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Frank Xzarhadjizamtheopolous

Nov 23, 2022, 5:54:01 PM11/23/22
A round for the house! Credit card is on the bar. (I hope the card is
good. I found it out in the parking lot.)

I'm on the tail end of a nasty cold, so I've stayed pretty sedentary in
the house the last couple o' days. I'm amazed at how much snot one
person can generate in such a short time. I've watched about everything
worth watching on Youtube, so just a few minutes ago I decided to look
up my first post in RMH. August 24, 2002. As has been said many, many
times about this place, "I made some of my best friends in here."

Got to nosing around and found a post I made from a couple days after
that first post. It contained a joke that I had completely forgot about.
Figured it might be good for a laugh again. Here we go.


Big time New York magazine writer decides he wants to write a story
about rural life in America, so he travels to a small town and walks
down main street. He sees a couple of good ol' boys sitting on a pickup
tailgate, drinking a beer. He introduces himself and asks if they have
any interesting stories that have a good ending.

"Yep" says one of them. "Had a girlfriend once...and she got lost one
day. Me and the boys got in our pickups and drove all over until we
found her that night. We were all so happy to find her that we all
took turns having sex with her."

The New Yorker says he might not be able to use that one, and asks if
they have another story with a happy ending.

"Yep," the good ol' boy says, "I had a hunting dog once...and he got
lost one day. Me and the boys got in our trucks and looked high and
low until we found him. We were so happy to find him that we all took
turns having sex with him."

The New Yorker cringed a bit and said he didn't think he could use
that one either. He asked it he had a story that *didn't* have such a
happy ending.

The good ol' boy pauses, sighs, and then says, "Yep. Ya see, I got lost
one day..."

ba dump bump!

Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week!

Andy aka Big Stinkie aka Frank the Real Biker
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