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Mar 19, 2023, 4:16:51 PMMar 19
My carb has a case of the dribbles . New needle , correct float level
- actually a tiny bit low . The carb has been cleaned , had a petcock
screen rust away and gunk stuff up . I bought a kit , but found that
nothing fits but the float needle . I suspect the needle seat is a bit
corroded or rough , and it ain't replaceable . Saw in a Harley forum
that it can be lapped to clean it up and wondered what to use . I'm
thinking simple first , a small disk of scotchbrite pad on the end of a
Phillips screwdriver . Or I can make a machined lap and use either valve
grinding or diamond lapping compound , got both . Maybe just a dowel
faced flat and loaded with lapping compound .
It looks OK , but it's down in a small hole and hard to really tell
what kind of shape it's in .

Fresh bottle of Ezra 99 on the bar ... shots or mixed as you like it .
"You can lead a dummy to facts
but you can't make him think."

Rick Begeman

Mar 19, 2023, 7:55:37 PMMar 19
I'm of the opinion that it has not been vibrated enough.
Seems to me that with vibration it would lap itself.
I guess you could say its self lapping.
But everyone has an opinion.

Dribbling while its running or when parked?

A pressurized fuel tank can do bad things too.

Ironhead Rick


Mar 19, 2023, 8:33:45 PMMar 19
It's not dribbling while running , but you can tell the float level
seems to be high . There's fuel coming up around the accel pump stem and
out of the air bleed . I'm going to pull the carb in the morning and try
to get a look at the needle seat under magnification . I'll probably do
some kind of cleanup on that seat while it's disassembled . Can't hurt .
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