by Cosmopolitan
magazine in the US as European 10 (US 6).

P4. What are Mariah's favourite things?

Mariah's favourite colour is pink, though she likes to wear black. Mariah
enjoys having fun outside, especially at the beach or at an amusment park-
but anywhere really. She also likes swimming, water-skiing and horseriding,
but appears to exclude competitive sports from her recreational activities.
For thrills she likes to try rollercoasters.

Mariah likes pets, has always liked pets, and will probably continue liking
pets for the foreseeable future. Her oldest animals, mentioned in many early
interviews, were Princess and Duke, a pair of dobermans, Ginger, a Yorkshire
terrier, and Ninja and Tompkins, a pair of cats. Mariah no longer has these
pets- Ninja and Tompkins have passed away. Jack, a Jack Russell terrier which
appears in many videos (Honey for one), is still with Mariah. Jack travels
with her where possible, and often has to be rescued from hotel pools by
Mariah's bodyguards.

Over the years, Mariah has had other pets as well, including two other cats,
Clarence & Puffy, and another dog Tommy gave her as a gift a number of years
ago. In Japan last year she added two further small dogs, Bing and Bong. She
picks up pets almost everywhere she goes, and it is very hard to keep track
of all of them. Her pets live with her in her Manhattan apartment, though
some, such as Bing and Bong, have been entrusted to the care of friends.

Mariah likes listening to rap and other contemporary music styles. Covers of
Without You, Open Arms and the reworking of Genius Of Love into Fantasy
demonstrate Mariah's strong sentimental attachment to songs of the late '70s
and early to mid '80s. (This period formed the musical backdrop to her
teenage years.)

Mariah was inspired to her original style of singing by listening to Alison's
collection of soul, jazz and gospel. But lately she has been showing a
leaning towards a more urban sound.

When curling up to watch a movie, Mariah prefers comedy and horror. However,
her choice of favourite actors- Marilyn Monroe and James Dean- might also
indicate a soft spot for movies made during Hollywood's golden years. For a
TV dinner, Mariah is likely to choose pasta, or perhaps salad. She used to be
a vegetarian, but lapsed when she married Tommy.

P5. What was Mariah's first wedding like?

Her first wedding, to Tommy Mottola (see P7), was a bit like a Royal wedding,
as Mariah modelled it on the wedding of their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles
and Princess Diana. Her excuse for using this wedding as a basis for her own
was that she never really had much interest in weddings as a girl, and she
wanted to know what such a gala affair should be like. Even the tiara she
wore, a family heirloom, was redesigned to look like the Princess's. Her
wedding dress was an ivory-silk duchess satin gown designed by Vera Wang,
with a 8.25 m (27') train and matching satin pumps. The whole affair cost
almost $US0.5M, not including the 1893 sixpence Mariah put in one of her
shoes for luck.

There has not yet been a second wedding, but Mariah is romantically linked
with latin singer Luis Miguel.

P6. Does Mariah smoke?

Most people assume not, and that assumption is true. However, a more
pertinent question is "Has she ever smoked?" This is a question that appears
only have ever been asked of Mariah by the public, and the answer is yes.

Mariah smoked during her teenage years, until the age of 18 when she gave up
in one day. Legend has it (and it is probably as good as any other
explanation) that just before she quit, Mariah lost her voice and promised
God she wouldn't smoke if she got it back. She did, so she doesn't.

P7. Who was Mariah's first husband?

Thomas D Mottola Jr was married to Mariah in June 1993. Tommy, as he is
known, has risen from being a so-so talent manager to CEO of one of the
biggest and most dominant entertainment corporations in the world, Sony
Entertainment. Born into a warm Italian family, Tommy carries the stigma
attached to his father's alleged connection with the mob. A hazard of sharing
his name, though marrying the daughter of an alleged mobster in 1971
certainly didn't help.

Along his rise to the top, Tommy has been a guitarist in a rock band, drag
raced, acted in four films under the stage name Tommy Valentine and even
tried his hand as a solo vocalist. Jack of all trades, master at none, Tommy
admits he was never a showman. But when he signed up Hall and Oates to Epic
records in the early 70s, his ascent to prominence was assured, perhaps more
through slick contracts than actual foresight.

Tommy even has had songs written about him. One is called Cherchez La Femme,
originally recorded by Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. It was rerecorded
in 1994 by Epic Records' Gloria Estefan on her covers album Hold Me, Thrill
Me, Kiss Me. About singing of her boss, Gloria says in the credits, "I got a
real kick out of singing this one... I loved singing [Tommy's] name [on the
song]... Thankyou [Tommy]... My love to Mariah!" Tommy was also recently the
subject of a Vanity Fair article called "Tommy Boy" [Vanity Fair 97].

The divorce of Mariah and Tommy was finalized in March 1998 after a nine
month trial separation. Mariah has not remarried.


F1. What unofficial fan clubs are there?

The following are web pages with information on currently active fan

Brazil Mariah Forever Fan Club [free]

Dutch Mariah Carey Association [F1 30,-- (Dutch guilders)]

Mariah Carey Fan Organization [$US20-25]

The South African Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

The following are the web pages of fan organizations which no longer appear
to be active:

The Fly Away Fan Club (Brazil) [unknown]

The Italian Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

Mariah Carey IRC Fan Web Site [free]

Mariah (Carey) Internet Fan Organization [free]

Singapore Mariah Carey Fan Club [free]

All these fan clubs are unofficial and are not endorsed by Sony Music. I
cannot vouch for the legitimacy or otherwise of these organizations, and
whether they are worth their membership dues.

F2. How do I join Sony's official Mariah fan club?

The official fan club is a commercial enterprise run by Fan Emporium on
behalf of Mariah's management. They can be contacted at

or you can visit their web page at

As of December 1996, it costs $US28.00 to join the fan club (or $22.00 if you
live in the US). Renewal is cheaper at $US24.00 (or $18.00 in the US). Mail
your application or queries to one of the following addresses.

In the US, Europe and Australia (as well as other countries not listed
individually below):

Mariah Carey Fan Club
PO Box 679
Branford CT 06405

In the UK:

Mariah Carey Fan Club
C/- Fan Emporium, Inc.
37 Store Street
London WC1 E7BS

In France (this address is unconfirmed):

Mariah Carey Fan Club
C/- Columbia
131 Avenue de Wagram
75017 Paris

In Japan:

Mariah Carey Fan Club
Fan Emporium Japan
PO Box 5445
(Tokyo International Post Office
2-33 Otemachi, Chiyodaku)
Tokyo 100-31

In Hong Kong/China:

Mariah Carey Fan Club
C/- Fan Emporium Inc.
PO Box 98467
(Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office)

Members of the club receive:

20 x 25 cm (8" x 10") colour photograph
20 x 25 cm (8" x 10") black and white photograph
Fan club membership card
Exclusive biography
Personal fact sheet on Mariah
Official fan club photo pin
Mariah Carey Information Line
Annual newsletters, updated quarterly for new members
Merchandise offers

(Editor's note: I am not a member of the club, so I cannot offer any advice
as to the quality of service they provide. My own personal thought is that
membership would offer little benefit. Commercial outfits of this kind are
there to make a profit, not to help fans.)

F3. Where do I write to Mariah Carey?

The preferred addresses are those of the Fan Emporium given in the previous
question. All the addresses I list below are fairly old, and I wouldn't rely
on any of them. Anyone with some better ones should contact me.

Mariah may possibly be reachable by mailing her record company, but don't
count on it. The most recent address I have is:

Mariah Carey
C/- Columbia Records
Sony Music Entertainment
550 Madison Ave
New York NY 10022

F4. What are some Mariah collectables?

There are so many, I could never possibly hope to cover them all. Check
auction sites and the occasional announcements on the newsgroup and mailing
lists (particularly the marketplace list, see G7). Don't pay too much for the
items listed here- I save the most expensive items until the next question,

[Older posters]

Daydream black & gold release banner
Daydream album cover square poster
Daydream poster 55 x 100 cm featuring Fantasy cover pose
Fantasy poster (A) featuring mirrored Fantasy cover pose (portrait)
Fantasy poster (B) featuring retouched Fantasy cover pose (landscape)
Daydream cardboard display (approx 1.5 m tall)
Butterfly album cover square poster
Butterfly poster 100 x 70 (landscape)

[Previous tour merchandise]

"Mariah Carey" Butterfly world tour book (32 pages, 35 x 28 cm, full colour)
Butterfly tour T-shirt (black, eyes open; cream, eyes shut)
Butterfly cap
Butterfly crop tops (two designs)
Butterfly key rings

[Limited release albums]

Cinderella Story (Japan; promo)
Music Box- Gold Souvenir Edition (Australia)
Let's Party With Mariah Carey (Japan; rare promo)
Love And Dream (Japan; very rare promo- see question F5)

See also M2b(ii).

[Limited release singles]

Fantasy- Remixes (Australia)
Fantasy- Remixes (UK)
Joy To The World (Australia)
Open Arms (Cream) (Austria)
Open Arms (Blue) (Austria)
Open Arms #1 & #2 (Australia)
Always Be My Baby- Remixes (Australia/UK)
Joy To The World 12" Red Vinyl

[Special album versions]

Music Box (outside US)- featuring Everything Fades Away
Merry Christmas (Australia)- featuring God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

[Computer software]

Dreamlover screensaver
Merry Christmas CD ROM session (see question T1)
Assorted MIDI files *

[Instrumental and Karaoke albums]

The Music Of Mariah Carey (Elap; 16 tracks)
Mariah Carey Sing-A-Long (Volumes 1-5)

[Known bootlegs]

All I Want For Xmas Is You *
Best Ballads *
Camp Mariah *
(similar to Fox special; 16 tracks, including JTTW (live))
Dance Collection *
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend *
(similar to NBC special)
Lovely Night *
(similar to NBC special)
Mariah Carey Live *
(similar to NBC special; Amcos; 10 tracks)
Mariah Carey Live In The USA *
Mariah Carey Greatest Hits Live *
(similar to NBC special; Amcos; 15 tracks)
Out In Japan
(similar to NHK special; 15 tracks, including Just Be Good To Me)
Someday *
Someday Somewhere
(similar to NBC special)
Take Me Away *
(similar to NBC special)
Twelve Inch Collection of Mariah Carey, The *
(TCOMC1001; 13 tracks)
Very Best Of Mariah Carey Live In Concert, The *
(from Aust; 17 tracks; 70:39; also known as Music Box Tour '93,
One Night In LA)
Visions Of Love *
Without You *

* These items may not be licensed, and so artist royalties are in doubt.

F5. What are some rare Mariah collectables?

One of the most highly valued Mariah Carey collectables (according to an
issue of Record Collector magazine) is one of two "greatest hits" promos
released for the Japanese concerts. Love and Dream, of which 200 copies were
produced, is currently valued at $US300. (The other is called Let's Party
With Mariah Carey- see question F4.) The promo issue of the Japanese picture
CD double set Open Arms/ One Sweet Day is an equally treasured rare item.

[Love And Dream (special Japanese tour promo; mixed set)]

SONG Title
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
2/10. One Sweet Day
3. Hero
4. Open Arms
5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
6/14. One Sweet Day (Live Version)
7. Vision Of Love
8. Underneath The Stars
9. Without You
11. Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Radio Mix)
12. Open Arms
13. I'll Be There
15. Joy To The World
16. Fantasy

Sony Brazil recently released a rare CD promo containing remixes of
'Butterfly' by DJ Meme (Marcelo Mansur). Less than 100 copies were produced,
which could indicate this item would be of a high collectable value.

Other very rare items include:

(a) The Spanish 1-track wallet sleeve edition of 'Never Forget You'. Very few
(in the order of 100) of these were produced.

(b) The Australian bonus limited edition CD, supplied with copies of Mariah's
debut album (see M2(i)a for details). The set is very hard to obtain.

(c) The Canadian promo-only CD Unplugged- The Radio Special, which includes
music and an interview. The CD has a picture sleeve and a custom cue sheet.
It's rarity is indicated by the fact that it is currently valued at around

(d) Underneath The Stars promo-only CD. This item is notably hard to get.

(e) Heroe single CD from Spain. Nobody seems to be selling these.

F6. Where can I get Mariah collectables?

[Freelance collectable traders on Internet]

NAME Address Location (Notes)
Ahmed, S & R South Africa (expert)
Allison, Simon United Kingdom
Hansson, Kade Australia (recent releases)
Yeko, Jennifer United States (large stock)

(If you would also like your name to appear here, please contact the FAQ

You could also join the Mariah Carey marketplace mailing list. (See question

In Australia, a company called Just Entertainment has a complete listing of
posters, calendars, autographed photos, T-shirts and cards. If you write to
them, they will send a catalogue if you include a self addressed business-
sized envelope. They do accept overseas orders, but only if payment is made
in Australian dollars and adequate payment for postage and handling is
included. The address is:

Just Entertainment
PO Box 153
Paddington NSW 2021
(Phone [61] 2 9361 6952;
Fax [61] 2 9361 6952)

The above address is taken from Mariah Carey: A Musiclife Tribute [13], and
was current in December 1996. Please submit the addresses of reputable
traders in other countries to the FAQ maintainer.

(Editor's note: I cannot offer any guarantee that any trader listed (apart
from myself) is reliable, and I cannot be held liable for loss or damages
arising as a result of information provided by this or any other question in
this FAQ.)

Kade Hansson

Apr 8, 2001, 8:09:42 PM4/8/01
Archive-name: music/mariah-carey-faq/part3

Posting-Frequency: monthly (third Wednesday)
Last-modified: 2001/04/09
Version: 39

The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions

Issue #039, 9th April 2001



Video albums and singles are only available on VHS videocassette unless
otherwise stated.

(i) [Video albums (5)]

VIDEO Title Year
01. The First Vision 1991
02. MTV Unplugged +3 ++ 1992
03. Mariah Carey (NBC TV Special) 1994
04. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live At MSG (Fox TV Special) 1996
05. Daydream: From New York To Tokyo (Fox TV Special) * 1997
06. VH1 Divas Live (VH1 TV Special) + 1998
07. Around The World ** 1999
08. Number Ones ** 1999

* Available only as a DVD (see question T3).
** Available as DVD or VHS videocassette. 8 available on CD/MD (audio) also.
+ Available as DVD, VHS videocassette or CD/MD (audio).
++ Available as VHS videocassette or CD (audio).

(ii) [Video singles (2)]

VIDEO Title Year
01. Honey (Australia, UPC 664747 5, rated PG) 1997
02. My All & Breakdown (US, 38V78446, rated PG) 1998

(iii) [Video clips (36)]

CLIP Title Directors Year
01. Vision Of Love Bojan Bazelli 1990
02. Love Takes Time Jeb Bien, Wayne Maser 1991
03a. Someday Larry Jordan 1991
03b. Someday (extended) Larry Jordan 1991
04. I Don't Wanna Cry Jeb Bien 1990
05. There's Got To Be A Way 1990
06a. Emotions Jeff Preiss 1991
06b. Emotions (extended) Jeff Preiss 1991
07. Can't Let Go Jim Sonzero 1991
08. Make It Happen Marcus Nispel 1992
09a. I'll Be There (live) Larry Jordan 1992
09b. If It's Over (live) Larry Jordan 1992
10. Dreamlover Diane Martel 1993
11a. Hero Larry Jordan 1993
11b. Hero (version) 1993
12. Without You Larry Jordan 1994
13a. Anytime You Need A Friend D Federici 1994
13b. AYNAF (remix) D Federici 1994
14a. All I Want For Christmas Is You Diane Martel 1994
14b. AIWFCIY (mimed) 1994
15. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) Diane Martel 1994
16a. Joy To The World (live) 1994
16b. Joy To The World (remix) 1996
17a. Fantasy Mariah Carey 1995
17b. Fantasy (rap version) Mariah Carey 1995
18a. One Sweet Day 1995
18b. One Sweet Day (live) 1995
19. Open Arms (live) Larry Jordan 1996
20a. Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey 1996
20b. Always Be My Baby (rap version) Mariah Carey 1996
21. Forever (live) Larry Jordan 1996
22a. Honey Paul Hunter 1997
22b. Honey (rap version) Daniel Pearl 1997
23. Butterfly 1997
24. Breakdown Diane Martel 1998
24a. Breakdown (no rap) Diane Martel 1998
25a. My All Herb Ritts 1998
25b. My All (remix) Herb Ritts 1998
26. The Roof (remix) 1998
27. Sweetheart 1998
28. When You Believe 1998
29. I Still Believe 1998
30a. Heartbreaker 1999
30b. Heartbreaker (remix) 1999
31a. Thank God I Found You 1999
31b. Thank God I Found You (remix) 2000
32. CTTA (Mariah's Theme) 2000
33. Crybaby 2000

1,2,3b,4 appear on video album 1. First Vision
6b,7,8 appear on video album 2. MTV Unplugged +3
10 appears on video album 3. Mariah Carey
13b,18a appear on video album 4. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live at MSG
23,24,25a,26 appear on video album 7. Around The World (DVD)
06a,09a,10,11a,17b,18a,20a,22a,25a,30a appear on video album 8. Number Ones
22a,22b appear on video single 1. Honey
24,25a appear on video single 2. My All & Breakdown


Releases may vary from country to country.

(i) [Video albums]


01. The First Vision Clips: Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time,
I Don't Wanna Cry (edit), Someday (extended);
Live performaces: Vanishing,
Don't Play That Song; Interviews; and a
backstage look at her Saturday Night Live
appearance (27 Oct 1990). VHS only.

02. MTV Unplugged +3 Clips: Can't Let Go, Emotions (extended),
Make It Happen; Live performances from
Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY: Emotions,
If It's Over, Someday, Vision Of Love,
Make It Happen, I'll Be There; Interviews;
behind the scenes footage; and Mariah's home
movies. VHS and CD (audio) only.

03. Mariah Carey Live performances from Proctor's Theatre, NY:
Emotions, Hero, Someday, Without You,
Make It Happen, Dreamlover,
Love Takes Time, Anytime You Need A Friend,
Vision Of Love, I'll Be There; Interviews;
and Mariah's home movies. Clips: Dreamlover.
VHS only. AKA Here Is Mariah Carey.

04. Fantasy: Mariah Live performances at Madison Square Garden, NY:
Carey Live at Madison Fantasy, Make It Happen, Open Arms,
Square Garden Dreamlover, Without You, One Sweet Day,
I'll Be There, Hero, Always Be My Baby,
Forever, Vision Of Love, Bad Boy Fantasy With
ODB. Clips: One Sweet Day, Anytime You Need A
Friend (extended). VHS only.

05. Daydream: From New Live performances from Madison Square Garden,
York To Tokyo NY and Tokyo Dome, Japan. DVD only (see T3). Tracks:

SONG Title (Venue)
01. Fantasy (Tokyo Dome)
02. Fantasy (Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB) (MSG)
03. Make It Happen (MSG/Tokyo Dome)
04. Underneath The Stars (Tokyo Dome)
05. Dreamlover (Tokyo Dome)
06. One Sweet Day (MSG)
07. Forever (Tokyo Dome)
08. Always Be My Baby (Tokyo Dome/MSG)
09. Hero (MSG/Tokyo Dome)
10. Anytime You Need A Friend (Tokyo Dome)

06. VH1 Divas Live Features Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gloria
Estefan, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. VHS, DVD and
CD/MD (audio) available. Tracks featuring Mariah:

CHAPTER/Track Song Title
01. My All- Mariah Carey
02. Make It Happen- Mariah Carey
08. Chain Of Fools- Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey
13. A Natural Woman- The Divas

07. Around The World Live performances from around the world. VHS
and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD.

01. Start
02. Butterfly Intro/Emotions
03. Fantasy
04. Dreamlover
05. My All
06. Japan/New York
07. Conversation
08. I Still Believe
09. I'll Be There- with Trey Lorenz
10. Fun In Australia
11. Hopelessly Devoted To You
- with Olivia Newton-John
12. Number Ones Fan Appreciation Party
13. Whenever You Call- with Brian McKnight
14. Honey
15. Hero
16. Butterfly clip [unindexed]
17. Breakdown clip [unindexed]
- with Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony
18. The Roof clip [unindexed]- with Mobb Deep
19. My All clip [unindexed]

08. Number Ones Video clips and live performances. VHS
and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD.

01. Start
02. Intro
03. Heartbreaker
04. My All
05. Honey
06. Always Be My Baby
07. One Sweet Day
08. Fantasy- with ODB
09. Hero (NBC special)
10. Dreamlover
11. I'll Be There (MTV Unplugged)- with T Lorenz
12. Emotions
13. I Don't Wanna Cry
14. Someday (MTV Unplugged)
15. Love Takes Time (NBC special)
16. Vision Of Love (Fox special)
17. Heartbreaker [unindexed] (remix)
- with Missy Elliot, Da Brat etc.

(ii) [Video singles]

01. Honey Both versions of the Honey video clip.
See M2g below. VHS PAL only.

02. My All & Breakdown Includes the original My All clip and the
Breakdown clip. See M2g. VHS NTSC only.



1. Vision Of Love Set at the bottom of a staircase, on a large window
sill looking out onto flowing clouds. Mariah wears
a black jumpsuit.

2. Love Takes Time Black and white. Set on a beach. Mariah wears a one
piece swimsuit, wrapped in a blanket.

3b. Someday (extended) Set in a school. Mariah wears a wide-neck black top
and blue jeans.

4. I Don't Wanna Cry Sepia. Set in a living room.

6b. Emotions (extended) Sepia brown and blue; black and white. Shots
of Mariah riding in a convertible, with
some dancers, etc.

7. Can't Let Go Black and white. Set on a terrace. Mariah wears her
hair in a beehive.

8. Make It Happen Mariah sings to an audience in a church.

9a/b. IBT/IIO Live performances at Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY.

10. Dreamlover Mariah in a field, swimming in a stream and riding
in a hot air balloon. Letterbox approx. 16:9.

13b. AYNAF (remix) Black and white. Mariah with straight hair. Behind
the scenes shots and out-takes.

14a. AIWFCIY Shots from: Merry Christmas album photo shoot,
Mariah's Christmas home videos.

14b. AIWFCIY (mimed) Mimed sound stage performance (usu. black and
white), Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers
Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers behind;
Mariah wears a Santa type dress.

15. Miss You Most (ACT) Shots from: Mariah's Christmas home videos.

16a. Joy To The World Live performance at St John The Devine, NY;
(live) Arrangement similar to JTTW (Celebration Mix).

16b. Joy To The World Mariah in full length red dress, in the street and
(remix) playing around with friends at the airport.
Arrangement is JTTW (Celebration Mix).

17a. Fantasy Set in an amusement park.

17b. Fantasy (rap Set in an amusement park. Features rap segments by
version) Ol' Dirty Bastard.

18a. One Sweet Day Set in a recording studio.

18b. One Sweet Day Mimed performance for live television broascast.

19. Open Arms Live performance at Madison Square Garden, NY.

20a. Always Be My Baby Mariah on a swing, wearing blue.

20b. Always Be My Baby Black and white. Filmed at the recording studio
(rap version) in Mariah's mansion with Da Brat and Xscape.

21. Forever Live performance at Tokyo Dome, Japan.

22a. Honey A Spanish-speaking Mariah escapes the villans by
jet-ski. Mariah begins in a black dress, strips to
a cream bikini after jumping into a pool, changes
into a wetsuit for the jet-ski sequence etc.
Interleaved are dancing sequences featuring Mariah.
Set in Puerto Rico. Letterbox approx. 2:1.

22b. Honey (rap The same action sequences as the original
version) version, but supplemented with additional scenes
featuring Mase, The Lox and Puffy, including one
where Mariah climbs aboard a helicopter.

23. Butterfly Mariah is in bed, wearing white, looking out to
a horse under a tree outside the window. She decides
to 'fly'. Letterbox approx. 16:9.

24. Breakdown Mariah is in a casino dressed in various guises
as a showgirl. Her costumes: an exceedingly short
black minidress with exposed stockings and
suspenders, and a bowler hat; a tiger-striped dress
with some kind of crown and feather arrangement; and
a full length dress surrounded by a boa.

25a. My All Black and white. Mariah adrift near a light-
house. Dreams of being reunited with the keeper.

26. The Roof Mariah and a friend suck lollipops while some
breakdancers strut their stuff. Interleaved with
shots of Mariah and her boyfriend reclined on a

27. Sweetheart Details unavailable.

28. When You Believe Mariah and Whitney Houston sing on stage over
scenes from the Prince Of Egypt.

29. I Still Believe Mariah sings for the soldiers, a la Marilyn

30a. Heartbreaker Mariah and her friends prey on Mariah's
character's ex-boyfriend. Set in a movie theatre,
the feature showing is an animated representation
of Mariah. Stars ex-Sliders Jerry Connell as
Mariah's ex.

30b. Heartbreaker Black and white. Mariah, Da Brat and Missy
(remix) strut around. Mariah is on rollerblades. Mariah
is also seen washing a car at the "Rainbow Wash".

31a. Thank God I Found Mariah and 98 Degrees sing to an open air
You audience.

31b. Thank God I Found Mariah in a cowgirl hat sings in a club
You (remix) environment. Pillarbox approx. 1:1.

32. CTTA (Mariah's Mariah lying down watching slow-motion
Theme) biographical tributes on TV.

33. Crybaby Mariah raids the kitchen. Letterbox approx.


In chronological order, with compilations last (alphabetical).


SONGBOOK Title Catalogue/ISBN Pages
Mariah Carey 308098 80
Mariah Carey- Easy Piano 110001 48
Emotions 308127 76
MTV's Unplugged 308159 47
Music Box 308214 55
Music Box- EZ Play Today 102305 48
Merry Christmas 306007 55
Daydream 306069 64
Butterfly 306201 80
Number Ones 306264 104
The Best Of Mariah Carey- Easy Guitar 702095 64
The Essential Collection- Mariah Carey 0-7119-4463-6 79

Note: All songbooks published by Hal Leonard Corporation, except those with
ISBNs listed.

[Sheet music: general]

SONG Title Category Publisher (Catalogue)
Always Be My Baby Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351305)

Anytime You Need A Friend

Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (353499)
Endless Love Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351053)
Jazz Ensemble Hal Leonard (7010018)
Hero Easy Piano Hal Leonard (349530)
Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (353231)
Original Warner Brothers (WBVS6306)
Honey Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351662)
I'll Be There Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351387)
I Still Believe Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351956)
Original Warner Brothers (WBPV9905)
My All Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351803)
One Sweet Day Easy Piano Hal Leonard (110054)
Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351246)
Open Arms Original Warner Brothers (WBPV95232)
Vision Of Love Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (355876)
When You Believe Easy Piano Hal Leonard (2500109)

[Sheet music: choral]

SONG Title Publisher
Butterfly Hal Leonard
Forever Hal Leonard
Jesus Born On This Day Hal Leonard
One Sweet Day Hal Leonard

M3. What awards has Mariah been credited with?

(i) [Grammy Awards]

1991 Best Pop Vocal Performance
Best New Artist

(ii) [World Music Awards]

1995 World's Best Selling Recording Artist
World's Best Selling Pop Recording Artist
America's Best Selling Recording Artist
1996 World's Best Selling Female Recording Artist
World's Best Selling Pop Recording Artist
World's Best Selling Female R&B Recording Artist
America's Best Selling Female Recording Artist
1998 World's Best Selling R&B Recording Artist
World's Best Selling Recording Artist Of The 1990's

(iii) [Billboard Music Awards]

1991 Hot 100 Singles Artist
Top Pop Artist
Top Adult Contemprary Artist
Top Album Artist (for Mariah Carey)
Top Pop Album Artist (for Mariah Carey)
Top Pop Single Artist (for Vision Of Love)
Top Pop Female Single Artist (for Vision Of Love)
1992 Top Female Album Artist (for Emotions)
Top Female Single Artist
1994 Female Artist Of The Year
1996 Hot 100 Singles Artist
Hot 100 Airplay (for Always Be My Baby)
Hot Adult Contemporary Artist
Special Award- Chart Performance (for One Sweet Day)
1998 Special Award- Hot 100

(iv) [American Music Awards]

1992 Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist
1993 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist
Top Contemporary Album (for MTV Unplugged EP)
1995 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist
1996 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist
Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist
1998 Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist

(v) [Soul Train Awards]

Mariah has been honoured in the catagories of:

1990 R&B / Urban Contemporary New Artist
R&B / Urban Contemporary Single, Female
(for her debut single Vision Of Love)
R&B / Urban Contemporary Album, Female
(for her debut album Mariah Carey)

(vi) [New York City Music Awards]

1991 Best Female Pop Vocalist

(vii) [Australian Record Industry Association Awards]

1994 Most Popular International Album Of The Year (for Music Box)
Take 40 Australia Best Chart Album Performance (for Music Box)
Most Popular Solo International Female

(viii) [UK Smash Hits Awards]

1994 Best Female Solo Singer
1995 Best Female Solo Singer

(ix) [Germany's Bravo magazine]

1994 Goldener Otto Award for Best Female Artist

(x) [Rockefeller Center Awards]

1994 Award for worldwide Music Box sales of over 20 million
Award for sales of 55 million records worldwide since 1990

(xi) [Blockbuster Awards]

1995 Most Popular Female Artist
1996 Favourite Single (for Fantasy)
Favourite Adult Contemporary Single (for One Sweet Day)
1997 Most Popular Female Artist
1998 Most Popular Female Artist
1999 Most Popular Female Artist

(xii) [Lady Of Soul Awards]

1998 Aretha Franklin Entertainer Award
Entertainer Of The Year

(xiii) [BMI Awards]

1991 Pop Song Of The Year (for Love Takes Time)
1992 Pop Songwriter Of The Year
1993 Million-Air x 3 (for Can't Let Go, Emotions, Make It Happen)
1994 Million-Air x 2 (for Dreamlover, Hero)
1995 Million-Air x 3 (for Anytime You Need A Friend, Dreamlover, Hero)
1996 Million-Air x 1 (for Anytime You Need A Friend)
1997 Million-Air x 4 (for Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Forever,
One Sweet Day)
1998 Million-Air x 1 (for Always Be My Baby)
1999 Pop Songwriter Of The Year (shared)
Million-Air x 3 (for Honey, Butterfly, My All)

M4. What records and precendents has Mariah set?


* On average, one Mariah Carey album is bought every three seconds.
* Mariah has sold over 120 million albums in her first ten years.
(Mariah Carey, Emotions, MTV Unplugged EP, Music Box,
Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Number Ones)
* Music Box has sold over 25 million copies.
* Daydream has sold over 20 million copies.
* Mariah Carey was one of the first artists to release an interactive
CD Extra.

In the US:

* Mariah has spent more weeks at Billboard #1 than any other artist.
(60 weeks)
* Mariah is second only to the Beatles and Elvis Presley in total
number of #1 singles.
* Mariah and Boyz II Men jointly hold the record for most
consecutive weeks at Billboard #1 for a single.
(One Sweet Day)
* She was the first artist in Billboard history to have her first 5
singles reach #1.
(Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday,
I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions)
* 13 of Mariah's 16 solo US singles have gone to #1 on the Billboard
(Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday,
I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions, I'll Be There,
Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby,
Honey, My All, Heartbreaker)
* Mariah has cowritten 13 of her 14 #1 hits
(Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry,
Emotions, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, One Sweet Day,
Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker)
* Mariah has coproduced 10 of her 14 #1 hits
(Emotions, I'll Be There, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, One Sweet Day,
Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker)
* She was only the second artist in Billboard history to debut at #1.
* The was the first artist in history to do it three times, twice
with a solo single.
(Fantasy, Honey)
* She is the only artist to have two Billboard #1 debuts, with
successive singles.
(Fantasy, One Sweet Day)
* She is the only artist to debut in the Billboard airplay charts
top ten twice.
(Fantasy, Honey)
* She holds the most weeks at Billboard #1 for a female artist.
* She holds the most weeks at Billboard #1 for a Sony artist.
* Mariah has had eight consecutive albums go triple platinum.
(Mariah Carey, Emotions, MTV Unplugged EP, Music Box,
Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Number Ones)
* Mariah has 84 RIAA gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications
(includes singles, albums and video albums)
* She holds the record for most number ones by a female songwriter.
(Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday,
I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy,
Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker)

In Australia:

* Music Box has sold over 1.5 million copies. That is one for every
fifteen Australians.
* Fantasy debuted at ARIA #2, and reached #1 in its second week
* During December 1995, Mariah had three simultaneous ARIA top 40
(Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Joy To The World)

In Japan:

* Daydream sold 0.5 million copies in its first week, beating the
previous record by 0.1 million. This was the best performance of
any album in its debut week in any country in the world!
* Number Ones has sold 3.5 million copies in Japan, and is the
best selling foreign album in Japan.

(Editor's note: if you have any statistics or facts to add, perhaps about
your own country, please submit them to me. Note that I cannot include
information for awards unless you have the award title and date.)

M5. Does Mariah do rap?

Yes. Mariah does a rap on the song "Prisoner" from her debut album. All other
raps on Mariah's singles have been performed by guest artists.

[Guest rap artists]

Old Dirty Bastard (ODB) Fantasy (Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB)
Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix)
Fantasy (Puffy's Club Mix)
Da Brat and Jermanine Dupri Always Be My Baby (Mr Dupri Mix)
Always Be My Baby (Mr Dupri Extended Mix)
Honey (So So Def Mix)
Da Brat and Missy Elliot Heartbreaker (Ain't No Fun Remix)
Imperial and The Dreadlocked
Lyricist The Roof (Full Crews Club Mix, one version)
Lil' Vicious Always Be My Baby (Reggae Soul Mix)
Mase and The Lox Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
Mobb Deep The Roof (Mobb Deep Radio Edit)
The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)
The Roof (Full Crew Club Mix, both versions)
Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz My All (Stay Awhile) (So So Def Remix)

M6. What other songs has Mariah written?

(i) [Unrecorded/unreleased Spanish songs from 'Mariah Carey']

SONG (Translation) Write
Algun Dia (Someday) MC, BM
Desaparecer (Vanishing) MC, BM
Desde Arriba (Sent From Up Above) MC, RL
El Amor Toma Tiempo (Love Takes Time) MC, BM
No Quiero Llorar (I Don't Wanna Cry) MC, NW
Me Necesitas (You Need Me) MC, RL
Prisionero (Prisoner) MC, BM
Solo Enamorada (Alone In Love) MC, BM
Todo Esta En Tu Mente (All In Your Mind) MC, BM
Vision De Amor, Una (Vision Of Love) MC, BM

Abbrev Name
MC Mariah Carey
BM Ben Margulies
RL Rhett Lawrence
NW Narada Michael Walden

(ii) [Unrecorded/unreleased songs predating 'Mariah Carey']

SONG Write
Do You Ever Wonder MC, BM
Don't Take The World Away MC, BM
Echoes Of Love MC, BM
Here We Go Round Again MC, BM
Hypnotized MC, BM
I Lose Control MC, NW
Into The Light MC, BM
Let Me Go MC, BM
No Doubt MC, BM
Now You Got My Heart MC, BM
Surrender To Me MC, BM
Unspoken Emotion MC, BM

(iii) [Songs written for 'Trey Lorenz']

SONG Write
Always In Love * MC, LS
Someone To Hold WA, MC, TL

* Background vocalists include Mariah Carey

Abbrev Name
WA Walter Afanasieff
TL Trey Lorenz
LS Lloyd Lorenz Smith

(iv) [Songs written for 'Allure'*]

SONG Write
Head Over Heels MC, NJ, SB, JO, MW, SM
Last Chance MC, MR

* Album vocals were arranged by Mariah Carey

Abbrev Name
NJ N Jones (lyrics)
SB S Barnes
JO JC Oliver
MW M Williams
SM S Moltke
MR Mark C Rooney

(v) [Songs written for '7 Mile']

SONG Write
After MC, MR

Abbrev Name
MR Mark C Rooney

(vi) [Other songs cowritten by Mariah Carey]

SONG Write
Breaking The Chains MC, BS, DR
Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart WA, MC, AG, DH, JS
Can You Hear Me MC, BM

Abbrev Name
AG Alan E Gorrie
BM Barry Mann
DH Daryl F Hall
JS Jeffrey Y Smith
BS Brenda K Starr

M7. What songs were on the famous demo tape? (see also M1)

[Original Mariah Carey demo tape]

Alone In Love (demo version)
Someday (demo version)
All In Your Mind (demo version)
Prisoner (demo version)
Do You Ever Wonder (demo version) (see M6)

M8. What other songs have been produced by Mariah? (see also M1)

[Songs coproduced for 'Allure'*]

SONG Produce/Arrange
All Cried Out MC, WA
Head Over Heels MC, PT
Last Chance MC, MR

* Album vocals were arranged by Mariah Carey

Abbrev Name
WA Walter Afanasieff
MR Mark C Rooney
PT Poke & Tone for Track Masters Entertainment

[Songs coproduced for '7 Mile']

SONG Produce/Arrange
After MC,MR

Abbrev Name
MR Mark C Rooney

M9. Where has Mariah performed concerts?

CITY Dates
Antwerp, Belgium 14 Feb 2000
Atlanta, Georgia (US) 01 Apr 2000
Boston, Massacusetts 13 Apr 2000
Brisbane, Australia 31 Jan 1998
Cologne, Germany 20 Feb 2000
Chicago, Illinois 25 Mar 2000
Frankfurt, Germany 14 Jun 1996
Honolulu, Hawaii 21 Feb 1998
London, United Kingdom 23 Jun 1996, 26 Feb 2000
Los Angeles, California 01 Mar 2000
Madrid, Spain 29 Feb 2000
Melbourne, Australia 13 Feb 1998
Miami, Florida 03 Nov 1993, 29 Mar 2000
Milan, Italy 17 Feb 2000
New York, New York 16 Mar 1992, 10 Dec 1993,
08 Dec 1994, 10 Oct 1995,
11 Apr 2000
Paris, France 20 Jun 1996, 23 Feb 2000
Perth, Australia 10 Feb 1998
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 02 Dec 1993
Rosemont, Illinois 17 Nov 1993
Rotterdam, Netherlands 17 Jun 1996
San Jose, California 21 Mar 2000
Singapore, Singapore 13 Mar 2000
Sydney, Australia 03 Feb 1998, 06 Feb 1998
Tokyo, Japan 07 Mar 1996, 10 Mar 1996,
14 Mar 1996, 11 Jan 1998,
14 Jan 1998, 17 Jan 1998,
20 Jan 1998
Toronto, Canada 18 Apr 2000
Worcester, Massachusetts 09 Nov 1993

M10. Which songs have Spanish versions?

Mariah has recorded Spanish versions of one song from Music Box, Daydream and
Butterfly, in keeping with the native language of her father. These songs
(except Mi Todo, the Spanish version of My All) have appeared on singles and
albums in some countries- refer to the "Mariah Carey Singles Discography"
document [Ahmed] for information (see M2b(iii) to find where to get this).

In addition, each song from the Mariah Carey album has a Spanish version
registered in the BMI music database, however these have not been released,
and recordings may not even exist.

[Spanish recordings]

Hero Heroe
Open Arms El Amor Que Sone
My All Mi Todo

Kade Hansson

Apr 8, 2001, 8:09:58 PM4/8/01
Archive-name: music/mariah-carey-faq/part5

Posting-Frequency: monthly (third Wednesday)
Last-modified: 2001/04/09
Version: 39

The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions

Issue #039, 9th April 2001


T1. What does the Merry Christmas CD Extra offer?

ALBUM Title Published Tracks UPC (Master) Length
Merry Christmas [CDX] Columbia 1995 10 CKR 66891 (DDD) 38:53

CD Extra (formerly called CD Plus) is a standard for multisession CDs
developed by a consortium including Sony and supported by Microsoft. The
Merry Christmas CD Extra disc currently contain two sessions. The main
session is the ten tracks that comprise Merry Christmas (US Version), and
this portion is playable on any standard CD player. This session complies
with the Red Book standard for audio CDs.

The interactive portion is available only on multisession drives. You should
check that your drive is multisession before you decide to invest in a CD
Extra. Most drives produced today are multisession devices.

Assuming that you have a compatible drive, you will also need baseline
hardware from either Apple or an IBM PC compatible running Windows. The
interactive program on the Merry Christmas CD requires a baseline processor
(at least 66MHz or 20MIPS), and a baseline video driver (supporting 800x600
at 256 colours), a reasonable sound system (at least 8 bit, 16 bit desirable)
and at least 8Mb of memory. Systems today should have no trouble meeting
these requirements.

Software to access the CD Extra is supplied on a separate standard Yellow
Book CD ROM, as are instructions to install it and test it. Once you have
installed this software, you can run the interactive program on the CD Extra.
If you have Microsoft Windows, you will need a CD Extra with a Windows
compatible interactive program. If you are using an Apple Macintosh, you will
need a Macintosh compatible CD Extra. On Windows 95, you will not need to use
the supplied driver software, as the operating system will automatically
recognise CD Extra discs.

The interactive program has many elements. Firstly, you have the option to
display the karaoke-style lyrics while playing the CD audio normally. Another
interactive portion allows the user to randomly access a discography of sound
samples from every track of every Mariah album, plus some video clips from
her full-length video releases.

A user-driven interview with Mariah shows a number of prerecorded video
interview clips where she answers questions about her feelings on Christmas
and the making of the album. The interview is set in a living room, and
Mariah is wearing one of her Christmas costumes, playing with the newest of
her dogs.

Two full-length video clips are also included, a mimed black and white
performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You, and a live performance of Joy
To The World. As well, an interactive photo album shows some holiday season
photographs of Mariah with some animation

The CD Extra does not appear to work on Windows NT. I would therefore say it
is unlikely to work on Windows 2000, which is based on the NT kernel. I have
not been able to test it with Windows 98 yet. These are the sort of
compatibility problems one must expect with multimedia releases that include
hard-wired platform-dependent software.

T2. What is the #Mariah_Carey chat channel all about?

I like to imagine the channel as a warm cosy little room in which Mariah
fan's gather together and discuss 'stuff'. Of course, we often talk about
Mariah stuff, but it's hardly a rule. It is not a channel to chat with Mariah
herself, however, and you should be aware that many people impersonate her,
mainly in good fun.

If you have a chat client program for IRC, you will need to point it to a
server computer on a chat network called Undernet. The channel called
#Mariah_Carey is on this network, and can be reached from many servers,

[America and Australia] (Michigan) (California) (Massachusetts) (Canada- works well from Australia) (Australia- usually disconnected from the world)

[Europe] (France- also available from Australia as a last resort) (Netherlands) (United Kingdom)

There is also a Java client for Undernet which can be used from within your
web browser. To get this, and to discover more about Undernet, visit the
Undernet web page at:

To use IRC you choose a unique nickname (that people on IRC will refer to you
by) and connect to the server. Once connected, the IRC server responds to
commands. The command to connect to #Mariah_Carey is:

/join #Mariah_Carey

Simply introduce yourself by typing messages at the keyboard. Usually there
will be someone willing to help you get started with a few commands. But be
careful exactly what commands you type, as some people may try to trick you
into disclosing private information.

The Mariah chat channel of old (1993-1998) was called #Mariah. The
retrospective page is being resurrected (previously it was Sunbelt's work),
so watch this space.

T3. Does Mariah have any DVDs?

[DVDs (Digital Video Discs) are a very high density CD-like medium used for
storing compressed digital video of a very high quality. They will soon
replace VHS as the media of choice for video collectors. DVDs can be region
coded, which means they may not play in players outside their region.]

Yes, Mariah has three DVDs out. Her first, released only in Japan (region 2),
is called Daydream: From New York To Tokyo. The others were released
worldwide during 1999- Around The World and Number Ones- and come in NTSC
(all regions) and PAL (region 2) formats.

Details for DVDs are listed in the album videography (question M2f). The VH1
Divas Live concert is also available on DVD (this too is listed in M2f).

One would expect future video album releases also to be available as DVDs, as
well as a retrospecive publishing of previous video albums as DVDs.

Mariah had a small part in the movie The Bachelor, which is also available on


X1. When was the newsgroup founded?

I personally like to set the date as being Monday 25th December 1995, the day
of the first Mariah Carey Internet Christmas party on IRC. The newsgroup was
created after my Call For Votes document drew 211 "yes" votes to 61 "no"

X2. What is MCT?

Mariah Carey Time (MCT) is New York time, or US Eastern Standard Time (EST),
which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, or UTC). MCT is
traditionally used to arrange Internet chats between Mariah fans.

X3. What is The Gospel According To Vision?

The Gospel is a little joke about how fanatical some Mariah fans can be. It
begins something like this:

"In the beginning, there was the word, and the word was Mariah.
Mariah then proceeded to create God to keep her company."
- Archer 1:1

X4. What is all this AIWFCIY and AYNAF and DYTOM stuff?

These are abbreviations for Mariah's songs, derived from the initial capitals
in the song's title.

[Index of Mariah Carey songs (including abbreviations)]

SONG Title Abbrev Source (Reference)
After 7 Mile (M6(v))
After Tonight AT Rainbow (M2c(xii); 05.)
Against All Odds AAO Rainbow (M2c(xii); 09.)
Algun Dia (Someday) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
All Cried Out ACO Allure (M8)
All In Your Mind AIYM Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 06.)
All I've Ever Wanted AIEW Music Box (M2c(iv); 10.)
All I Want For Christmas Is You AIWFCIY Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 02.)
Alone In Love AIL Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 07.)
Always Be My Baby ABMB Daydream (M2c(vii); 05.)
Always In Love Trey Lorenz (M6(iii))
Anytime You Need A Friend AYNAF Music Box (M2c(iv); 03.)
Babydoll Butterfly (M2c(ix); 07.)
Beautiful Ones, The [T]BO Butterfly (M2c(ix); 11.)
Bliss Rainbow (M2c(xii); 3.)
Breakdown Butterfly (M2c(ix); 06.)
Breaking The Chains BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Butterfly Butterfly (M2c(ix); 02.)
Can You Hear Me BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Can't Let Go CLG Emotions (M2c(ii); 03.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 07.)

Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)

CTTA Rainbow (M2c(xii); 2.)
Close My Eyes CME Butterfly (M2c(ix); 08.)
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
CBPCH Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 04.)
Crybaby CB Rainbow (M2c(xii); 10.)
Daydream Interlude Daydream (M2c(vii); 11.)
Desaparecer (Vanishing) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Desde Arriba (Sent From Up Above) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Did I Do That DIDT Rainbow (M2c(xii); 11.)
Don't Play That Song DPTS First Vision, The (M2f; 01.)
Mariah Carey Aust SE (M2b)
Don't Take The World Away DTTWA BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Do You Ever Wonder DYEW BMI/ASCAP database (M7)
Do You Know DYK Ones (M2c(x); 18.)
Do You Think Of Me DYTOM Dreamlover (M2d(i))
Dreamlover Music Box (M2c(iv); 01.)
Echoes Of Love BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
El Amor Que Sone (Open Arms) EAQS Open Arms (M2c)
El Amor Toma Tiempo (Love Takes Time) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Emotions Emotions (M2c(ii); 01.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 01.)
Endless Love EL Songs (M2c(v); 03.)
Everything Fades Away EFA Hero (M2d(iv); 03.)
Music Box (M2c(iv); 11.)
Every Time I Close My Eyes ETICME The Day (M2c(viii))
Fantasy Daydream (M2c(vii); 01.)
Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) FA Butterfly (M2c(ix); 10.)
Forever Daydream (M2c(vii); 10.)
Fourth Of July FOJ Butterfly (M2c(ix); 05.)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen GRYMG Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 11.)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/ Gloria (In Excelsis Deo)
HTHAS Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 09.)
Head Over Heels HOH Allure (M6(iv))
Heartbreaker HB Rainbow (M2c(xii); 01.)
Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart BMI/ASCAP database (M6(vi))
Here We Go Round Again BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Hero Music Box (M2c(iv); 02.)
Heroe (Hero) Heroe Spain (see M10)
Honey Butterfly (M2c(ix); 01.)
How Much HM Rainbow (M2c(xii); 04.)
Hypnotized BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
I Am Free IAF Daydream (M2c(vii); 06)
I Don't Wanna Cry IDWC Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 03.)
If It's Over IIO Emotions (M2c(ii); 05.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 02.)
I'll Be There IBT MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 06)
I Lose Control BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Into The Light BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
I Still Believe ISB Ones (M2c(x); 17.)
I've Been Thinking About You IBTAY Music Box (M2c(iv); 09.)
Jesus Born On This Day JBOTD Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 07.)
Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child JOWAWC Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 10.)
Just To Hold You Once Again JTHYOA Music Box (M2c(iv); 08.)
Joy To The World JTTW Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 06.)
Last Chance Allure (M6(iv))
Let Me Know LMK See M5
Long Ago Daydream (M2c(vii); 08.)
Looking In Daydream (M2c(vii); 12.)
Love Takes Time LTT Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 11.)
Make It Happen MIH Emotions (M2c(ii); 04.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 05.)
Make You Happy MYH Men In Black soundtrack (T Lorenz)
Melt Away Daydream (M2c(vii); 09.)
Me Necesitas (You Need Me) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Medley (Someday, Prisoner, All In Your Mind)
Vision Of Love UK (M2d(i))

Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

MYMACT Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 05.)
Music Box Music Box (M2c(iv); 04.)
My All MA Butterfly (M2c(ix); 03.)
Never Forget You NFY Music Box (M2c(iv); 06.)
No Doubt BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
No Quiero Llorar (I Don't Wanna Cry) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Now That I Know NTIK Music Box (M2c(iv); 05.)
Now You Got My Heart BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
O Holy Night OHN Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 03.)
One Sweet Day OSD Daydream (M2c(vii); 03.)
Open Arms OA Daydream (M2c(vii); 04.)
Outside Butterfly (M2c(ix); 12.)
Petals Rainbow (M2c(xii); 12.)
Prisoner Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 10.)
Prisionero (Prisoner) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Rainbow (Interlude) RI Rainbow (M2c(xii); 13.)
Roof, The Butterfly (M2c(ix); 01.)
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town SCICTT Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 08.)
Sent From Up Above SFUA Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 09.)
Silent Night Merry Christmas (M2c(vi); 01.)
Slipping Away ABMB US (see [Ahmed])
Open Arms (M2d(x))
So Blessed Emotions (M2c(ii); 07.)
Solo Enamorada (Alone In Love) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Someday Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 04.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 03.)
Someone To Hold Trey Lorenz (M6(iii))
Stay Awhile (My All So So Def Mixes) My All/Stay Awhile (M2b(xvi))
Surrender To Me BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Sweetheart Life In 1472 (M2c(xi))
Ones (M2c(x); 01.)
Thank God I Found You TGIFY Rainbow (M2c(xii); 14.)
There's Got To Be A Way TGTBAW Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 02.)
Till The End Of Time T[T]EOT Emotions (M2c(ii); 09.)
To Be Around You TBAY Emotions (M2c(ii); 08.)

Todo Esta En Tu Mente (All In Your Mind)

BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Underneath The Stars UTS Daydream (M2c(vii); 02.)
Unspoken Emotion BMI/ASCAP database (M6(ii))
Vanishing Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 05.)
Vision Of Love VOL Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 01.)
MTV Unplugged (M2c(iii); 04.)
Vision De Amor, Una (Vision Of Love) BMI/ASCAP database (M6(i))
Vulnerability (Interlude) VI Rainbow (M2c(xii); 08.)
Whenever You Call WYC Butterfly (M2c(ix); 09.)
When I Saw You WISY Daydream (M2c(vii); 07.)
When You Believe Ones (M2c(x); 02.)
Wind, The Emotions (M2c(ii); 10.)
Without You WY Music Box (M2c(iv); 07.)
X-Girlfrield XG[F] Rainbow (M2c(xii); 06.)
You Don't Remember, And [A]YDR Emotions (M2c(ii); 02.)
You Need Me YNM Mariah Carey (M2c(i); 08.)
You're So Cold YSC Emotions (M2c(ii); 06.)

X5. What was "Crave"?

"Crave" was the name of Mariah's personal record label, set up two years ago.
A division of Sony Music Entertaiment, created to support new musical talent,
went through a massive series of changes around 1998. The changes lead Mariah
to be dissatisfied, and shortly after the label's operations were wound up,
with president Rick Basceglia and promotion chief Lisa Wolfe being reassigned
within the Sony Music family, which includes Columbia (to which Mariah
herself was previously signed) and Epic. The lack of support for Crave from
within Sony is probably one of the reasons Mariah's relationship with Sony
faltered and eventually dissolved last month.

Allure were the first artists to see the benefit of the label with their
self-titled debut release of May 1997, which has Mariah attributed with the
vocal arrangements. Their debut single Head Over Heels, written by Mariah,
did well in the charts, and their album and subsequent singles (including All
Cried Out, which featured male vocalists 112) have had similar success.
Allure will appear on the soundtrack of the movie "Woo" with the song Let It
Be, beating Mariah herself to a spot on a soundtrack.

SOAP, a female vocal group from Denmark, had a worldwide release of the
single This Is How We Party and self-titled album. DJ Company, the second
artist to have a release from Crave, had a limited release of their single
Rhythm Of Love in mid-1996. Luricia McNeal had a single released to Europe
and the US under the Crave label: Ain't That Just The Way. Prince Markie Dee
was another act signed to the label.

In 1998, BET's "Planet Groove" program featured Mariah introducing R&B group
7 Mile. The singles Just A Memory and Do Your Thing from their debut album
had moderate success in the US, but the male vocal failed to break into
overseas markets. The song After from 7 Mile's debut album was cowritten and
coproduced by Mariah.

Lil' Rachett, a rap artist now signed to Big Kid Records (see P1), was set to
release his debut album on Crave when it was disbanded. His album gives
producer credit to Mariah alongside her brother Morgan.

See M6 and M8 for information on other tracks Mariah has written and produced
for Crave artists.

X6. What is "Camp Mariah"?

Camp Mariah is a camp for kids from inner city areas so that they may
experience a more positive lifestyle and involve themselves in the Fresh Air
Fund's Career Awareness Programme. Mariah has done benefit concerts and
appeared in advertisements for the charity, donating both time and money. For
information, or to make donations, write to:

The Fresh Air Fund
1040 Avenue Of The Americas
New York NY 10018

The Fresh Air Fund also have a web page at:

("Camp Mariah" is also the name of bootleg of the New York MSG thanksgiving
special. See question F4.)


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(Editor's note: Back issues of The Archer Review and hypertext versions of
many items are now available from the URL of this FAQ- see the introductory


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(Editor's note: I apologise for this section being sparse, but few interviews
reach me down here in Australia. Although I know of others, there is often
insufficient information for a bibliographical entry. As always, I invite my
readers to help.)


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Mariah's Family Crisis
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(Editor's note: This section is woefully out of date. I am working on a more
comprehensive list of articles. This is difficult because I myself don't
collect them, and I therefore have to compile lists based on what others tell
me about their collections. If you would like to help, please e-mail me.)


Special thanks to my friends Sieraaj and Riedwaan Ahmed, Derek Summers, Ken
Sims, Dima Nechitailenko, Nghia Nguyen Dai (no wonder we call him Sunbelt),
Anders Wahlsten, Jens Ingvarsson and Jason So for all their help and support
over the years. I would also like to thank XSX, E-motion, J Manuel Garcia,
Morgan Carey, Melissa Batson, Norman Chu, Asenaca Vaniqi, Keith Cambra,
Martijn Han, Emile Zwiggelaar, Hoa Nguyen and Rachid Guernane. Thanks also go
to authors of the many articles (listed in the selected bibliography) which
were referred to in the construction of this document. As always, much love
and thanks to Mariah.

Kade Hansson

Apr 8, 2001, 8:09:37 PM4/8/01
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Posting-Frequency: monthly (third Wednesday)
Last-modified: 2001/04/09
Version: 39

The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions

Issue #039, 9th April 2001


M1. How did Mariah come to be a recording artist?

At just two-and-a-half years of age, Mariah first demonstrated her vocal
talent by singing part of the Italian opera Rigoletto while her mother was
practising. After Mariah's parents were divorced in 1973, Mariah's mother
began to give her voice lessons, and in 1976 Mariah made her public debut.

During her teenage years, from about age 14, she sang on demo tapes at
various recording studios around Long Island, New York. Mariah began writing
songs with her friend Ben Margulies at about age 16, and in 1986 cut her
first demo with her brother.

After graduating from high school in 1987, and leaving home to persue her
ambitions, Mariah spent some time as a waitress and hat check girl.
Eventually she got the chance to audition as a concert background vocalist
for Brenda K Starr, and that turned out to be the break she needed. While
attending a recording industry party with Starr in 1988, she was introduced
to CBS Music president Tommy Mottola, and the demo cassette she handed him
was her ticket to a recording contract with the label (see M7).

M2. What songs has Mariah recorded?


If you are looking for information on the contents of Mariah's albums, a list
of widely released singles, or information on the content of singles widely
released in the past three years (including those from the albums Butterfly,
Rainbow and Number Ones), then continue below.

If you know the title of the song you are looking for, and want to find what
album (or single) it appears on, refer to the song name index in question X4.
(That question will also help you decipher abbreviations.)

Starting from issue 35, fully detailed track lists will no longer appear for
discs. It was felt that, while this is a useful resource (and is therefore
maintained on the FAQ web site), it did not allow readers to rapidly find
information about particular songs. Over the coming months, this section will
be expanded to include more of the information that was presented in tabular
format in previous issues. At any rate, I think you will agree that
readability is much improved.

If you require fully detailed track lists, or information on singles released
more than three years ago, the original tabular data presented in previous
issues is still being maintained, and can be found (in full) in the Mariah
Carey FAQ Supplementary Discography:

Please note that both the single discography appearing below and the
supplementary version on the FAQ website are not exhaustive. For an
exhaustive document I recommend the Mariah Carey Singles Discography [Ahmed],
which is available by asking the authors nicely at <>.


Mariah Carey's studio albums are (in chronological order):

Mariah Carey (1990)
Emotions (1991)
Music Box (1993)
Merry Christmas (1994)
Daydream (1995)
Butterfly (1997)
Rainbow (1999)

Mariah has released one compilation including new tracks:

Number Ones (1998)

Mariah has one EP:

MTV Unplugged EP (1992)

All of these albums are available on Compact Disc, Compact Cassette and
MiniDisc on Sony Music Entertainment's Columbia Records label (formerly CBS

Mariah has also made some guest appearances on other artists' solo albums:
Luther Vandross's Songs with the duet Endless Love; Babyface's The Day, as a
backing vocalist on single version of the original song Everytime I Close My
Eyes. (She does not feature in the album version.); and Jermaine Dupri's Life
In 1472 as a lead vocalist in Heartbreaker (which also appears on Number

These albums are available on the Epic or Columbia Records labels from Sony
Music Entertainment.

Additionally, in Australia, Mariah's self-titled debut album was issued with
a bonus interview disc at one stage.

In terms of singles, the following have had a wide release:

From Mariah Carey:
Vision Of Love
Love Takes Time (a limited edition was available in the UK)
Someday (which had four remixes on the maxisingle)
I Don't Wanna Cry (including one non-album version)
There's Got To Be A Way (including bonus remixes)
From Emotions:
Emotions (including two remixes)
Can't Let Go (a limited edition was available in the UK)
Make It Happen (which had four remixes on the maxisingle)
From MTV Unplugged EP:
I'll Be There
If It's Over (only released in Japan)
From Music Box:
Dreamlover (which had five remixes on the US maxisingle)
Hero (which had a Spanish version Heroe)
Without You
Never Forget You (US maxisingle had three non-album versions)
Anytime You Need A Friend (two maxisingles in Australia)
From Luther Vandross's Songs:
Endless Love (with one non-album version)
From Merry Christmas:

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Jesus Born On This Day (US only)
Joy To The World (maxisingle released in Australia only)
From Daydream:
Fantasy (two maxisingles in Australia)
One Sweet Day (three remixes plus a Fantasy remix in the US)
Always Be My Baby (two maxisingles in Australia)
Open Arms (two singles in Australia)
Forever (Australia only)
From Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds's The Day:
Every Time I Close My Eyes (three non-album versions)
From Butterfly:
Honey (with four remixes)
Butterfly (outside US, with two dance remixes)
Breakdown (outside US, with bonus remixes)
The Roof (Europe only)
My All (outside US, with three dance remixes)
My All- Stay Awhile (US only, with bonus remixes)
From Number Ones:
Sweetheart- The Story (with four remixes)
When You Believe (with one non-album version)
I Still Believe (outside US, with dance remixes)
From Rainbow:
Heartbreaker (with four remixes)
Thank God I Found You (with two remixes)
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (with three dance remixes)

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

(with one dance remix and one non-album version)

In addition, Mariah has some rare studio-produced tracks which are not on all
versions of albums or singles around the world. These include the so-called
Spanish songs Heroe and El Amor Que Sone (see M10) and the so-called B-sides
Everything Fades Away (on non-US Music Box versions), Do You Think Of Me (on
the Dreamlover minisingle), Slipping Away (on some minisingles) and Do You
Know Where You're Going To (on some non-US Number Ones versions). See M2d(i)
for information.

M2c. BRIEF ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY in chronological order
(Track lists and lengths are for Australian die casts)

(i) [Mariah Carey (debut album; studio set #1)]

1. Vision of Love (3:30)
2. There's Got To Be A Way (4:54)
3. I Don't Wanna Cry (4:49)
4. Someday (4:08)
5. Vanishing (4:11)
6. All In Your Mind (4:46)
7. Alone In Love (4:11)
8. You Need Me (3:52)
9. Sent From Up Above (4:05)
10. Prisoner (4:24)
11. Love Takes Time (3:50)

Total time: 47:02

(ii) [Emotions (follow-up album; studio set #2)]

1. Emotions (4:08)
2. And You Don't Remember (4:27)
3. Can't Let Go (4:28)
4. Make It Happen (5:08)
5. If It's Over (4:38)
6. You're So Cold (5:04)
7. So Blessed (4:13)
8. To Be Around You (4:38)
9. Till The End Of Time (5:35)
10. The Wind (4:42)

Total time: 47:02

(iii) [MTV Unplugged (third album; special live set)]

1. Emotions (3:58)
2. If It's Over (3:48)
3. Someday (3:57)
4. Vision of Love (3:36)
5. Make It Happen (4:09)
6. I'll Be There- featuring Trey Lorenz (4:43)
7. Can't Let Go (4:36)

Total time: 28:48

(iv) [Music Box (fourth album; studio set #3)]

1. Dreamlover (3:53)
2. Hero (4:19)
3. Anytime You Need A Friend (4:26)
4. Music Box (4:58)
5. Now That I Know (4:19)
6. Never Forget You (3:47)
7. Without You (3:36)
8. Just To Hold You Once Again (3:58)
9. I've Been Thinking About You (4:48)
10. All I've Ever Wanted (3:52)
11. Everything Fades Away (5:28)

Total time: 47:27

(v) [Luther Vandross: Songs (first guest appearance)]

1. Endless Love (4:21)

(vi) [Merry Christmas (fifth album; studio set #4)]

1. Silent Night (3:45)
2. All I Want For Christmas Is You (4:05)
3. O Holy Night (4:32)
4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (2:40)
5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) (4:37)
6. Joy To The World (4:24)
7. Jesus Born On This Day (3:47)
8. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (3:29)
9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/ Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) (3:05)
10. Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child (4:29)
11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Total time: 38:53

(vii) [Daydream (sixth album; studio set #5)]

1. Fantasy (4:04)
2. Underneath The Stars (3:32)
3. One Sweet Day- featuring Boyz II Men (4:43)
4. Open Arms (3:30)
5. Always Be My Baby (4:21)
6. I Am Free (3:08)
7. When I Saw You (4:25)
8. Long Ago (4:34)
9. Melt Away (3:42)
10. Forever (4:00)
11. Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) (3:05)
12. Looking In (3:36)

(viii) [Babyface: The Day (second guest appearance)]

1. Every Time I Close My Eyes * (4:56)

* This album version DOES NOT feature Mariah Carey.

(ix) [Butterfly (seventh album; studio set #6)]

1. Honey (5:01)
2. Butterfly (4:36)
3. My All (3:52)
4. The Roof (5:15)
5. Fourth Of July (4:22)
6. Breakdown (4:45)
7. Babydoll (5:07)
8. Close My Eyes (4:22)
9. Whenever You Call (4:22)
10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (3:49)
11. The Beautiful Ones (7:00)
12. Outside (4:48)
13. Honey (So So Def Radio Mix) (3:58)
14. Honey (Def Club Mix) (6:17)

Total time: 67:36

(x) [Number Ones (first greatest hits compilation)]

1. Sweetheart- featuring Jermaine Dupri (4:25)
2. When You Believe- featuring Whitney Houston (4:37)
3. Whenever You Call- featuring Brian McKnight (4:23)
4. My All (4:52)
5. Honey (5:01)
6. Always Be My Baby (4:19)
7. One Sweet Day- featuring Boyz II Men (4:43)
8. Fantasy (Bad Boy With ODB)- featuring ODB (4:54)
9. Hero (4:21)
10. Dreamlover (3:55)
11. I'll Be There- featuring Trey Lorenz (4:25)
12. Emotions (4:11)
13. Someday (4:08)
14. Love Takes Time (3:49)
15. Vision Of Love (3:32)
16. I Still Believe (3:56)
17. Without You (3:36)
18. Do You Know Where You're Going To (3:48)

Total time: 75:55

(xi) [Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472 (third guest appearance)]

5. Sweetheart (4:45)

(xii) [Rainbow (eighth album; studio set #7)]

1. Heartbreaker- featuring Jay-Z (4:46)
2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (4:32)
3. Bliss (5:44)
4. How Much- featuring Usher (3:31)
5. After Tonight (4:16)
6. X-Girlfriend (3:57)
7. Heartbreaker (Remix)- featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliot (4:32)
8. Vulnerability (Interlude) (1:11)
9. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (3:24)
10. Crybaby- featuring Snoop Dogg (5:20)
11. Did I Do That (4:16)
12. Petals (4:22)
13. Rainbow (Interlude) (1:32)
14. Thank God I Found You- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees (4:17)

Total time: 55:47

M2d. SINGLE DISCOGRAPHY in chronological order
(Full track lists and lengths are for Australian die casts, unless otherwise

(i) [Single B sides]

SINGLE Title (Country) SONG Title
Vision Of Love (UK) Medley (Someday, Prisoner, All In Your Mind)
Dreamlover Do You Think Of Me
Hero Everything Fades Away
Open Arms (Aust) Slipping Away

(ii) [Single remixes before Butterfly]

SONG Title (Single) REMIX Title (Remixer)

There's Got To Be A Way 7" Mix (Shep Pettibone)
(There's Got To Be A 12" Mix (Shep Pettibone)
Way) Alt Vocal Club Mix

There's Got To Be A Way Alt Vocal Dub Mix
(TGTBAW 12") Sample Dub Mix

Emotions (Emotions) C&C Club Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles)
C&C Club No 1 Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles)
Emotions (Emotions 12") C&C Dub-Dub Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles)

Make It Happen Extended Version
(Make It Happen) Radio Edit
C&C Classic Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles)
Emotions (MIH) Special Motion Edit

Someday (Someday) New 7" Jackswing (Shep Pettibone)
New 7" Straight
New 12" Jackswing (Shep Pettibone)
New 12" House

Dreamlover (Dreamlover) Def Club Mix (David Morales)
Def Instrumental (David Morales)
USA Love Dub (David Morales)
Eclipse Dub (David Morales)
Def Tribal Mix (David Morales)

Dreamlover (Hero) Club Joint Mix (Brian Morgan)

Dreamlover Bam Jam Soul
(Dreamlover 12") Def Club Mix- Edit

Never Forget You Radio Edit
(Without You) Extended

AYNAF (AYNAF #1) Soul Convention Remix (MC Rooney, M Morales)
Stringapella (MC Rooney, M Morales)
C&C Extended Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole)
C&C Radio Edit (R Clivilles, D Cole)

AYNAF (AYNAF #2) C&C Club Version (R Clivilles, D Cole)
Ministry Of Sound Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole)
Dave's Empty Pass (R Clivilles, D Cole)
7" Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole)

Anytime You Need A All That & More Mix
Friend (AYNAF 12") Broiqua Tribe Mix

Endless Love (EL) Instrumental

Joy To The World (Joy Celebration Mix (David Morales)
To The World) Flava Mix (David Morales)
Club Mix (David Morales)

Joy To The World Crash Dub Crash
(JTTW 12") Celebration Mix- Edit

Fantasy (Fantasy #1) Bad Boy Fantasy (Sean "Puffy" Combs)
Bad Boy With ODB (Sean "Puffy" Combs)
Bad Boy Mix (Sean "Puffy" Combs)
Def Club Mix (David Morales)

Fantasy (Fantasy #2) Radio Mix (David Morales)
MC Mix (David Morales)
The Boss Mix (David Morales)
Sweet Dub Mix (David Morales)
Bad Boy With ODB (Sean "Puffy" Combs)

Fantasy (One Sweet Day) Def Drums Mix (David Morales)

Fantasy (Fantasy 12") Puffy's Mix (Sean "Puffy" Coombs)
Puffy's Club Mix (Sean "Puffy" Coombs)

One Sweet Day (One Sweet A Cappella
Sweet Day) A Cappella
Chucky's Remix (C Thompson)

Always Be My Baby Mr Dupri No Rap Radio Mix (J Dupri)
(Always Be My Baby #1) Mr Dupri Mix (Jermaine Dupri)
Mr Dupri Extended Mix (Jermaine Dupri)
Reggae Soul Mix (Cory Rooney)

Always Be My Baby Def Classic Radio Version (David Morales)
(Always Be My Baby #2) Always Club (David Morales)
Groove A Pella (David Morales)
ST Dub (Satoshi Tomiie)

Every Time I Close My Radio Edit
Eyes (Every Time I House Of Music Remix Edit
Close My Eyes) Every Time I Feel The Groove Remix

(iii) [Honey (debut Australian Butterfly single)]

1. Honey (LP Version) (5:01)
2. Honey (Bad Boy Remix)- featuring Mase, The Lox (5:31)
3. Honey (Classic Mix) (8:04)
4. Honey (So So Def Mix)- featuring Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri (5:12)
5. Honey (Classic Instrumental) (7:31)

Total time: 31:21

(iv) [Butterfly (second Australian Butterfly single)]

1. Butterfly (4:35)
2. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (3:48)
3. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix) (9:53)
4. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Def 'B' Fly Mix) (8:41)
5. Honey (Morales Dub) (7:34)

Total time: 34:32

(v) [Breakdown (third Australian Butterfly single)]

1. Breakdown (Radio Edit) (4:16)
2. Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix) (5:00)
3. Breakdown (Album Version) (4:45)
4. Honey (Morales Club Dub) (11:01)
5. Honey (Mo' Honey Dub) (7:23)

Total time: 32:25

(vi) [The Roof (UK Butterfly single)]

1. The Roof (Album Version) (5:15)
2. The Roof (Radio Edit) (4:24)
3. The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)- featuring Mobb Deep (5:32)
4. The Roof (Full Crew's Club Mix- Version 1)- featuring Imperial, The
Dreadlocked Lyricist (5:02)
5. The Roof (Full Crew's Club Mix- Version 2)- featuring Mobb Deep (5:02)

Total time: 25:15

(vii) [My All (fourth Australian Butterfly single)]

1. My All (Album Version) (3:52)
2. My All (Classic Radio Mix) (4:17)
3. My All (Classic Club Mix) (9:12)
4. My All (My Club Mix) (7:08)

Total time: 24:29

(viii) [My All- Stay Awhile (US Butterfly remix single)]

1. My All/ Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix)- featuring Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz
2. My All/ Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix Without Rap) (3:45)
3. My All (My Club Mix) (7:10)
4. My All (Def Club Mix) (7:17)
5. The Roof (Funky Club Mix) (8:28)

Total time: 31:24

(ix) [Jermaine Dupri: Sweetheart (US guest appearance single)]

1. Sweetheart (The Story)
2. Sweetheart (Album Version)
3. Sweetheart (Without Rap)
4. Sweetheart (Lil John Remix)
5. Sweetheart (The Story- Instrumental)

(x) [When You Believe (first Number Ones single)]

1. When You Believe (Album Version)- featuring Whitney Houston (4:35)
2. When You Believe (TV Track)- featuring Whitney Houston (4:32)
3. I Am Free (3:08)
4. You Were Loved (4:09)

Total time: 16:26

(xi) [I Still Believe (second Number Ones single)]

1. I Still Believe (3:56)
2. I Still Believe (David Morales Radio Edit) (3:53)
3. I Still Believe (The Eve Of Souls Mix) (10:54)
4. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination) (Damizza Reemix)- featuring Krayzie
Bone, Da Brat (4:34)
5. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination) (Stevie J Clean Remix)- featuring
Mocha, Amil (5:06)

Total time: 28:24

(xii) [Heartbreaker (US maxisingle; first Rainbow single)]

1. Heartbreaker (Album Version)- featuring Jay-Z
2. Heartbreaker (Ain't No Fun Remix)- featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliot
3. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Club Mix)
4. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Club Dub)
5. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Hard Mix)

(xiii) [Thank God I Found You (US maxisingle; second Rainbow single)]

1. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees,
2. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix Without Rap)- featuring Joe,
98 Degrees -
3. Thank God I Found You (Album Version)- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees
4. Babydoll

(xiv) [Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US minisingle; third US Rainbow

1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
2. Crybaby- featuring Snoop Dogg
3. Love Hangover/ Heartbreaker

(xv) [Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US maxisingle; third US Rainbow

1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Revival Triumphant Mix)
2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Club Mix)
3. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Instrumental)
4. Crybaby (Album Version)
5. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Album Version)

(xvi) [Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (third Australian Rainbow

1. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)- featuring Westlife
2. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Pound Boys Main Mix)- featuring
3. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Mariah Only Version)

(xiii) [Ungrouped single remixes]

SONG Title (Single) REMIX Title (Mixed by/at)

Honey Smooth Version (with intro)
(Honey promo) Smooth Version (without intro)

The Roof (The Roof 12") Radio Edit (Mobb Deep)
Full Crew Radio Edit (Wayne La Wes, no rap)
Funky Club Mix (David Morales)
After Hours Mix (David Morales)
Bass Man Mix (David Morales)

My All (My All UK) Full Crew Main Mix
Full Crew Radio Mix

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