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Brian Wilson replacements..

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Brad Pitzel

Aug 21, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/21/95


A bit of very trivial trivia. Billy Cowsill of the Blue Shadows (in
the 60's he was in the Cowsill family, a musicial group that the Partridge
Family show was supposedly based on), claims to have been asked to be Brian
Wilsons replacement was back. Here's an excerpt from an interview with him:

After leaving the Cowsills, Billy "Bud" Cowsill toured around the
United States, recorded a solo album at MGM Records, briefly ran a
bar in Austin and turned down an offer to replace Brian Wilson in
the Beach Boys.

"Now Brian wasn't feeling too well in those days - he was literally
digging his grave in his backyard - and I went and I said, rian,
Carl just asked me to go on tour.' And he said, on't do it - it'll
get you crazy.' So I took his advice. Plus I thought he might be
hurt if somebody took his place."

The whole articles can be found at:


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