ipod nano 7th gen fm radio through bluetooth

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M. John Matlaw

Apr 7, 2015, 12:05:53 PM4/7/15
I was thinking of buying a new iPod nano. After two years I'm beginning
to think a new generation of iPods in not going to happen. But I'd
really like an iPod with an FM radio. The nano has that and bluetooth
as well but it looks like you can't use a bluetooth speaker with the
radio as the Apple Earpods act as an antenna and there's no way to
override the audio to bluetooth.

I did see one person suggesting a solution and I was wondering if
someone with an iPod nano 7th gen and a bluetooth speaker would be
willing to see if it worked for them.



I own the iPod nano 7th generation and I use my Jam HDMX mini bluetooth
speaker all the time while listening to the radio, there are 2 options.

1. Pair your nano with the bluetooth speaker then click "connect", plug
your headphones or earbuds in and go to the music app and press play on
a song and you will see a small button just right of the volume bar
appear with the bluetooth symbol. Just press that and choose your
speaker then go to the radio app and press play and it will work via
bluetooth on your speaker.


Sep 23, 2017, 10:34:47 PM9/23/17
I have an iPod 7th gen (A1446) and haven't been able use the radio with my bluetooth wireless in-ear phones (Skullcandy Method). Tried the way suggested but no luck, yet. However, I had bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver to use with TV's when I'm travelling and plugged that into the iPod. I now have the radio connected to my earphones wirelessly. The male/male lead that came with the trans/rec is only 100mm/4" long so I'm guessing reception with a longer lead would improve. I did find a perfect spot with the short lead though, clear as a bell in the end. I got a Digitech trans/rec from my local and was in a hurry so didn't shop around. It's half the size of the nano and about twice as thick....still easy enough to carry both....maybe I will use a bit of adhesive velcro to hold them back-to-back. Dig a google and a BT trans/rec is starts about $20-25 US....amazon.....I paid $69 AUD from Jaycar...was in a hurry, still worth the money!!
P.S. Bought Comply Earphone tips too....huge improvement on sound.


Jul 6, 2019, 5:53:11 PM7/6/19
I got a Taotronics Bluetooth transmitter and it works perfect for getting radio via Bluetooth to AirPods.


Jul 6, 2019, 5:56:36 PM7/6/19
Sorry that was from an IPod Touch 7th, to AirPods
23 bucks Canadian, Amazon
Pair the transmitter and AirPods and plug in 3.5mm jack
and voila, radio.


Nov 6, 2019, 11:36:07 AM11/6/19
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