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Aug 15, 2023, 11:51:18 AMAug 15
Just got the rain wiped off the bike, it's before noon, but let's have
one. Plastic's on the bar.

Left Illinois via the big road (I-90) up into Minnesota. Haven't done
any high speed stuff like we did Sunday for some time. But I wanted to
get to Minnesota in a hurry and north of predicted storms to let them
pass before heading south. That mostly worked as we only got some
sprinkles up by the Portage rest area where we pulled over after the
temps had dropped quite a bit and though I left wearing just a t-shirt,
I needed the leather and gloves for the rest of the day. I had caught
up to a couple guys who were hanging out in the far left of three lanes.
They were going fast ( over 80), but people were passing them,
including me. I must have gotten their attention because they
immediately jumped on my tail and kept up until pulling off after about
30 miles.

Most of the bikes we saw Sunday were heading the other way, and were
obviously coming home from Sturgis. Going S/E the road was jammed even
early in the day with constant backups and complete stops of everyone.
I was glad we weren't coming back on that accident waiting to happen
mess, but by the time I passed over the road at almost 8PM on the way
back, almost no traffic at all.

Rode down through Minnesota and Iowa on 26 and X52, the rain had not
quite passed and there was intermittent rain, though we missed the heavy
stuff. Other than getting the bike on the get cleaned list, it still
was a pleasant ride, with very little traffic once we got off I-90.
I'm usually very good with knowing direction, but one of the small roads
we took had an unannounced detour and I thought I was heading south
until I saw the Mississippi on my right and realized I was going north
again. Unfortunately, my usually oblivious wife even noticed that and
got in some good digs.

Found my way back to 11 in Wisconsin and relaxed on the last leg home.
Another great day.

Better check how many miles I got since the last fluid changes. I
probably got some work to do soon.

I'll take another.
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