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(CAR) G MACHINE 2*Untweakable!*

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Jun 11, 1994, 11:44:59 PM6/11/94
Somebody bunt one of these motors during last nights racing. I like to
dissasemble motors to see how the work, and sometimes use their parts to
make play modifieds with. When I went to take the cap off this one, by
the usual banging it on the ground, the whole top of the brush hood ripped
off! I thought they misdesigned this *new* brush hood at first, but
now I see why they redesigned this. So they could make the area surrounding
the bushing out of less material. With this small amount of material, its
almost impossible to take the hood off, without ripping out the bushing too.
COOL IDEA! This makes the motor almost untweakable! SO any of you wanting
a perfect "spec" motor, this is it!

Drew each his own...


Jun 12, 1994, 11:29:39 PM6/12/94

Well. . . It IS possible to take the motor apart. You just gotta be less
violent. Instead of dropping it, use a press to push the motor apart. they're
really easy to make. . . As is a jig to re-assemble the motor.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't even race stock, but I know how it can be done
and have done it (for purposes other than cheeting, of course). I think the
most cheater -unfriendly motor out there is the one Trinity put out a few years
ago as thier solution to the stock motor crisis a few months before ROAR made
the ROAR '91 rule changes. I think its called the Equaliser -- don't quote me
on that, I really can't remember.


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