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Bernard Morey

Mar 23, 1995, 9:51:52 PM3/23/95

The US barbershop standards are terrific, but I long for some decent 8-)
music -- arrangements of Edwardian drawing room ballads, music hall songs,
and so on. Does anyone know if such music is available? I have heard
Roses of Picardy (where to get?) but what about Underneath the Arches,
Macushla, Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?, My Old Dutch and Lucky
Jim, &c, &c.

Fred E Weatherley and Harold Fraser Simpson wrote some wonderful songs
that would lend themselves to BBS arrangement.

Bernard Morey
Bass, The Melbournaires

Charlie Alvarez

Mar 25, 1995, 12:16:10 AM3/25/95

You can Roses of Picardy by contacting the SPEBSQSA in the US. Ask for Ruth
Marks when you do. As far as the others, your best bet may be to get someone
to arrange them for you. You can contact one of the US barbershop arrarngers
at Gold Silver Bronze Music at gold...@interacces.com. His name is Jay
Giallombardo. They'll help you as best they can there. If you have some
really top arrnagers in Europe, you can get ahold of them if you want. I'm
just letting you know from a US standpoint. sorry i can't be of more help.

Tenor - South Texas Sound Chorus
Lead - Heart Of Texas(H.O.T.) Chorus

Peter Leland

Mar 25, 1995, 2:28:12 AM3/25/95
If you'd like to hear "Roses of Picardy" again, get a hold of KEEPSAKE's album
"Once Upon A Time". It's also got an incredible collection of other pieces of
"good music" as you so smugly put it. 8-)


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Jay & Helen Giallombardo

Mar 26, 1995, 6:01:17 AM3/26/95

Bernie -

Jay would be very interested in pursuing arrangements by these composers. If
you have a source for the sheet music (we can help you out with compensation
towards purchase/borrowing, etc. and postage to the U.S.), Jay would be eager
to look the sheet music over, with the creation of BBS arrangements in mind.
He's always on the lookout for new arrangement sources/ideas, with either
specifically contest and/or show performance in mind.

I'll be happy to help facilitate your request in any way I can. Keep me
posted with any comments or ideas along these lines.

Our snail-mail address is:
445 Laburnum Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062
1-708-272-6854 8AM - 6PM US Central Time only, please (we're near Chicago)

(Thanks, Charlie, for the mention!)

Would you be interested in Jay's arrangement of "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"?!

Helen Giallombardo
Wife of the very prolific arranger of barbershop music, Jay Giallombardo.
He's the official president of Gold-Silver-Bronze Medal Music, Inc. which is
the sole distributor of his folio of original songs and arrangements in the
barbershop style. I do all the basic legwork to publish the music.
Helen Giallombardo ~~~~ (
<8 )=>O
~~~~ (
Bari/Assoc. Dir. of Melodeers - SAI '95 Chorus Champs
Dir. of Valley Lights - SAI
Choreo/Special Teams Coach - Northbrook New Tradition Chorus, SPEBS
and Occasional Tenor!
1-708-272-6854 work (Gold-Silver-Bronze Medal Music, Inc.)
1-708-272-6629 home/fax
Snailmail: 445 Laburnum Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062-2224 (USA)


Apr 9, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/9/95
Bernard Morey (bmo...@melbourne.DIALix.oz.au) wrote:

: The US barbershop standards are terrific, but I long for some decent 8-)

"Old Dutch" was sung in the BABS contest several years ago by eventual
winner The Hallmark of Harmony Chorus of Sheffield, John Grant Director.
I believe Lloyd Steinkamp was the arranger. He may be reached at

Lloyd Steinkamp
10313 Orozco Rd.
San Diego, California 92124
(619) 268-4841

Dan Wilson
Arizona State Univ. (West)

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