OMG we're gonna die....

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Nov 26, 2021, 7:19:23 PM11/26/21
well duh, yes we're all going to die so we might just as well live in
the mean time, all this discussion on the news and worried relatives &
friends talking about the latest virus or what not that's gonna do us
in. at least i know i can go out and have some fun enjoying the great
outdoors on a dirt bike and whooop it up until that time i meet my
maker, (or the great spaghetti monster in the sky).
in the mean time please all'ya'all's go forth and RMD salute the world
and show some one a wheel....

--raising a glass of stout beer your direction RMD--

john gasgas ec 275ish
took a lap around the property on sweet baby tonight and
it was glorious.... simply glorious!!
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