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Jan 15, 2005, 8:59:26 PM1/15/05
The terms neikung and weikung are misnomers. Neikung is supposed to be
"esoteric". Weikung is supposed to be "exoteric". The old texts say
there is ONLY ONE golden elixer method but (then lists hundreds) of
other schools, methods, ect. If your not doing that ONE golden elixer
method, your not doing neikung. What your really looking for are
internal exercises as opposed to external exercises. Like heikung.
Imagine the exercises in hung gar. Threading bridge, dynamic tension
(pushing out against concentric contraction), ect. Vs. seated, or
lying meditations. Shengong (if you can learn any), ect.

Outside the real scholary definitions, weikung is aided by neikung.
For instance, those heikung meditations can push the qi through the
meridians or move the energy along or under the skin (weiqi does not
enter the channels because its slippery). The postures can initiate
movement, but iit helps to have something to move. Understand? So you
might do a yin meditation before doing the "yang" forms to have
something to push around. The yizhichan neikung which is a standing
meditatoin done usually with the eyes closed, also has a dynamic form,
the yizhichan qigong which helps to move the qi and develops other
parts of the health, with emphasis on emission of qi, esp. through
fingers. If you were to do certain forms like the 4 steps arts, or the
standing brocades for example, or the hun yuan qigong with the index
finger pointing and the others curled in, you'd essentially be doing
the hung gar type iron shir/body forms with the finger bending exercise
thrown in for good measure. While in the stance of the yizhichan
neikung. You can bend fingers in various combinations for various
effects (just like mudras) for specific intervals. Dynamic tension
just adds another type of emphasis on the training which helps to force
the qi to the surface while building strength. It also helps people
who have weak yi/intention. If you cannot imagine pushing the wall,
ceiling, rock, ect to bring the qi to the hands strongly. The tension
adds a real resistance. Its the action of pushing against imaginary
resistance that brings the qi to the palm. Not thrusting your hand out
and desiring such result. You can actually feel the vibration or pins
and needles, its not play fighting (which is what most people do)
where you pump air. There are all kinds of training sets like this.
Many of them secret. Training forms are were the real goodys are, not
pumping air or fighting the invisible man. Often times so called
fighting forms help to circulate the qi around. But what are you
circulating? I gave you a good "hint" back there. When you GENERATE
weiqi that qi will NEVER re-enter the channels because of its
"slippery" nature. So for that specific emphasis, there are various
ways of using posture and movement to produce various desired effects.
There are also qi to jing, jing to qi and marrow/brain emphasis. Also
qi emission through palms with another emphasis for index finger.
There are also luo channel stretching, nerve stretching, meridian
stretching, meridian dredging, ect. Some exercises have questional
utility or function, others just became outdated. What you want or
looking for really cant be obtained without great difficulty. People
really dont talk much about neikung if their system has it, if it
doesnt, they "study the dharma in secret" so to speak. Its like
starting a conversation with a stranger about politics and religon.

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