Grr II - its begun :-)

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Jun 11, 2010, 10:46:05 PM6/11/10
I am stoked by the rewards for certifying at Naram this year. SO I am
getting my L1 and L2 if all goes well.

Grr II will be the vehicle for both certs :-) I59 for L1 and J90 for

The new glider will have an order of magnitude less drag. and be
lighter but overall the same design. Going back to the canard but not
via plywood and no landing gear :-)

I got the primary work on the wings done today and the rear fuse
sandwich drying.

sunday will do the front fuse half and attach the wings into place. I
will also build the verts.

Got the new high torque servo's ordered. all the issue solutions from
the first attempt are incorporated. I way way overbuilt the first one
far stronger than it needed to be. Not making that mistake again.
Using half inch foam (same stuff) for the wings. MORE than strong

Dowel rod embedding for trailing edge and half the leading edge. I
also discovered how to "shape" this foam very effectively eliminating
the "flat" leading edge that created so much drag in the first model.

The primary problem with Grr I was I could never get that damned H38
to light (still have the chunks somewhere)

now I won't have to do clusters. Both the I59 and J90 have perfect
ideal Grr thrust profiles. initial 1 second or so at 60-90 pounds of
thrust ie the "kick" to get it going and then 7 second or 30 pound of
so thrust. With an all up mass I hope and expect to keep under 10
pounds this should result in a very nice flight with plenty of margin.

I might even have to "roll" on the J90 to keep the altitude down.
though that might be a non issue with a 12+ foot long 8 foot wide
delta winged glider :-)

I will have at least 3 high def 720p cam's onboard for the flight. one
looking forward one looking "off to the side and down the 45/45 as I
call it that I typically use and a servo activated reversal camera. I
have a 720cam with a 120' wide angle. this will be on a simple
swiveling post that has a rubber band attached. a micro servo will
have a pin keep it from turning. The cam will look aft for boost and
when gliding flip the servo and snap the cam will spin 180' to give a
120' wide angle forward view. That should be a rather cool video to

Will get some pics online later on this week.


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