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The Best Online Counterfeit Money Shop

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Jul 6, 2019, 2:56:51 AM7/6/19
Hello. The best place to buy 100% undetectable counterfeit bills is that can pass the pen test, UV test, have
raised printing, micro printings, has the UV security thread, and passes
through atm’s and can be used anywhere without any problems? Then you
are in the right place. It shall be our pleasure to have you on a list
of our regular clients.
You can use our bills notes in your political campaigns, Local and
international contracts, paying your loans, and buy luxurious items like
House, Cars, Boats and most important living your dream life on earth
without too much stress.
Visit our company through the following details below;

Call or Whatsapp! +1(908)248-4093


Call or Whatsapp! +1(908)248-4093

Feb 9, 2021, 11:49:53 PM2/9/21

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Miners Shop

Jul 26, 2021, 11:33:31 AM7/26/21
Ad Title: Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro (110Th) for sale

At Miners shop, we sell wholesale Bitcoins and Ethereum miners at affordable prices. We supply Ethereum ASIC miners, innosilicon a11 pro 8gb 2000mh, Innosilicon a10 Pro 7g Miners, Bitmain antminer E9 3gh Ethereum Miners, Antminer s19 Pro 110 th/s, Goldshell ck5 Miners, Goldshell kd5 Miners, Linzhi Phoenix Ethereum. We supply both new and used bitcoins & ethereum mining machines.
Model Antminer S19 Pro (110Th) from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 110Th/s for a power consumption of 3250W.

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer S19 Pro (110Th)
Release May 2020
Size 195 x 290 x 370mm
Weight 13200g
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 4
Power 3250W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 - 40 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %
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Whatsapp…+1 (404) 832-5180
Address: 1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China

Miners Shop

Jul 26, 2021, 11:37:17 AM7/26/21

Discreetarms dealer

Mar 9, 2023, 9:38:38 AM3/9/23

Our bills/notes bypass everything, counterfeit pens, and machines.- Can be used in banks but can be used elsewhere the same as normal money- We have the best HOLOGRAMS AND DUPLICATING MACHINES- UV: YES.
we offer the best international services. we deal with over 200 different currencies, we are one of the best in what we do if not the best,
and our products are 100% guaranteed. Please contact us through;

Text/call/WhatsApp: +17205939868

Crypto Expert “Trevon James” Icon Miners

Aug 30, 2023, 1:46:34 AM8/30/23
German Red Mercury 20/20 258 N9: An Overview of Roteschemie
Since 1992, Roteschemie has been manufacturing / producing red mercury 20/20 258 99.9999999% (N9) and (N5), silver liquid mercury, and Caluanie Muelear oxidizers in Germany. Roteschemie is the oldest German manufacturer of red mercury, with 83 employees and sales of 9.5 billion euros in 2021. This article summarizes the company's services, products, and certifications.
Company Background and Values
Roteschemie was founded with concern for the environment in mind. Initially, the company concentrated on recycling used mercury and other waste products containing liquid mercury. The goal was to recover raw mercury, clean it, and reintroduce it into the economy in its purest form as red and silver mercury.

Roteschemie now produces or manufactures 13 tons per week of red liquid mercury couple with precious metal concentrates from precious metal-containing waste and tailings. Furthermore, the company vacuums and immobilizes natural radioactive sludges and tailings containing red and silver mercury.
Roteschemie is a member of the Environmental Alliance Saxony and has a QM system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The company also follows DIN EN ISO 14001:2009, demonstrating its dedication to environmental management.
Services and Mission
The company's mission since 1992 is to mass produce German red mercury 20/20-258 9N and silver mercury for wholesale distribution worldwide. Roteschemie also provides red mercury waste collection, transportation, and storage, demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection.

Roteschemie also provides vacuum thermal recycling of used mercury and various waste products containing mercury. There are also vacuum-thermal treatment and immobilization methods for naturally radioactive sludges and mercury residues, which can significantly reduce waste and promote sustainability.
German Red Mercury's Properties
Aside from its high purity, German Red Mercury 20/20-258 N9 manufactured by has unique properties that make it appealing to a variety of industries. Here are some of its distinguishing characteristics:

1.) It is attracted to gold metal or gold chains: Because of this, it is employed in the gold mining business to extract gold from rocks and other things.

2.) It repels garlic: This property makes it beneficial in a variety of medical and electronic applications where contamination must be avoided.

3.) It is not visible in a mirror: Because it does not interfere with the reflective properties of mirrors, this unique property makes it a popular choice in mirror manufacturing.

4.) After a few minutes, it turns water red: This property makes it useful in the construction of water detectors and the water treatment business.

5.) When a cell phone is brought close to the bottle, it turns off: This property makes it helpful in a variety of electronic equipment where interference must be avoided.
Products Availability manufactures and export high-purity German Red Mercury 20/20 258 99.9999999% in 1kg and 34.5kg bottles. This mercury is sold at wholesale pricing to retail firms and people by the company. Purchases, however, can only be done using cryptocurrency. Click on the contact form to buy red mercury online from Roteschemie.

Roteschemie's product line includes high-quality Caluanie Muelear Oxidize for large-scale global industrial supply. The company also specializes in producing pure and purest red mercury 20/20-258 through oxygen refining and high vacuum distillation, which is used in a variety of industries, including the medical and electronic industries.

Furthermore, Roteschemie provides high-quality mercury for gold processing. This product is critical in the mining industry, where gold is separated from rocks and other materials using mercury.

Dr. Andrae Uwe Otto[Geschäftsführer und Störfallbeauftragter]
Phone/Whatsapp: +49-155-1053-8322
Telegram : roteschemies
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