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May 19, 2002, 6:14:59 PM5/19/02
What is your favorite biosphere song?
Where do the voice samples from startoucher come from ?

What conditions do you like to listen to biosphere in? I seem to appreciate it
more when it's late at night.

Where is a good place to meet biopshere fans? There used to be a forum on but not anymore. I want to chat with people who like the same music
as I do.


May 19, 2002, 7:57:46 PM5/19/02
to (chill-out) wrote:

>What is your favorite biosphere song?

not one song, more like complete albums: Substrata is still my favourite

>What condition do you like to listen to biosphere in?




Jukka Andersson

May 19, 2002, 8:15:32 PM5/19/02
> >What is your favorite biosphere song?
> not one song, more like complete albums: Substrata is still my favourite
same here. There is good songs and I like almost all of them. but substrata
is also my fav album.

I also like Namlook's and Biosphere's together made tracks.

> >What condition do you like to listen to biosphere in?
> alive

and kicking



May 19, 2002, 9:43:09 PM5/19/02
On 19 May 2002 15:14:59 -0700, (chill-out)

>Where do the voice samples from startoucher come from ?

That's Lea Thompson from the movie "Spacecamp".


May 21, 2002, 10:46:00 PM5/21/02
I love Biosphere. The song "Phantasm" is so haunting, yet so minimal. Does
anyone know where that sample comes from?

May 22, 2002, 8:06:40 AM5/22/02
Diggy <> wrote:

: I love Biosphere. The song "Phantasm" is so haunting, yet so minimal. Does

: anyone know where that sample comes from?

According to the "Biosphere Samples" list v1.0 by Igor Boronenkov (see
below), the sample is from the movie "Village of the Damned", I guess the
1960 version.

The list is a very good one but sadly, it seems it is no longer updated
and I couldn't find it on the WWW; does anyone know of a URL?

Anyway, this is a modified version of the v1.0 list; I added the source
for the "Can we make it back to Earth" / "The risk is great..." samples in
"Tranquilizer" which were marked as "Unknown" in the original.

- L

PS. Excuse the formatting, the list is a quick cut-n-paste job from some
russian newsgroup, courtesy of ...

Biosphere Samples
V 1.0 arranged by Igor Boronenkov (
with the use of some info from Peter Cigehn's
Top Sampling Sources List and interviews.
The Top 543 Sample Sources >>>>
Version 41>>>>
26 October 1997 >>>>
Compiled by: Peter Cigehn >>>>
E-mail: >>>>
** For the repetitive samples only the first time they appear is indicated

Through out the album, esp. on "The Shield" the samples, related to
the Eiscat observatory near Tromso were used. According to a Melody
Maker interview, he recorded the rumble of the turning radiotelescope
antenna. That same facility sends ECM waves to probe Northern lights,
which causes temporary disruption of the radio reception in the
area. The samples of this static were also used in
"Patashnik". "Patashnik" is not a real Russian word, although it
sounds like one. Still could be a last name (suffix "nik" means
occupation or profession), but, again, never heard of anyone with this
name (not a famous scientist/cosmonaut for sure). Well, admittedly
Geir had taken it from some vocabulary. (Note: online article said
this was Russian for "Traveler") "Mir"- you,probably, know, it is
"peace" or "world" in Russian.

[Depressurazation-like noise when releasing a probe to scan a lifeform]
(Note: Repeatedly used in the beginning of the song)
1:28 - We had a dream last night.
- We had the same dream.
"Village of the Damned"

1:26 - (Steve Martin)"So, you're really into the space stuff, huh?"
- (Darryl Hanna)"Yeah, Ever since I was a little girl, well, my dad
used to take me out to this plane.
- (Darryl Hanna)"Sometimes at night, I used to reach out and try to
touch the stars."
"Roxanne, the movie"

0:01 - So frightening to lose yourself, to lose your will to the group will,
to lose your self to the group self.
"Scanners, the movie"

0:41 - (over static) Poluchauju dannyje, vosemnadtsat'-tridtsat'-vosem'
(Recieving data, eighteen-thirty-eight, in Russian)
"2010:Odyssey Two(comms at the bridge, when the pod approaches the

0:33 - (radio talk, could be in Russian) The Shield
1:12 - (someone speaks in English over the beginning and end of the sample)
- ..... vos'maya, shestaya, chetvertaya skorost', davlenije
(..the eighth, the sixth, the forth speed, pressure is constant....,
in Russian)
2:34 - Will I dream?
2:54 - What do you mean? (Note: SAL9000 to Dr. Chandra before being shut
"2010:Odyssey Two"(same as in "Patashnik")

SETI Project
0:01 - Can you imagine an extra-terrestrial disc jockey? Like, listening to
radio waves from space? It was unbelievable!

"SpaceCamp, the movie"
4:36 - (background, unclear, birds singing) svidaniya...oni poluchaetsya..oni navstrechu...
(goodbye.. they are (heading) towards.. doesn't work out..they are
(heading) towards, in Russian)

0:03 - (very unclear)..??..cherez dva dnya ...??..(twice)
(in two days, in Russian)

Botanical Dimentions
0:20 - (warbling sounds)

0:51 - (speaking)


The Sun Kissed The Horison
0:20 - (drone of an aeroplane(?))
1:01 - (phone conversation(?))
1:41 - (kids laughter)

0:00 - (rain(?))

The Things I Tell You
0:00 - (sound of wind in the trees throughout the track - Twin Peaks(?))
2:56 - Sorry to wake you.
- I've forgotten to tell you something.
- The things I tell you will not be wrong.
"Twin Peaks TV series (the "Giant")"

Times When I know You'll Be Sad
1:19 - Times when I know you'll be sad.. (chanting).

0:45 - This is a vision, impression, clear as a mountain stream..
- The mind revealing itself to itself..
- In my vision, I was on the verandah of a vast estate, platso of
some fantastic proportion.
- Seemed to emanate from life within this, I mean, radiant one.
- I've known this place, I know I've been born and raised here.
- This is my first return.
- Reunion of the deepest wells of my being.
- I was happy, carefree.
- Clearly, living a life of deep harmony and joy.
- My vision ended.
- I awoke, tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence.
"Twin Peaks TV series", ep.19. Major Briggs describes his visitation of the


From ambient mailing list
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 03:12:01 +0100
From: Christian Stigen Larsen
Subject: (amb) Substrata "Kobresia" monologue sample

There was a discussion on the nature of the Russian monologue in
"Kobresia" on the Substarta album. Here's the reply from Geir
(translations are in brackets [---] ):

-----Forwarded message from Geir Jenssen-----
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 12:55:06 +0100 (MET)
To: Christian Stigen Larsen
Subject: Re: Kobresia

Oversettelsen fra Kostadin Brandisky er faktisk bedre enn den som var
p? det originale TV-programmet!
[The translation from Kostadin Brandisky is actually better than the one
from the original TV-program!]

Stemmen tilh?rer ikke en Tarkovsky-film, men Karl Nikolajev, en
[The voice does not belong to a Tarkovsky-movie, but to Karl Nikolajev, a]

russisk "biocommunicator" (telepati), som sitter i et rom og pr?ver ? "se"
[Russian "biocommunicator" (telepath), that is sitting in a room, trying
to "see"]

hvilket objekt som ligger p? et bord to etasjer ovenfor.
[which object is lying on a table two floors up.]

Radio Moscow-sekvensen fant jeg p? min egen kortb?lgeradio.
[The Radio Moscow-sequence I got from my own shortwaveradio.]

-----End of forwarded message-----

1:45 - Eto libo metal,libo metal pokrashenyi, holodnaya poverhnost'
(This is either metal, or painted metal, cold surface)
- Eto libo metal pokrashennyi, libo, mozhet byt', plastmassa
(This is either painted metal,or,perhaps, plastic)
- Tsvetnoy..tam est'
- Yarky
- Pohozh.. mozhet byt', eto igrushka
(Looks like..maybe it is a toy)
- Poverhnost' gladkaya, no est' vot kakiye-to vystupy
(The surface is smooth, but there are some sort of ledges)
- Palets dazhe zastrevayet..mozhet byt' eto kaiye-to nasechki..ili
eto bukvy..ili vystupy prosto.
(The finger even gets stuck..maybe these are some sort of inlays..or
these are letters..or simply projections)
- Na igrusku pohozhe
(Looks like a toy)
- Raznotsvetniy metall ili plastmassa, krasheniy metall
(Metal of different colours or plastic, painted metal)
- Vot vsye
(That's all)
- Stop
(Stop :)
5:31 - Radio Russiya..peredayet Moskva..prozvuchala..
(Radio Russia, transmission from've listened to..)
6:19 -
6:41 - ..prozvuchit..
(you'll listen to..) Endurium
0:12 - (dogs barking(?)) The Eye of the Cyclone
4:48 - (wispering, breathing(?)) MICROGRAVITY Microgravity
0:19 - He knows the Moon, he knows the stars and he knows the Milky Way.

Baby Satellite
0:48 - Her name is
- Baby
- Satellites
- Baby
- Satellites
- Baby

0:02 - (transmission, background mumbling "can we make it back to earth")
0:06 - (male voice)"Can we make it back to Earth?"
0:11 - (female voice)"The risk is great. Decision, of course, is yours."
"Space: 1999, episode 1 'Breakaway'" (Female voice is that of Barbara Bain
('Dr. Helena Russell'), the male one is Prentis Hancock,
'Controller Paul Morrow')

0:26 -
3:26 - (transmissions)
3:49 - Couldn't this, Couldn't this lengthy therapy be replaced by
tranquilizing drugs?

5:01 - (male voice)"Check out these. Good."

The Fairy Tale
0:01 - I looked across the square and watched a tourist burning in blue
fire. They had gasoline that burned in all colors by then. Just look
at them out there: all these little figures dissolving in light.
like fairyland, isn't it? Except for the smell of gasoline and
burning flesh.

0:30 - Rather like fairyland, isn't it?

1:33 - (flight controler)"Delta Johnny Niner, You are cleared to land at 1 8
0 degrees."

2:09 - (machanical hatch opening(?))

0:15 - (breathing?) Cygnus-A
1:28 - (background chanting) Baby Interphase
0:16 - (male voice)"Straight ahead, straight as you go."
2:00 - Her name is
- Baby
- Satellites
- Baby
- Satellites
- Baby

0:13 - (some croaking phrase)


The Fires Of Ork I

2:31 - Burning with the fires of Orc.
3:25 - Deep thunder rode around their shores.
"Blade Runner, the movie"

7:36 - hope to find someone speaking German The Facts Of Life
4:15 - The facts of life..
"Blade Runner, the movie"

The Fires Of Ork II
0:00 - Deep thunder rode around their shores.
1:42 - Burning with the fires of Orc.
"Blade Runner, the movie"

The Third Planet
0:44 - (male voice)"I heard you cry out, tell me, what did you encounter?"
0:51 - (female voice)"I had a dream, about a man, he is not from our world
- (female voice)He came down from the sky and spoke to me."
- (female voice)"He said, "We are from the Third Planet.""
1:08 - (male voice)"Go on."
1:10 - (female voice)He said, "We come from Earth."
2:12 - (female voice)"I had a dream" (repeated)


May 23, 2002, 10:22:08 PM5/23/02
COOL! I'm putting that movie on my rental que at Netflix right now!

On 5/22/02 8:06 AM, in article acg1kg$htf$,

Timothy J. Conlon

May 24, 2002, 7:39:19 AM5/24/02
to Diggy
As is usually the case, finding out what is being said in songs using a foreign
language changes the nature of the song.

I've always felt that the Russian Monlogue in "Kobresia" belonged to a tired,
possibly dying, explorer-scientist. Because of the album motif, etc., he seemed
to be in a tent or an old ship near one of the two poles. He is alone, food is
short, he's freezing and he is recording his last impressions.

Now it turns out to be some Yuri Gellar type trying to bend spoons two floors up.

Ignorance is bliss.


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