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Tapes 4 Trade!!!

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Feb 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/24/99
These are the tapes I have to trade. If you don't see something here, I
probably want it. I will trade 2 tapes for any 1 tape listed in my want list at
the bottom of the page. Please Email me at

Mario Sperry Vale Tudo 1
Mario Sperry Vale Tudo 2
Mario Sperry/ Murillo Bustamente Master Series
Mario Sperry Tournament Techniques
Pedro Carvalho BJJ Advanced Black Belt Secrets 1
Pedro Carvalho BJJ Advanced Black Belt Secrets 2
Tony Cecchine Seminar
Maurice Smith Seminar
Erik Paulson Killer Leglocks
Tony Lopez Combat Sambo
Oleg Taktarov Secret Techniques of Military Sambo
Marco Ruas Vale Tudo
Bas Rutten Free Fighting Techniques
Marco Lala Series
Frank Cucci Navy SEAL Training
Matt Furey How to hook a heavyweight
Matt Furey Combat Training

Fights and Tournaments:
UFC 1-17, UU1, UU2, UJ
Extreme Fighting 1-4
World Combat Championships
Gracie Torrance Academy Challenge Matches (footage of BJJ vs. brawlers, gung
fu, etc)
Gracie Judo Invasion
Ryan Gracie vs. Tico (Ryan bites his ear off)
Rickson and Royler vs. Judo
Rickson sparring with 30 guys in Chicago
Gracie In Action 1 and 2
Superbrawl 1, 2, 3, 4
Brazilian Underground Fights
BJJ vs. Gang Members

Want List:
Roy Harris BJJ 101
John Lewis Tapes
Fabio Gurgel Tape Series
Kukuk BJJ A to Z
Rick Lucero Wrestler Killer
Any Jiu Jitsu Competition tapes
Any Muay Thai or Jeet Kune Do instructionals
Any Judo Instructionals
Any Dog Brother Stick Fighting tapes

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