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John Labovitz

Mar 23, 1995, 6:12:04 PM3/23/95

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(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)


Last updated: 15 Mar 95 by John Labovitz <jo...@ora.com>

* PLEASE NOTE: If more than one month has passed since the last
* update, this list is probably out of date. See below for
* instructions on how to obtain a current list.

This is a summary of 287 electronically-accessible zines
-- what they are, who publishes them, and where you can find them.

If you have access to a World Wide Web browser like Mosaic or
Netscape, a much more readable and navigatable list can be
found at the URL:


This text version is automatically posted every 3 weeks to the
following newsgroups: alt.zines, alt.etext, misc.writing, rec.mag,
alt.internet.services, alt.answers, misc.answers, rec.answers,
and news.answers.

You can get it via anonymous FTP from ftp.etext.org in the
"/pub/Zines" directory, as "e-zine-list". Gopher users can find
it at gopher.etext.org under the "Zines" menu, as "e-zine-list".

If you don't have access to any of these archives, you can ask
me to send you a recent copy.

For those of you not acquainted with the zine world, "zine" is short
for either "fanzine" or "magazine," depending on your point of view.
Zines are generally produced by one person or a small group of people,
done often for fun or personal reasons, and tend to be irreverent,
bizarre, and/or esoteric. Zines are not "mainstream" publications --
they generally do not contain advertisements (except, sometimes,
advertisements for other zines), are not targeted towards a mass
audience, and are generally not produced to make a profit.

If you publish an e-zine, or know someone who does, drop me an
email message, and I'll send you instructions on how to get an
entry on the list.

If you have any comments, additions, deletions, or changes to this
list, please email them to jo...@ora.com.


New e-zines:

+ The Abyssinian Prince
+ Apokalypso
+ Channel Four
+ Citizen Poke Magazine -- Humor with Wallop
+ the electronic Gourmet Guide (the eGG)
+ The Eternity Articles
+ Euphony
+ First Impressions
+ The Flying Pig
+ Frogmag
+ Ideals, Dreams and Hard Facts
+ It'sNEW! Magazine
+ The Lady in the Radiator Online
+ Mac Star Digest
+ Meeker
+ NBK Fan Club
+ Poet's Park
+ Streetsound
+ TANGO online
+ WP Mac News
+ XYZZYnews

Deleted e-zines:

- Angst
- The Temptation of Anthony
- VidBits
- Whirlwind

10 THINGS Jesus Wants You To Know

"Punk zine, with interviews, pictures, rants, and reviews."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://weber.u.washington.edu/ten/

Editor(s): Dan Halligan <t...@u.washington.edu>

The Abraxus Reader

"a bi-monthly, thematic ezine, focusing on literature and topics that
are intellectually and technologically inspiring. also the home for
original novels and a humor index."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.cyberspace.com/vidiot

Editor(s): Vidiot <vid...@cyberspace.com>
Phone: +1 206 632 9487
Postal: Glen Starchman, 1304 NE 42nd #201, Seattle, WA
98105, USA

The Abyssinian Prince

"My postal szine comes out once every three weeks, runs about half a
dozen Diplomacy games with extensive postal fannish style press
writing, has a letter column that features interaction between the
postal and Internet worlds of Diplomacy, and indulges the editor's
wide ranging tastes in music. The group of Internet folks on the
distribution list occasionally discuss issues of general interest
related to the topics on this bulletin board and their interface
with the postal hobby."

FTP: nda.com: /pub/diplomacy/Zines/TAP/
Email: bur...@world.std.com
Subscriptions: To: majo...@nda.com
Text: subscribe tap

Editor(s): Jim Burgess <bur...@world.std.com>

Albert Hofmann's Strange Mistake

"A hypertext 'zine commemorating the 51st anniversary of the
accidental discovery of LSD, 16 April, 1943. The document contains
archives by authorities from Albert Hofmann to Abbie Hoffman,
hypertext fac/tion on CIA-sponsored acid tests, and testimonials
solicited from users all over the world."

Format: Storyspace hypertext application (Mac/PC)

FTP: ftp.brown.edu: /pub/bobby_rabyd/

Editor(s): Bobby Rabyd <ST00...@Brownvm.Brown.Edu>

The Amateur Computerist

"The Amateur Computerist grew out of a battle against the
cancellation of computer programming classes for hourly workers at
the Ford Rouge Factory. The newsletter deals with computer issues
and labor issues. The Amateur Computerist is dedicated to support
for grassroots efforts and movements like the "computers for the
people movement" that gave birth to the personal computer in the
1970s and 1980s and articles about these developments have appeared
in past issues of the newsletter. Most recently the newsletter is
documenting the history of the development of the Global Network, of
Usenet, and of Unix and the progressive impact of these important

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.cc.columbia.edu/~hauben/acn/
Gopher: gopher.cic.net (port 2000): e-serials/archive/alphabetic/a/amateur-computerist
gopher.etext.org: Politics/Amateur.Computerist
FTP: wuarchive.wustl.edu: /doc/misc/acn/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/archive/alphabetic/a/amateur-computerist/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Politics/Amateur.Computerist/
Usenet: alt.amateur-comp
Email: <au...@cleveland.freenet.edu> or

Editor(s): Ronda Hauben <ae...@yfn.ysu.edu> or
Michael Hauben <hau...@columbia.edu>
Postal: R. Hauben, PO Box 250101, NYC, NY 10025-1531, USA

Amiga Report Magazine

"A general-interest online magazine focusing on the (ex-)Commodore
Amiga line of computers. The reader base spans all six inhabited
continents with an estimated 10,000 people. Topics covered include
opinion pieces on the past, present, and future of computing,
software and hardware reviews, and product announcements."

Format: AmigaGuide hypertext (still readable in ASCII)
HTML (WWW version only)
Frequency: biweekly

WWW: http://www.cs.cmu.edu:8001/~mjw/Amiga/News/AR/
FTP: ftp.cdrom.com: /pub/aminet/docs/mags/
ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk: /pub/aminet/docs/mags/
BBS: Over 40 official distribution BBSes worldwide, half
on FidoNet for FREQ.
Subscriptions: jcom...@bbs.xnet.com
Other: Portal

Editor(s): Jason Compton (Editor in Chief)
Fax: +1 708 741 0689
Postal: 1203 Alexander Ave., Streamwood, IL 60107, USA


"Prophecies, particularly those concerning the Millennium. The first
issue is entitled "The Fall of the Papacy" and deals with prophecies
of Nostradamus, St. Malachy, and others concerning the death of Pope
John Paul II in 1995, the Church schism which will follow his death,
and the ultimate end of the Vatican as a sovereign monarchy in the
year 2000."

Frequency: twice yearly

Subscriptions: tjge...@delphi.com

Editor(s): Thomas Jude Germine, Esq. <tjge...@delphi.com>
Postal: Apokalypso, POB 782, Chester, NJ 07930, USA

Arm The Spirit

"Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective that
disseminates information about liberation struggles in advanced
capitalist countries and in the so-called 'Third World.' Our focus
is on armed struggle and other forms of militant resistance, but we
do not limit ourselves to this. In our magazine, Arm The Spirit, you
can find news on political prisoners in North America and Europe,
information on the struggles of native peoples in the Americas,
communiques from guerrilla groups, debate and discussion on armed
struggle, and much more. We also attempt to cover anti-colonial
national liberation struggles in Kurdistan, Puerto Rico, Euskadi,
and elsewhere."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Politics/Arm.The.Spirit
gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit/
Email: a...@etext.org

Editor(s): Arm the Spirit <a...@etext.org>
Postal: Arm The Spirit, P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A, Toronto,
Ont., M5W 1P7 Canada

Armadillo Culture

"Being the excremeditation of a hyperactive armadillo's activities,
opinions, and other stuff..."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Armadillo.Culture
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Armadillo.Culture/

Editor(s): Steve Okay <so...@cyclone.mitre.org>
Postal: Armadillo Culture, 2857 Foxmill Rd. Herndon, VA
22071, USA


"An online magazine forum dedicated to the interface of contemporary
art and new communication technologies."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/a/artcom
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/a/artcom/
The WELL: ???
Usenet: alt.artcom
Other: ART COM Electronic Network (ACEN)

Editor(s): Carl Eugene Loeffler <artc...@well.sf.ca.us>
Fax: +1 415 431 7841
Phone: +1 415 431 7524
Postal: ART COM, POB 193123 Rincon, San Francisco, CA
94119-3123, USA


"arteFACTed is a free newsletter. Here you can find reviews of
musical production from independent labels such as Peaceville rec.
(R.I.P.), Deaf rec., Dreamtime rec., ignition rec., Massacre rec.,
etc. Music mostly is a death / thrash / electro / industrial metal,
crossover, hardcore and so on. Also there's some reviews of
publications and comix inside."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: approximately 2 per year

Gopher: zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt: DistributedSystems/Alternative_Music_Info/E-zines
gopher.etext.org: Zines/artefacted
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/artefacted/

Editor(s): JuNe <jur...@zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt> (contact)
Postal: Arunas Norvaisa, Zuvinto 13-16, 3031 Kaunas 31,


"The online magazine of amateur creative writing."

Format: ASCII text
Note: Athene became defunct in 1989. InterText is its
immediate successor.

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Athene
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/a/athene
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Athene/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/a/athene/

Editor(s): Jim McCabe


"A literary electronic journal. We accept short stories, poems and
literary essays. The journal has existed since June of 1994."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www-bprc.mps.ohio-state.edu/cgi-bin/hpp/Atmospherics.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Atmospherics
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Atmospherics/
Other: Freenet.carleton.ca (poetry and writers sigs)
Diplomatic Immunity (Toronto)

Editor(s): Susan Keeping <kee...@vax.library.utoronto.ca> or
Phone: +1 416 421 6158
Postal: 113 St., Joseph St., Toronto, Ont., M5S 1J4, Canada

Attack Poetry

"A small zine dedicated to odd, modern, experimental poetry."

Format: ASCII text or ZIP file (whatever is preferred)
Frequency: infrequent

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Fat_Nipples
FTP: locust.cic.net: /pub/Zines/Fat_Nipples/
grind.isca.uiowa.edu: /info/journals/fat.nipples/
quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/journals/Fat-Nipples/

Editor(s): Chris Conway <ch...@pluto.njcc.com>
Postal: FN, P.O. Box 2554, Trenton, NJ 08690, USA


"Every story guaranteed one hundred percent true."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: quite irregular but roughly along the lines of
every other new moon

FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Autolog/

Editor(s): Jonathan Magritte <je...@tyrell.net>
Postal: 933 rhode island #5, lawrence, ks 66044, usa (print
copies available, complete with colour covers and
occasionally hand-painted innards)

A.V.'s Web Column

"A cyberpost. Includes: a monthly electronic column, updated daily,
analyzing Web events and trends; daily electronic highlights;
e-articles on theory about main Web issues (e-publishing,
information theory, ecosystems, and applied AL); selected Web
pathways. Web Column is broadcasting a content of messy questions
and possible, but unheard-of, hyperlinks that have an ugly
complexity and are frighteningly open-ended."

Format: HTML
Frequency: daily

WWW: http://macval.citi.doc.ca/

Editor(s): Alex Vasilesco <v...@citi.doc.ca>
Fax: +1 514 973 5757
Phone: +1 514 973 5720
Postal: 2 T.Aubry, Laval, Canada H7N3B7

Bad Subjects

"Bad Subjects is intended to promote radical thinking and public
education about the political implications of everyday life. We
offer a forum for rethinking American 'progressive' or 'leftist'
politics. We invite you to join us and participate in all aspects of
Bad Subjects. Recent articles appearing in _Bad Subjects_ discuss
_Pulp Fiction_, personal and cultural geographies, beer, and the

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://english-server.hss.cmu.edu/BS/Bad.html
Gopher: uclink.berkeley.edu (port 52673)
FTP: english-server.hss.cmu.edu: /English Server/Journals/Bad Subjects/

Editor(s): The Bad Subjects Collective

Bearcat E-zine

"The "Bearcat E-zine" is an electronic publication which attempts to
keep Cincinnati Bearcat fans up to date on what is happening with
Bearcat sports. It is published after every football and basketball
game and is in its second year of publication. We also have other
information sources for Bearcat sports such as a mailing list and a
WWW page."

Frequency: after every Bearcat football and basketball game

WWW: http://ucunix.san.uc.edu/~zureick/bearcat.html
Gopher: ucbeh.san.uc.edu

Editor(s): zur...@ucunix.san.uc.edu

Belize First Magazine

"Ad-free, independent magazine covers travel, life and retirement in
Belize and elsewhere on the Caribbean Coast of Central America and
Mexico. Belize First publishes the top travel journalists and other
writers covering the region. It offers candid reporting, not puff
and perfume ads. Regular topics include news of Belize and the
region, real estate for sale, expat life on the Caribbean Coast,
best and cheapest hotels, Mayan sites, eco-travel, doing business in
Belize and the region, Central America history, scuba
diving/snorkeling, fishing, and more. Published in both electronic
and traditional forms. Subscribers in more than 50 countries around
the world."

Format: ASCII text (usual electronic issue is around 150K)
Frequency: five times a year (four quarterly issues plus "best
of" issue)

FTP: ftp.cc.umanitoba.ca: /rec-travel/
AOL: Travel Forum
Compuserve: Travel Forum
Scuba Forum
UK Forum
Prodigy: Travel Forum
Usenet: rec.travel.misc
Subscriptions: 74763...@compuserve.com (hard copy subs are US$29
in North America and Belize, $39 elsewhere)

Editor(s): Lan Sluder <74763...@compuserve.com>
Fax: +1 704 667 1717
Postal: Equator Travel Publications, Inc., Asheville, 280
Beaverdam Road, Candler, NC 28715, USA

Big Dreams

"A monthly newsletter on personal development and small business

Format: Mac postcard
Frequency: monthly
ISSN: 1198-8819

WWW: http://www.wimsey.com/~duncans/BigDreams
FTP: sumex-aim.stanford.edu: /info-mac/per/bigd/

Editor(s): Duncan Stickings <dun...@wimsey.com>
Fax: (604) 931-2198
Phone: (604) 760-1631
Postal: 2515 Burian Drive, Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, V3K 5W8

Bits and Bytes Online

"The electronic newsletter for information hunter-gatherers."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: irregularly, 1 or 2 times a month

WWW: http://www.utopia.com/mailings/bnb/
Gopher: gopher.dana.edu: JOURNAL/BITS
gopher.law.cornell.edu: listservs/teknoids
FTP: ftp.dana.edu: /periodic/
ftp.eff.org: /pub/Publications/CuD/BNB/
AOL: telecom files area
Compuserve: telecom forum library
Subscriptions: To: list...@acad1.dana.edu
Text: SUBSCRIBE bits-n-bytes

Editor(s): Jay Machado <jmac...@omni.voicenet.com>
Phone: +1 609 795 0998 (evenings)


"a Private World E-Zine. Reviews, rants, gen-X-er diatribes,
conspiracy theory and big-brother's technical specs."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: transmits a-peRiODiCaLlY (about once a month)

WWW: http://www.shmooze.net/pwcasual/magrack.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Blastfamy
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Blastfamy
Subscriptions: To: pwca...@io.org
Text: sign me up!

Editor(s): mar...@shmooze.net
P.W. Casual <pwca...@io.org> (publisher)
Postal: 19 Tyndall Ave. #3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K


"BLINK would like to be a forum for the issues surrounding the
intersection of consciousness and technology. This is our best
defense against postmodern angst: To critically look at and
anticipate the cultural and social changes spurred by the rapid
development of technology."

Format: ASCII text
World Wide Web

WWW: http://www.acns.nwu.edu/blink/
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
Email: bl...@listserv.acns.nwu.edu
Subscriptions: list...@listserv.acns.nwu.edu (to the ASCII email

Editor(s): Justin Kerr
Joe Germuska <j-ger...@nwu.edu> (managing editor)
Danny Dunlavy (chiphead)
Jake Eldridge (assistant editor)

The Blue Penny Quarterly

"The Blue Penny Quarterly is an electronic journal of fine writing
and art. Our mission is to act as a bridge between the literary
small press publishing world and the electronic communities -- as
such we publish fiction, poetry, interviews and essays by both
beginning and established writers who are serious about their craft.
(Some of our authors include Deborah Eisenberg, Guggenheim winner
Robert Sward, and Canadian Journey Prize Anthology contributor
Richard Cumyn.)"

Format: self-contained Macintosh format
PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/BluePennyQuarterly
FTP: ftp.luth.se: /pub/mac/misc/BPQ/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/BluePennyQuarterly
AOL: in the Writers' Club Ezine Library (keyword
Email: Blue...@aol.com (submissions/guidelines)

Editor(s): Doug Lawson <dl...@fermi.clas.virginia.edu>
Postal: The Blue Penny Quarterly, c/o 102 B Morris Paul
Court, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22903, USA
(send a 3.5" diskette and a return mailer with
proper postage)

The "Bobby" Chronicles

"Tales and commentary about the lives of Generation X types trapped
in rural New Brunswick, Canada. More often than not, the zine will
be short, mostly factual, and not terribly serious. "Bobby" has
several meanings, including "redneck". This zine is -not- written
from a redneck's point of view. A stop on one of the dirt roads
feeding into the info highway."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: variable

Email: merr...@nbnet.nb.ca

Editor(s): Mark A. Dykeman <merr...@nbnet.nb.ca>
Postal: Mark Dykeman, R. R. #3, Woodstock, NB, E0J 2B0,


"As the last terror-regimes in eastern Europe stumbled down, it once
again became possible for those who never accepted these regimes as
marxist to discuss marxist theory freely. Breakaway is meant to
support this debate about modern marxism. We will write about
marxist theory and it's consequences as well as publish works of
fiction falling into the bag of 'proletarian literature.' We greatly
encourage our readers to submit articles covering their views,
dreams and hopes for the future, as well thorough argumentation on a
special topic of marxist ideology, or poems and short-stories."

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.ifi.uio.no/~vidarh/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Breakaway
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Breakaway/
Email: contributions and questions: brea...@rforum.no
Subscriptions: To: breakawa...@powertech.no
Text: SUBSCRIBE Breakaway <your address>

Editor(s): Vidar Hokstad <vid...@rforum.no>
Postal: c/o Vidar Hokstad, Soerumsg. 63, 2000 Lillestroem,


"A sporadic zine of humor and entertainment, of trash and trivia, of
rants, raves and reviews. Recently selected as the first of Time
Inc.'s Vibe Magazine Artist-in-Residence."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.brettnews.com/~brettnews
Gopher: echonyc.com
Email: bret...@brettnews.com

Editor(s): Brett Leveridge <br...@brettnews.com>

Britcomedy Digest

"A monthly newsletter distributed on the Internet, Britcomedy Digest
covers all aspects of British comedies -- radio, television, books,
film, and plays. Past topics include Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Monty
Python, Absolutely Fabulous, The Press Gang, and many more."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly
ISSN: 1077-6680

WWW: http://cathouse.org/BritishComedy/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/BritComedy
cathouse.org (port 6969): humor/british.humour/britcomedy.digest
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/BritComedy
cathouse.org: /pub/cathouse/humor/british.humour/britcomedy.digest
Delphi: "UK-American Connexion" forum, cf171
GEnie: In the "Showbiz" roundtable, page 185
Usenet: alt.comedy.british

Editor(s): Melinda "Bob" Casino <mel...@cathouse.org>
Michelle T. Street <miche...@aol.com>
(Contributing Editor)
James Kew <j....@ic.ac.uk> (Assistant Editor)
Postal: Melinda Casino, Britcomedy Digest, 404 So. 20th
Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA

The Bucknellian

"The weekly campus newspaper of Bucknell University."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: 13 times a semester, 26 times a year

WWW: http://www.bucknell.edu/bucknellian/
Email: buckn...@bucknell.edu

Editor(s): buckn...@bucknell.edu
Fax: +1 717 524 1176
Phone: +1 717 524 1551
Postal: The Bucknellian, C-3952, Bucknell University,
Lewisburg, PA 17837, USA

An Caorthann

"A quarterly magazine of discussion and information for the Irish
Green Party / An Comhaontas Glas and the wider green and alternative
movement. We are trying to work towards a green response to
contemporary events, issues and ideas, to encourage discussion and
debate among Greens and to develop long-range thinking about aims
and actions on the basis of an informed and critical awareness of
ourselves and our natural and social environment. We are doing this
on the basis of a non-dogmatic definition of "green," wide enough to
cover anything which can contribute to the greening of society and
welcoming input from both inside and outside the movement."

Format: ASCII (selections from hard copy zine)
Frequency: quarterly

Usenet: alt.activism
Other: GreenNet (gpty.eur.ref)

Editor(s): Laurence Cox <lc...@alf2.tcd.ie>

Cat Machine

"It's a literary web page, filled with stories, poems, pictures, and
many interesting things."

Format: HTML with inline GIFs
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://ux5.cso.uiuc.edu/~c-cook/cat/
Email: submissions: wib...@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu

Editor(s): chris wiberg <wib...@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu>
juan aramburu <aram...@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu>
case cook <c-c...@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu>
mer pavlock <pav...@ux5.cso.uiuc.edu>
Phone: +1 217 332 1955
Postal: URH 263 Weston, 204 E Peabody Dr, Champaign, IL,
61820, USA

The Celebrator Beer News

"News about the burgeoning industry of craft brewing, this
publication focuses on the U.S., and also includes articles about
international activities. Online (WWW), The Celebrator participates
in The Real Beer Page(TM), a comprehensive resource on

Format: HTML
Frequency: bi-monthly

WWW: http://celebrator.com/celebrator

Editor(s): Tom Dalldorf <tdal...@celebrator.com>
Fax: +1 510 670 0639
Phone: (800) 430-BEER (subscriptions only)
+1 510 670 0121
Postal: Subs, Box 375, Hayward, CA 94543, USA

Channel Four

"My ezine is a place for writings about, by, and for type Four in the
personality analysis system known as the Enneagram. Fours are
romantic, moody, introverted, sensitive, artistic, and tend to feel
isolated from others. Famous fours: Pete Tchaikovskii, Tenessee
Williams, Goethe, Laurance Olivier, Martha Graham, Audrey Hepburn,
Franz Kafka, Commander Deanna Troi, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Pete
Townshend, Roger Waters, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton. For more
details, try Don Richard Riso's _Personality Types_."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.best.com/~informe/ch_4.html

Editor(s): Mike Macleod <inf...@best.com>
Submissions: inf...@best.com

Chaos Control

"Focusing on electronic music. Chaos Control features interviews with
both major and underground acts."

Format: ASCII text
Free-standing interactive Macintosh document (early
issues require Hypercard)
Frequency: bi-monthly

Gopher: ftp.std.com: obi/book/Zines/Chaos.Control
FTP: ftp.std.com: /obi/Zines/Chaos.Control/
cyberden.com: /zines/chaos_control/
BBS: The Pit Report BBS
Subscriptions: To: majo...@world.std.com
Text: subscribe chaoscontrol
Other: Club Mac (Australia)

Editor(s): Bob Gourley <rg...@world.std.com>
Postal: $5 to Bob Gourley, 3 Greenville Dr., Barrington, RI
02806, USA

Chaos Corner

"Chaos Corner is a small, randomly published electronic newsletter I
write that mentions things I have found in the process of wandering
across the network. What you have here is a combination of Dr.
Science (from National Public Radio), Chaos Manor (from Byte), and
Rumor Central (from PC Week)."

Format: ASCII text

FTP: pelican.cit.cornell.edu: /pub/
Email: chaos-...@pelican.cit.cornell.edu

Editor(s): Robert D. Cowles <r...@pelican.cit.cornell.edu>

Chaos Digest

"Focusing on computer fraud and security in France, with all aspects
of the development of Internet. In English (80%), French (15%) and
German (5%)."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: weekly

FTP: ftp.warwick.ac.uk: /pub/cud/
ftp.eff.org: /pub/CuD/
BBS: ComNet Luxembourg BBS (+352 466893)

Editor(s): Chaos Computer Club France (CCCF)
Fax: +331 47877070
Phone: +331 47874083
Postal: Jean-Bernard Condat, General Secretary, 47 rue des
Rosiers, 93404 Saint-Ouen Cedex, France

Chip's Closet Cleaner

"Humor, trivia, fun. A zine full of stuff I find in my closet. See
review in boing boing #12. "Hilarious" -- Factsheetfive.
"Overwhelming" -- Chuck Shepherd, News of the Weird. "Wonderful,
Chip. You sound like a neat guy!" -- Ann Landers."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: 2/year
ISSN: 1064-9719
Note: Paper copies are available by snail-mail for $3
plus $1 postage.

WWW: http://www.interaccess.com/users/chip/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/ChipsClosetCleaner
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/ChipsClosetCleaner/

Editor(s): Chip Rowe <ch...@playboy.com>
Postal: 175 North Harbor Drive, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Citizen Poke Magazine -- Humor with Wallop

"Citizen Poke is the Internet's only monthly comedy magazine. It is a
fully layed out magazine, complete with color and graphics, dealing
with all sorts of original humor and comedy written by students
around the world. New submissions are always being accepted."

Format: PDF
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.amherst.edu/~poke
FTP: unix.amherst.edu: /pub/poke/

Editor(s): Josh Koppel <jako...@amherst.edu>
Seth Mirick <shmi...@amherst.edu>
Submissions: Citizen Poke Magazine <po...@amherst.edu>

Collectors Network

"A worldwide collectors information exchange. Antiques &
Collectibles, Calendar of Events, Classifieds, Articles written by
Collectors, for Collectors. Lost & Found, New Releases & Retired

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.xmission.com/~patco/collect.html
FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/co/collector/
Email: collectors-...@netcom.com

Editor(s): Mark Paterson <coll...@netcom.com>
Fax: +1 916 965 5845
Phone: +1 916 965 5845
Postal: 729 Sutter St., Folsom, CA 95630, USA

Commodore Hacking

"Commodore Hacking covers technical programming on all the Commodore
8-bits (primarily focusing on Commodore 128, 64). Articles typically
include assembly language source commented. Articles have covered
burst reading, reading IBM drives on the Commodore 128, Memory
Management, Graphical demo techniques, and more!! The magazine is
geared for the intermediate programmer although articles can be
found for the newbie programmer to the advanced."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: 2-3 times a year

WWW: http://www.hut.fi/~msmakela/cbm/hacking/
FTP: ccnga.uwaterloo.ca: /pub/cbm/hacking.mag/
GEnie: CBM roundtable
Usenet: comp.sys.cbm
Subscriptions: To: du...@pembvax1.pembroke.edu
Text: subscribe

Editor(s): Craig Taylor <du...@pembvax1.pembroke.edu>
Phone: +1 910 521 3814
Postal: Craig Taylor, Rt. 2 College Ct. Apt #1, Pembroke,
NC 28372, USA

Computer Underground Digest

"An open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists
and to the presentation and debate of diverse views."

Format: ASCII

WWW: http://www.soci.niu.edu:80/~cudigest
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: CuD
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/c/cud
corn.cso.niu.edu: acad_dept/col_of_las/dept_soci/CuD
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/CuD/
aql.gatech.edu: /pub/eff/Publications/CuD/
nic.funet.fi: /pub/doc/cud/
ftp.warwick.ac.uk: /pub/cud/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/c/cud/
AOL: PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters"
Compuserve: DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, DL1
Delphi: General Discussion database of the Internet SIG
GEnie: PF*NPC RT libraries, VIRUS/SECURITY library
FidoNet: File Request from 1:11/70
Usenet: comp.society.cu-digest
BBS: PC-EXEC (+1 414 789 4210)
Rune Stone (IIRG WHQ) (+1 203 832 8441)
RIPCO (+1 312 528 5020)
Bits against the Empire (+39 461 980493) (Italy)
Subscriptions: To: LIST...@UIUCVMD.BITNET
Text: subscribe cudigest <firstname> <lastname>
Other: ComNet in LUXEMBOURG (+352 466893)

Editor(s): Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer
Fax: +1 815 753 6302
Phone: +1 815 753 0303
Postal: Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, DeKalb,
IL 60115, USA

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

"CMC Magazine reports on people, events, applications, and research
related to computer-mediated communication (CMC). It draws on an
interdisciplinary mix of perspectives from communication,
technology, journalism, and other disciplines. CMC Magazine
publishes news, features, essays, and research reports about the
phenomenon of human communication and information retrieval on
global networks."

Format: HTML (hypertext) only
Frequency: monthly
ISSN: ISSN 1076-027X

WWW: http://www.rpi.edu/~decemj/cmc/mag/index.html

Editor(s): John December <dec...@rpi.edu>, Editor/Publisher
Phone: +1 (518) 271-8469
Postal: 154 Third Street, Troy, NY 12180-4039, USA

Consumable Online

"An online magazine with distribution to more than 200,000:
Consumable reviews, in an objective manner, alternative music (and
sometimes rock and roll as well) and also includes interviews, tour
dates, news and new release dates."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: every 2 weeks

WWW: http://www.westnet.com/consumable/Consumable.html
Gopher: diana.zems.etf.hr: eng/Music/Consumable
FTP: eetsg22.bd.psu.edu: /pub/Consumable/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Consumable/
Delphi: Music Fandom forum; GO ENT MUSIC
FidoNet: ???
Email: gaja...@pilot.njin.net

Editor(s): Bob Gajarsky <gaja...@pilot.njin.net>
Postal: 409 Washington St. #294, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA

Contes per a Extraterrestres

"A zine devoted to short stories and related matters (reviews,
dossiers, etc.). Texts written in Catalan, Spanish and English."

Format: HTML
Frequency: The archives are continouously updated

WWW: http://www.uji.es/CPE/

Editor(s): Carles Bellver and Josep M. Chorda


"CORE is an electronic journal of poetry, fiction, essays, and

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/CORE_Zine
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/c/core
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/CORE_Zine/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/c/core/

Editor(s): ri...@etext.org


"A place for the Witches, pagans, nature spirits, fey-folk, and
assorted elder kin of Sherwood to share ideas, challenges, dreams,
and projects, and to stir up a little magic of our own."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Cousins
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Cousins/

Editor(s): Susan Gavula <sjga...@terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu>

CPU: Working in the Computer Industry

"Dedicated to sharing information among workers in the computer
industry. CPU is a project of the 'Working in the Computer Industry'
working group of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility /
Berkeley Chapter."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: CPSR/work
FTP: cpsr.org: /cpsr/work/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/CPSR/work/
Subscriptions: To: list...@cpsr.org
Text: SUBSCRIBE CPSR-CPU <your first name> <your
last name>

Editor(s): Michael Stack <st...@starnine.com>
Jim Davis
Phone: +1 510 601 6740
Postal: PO Box 3181, Oakland, CA 94609, USA


"No poetry. No fiction. No serial killers. Called "The Big Black of
zines" by Blacklist and labeled as "truly snotty" at The Well, Crank
is printed quarterly, and its text is distributed electronically.
Print version of Crank #2 named Editor's Choice in Factsheet 5."

Format: ASCII text
Macintosh DOCMaker
Frequency: quarterly
ISSN: 1076-9102

WWW: http://www.btf.com/btf/
FTP: ftp.rahul.net: /pub/btf/crank/
BBS: Burn this Flag (+1 408 363-9766)
Email: btf-ftp...@rahul.net (with message text "send
crankX" where X = issue # (1-3 at this time); for
Mac BinHexed version, text should read "send
crankX.mac" and be prepared receive a BinHex4.0

Editor(s): Jeff Koyen <cr...@aol.com>
Postal: P.O. Box 1646, Philadelphia, PA 19105-1646, USA
(print version $3)


"A guide to traveling through the underground. Alternative travel
stories, hints, and tips."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Crash
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Crash/

Editor(s): John Labovitz <jo...@ora.com>
Miles Poindexter
Nigel French
Postal: Crash, 519 Castro #7, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA

Creative Juices

"Creative Juices is a quarterly (more or less) e-mag collection of
quality short fiction of various genre, poetry and essays from
contributing writers, both established and emerging."

Frequency: every three to four months

BBS: Infomat (+1 714 366 1355)
selected BBSs that subscribe to the READROOM Door
Email: don.w...@solar.org (distribution is made by
attaching a file of the compressed (pkzip)
magazine to Internet e-mail messages, or by
sending the magazine as several [up to 16 per
issue] email messages)

Editor(s): Don Wilder <don.w...@solar.org>
Postal: Creative Juices, PO Box 2842, Mission Viejo, CA
92690, USA


"Cropduster (est. 1992) appears periodically as a reaction to the
kind of society that some of us live in. It is a knee-jerk response
to the fact that our world produces cultural under-achievers...
Cropduster has so far produced various reviews and critiques of some
of the lesser known aspects of people and places that teeter-totter
on barely breaking even. The zine is an overseer of this as well as
a product of it, because the thing itself exhibits too many of the
traits it condemns: Lack of rigor, unfair attacks, vendettas,
revisionism, stubbornness, spelling mistakes, and vulgarity. What
else can you expect from people who grew up in trailer parks and
live on Kraft Dinner?"

Format: HTML
ASCII text

WWW: http://chat.carleton.ca/~smeece/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Cropduster
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Cropduster/

Editor(s): Steven Meece <ad...@freenet.carleton.ca>
Chris Woodill <cwoo...@epas.utoronto.ca>
Postal: 79 O'Hara Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6K 2R3, Canada


"CTHEORY is a new international, electronic review of books on
theory, technology and culture. Reviews are posted monthly of key
books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major
'event-scenes' in the mediascape. Editors and contributors include:
Kathy Acker, Jean Baudrillard, Bruce Sterling, Arthur and Marilouise
Kroker, Deena and Michael Weinstein. CTHEORY will also offer the
possibility of interactive discussions among its subscribers in the
electronic theory 'sim-posium/salon.'"

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://english-server.hss.cmu.edu/ctheory/ctheory.html
Subscriptions: To: LIST...@VM1.MCGILL.CA
Text: SUBSCRIBE CTHEORY <full-name>

Editor(s): Anastassia Khouri St-Pierre <ed...@musica.mcgill.ca>

Cult of the Dead Cow

"digital media / digital culture"

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: CuD/CDC
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/c/cdc
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/CuD/CDC/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/c/cdc/

Editor(s): sra...@mindvox.phantom.com
Postal: cDc communications, P.O. Box 53011, Lubbock, TX
79453, USA


"Cultronix is a cultural studies theoretical journal available
electronically via the Internet world-wide web. It makes use of a
mixed format, with articles featuring text, graphics, audio, video
and interactive hypermedia. Its contributors include faculty,
graduate students, undergraduates and nonacademics in a variety of
fields. Cultronix is devoted to negotiating and experimenting with
alternative forms of expression of academic knowledges."

Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://english.hss.cmu.edu/cultronix.html
FTP: english.hss.cmu.edu: /English.Server/WWW/Cultronix/

Editor(s): Camilla Griggers
Marni Borek
Terri Palmer
Geoffrey Sauer <gs...@andrew.cmu.edu>
Greg Bolton
Angela Todd
Hilary Strang

cultural debris

"is a romp though the garden of cultural fallout? a plunge into the
cold bath of millenial angst? a stand against generational
imperialism? excerpts from the correspondence of Dahven White. 'How
I have longed for you without even knowing of your existence! How
does a Big Mac long for its days as a raging bull? How do sun-baked
plains long for the shade of mile-wide flocks of passenger pigeons?
How do sagging breasts long for their pert youth? Answer these
questions and you will begin to know how I have longed for you. You
come to me like a Christmas present on Groundhog Day!' Theme changes

Frequency: 8-10 times a year

AOL: Zines Library (keyword: writers)
Usenet: alt.zines
Email: dah...@aol.com

Editor(s): Dahven <dah...@aol.com>


"A Web version of the paper magazine Cyanosis, published by System
Zero, with additional interactivity. Cyanosis is dedicated to
providing public access to highly unusual and/or controversial
graphic art, literature and interviews. We exist to insure a forum
for fearless creation, innovation and inspiriation."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.slip.net/syszero/syszero.html

Editor(s): Darin De Stefano <cyan...@slip.net>
Postal: System Zero, 309 Judah, Suite 310, San Francisco CA
94122, USA

Cyber Phuck

"Cyber Phuck is NOT about sex or phreaking. It's easier to say it's
not about either of those two topics than actually saying what it is
about. Unlike most magazines, each issue doesn't begin with 10 pages
of mental masturbation to waste the reader's time and annoy him so
much that he doesn't bother reading it. We can do this because we
have replaced bullshit with genuine articles."

Format: ASCII text

FTP: wuarchive.wustl.edu: /.../zines/phuck/
BBS: Cyber (+1 513 863 0447)

Editor(s): Tom Line <tl...@iglou.com>


"A new electronic multimedia magazine devoted to providing a public
forum for alternative voices in the cross junction of cyberspace and
board culture. Evolution of existing magazine structure into a
content-based virtual community."

Format: HTML
Frequency: as frequently as possible

WWW: http://MediaCity.Com/Cyberboarder/
Email: Cybe...@MediaCity.Com
Subscriptions: To: majo...@lists.stanford.edu
Text: subscribe CyberNet

Editor(s): Eric Chiu <Cybe...@MediaCity.Com>
Submissions: Cybe...@MediaCity.Com
Fax: +1 415 497 5695
Phone: +1 415 497 5695
Postal: P.O. Box 9633, Stanford CA, 94309-9633, USA

Cyberkind -- Poetics and Prosaics for a Wired World

"A WorldWideWeb magazine of 'Net-related fiction, nonfiction, poetry
and art. CYBERKIND features prose and art submitted by the Internet
population. All genres and subjects are included, as long as there
is some connection to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the
networked world in general. Features range from an article on
writing and the Internet to a computer-related mystery to
hyperlinked poems. There is also an art gallery of Net-related art."

Format: HTML
Frequency: random (announcements mailed to list)

WWW: http://sunsite.unc.edu/ckind/title.html

Editor(s): Shannon Turlington <sha...@sunsite.unc.edu>


"Monthly computing publication with reviews, interviews, news,
columns and features. Our main claim to fame is that what you read
is what the author wrote. We do minimal editing and never change the
scope or perception of a review or column. We do not bow to
advertiser pressure, so you get clear, concise reviews and opinions.
CyberNews comes in an ASCII, ReadRoom and Windows edition. An HTML
version will be out soon."

Format: ASCII
Windows HLP file
Frequency: monthly

FTP: ftp.uu.net: /published/cybernews/
wuarchive.wustl.edu: /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/zines/
Compuserve: IBMAPP and Novell User forums
FidoNet: FREQable from 1:100/380 via the following magic
names: CYBERW - CyberNews Windows Edition; CYBERA
- CyberNews ASCII Edition; CYBERR - CyberNews
ReadRoom Format; CYBER - All three versions
BBS: Support U. (+1 314 984 8387)
Subscriptions: subs...@supportu.com (will get you the latest
CyberNews in ASCII and add you to the monthly
mailing list)

Editor(s): Patrick Grote (Managing Publisher)
Wayne MacLeod (Reviews Manager) <wya...@delphi.com>
Fax: +1 314 984 9981
Phone: +1 314 984 9691
Postal: CyberNews, 11221 Manchester Rd. Suite 313, St.
Louis, MO 63122, USA

Cyberspace Vanguard

"News and Views of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Universe"

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Cyberspace.Vanguard
gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/c/cyberspace-vanguard
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /11/pub/e-serials/alphabetic/c/cyberspace-vanguard/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Cyberspace.Vanguard/
AOL: ???
GEnie: ???
FidoNet: file request from 1:157/200
Email: cn...@cleveland.freenet.edu
Cyberspace Vanguard@1:157/564 (FidoNet)
Other: Cleveland Freenet

Editor(s): TJ Goldstein <tl...@po.cwru.edu>
Sarah Alexander, Administrator
Postal: Cyberspace Vanguard, POB 25704, Garfield Heights,
OH 44125, USA

DISTRIBUTION: How to obtain this document

This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM, involved in the
redistribution of valuable information to a wider USENET audience (see
below). The most recent version of this document can be obtained via
the author's instructions above. The following directions apply to
retrieve the possibly less-current USENET FAQ version.

This FAQ is available from the standard FAQ server rtfm.mit.edu via
FTP in the file /pub/usenet/news.answers/writing/zines

Email requests for FAQs go to mail-...@rtfm.mit.edu with commands
on lines in the message body, e.g. `help' and `index'.

This FAQ is posted every 21 days to the groups


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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~

CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement

In an effort to bring valuable information to the masses, and as a
service to motivated information compilers, a member of CRAM can help
others unfamiliar with Usenet `publish' their documents for
widespread dissemination via the FAQ structure, and act as a
`sponsor' knowledgable in the submissions process. This document is
being distributed under this arrangement.

We have found these compilations tend to appear on various mailing
lists and are valuable enough to deserve wider distribution. If you
know of an existing compilation of Internet information that is not
currently a FAQ, please contact us and we may `sponsor' it. The
benefits to the author include:

- use of the existing FAQ infrastructure for distribution:
- automated mail server service
- FTP archival
- automated posting

- a far wider audience that can improve the quality, accuracy, and
coverage of the document enormously through email feedback

- potential professional inquiries for the use of your document in
other settings, such as newsletters, books, etc.

- with us as your sponsor, we will also take care of the
technicalities in the proper format of the posted version and
updating procedures, leaving you free of the `overhead' to focus on
the basic updates alone

The choice of who we `sponsor' is entirely arbitrary. You always have
the option of handling the submission process yourself. See the FAQ
submission guidelines FAQ in news.answers.

For information, send mail to <ldet...@csn.org>.

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~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
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C y b e r s p a t i a l R e a l i t y A d v a n c e m e n t M o v e m e n t

* CIVILIZING CYBERSPACE: send `info cypherwonks' to majo...@lists.eunet.fi *

John Labovitz

Mar 23, 1995, 6:12:14 PM3/23/95

Archive-name: writing/zines/part2
Last-modifed: 95/3/15
Distribution-agent: ldet...@csn.org

(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)


DargonZine -- The Magazine of the Dargon Project

"DargonZine is an electronic magazine printing stories written for
the Dargon Project, a shared-world anthology similar to (and
inspired by) Robert Asprin's Thieves' World anthologies, created by
David 'Orny' Liscomb in his now retired magazine, FSFNet. The Dargon
Project centers around a medieval-style duchy called Dargon in the
far reaches of the Kingdom of Baranur on the world named Makdiar,
and as such contains stories with a fantasy fiction/sword and
sorcery flavor."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/DargonZine
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/d/dargonzine
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/DargonZine/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/d/dargonzine/
Usenet: rec.mag.dargon
Email: dar...@wonky.jjm.com

Editor(s): Ornoth Liscomb <orn...@wonky.jjm.com>


"Amusing Rants from Dave Winers' Desktop."

Format: HTML
Frequency: several times a week

WWW: http://www.msen.com/~dwiner/

Editor(s): Dave Winer <dwi...@well.com>

Dead Angel

"Music-related ezine focusing mainly on undergound/unsigned/unknown
bands from all over the world. The ezine's goal is to make people
aware of bands that, due to limited resources, remote locations, or
inexperience (new bands, etc.), would like another outlet for making
the world at large aware of their music. The ezine also includes
book reviews, music reviews (regular and demo), film and comics

Frequency: monthly

FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/phallic/zines/dead_angel/
Usenet: alt.music.alternative

Editor(s): chinawhite <china...@delphi.com>
fuzzdoll (film/video)
j.m. felps (comics/mini-comics)
Postal: RKF, 815-A Brazos St. #515, Austin, TX 78701, USA
(send your music demos/releases/etc. for review)

Deaf Magazine

"The Deaf Magazine has Issues on Deafness and Deaf Topics."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: once a month

WWW: http://www.clark.net/pub/guardian/www/deaf.html
Gopher: sjuvm.stjohns.edu: disabled/easi/eltext/deafmag
FTP: ftp.clark.net: /pub/deaf.magazine
Usenet: clarknet.deaf.magazine
Subscriptions: To: list...@clark.net
Text: subscribe deaf firstname lastname

Editor(s): Nathan Prugh <Deaf-...@Clark.Net>
Phone: +1 800 842-4681; ask for ext. 6024687988
+1 602 468-7988 (TDD/ascii 300 7n1 half Duplex)
Postal: Nathan Prugh, 2829 E. Osborn Apt 155, Phoenix, AZ
85016, USA

Delta Snake Blues News

"A free online Blues Newsletter. Features include detailed reviews of
new releases and classic recordings, articles, recipes, general
information and announcements, and poetry. Average size varies from
25K to 55K. The Delta Snake was published for six years as a paper
newsletter, and has it's roots in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Contributors now hail from all over the world, as does the

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly; emailed out on or about the 20th of each

FidoNet: Slovena BBSs
Usenet: rec.music.bluenote
BBS: AdriaNet

Editor(s): Al Handa <mojo...@shell.portal.com>


"original artwork and fiction by contributing artists -- presented on
the World Wide Web, free to view and hear by anyone with access --
drawings, paintings, graphics, photographs, comics, animations,
video, stories, letters, essays, poetry, journals, reviews, spoken
words, music, sounds and other creative ideas."

Format: HTML text, PICT or JPEG graphics, Quicktime movies,
AIFF sound files
Frequency: no issues--no submission deadlines. We now publish
exclusively on the World Wide Web and add new
material pretty much as it is received. We
publish works on line for at least one month
before replacing them with a newer piece.
Note: If you don't have Web access, but would like to
contribute artwork anyway, send email to
xwi...@teleport.com and we'll provide submission

WWW: http://www.teleport.com/~xwinds/dfn.html

Editor(s): Louise Eris <xwi...@teleport.com>

Depth Probe

"An examination of the 90's American Experience through reviews of
the old and new, commentaries and dreams."

Format: HTML
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.best.com/~ake/dp/zine/index/home.html

Editor(s): Alan Eyzaguirre <a...@best.com>

Descriptions of an Imaginary Univercity (DIU)

"Compiled because of The Logic of Snowflakes, this poetry/poetics
'zine began as a weekly on 4 July 1994. Maintained sporadically out
of Albany, NY, DIU features writing from around the world,
circulated pseudonymously or in an initialized manner (i.e. writing
is not attached to 'real' names). Past issues have featured work by
Marianne Moore and Kimberley Filbee, and regular features include a
Reading List for the Last Days of the White Race, bi-coastal radio
playlists, and words to the wise by someone who calls themselves
'Thus, Albert or Hubert.'"

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: wings.buffalo.edu: internet/library/e-journals/ub/rift/journals/list/diu

Editor(s): Chris Funkhouser
Fax: +1 518 442 4599
Postal: thelogic of snowflakes, PO Box 1503, Santa Cruz, CA
95061, USA


"Farmgirls building snowguys."

Format: PDF
Note: DIATRIBE will trade issues for scribbled-on
newspaper photos.

WWW: http://sunsite.unc.edu/otis/MASS/Stastny_E/extra/diatribe.html
FTP: sunsite.unc.edu: /pub/multimedia/pictures/OTIS/MASS/Stastny_E/

Editor(s): OED <e...@art.net>
Postal: DIATRIBE, P.O. Box 241113, Omaha, NE 68124-5113,

Digital News Associates (DnA Magazine)

"Hacker, and political magazine, P/H/A/C/V sovereign citizenship, tax
info and more"

Format: ASCII

WWW: ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/va/vandal/html/dna.html
FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/va/vandal/DnA/
Subscriptions: To: list...@netcom.com
Text: subscribe dna-magazine <your address>

Editor(s): Arclight, Vandal <Van...@netcom.com>
Phone: +1 714 957 1425, box 235
Postal: PO Box 5342, Fullerton, CA, 92635, USA


"The monthly, spine-tingling adventure chronicling about two-weeks
worth of slumber-induced emissions. Travel with Chris, hero of the
socially awkward, as he traverses television-like terrain, conquers
the weak and less fortunate, and embarrasses everyone he knows.
Witness with intricate detail the never-before-seen interrelations
of Saddam Hussein and bowel movements. The National Hockey League
and Asian girls. Anton Szandor LaVey and the Fonz. A charming
adventure, making good use of Yul Brenner, scabs, smegma, and cheese
pizza. It's like a TV Guide to the subconscious. You enjoy reading
the listings...and can't help but wonder just who the hell is

Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.etext.org/Zines/UnitCircle/dreamboy/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/UnitCircle/dreamboy
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/UnitCircle/dreamboy/
BBS: Private Idaho (+1 208 338 9227)
Bitter Butter Better BBS (+1 503 692 5841)
Email: cdro...@earthlink.net
Subscriptions: cdro...@earthlink.net

Editor(s): Chris Romano <cdro...@earthlink.net>
Postal: Chris Romano, 15332 Antioch Street #173, Los
Angeles, CA 90272, USA


"There are two kinds of music in this world: the kind that makes you
yawn and the kind that speaks to your inner being. Without getting
metaphysical about it, there is simply great music that moves you:
the combination of sounds that represents your state of mind, your
life experience, and when you hear it you say to yourself, "Aha!
This is what I've been missing!""

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.itp.tsoa.nyu.edu/~student/brendonm/dream1.html
Compuserve: Rocknet forum Library in the Rave section
Email: bqm...@is.nyu.edu (by request; I am not a
Compuserve: 72241,1735
AOL: brendon355

Editor(s): Brendon Macaraeg <bqm...@is.nyu.edu>


"Drum is not an isolated event but an ongoing process."

Format: ASCII text
Note: Apparently defunct.

Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/d/drum
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Drum
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Drum/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/d/drum/

Editor(s): R Patrick Jones


"A punk zine from Lithuania, though nothing about Lithuania inside.
Big interviews with well known European punk commands, demo reviews
and other stuff like this. For punks. If you are one, get it!"

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: approximately 2 per year

Gopher: zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt: DistributedSystems/Alternative_Music_Info/E-zines

Editor(s): JuNe <jur...@zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt>

Edinburgh Samba School Newsletter

"Devoted to the music and culture of samba, Brazilian carnival music,
and to the activities of the Edinburgh samba school."

Frequency: quarterly

Email: i...@spider.co.uk

Editor(s): Ian Heavens <i...@spider.co.uk>

Electric Dreams

"Are you interested in dreams? This may just be the e-zine for you.
From dream sharing to scientific articles to support and discussion
groups, if it is about dreams, we publish it. Most articles are
contributed by our mailing list members. Electric Dream is
distributed though email and available through FTP and America On
Line. See below for access and subscription information"

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: twice monthly

FTP: sppc1952.uwsp.edu
AOL: Keyword: Writers
Select: Writers Club Libraries
Select: Writers Club ezines
Usenet: alt.dreams (monthly advertisement FAQ)
Email: ca...@cassandra.ucr.edu

Editor(s): Catherine Decker <ca...@cassandra.ucr.edu>
Richard C. Wilkerson <RCW...@aol.com> or


the electronic Gourmet Guide (the eGG)

"The eGG is the Internet's first biweekly food and cooking magazine
featuring interviews with chefs and other people in the food
industry, feature articles, food news, cooking tips, new recipes,
regular columnists and the Gourmet Guess food trivia game."

Format: HTML
Frequency: biweekly

WWW: http://www.2way.com/food

Editor(s): Kate Heyhoe <e...@2way.com>


"Digitas' dynamic electronic magazine regarding emerging

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.digitas.org/

Editor(s): Ishir Bhan <ib...@digitas.org>

The Engineer's Forum

"Engineers' Forum is Virginia Tech's student engineering magazine. It
is published four times a year and contains information of general
interest to engineers and other technology oriented individuals."

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www.vt.edu:10021/eng/forum/index.html

Editor(s): John Cole (Editor-in-Chief)
Mike Reese (Editor-in-Chief)
David Kennedy (Internet Editor) <ken...@vt.edu>


"A Web-only magazine/symposium/salon of writing, art, and new media."

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://enterzone.berkeley.edu/enterzone.html
Subscriptions: from Subscription Page:

Editor(s): edi...@enterzone.berkeley.edu
Publisher: Christian Crumlish <xi...@netcom.com>
Associate Editor: Briggs Nisbet
Production Editor: Richard Frankel
Postal: 1017 Bayview Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610-4032, USA


"Envoy is a bi-monthly newsletter for writers, artists, and
booksellers of Central Texas. Contents include release schedules for
upcoming books and other works; event schedules for conventions and
booksignings; and profiles and news about Central Texas writers and

Format: ASCII
Paper (available via paid subscription)
Windows Help
Frequency: bi-monthly
ISSN: 1079-0977

WWW: http://io.com/user/shiva/allston/envoy/
FTP: io.com: /pub/usr/envoy/
GEnie: Page 440 (Writers' Ink), Library 5; Page 470
(Science Fiction Round Table 1), Library 3; Page
472 (Science Fiction Round Table 3), Library 10;
Page 1330 (Romance Exchange), Library 1
Subscriptions: To: majo...@io.com
Text: subscribe envoy-online (followed by an e-mail
address only if you want to receive it at an
address different from the one from which you
sent the subscription request)

Editor(s): Aaron Allston <all...@io.com>
Postal: ENVOY, c/o Aaron Allston, PO Box 564, Round Rock,
TX 78680-0564, USA

The EPIC Alert

"The EPIC Alert, the electronic newsletter of the Electronic Privacy
Information Center in Washington, DC. The focus of the publication
is on privacy in the information age including cryptography, the
NII, medical records, consumer records, national ID cards, and other
privacy issues. EPIC is a project of Computer Professionals for
Social Responsibility and the Fund for Constitutional Government."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: bi-weekly

WWW: http://cpsr.org/cpsr/privacy/epic/current_alert.html
Gopher: cpsr.org: cpsr/alert
gopher.etext.org: CPSR
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/c/cpsr-cpu
FTP: cpsr.org: /cpsr/alert/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/CPSR/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/c/cpsr-cpu/
WAIS: cpsr.org: /cpsr/alert
AOL: Search by keyword EPIC in Computing and Software
(soon to be in CPSR Internet section)
Compuserve: Keyword: NCSA, Library 2 (EPIC/Ethics)
Usenet: comp.society.cpsr.announce
Email: al...@epic.org (for comments only)
Subscriptions: To: list...@cpsr.org
Text: subscribe cpsr-anounce <your name>

Editor(s): Dave Banisar <Ban...@epic.org>
Fax: +1 202 547 5482
Phone: +1 202 544 9240
Postal: EPIC, 666 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #301, Washington, DC
20003, USA

et Cetera -- the zine of everything and nothing

"et Cetera is exactly what it says... "and other things" if i'm not
mistaken. it will conduct interviews on random topics (we'll try to
cover EVERYTHING at least once!), have a lot of feedback and have
some creative writing in the second section of the zine with little
nibblets about the artists... it's fun and serious, mundane and
inspired, pointless and focused... all in one. we'll do everything
about nothing and nothing about everything. it is published and
distributed electronically as often as i can (which may not be very

Format: ASCII
Frequency: varies

WWW: http://www.cs.andrews.edu/~adap/etcetera.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Etcetera
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Etcetera/

Editor(s): Steve Lee (Editor-in-Chief) <le...@andrews.edu>
Edsel Adap (WWW Editor) <ad...@andrews.edu>

The Eternity Articles

"A collection of thoughts on anything and everything. Covers some
emotional ground, and some darker issues. Originally started to go
along with my quote list (which is also at the ftp site) but
hopefully may go beyond that. If you have anything to say, I want to
hear it."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly (end of each month)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/WhyMe
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/WhyMe/
Email: eter...@cyberspace.org

Editor(s): Sanjay Singh <eter...@cyberspace.org>


"An on-line only Music/Movie/Arts magazine for Vancouver, British

Format: HTML

WWW: http://euphony.com/euphony

Editor(s): Colin Smith <csm...@euphony.com>
Brad Pitzel <pit...@euphony.com>


"HyperCard e-zine that covers BMX freestyle (mainly the New England
scene) and music (punk & ska), with color photos & samples."

Format: HyperCard 2.1
Frequency: whenever I have time to do it
Note: email for other FTP sites

FTP: obi.std.com: /obi/Zines/eWire/
AOL: HyperCard stacks
Email: wire...@aol.com

Editor(s): Kieran <wire...@aol.com>


"The magazine of FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), and
EXTRA!Update is its companion newsletter. FAIR is the national media
watch group offering well-documented criticism in an effort to
correct media bias and imbalance. FAIR focuses public awareness on
the narrow corporate bias and their insensitivity to women, labor,
minorities, and other public interest constituencies. FAIR seeks to
invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater media
pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in national

Format: HTML
Frequency: bi-monthly
ISSN: 0895-2310

WWW: http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~mernst/fair/
Gopher: gopher.igc.apc.org: orgs/fair
Subscriptions: To: majo...@igc.apc.org
Text: subscribe fair-l

Editor(s): Jim Naureckas <fa...@igc.apc.org>
Fax: +1 212 727 7668
Phone: +1 212 633 6700
Postal: FAIR/EXTRA!, 130 W. 25th St., New York, NY 10001,


"eye is Toronto's arts newspaper -- with a hard copy circulation of
over 100k. Like the mother of all entertainment weeklies (The
Village Voice), it focuses on music, movies, art, alternative news,

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: every Thursday
ISSN: 1192-6074

WWW: http://www.interlog.com/eye
Gopher: interlog.com
Usenet: eye.*

Editor(s): e...@interlog.com
Fax: +1 416 971 7786

Postal: 57 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2J2

Factsheet Five / Factsheet Five - Electric

"Factsheet Five is the closest thing to a central clearinghouse of
data about the anarchic, decentralized world of self-published
magazines known as zines. We review over 1,200 zines each quarter
(Yow!) in the print version. The reviews are uploaded to the Net and
combined with reviews from a variety of other publications - such as
Bypass, Second Guess, Fucktooth - and random people around the Net.
We encourage *you* to read zines, produce a zine, and send us your
reviews of zines. The files that comprise F5-E are divided into
various categories (Punk, Grrrlz, Politics, Fringe, Queer, Sex,
etc.) and an issue will be over 2 megabytes in size. Each review
gives you the ordering information for the zine as well as our
opinion of the publication."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: quarterly (more or less)
Note: Please send zines to just one address. All reviews
from the paper version show up in the electronic

WWW: http://kzsu.stanford.edu/uwi/f5e/f5e.html
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.etext.org: Factsheet.Five
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/f/f5-e
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Factsheet.Five/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/f/f5-e/
WAIS: nigel.msen.com
The WELL: ???
Usenet: alt.zines
BBS: BBSes around the world
Email: jer...@well.sf.ca.us (email subscriptions as a
last resort)

Editor(s): Jerod Pore <jer...@well.sf.ca.us> (electronic
Seth Friedman (paper version)
Phone: +1 415 668 1781 (paper version *only*)
Postal: Seth Friedman, POB 170099, San Francisco, CA
94117-0099, USA (paper version *only*, especially
Factsheet Five, 1800 Market St., San Francisco, CA
94102, USA (*BOTH* the electronic and paper
versions, or for items that can't be delivered to
a PO box)

Fair Play

"Concerns itself with the JFK assassination. It contains original
research into the case, original fiction and poetry, a few
editorials, links to ftp and gopher sites where users can access JFK
material, plus links to other useful Web sites."

Format: HTML
Frequency: irregularly, approx. every two months

WWW: http://rmii.com/~jkelin/fp.html

Editor(s): John Kelin <jke...@rmii.com>

Fat Nipples

"It could be called a punk zine, but music is rarely discussed.
Politics, feelings and ideas are discussed from a punk perspective.
Basically, it's whatever I'm thinking at the moment, be it funny,
serious, boring, etc. Increases sex drive and disguises the signs of

Format: ASCII text or ZIP file (whatever is preferred)
Frequency: infrequent

ISSN: 1076-8629

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Fat_Nipples
FTP: locust.cic.net: /pub/Zines/Fat_Nipples/
grind.isca.uiowa.edu: /info/journals/fat.nipples/
quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/journals/Fat-Nipples/

Editor(s): Chris Conway <ch...@pluto.njcc.com>
Postal: FN, P.O. Box 2554, Trenton, NJ 08690, USA

the federation flash

"a periodical for masters (Angelic, ET, Human, and other dimensional)
at all stages of awakening. Written by ET walk-ins KenDon and Kumara
to support the Ascension of the Planetary Consciousness. Topics
includes: Unconditional ascension, living a miraculous life, various
types of ascension, walk-ins, fifth-dimensional technologies, light
bodies, enchantment, and much more."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: more or less quarterly

WWW: http://err.ethz.ch/~kiwi/Spirit/starbuilders.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Federation_Flash/fedflsh2.txt
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Federation_Flash/fedflsh2.txt
grind.isca.uiowa.edu: /info/journals/fed.flash/fedflsh2.txt
Usenet: alt.zines (at times)
Subscriptions: To: jal...@gate.net
Text: subscribe

Editor(s): KenDon and Kumara <jal...@gate.net>
Postal: starbuilders, p.o. box 220964, hollywood, fl
33022-0964, usa


"FICTION-ONLINE publishes poetry, short stories (including
short-shorts), serialized novels and plays or excerpts of plays.
Core contributions come from the Northwest Fiction Group, an
affiliate of Washington Independent Writers, but the magazine is an
independent entity and solicits mainstream or genre submissions from
the public."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: bi-monthly

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Fiction_Online
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Fiction_Online
AOL: Writer's Club E-Zines
Email: ngw...@clark.net
Other: Writer's Center (Bethesda, MD, USA)

Editor(s): Bill Ramsay <ngw...@clark.net>
Fax: +1 202 363 0872
Phone: +1 202 244 4578
Postal: 2930 Foxhall Road NW, Washington, DC 20016

Fingal's Cave

"Random bits of interesting pieces from around the cyber-landscape.
Pieces include but aren't limited to poems, commentary, music
reviews, bitches, and any other things of interest."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: varies

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Fingals
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Fingals/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Fingal <Fin...@mcs.com>

First Impressions

"A "reading diary." Comments written after finishing each book that I
I read, sometimes critical, sometimes not."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly (although I don't hold myself to it)

WWW: http://sf.www.lysator.liu.se/sf_archive/sf-texts/First_Impressions/fi.contents.html
Email: wr...@oneworld.owt.com

Editor(s): Glen E. Cox <wr...@oneworld.owt.com>


"FiX is a London-based style and culture zine that'll help you crawl
through the info-quagmire of the mid nineties. No talk of computers
or connectivity here: just bags of interviews, news, reviews and
features. Often quirky, occasionally tacky, always irreverent: FiX
brings you the lowdown on the things that matter -- sex, drugs,
politics, music, art and football -- and serves them up in the
world's widest magazine."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.easynet.co.uk/fix/fix.htm

Editor(s): Ben Edwards, Marian Buckley, Owen Valentine
Pringle, Brad Sidey <F...@sunshyne.demon.co.uk>
Phone: 071 284 0892


"FLUX is a Mac zine which converts to a powerful personal software
development system for budding entrepreneurs and programmers. Also
offers exclusive mailing lists for social/political/computing
activists. Past editorial content has included social impact of a
widely available death control pill, building an ultralight VTOL in
your garage, radical strategies for defending against invasions by
technologically superior aliens, if traditional measures fail, and
predictions for the next 50 years."

Format: HyperCard Player v2.1
Frequency: quarterly

AOL: select "Keyword" in the "Go To" menu, then enter
"filesearch". In the dialog that next appears,
enter "FLUX".

Editor(s): JRSp...@AOL.COM

The Flying Pig

"Everything. Personal opinions, ads."

Frequency: monthly

Editor(s): Jeff Carter <jef...@eis.calstate.edu>

Forcast Fanzine

"This zine is mainly focused on the Hardcore/Punk scene. It includes
interviews with bands, lotsa pictures, sound files and other links."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://info.pitt.edu/~rbast3/

Editor(s): Russell Alexander <rba...@pitt.edu>
Phone: +1 412 648 4186

The Fractured Mirror

"A magazine devoted to electronic "Head Music" ranging from surreal
ambient excursions to thumping techno and everything in between or
slightly to one side! Full of reviews, interviews, competitions,
reader submissions and anything else I have the time to put into it.
All reviews are of latest releases (before the stuff actually
reaches the shops - straight from the record labels themselves) so
everything is up to date."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: fortnightly

WWW: http://www.demon.co.uk/drci/fractured/index.html
Usenet: alt.music.techno
Subscriptions: amb...@vick.demon.co.uk

Editor(s): Gareth Lancaster <amb...@vick.demon.co.uk>


"The e-zine of the French community abroad is now on the Web. Written
by its readers, Frogmag aims at publishing quality articles on any
potentially interesting subject. Its scope ranges from art to
science through literature, history, practical guides... Bonne

WWW: http://www.princeton.edu/Frogmag/
Subscriptions: To: list...@list.cren.net
Body: subscribe frognet your_name

Editor(s): Catherine Dhaussy <dha...@cnam.fr>
Daniel Lellouch (WWW version)


"BITNET fantasy-science fiction fanzine."

Format: ASCII text
Note: Defunct since 1988, replaced by DargonZine

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/FSFNet
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/FSFNet/

Editor(s): "Orny" Liscomb

F.U.C.K. (Fucked Up College Kids)

"You have to read it to believe it."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: sporadic

FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/il/illusion/fuck/
ftp.winternet.net: /users/craigb/fuck/
ftp.fc.net: /pub/deadkat/misc/fuck/

Editor(s): Disorder <jer...@netcom.com>

FUNHOUSE! -- The cyberzine of degenerate pop culture

"Dedicated to whatever happens to be on my mind at the time I'm
writing. The focus will tend to be on those aspects of our
fun-filled world which aren't given the attention of the bland
traditional media, or which have been woefully misinterpreted or
misdiagnosed by the same. FUNHOUSE! is basically a happy place, and
thus the only real criteria I will try to meet is to refrain from
rants, personal attacks, and flames -- and thus FUNHOUSE! is an
apolitical place. Offbeat films, music, literature, and experiences
are largely covered, with the one stipulation that articles are
attempted to be detailed and well documented, although this is no
guarantee of completeness or correctness, so that the interested
reader may further pursue something which may spark her interest."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Funhouse
gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/f/funhouse
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Funhouse/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/f/funhouse/

Editor(s): Jeff Dove <jeff...@well.sf.ca.us>

Game Bytes

"reviews, interviews, reports and actual screen shots from games"

Format: HTML
ASCII text

WWW: http://wcl-rs.bham.ac.uk/GameBytes
Gopher: gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/g/game-bytes
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/g/game-bytes/
ftp.uml.edu: /msdos/Games/Game_Bytes/
wuarchive.wustl.edu: /pub/msdos_uploads/game_byte/
nic.funet.fi: /pub/msdos/games/gamebyte/

Editor(s): Ross Erickson <r...@bangate.compaq.com>


"Aimed at geekgirls or aspiring geekgirls, geekgirl is a quarterly
e-zine also available in hard copy. The editors, rosiex and lisa
pears, interview local and overseas net notables, or let them speak
for themselves. Geekgirl hopes to get the low down on cyberlife &
what it takes to be a geek these days. We also look at the problems
some geekgirls face on-line and the first issue, STICK, Jan, 1995 is
a 24 page first effort. Our WWW site is still under construction but
has become a transit stop for some high-flyers. Stick features, St.
Jude, Sadie Plant, VNS Matrix, we feature Bill Barker (Schwa), Joell
Abbott, plus voices from The Electronic Salon; Dale Spender, Amy
Bruckman, Minh McCloy, Donna Zelzer and others tackle tapioca, high
res sensoriums, the alien species, and a whole lot of hyperthoughts,
plus cryptography and that strange feeling that someone might
actually be conspiring to help you!"

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www.next.com.au/spyfood/geekgirl/
Email: spy...@next.com.au
Subscriptions: spy...@next.com.au

Editor(s): Rosie X <ros...@jolt.mpx.com.au>
Lisa Pears <lpe...@jolt.mpx.com.au>
Phone: 61 2 550677
Postal: po box 694, kings cross, nsw 2011, australia

Georgia Skeptic

"The official publication of the Georgia Skeptics, a local group
which advocates the critical, scientific examination of
extraordinary claims. The _Georgia Skeptic_ newsletter reports on
local (and national) "paranormal" events and publishes the results
of investigations into same. The electronic edition contains the
full text of the printed version."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: quarterly

FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/an/anson/
Subscriptions: To: list...@netcom.com
Text: subscribe georgia-skeptic-newsletter

Editor(s): Rebecca Long <arl...@netcom.com>
Anson Kennedy (Electronic Distribution)

green Cart

"We are a multimedia art magazine networking artists, writers,
musicians and performers around the world. Our web pages are packed
full of interactive art, stories, poetry, comics, reviews, digital
sound and animation clips to entertain any brain! Our viewers can
browse on line through our greencART MALL filled with a variety of
shops and services. Buy art, listen to new releases, book a holiday,
this and much more is all made possible in our international mall."

Format: digital - HTML pages, FTP downloadable articles,
graphics, etc.
print - full color 12" X 9", 38 pages
Frequency: digital - weekly
print - bi-monthly

WWW: http://www.greenCart.com/
FTP: ftp.wimsey.com: /pub/ftpsites/greenCart/cart-download
Email: cart...@greenCart.com

Editor(s): Leah Ferguson <le...@greenCart.com>
Submissions: submi...@greenCart.com
Fax: +1 604 730 9658
Phone: +1 604 730 9643
Postal: the green Cart magazine, 101 - 1076 Richards St.,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6B 3E1
109 - 2182 West 12th avenue, Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada V6K 2N4


"A journal of poetry and experimental fiction."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: irregular

WWW: http://www.phantom.com/~grist
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Poetry/Grist
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Poetry/Grist/
BBS: GRIST (+1 212 787 6562)
Email: gr...@grist.com

Editor(s): John Fowler <fow...@phantom.com>
Postal: GRIST ON-LINE, John Fowler, editor, Columbus Circle
Sta., P.O. Box 20805, New York, NY 10023-1496,


"Guida is free electronic magazine written in Croatian language.
Stuff we cover are: BBS scene, Internet scene, Demo scene, how to
buy and sell hardware, programming (C, assembler, pascal, basic). So
far we wrote about Amiga and PC computers, but we will about Unix
machines, Mac and other machines, too."

Format: AmigaGuide
Frequency: once every three weeks

WWW: http://rasip1.rasip.hr/~chonky/amiga.html
FTP: aris.ffk.hr: /pub/comp/amiga/guida/
FidoNet: SENTINEL 2:381/120

Editor(s): Dalibor S. Kezele <dke...@oleh.srce.hr>
Phone: +385 42 651 567 (ask for Sentinel)
Postal: Dalibor Kezele, Toplicka 127, 42204 Turcin, Croatia

The Hammer

"A personal magazine with artwork and articles done by myself,
friends, and writers from the internet who have contributed. The
magazine itself is basically a libertarian publication with strong
emphasis on privacy, technology, self reliance and know-how on a
variety of subjects that I am interested in."

Format: MS-Windows application (need Windows & sound card)

FTP: ftp.uu.net: /tmp/hammer1k.zip
ftp.uu.net: /tmp/hammer.txt

Editor(s): Ben Vecchio <ben...@inmind.com>


"The electronic magazine of hip-hop music and culture, brought to you
as a service of the Committee of Rap Excellence."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly to 6 weeks

WWW: http://library.uncc.edu/people/chris/1bumper.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/HardCORE
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HardCORE/
Subscriptions: To: list...@vnet.net
Text: subscribe hardcore-l <your e-mail address

Editor(s): Steve "Flash" Juon, Chief Editor and Chief Rocka
David J. Warner, Music Editor, Director of Network
Distribution <dav...@vnet.net>
Chris "Sl...y" Harris, Chief Multimedia Editor, Web
Page Coordination <chha...@email.uncc.edu>
Submissions: juonst...@bvc.edu
Phone: +1 712 749 3109

The Harold Herald

"The Harold Herald is an on-line version of a satirical journal of
the same name that has been published in Portland ME since 1993.
Initially launched to chronical the life of its editor, it has
expanded with the help of additional contributors to cover such
diverse topics as travel, politics, popular culture, and the
irreversible damage done to our society by the unchecked
proliferation of bell-bottomed trousers. Our readers are encouraged
to submit material, which we will publish if we feel like it.""

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: somewhere between quarterly and monthly

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Harold.Herald
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Harold.Herald
Subscriptions: dr...@fas.harvard.edu

Editor(s): Hal Phillips (actual)
Dave Rose <dr...@fas.harvard.edu> (virtual)


Format: Microsoft Help document (can be viewed under
Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and OS/2)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/HeadCheck
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HeadCheck/

Editor(s): Brian Jepson <bje...@ids.net>

Health & Longevity

"It is a free monthly newsletter available in English and, starting
with the January 1995 issue, Spanish. It is written by a

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.sims.net/organizations/naturopath/naturopath.html
Email: natur...@sc.net

Editor(s): natur...@sc.net
Postal: 726 Ralston Ct., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 USA

Helter Skelter

"The digital incarnation of my DC area punkzine with a focus on
politics (usually anarcho/Libertarian) and comment on the dc punk

Format: ASCII
Frequency: approximately monthly

FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HelterSkelter/
BBS: Omniverse BBS (+1 301 718 0225)

Editor(s): Derek Teslik <DTe...@ix.netcom.com>
Postal: Derek Teslik, 3519 Woodbine St., Chevy Chase, MD
20815, USA

Hi-Rez: Electronic Journal for CyberBeatniks

"we BURN in sticky floored 2 in the morning all night coffee houses
ripe with APOCALYPTIC VISIONS and we rave at dawn in crumbling
1700's farmhouses. we sizzle along the asphalt veins lacing the skin
of the nation together in white high-finned cadillacs driven by
madmen. we modulate the very aether itself with ecstatic rf
emanations from beat loft radio studios. We are the
cyber-beatniks...the DANGEROUS NEW ARTISTS..... the TECHNICIANS OF
ECSTASY and we are all ENMESHED IN THE NET stuck together by the
sweet and sticky text characters that form the dimensional glue of
this here cyberspace......... we do not FIT the stereotypes and
posings of pop subcultures: we are the cyber-beatniks and we are
ALONE in our art theater magic alchemy yet we are TOGETHER here. A
loose fuzzy grouping of mad artists and eccentrics who choose to
than be consumed by the "post-apocalyptic angst" of it . A group of
vision-seeking edge dwellers who are equally capable of activating
deep woods ancient genetic codices with shaman rattle and drum!! we
are the cyber-beatniks...CYBER-BEATS! and _HI-REZ_ is a journal for
us of ideas, lives.....VISIONS"

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/HI-REZ
gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HI-REZ/
The WELL: ???
BBS: Terrapin Station (+1 203 656 0134)

Editor(s): Will Longman <sto...@well.sf.ca.us>

Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

"Articles, opinions, reviews, and artwork of a loosely-defined
collection of cranks, weirdos, freaks, net.personalities,
curmudgeons, and anyone else who turns us on at the time. Commentary
on nearly everything, with particular attention to societal decay in
general and mass-media conspiracy programming in particular. Or
anything else we decide to write about, with strong ties to the
finest SubGenius traditions."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.etext.org: Zines/HToMC
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc
FTP: quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/journals/HToMC/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/HToMC/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/h/htomc/
Usenet: alt.slack
BBS: StarFleet (+1 919 954 5028)

Editor(s): Wayne Aiken <sl...@ncsu.edu>
Phone: +1 919 954 5956
Postal: HToMC, PO Box 30904, Raleigh, NC 27622-0904, USA
(hardcopy version available -- free with SASE,
otherwise $1, trade, or "neat stuff")

HYPE Electrazine

"((SOUNDZ)) ((TOONS)) ((UTILS)) (( ?))"

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.phantom.com/~giant/hype.html

Editor(s): <gi...@panix.com> or <gi...@phantom.com>

John Labovitz

Mar 23, 1995, 6:13:31 PM3/23/95

Archive-name: writing/zines/part3
Last-modifed: 95/3/15
Distribution-agent: ldet...@csn.org

(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)


i can't tell you anything

"WWW Home Page of poet Deborah Sellers. Includes audio selection."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.iquest.net/cw/debi/poem.html

Editor(s): deborah sellers <po...@iquest.net>
Phone: +1 317 769 5049


Ideals, Dreams and Hard Facts

"An on-line DISNEY newsletter, offering readers a chance to sound off
on all things DISNEY, including the theme parks, motion picture and
television studios, software, and more. All articles written by
readers, and submissions are more than welcome!"

Format: ASCII
Frequency: bi-monthly, hoping to go monthly by summer

Usenet: rec.arts.disney
Subscriptions: To: sil...@peach.epix.net

Editor(s): Chris Harrower <sil...@peach.epix.net>
Fax: +1 717 560 0680
Phone: +1 717 560 0605 (work #)
Postal: PO Box 233, Ronks, PA 17572, USA

Improvijazzation Nation

"Fave D.I.Y./indie 'zine, used for contact by artists the world

Format: ASCII text (samples)
Frequency: quarterly

Email: dmet...@freenet.scri.fsu.edu

Editor(s): Dick Metcalf aka Rotcod Zzaj
Postal: Dick Metcalf, HQ 19th TAACOM, UNIT 15015, POB 2879,
APO AP 96218-0171, USA

iMpulse Music Journal

"A comprehensive journal of music news, information, and opinion.
iMpulse covers ALL music styles. Monthly contests and extra music
review supplements add to the content. With a staff of journalists
and contributors from around the globe iMpulse brings all the music
to you. Think of it as a music multi-vitamin!"

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly

Note: Submissions are welcomed. Write to editor for
details. iMpulse is still accepting applications
for staff positions. All positions are unpaid
since iMpulse is a volunteer effort.

Gopher: gopher.enews.com: music/impulse
AOL: ???
eWorld: ???
Usenet: alt.zines
Subscriptions: To: imp...@dsigroup.com

Editor(s): Richard F. Crum <rfc...@clark.net>
Roger L. Yee <ry...@dsigroup.com>
Phone: Richard F. Crum M-F EST 202-626-4180
Postal: PO Box 328, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

In, Around and Online

"Summarizes the weekly events in online services industry. It is
geared towards the big consumer services like CompuServe, America
Online, Prodigy, etc. There are also tidbits on new services that
can be found on the net."

Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.clark.net/pub/robert/home.html
FTP: ftp.clark.net: /pub/robert/
Usenet: alt.online-service
Subscriptions: To: list...@clark.net

Editor(s): Robert Seidman <rob...@clark.net>

In Vivo

"General literary magazine. No genre requirements. We are a zine of
quality literary works. We publish mainly fiction and poetry but are
willing to look at anything. How often we publish will depend on how
much good work writers send us."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://freenet3.scri.fsu.edu:81/users/jtillman/titlepage.html
Other: Tallahassee Freenet

Editor(s): James Tillman <jtil...@freenet.fsu.edu>
Phone: +1 904 671 4924
Postal: 2731 Blair Stone Rd., Apt. 178, Tallahassee, FL
32301, USA

The Indie-List Digest

"A twice-weekly digest of writing related to the world of independent
music (i.e. stuff generally not found on major labels or
commercial-alternative radio). Record reviews, live-show reviews,
occasional commentary, entirely reader driven. Be polite and patient
with us; there are no LISTSERVS or major-domos involved in the
creation or distribution of this list."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: twice weekly (usually...)

FTP: ftp.uwp.edu: /music/lists/indie/
www.wit.com: /music/lists/indie/
Subscriptions: gru...@access.digex.net (in plain english)

Editor(s): Eric Sinclair <esin...@indiana.edu>
Anne Zender <aze...@indiana.edu>
Chris Karlof (Archivist) <kar...@seq.uncwil.edu>
Sean Murphy (Mailing Manager)

infoZine (tm)

""Kansas City's Premier Digital Monthly Magazine" -- infoZine will
always bring you articles and cartoons that will enhance your life.
A life that is varied and complex. You don't live in a shell or a
cave where only one topic, one subject, will satisfy you. Your life
is full with the inter-connectivity of the world. Hence, we bring
you infoZine. A magazine for the generalist among us. May it spark
you and your family on to other investigations. Articles, features,
columnist, cartoons, b&w + color photos and graphics. Zcool!"

Format: NeoBook (VGA - 16 colors or better) -
ReadRoom (text version) - "ZINR****.ZIP"
Frequency: by the fifth, monthly

FTP: infozine.fileshop.com: /pub/infozine/
FidoNet: 1:280/9
BBS: The File Shop (+1 913 262 7000)
One CrossRoads Place (+1 913 663 1100)
Sound Advice (+1 816 436 1492)
PCHelp (+1 816 331 4703)
South of the River (+1 913 642 7907)
JCCC (+1 913 469 4401)
Email: info...@fileshop.com

Editor(s): Richard Greene <info...@fileshop.com>
Fax: +1 816 523 2661
Phone: +1 816 523 2661
Postal: P.O. Box 22661, Kansas City, MO 64113-2661, USA

Inquisitor Magazine

"The Inquisitor is an eclectic mix of culture, art and technology.
The premiere issue focuses on: apocalypse culture, low-tech
microcontroller projects, copyright, global telecommunications,
Godzilla, a diary of New York City living, religious tracts and
more. Future issues will look at: Marketing and pop culture,
recursive television, women and language online, low-tech
do-it-yourself media, microcontroller projects, sampling in modern
music, modern music reviews and much more. GUARANTEED 100%

Frequency: quarterly
ISSN: 1076-5492

WWW: http://mosaic.echonyc.com/~xixax/Inquisitor/
Gopher: echonyc.com: Pub/INQ
Other: ECHO: Media and Zines conferences (telnet:

Editor(s): Dany Drennan <inqui...@echonyc.com>
Laurel Sutton <inqui...@echonyc.com>
Fax: +1 212 595 8370
Phone: +1 212 595 8370
Postal: PO Box 132, NYNY 10024, USA

Intelligent Gamer

"Intelligent Gamer is the first national videogame magazine found
ONLY online. We cover all home systems including Nintendo, Sega,
Atari, 3DO and other platforms, arcades, and PC/Mac and other
computer games."

Format: ASCII text with sound and graphics ("Prodigy HTML")
Frequency: new issues released on the 1st and 15th of each
news updates as events warrant

Prodigy: JUMP: TimesLink then select "Under 21" then
"Intelligent Gamer"

Editor(s): Anthony Shubert (Publisher) <zks...@prodigy.com>
Jer Horwitz (Senior Editor) <zks...@prodigy.com>
Tanya Kutasz (Art Director)
Postal: Innovative Creations, 1077 West 30th Street, Los
Angeles, CA 90007, USA

The Interactive Yellow Pages

"An electronic directory of important people around the world with
special offers for users."

Format: Windows Help file
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.netcenter.com/
FTP: garnet.msen.com: /pub/vendor/lighthouse/
AOL: Windows Library, Reference section
Compuserve: WINSHARE FORUM, Lib 10, Yellowsx.zip (x denotes
latest version number)

Editor(s): Mike Mathiesen, Lighthouse Productions


"An electronic literary magazine dedicated to exploring the
relationship between poetry and electronic media. inter\face looks
forward at the future of poetry through the acceptance, knowledge,
and utilization of the ideas of past and present. inter\face is
about language and writing, not computers."

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://cscmosiac.albany.edu/~interfac
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Interface
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/archive/alphabetic/i/interface
wings.buffalo.edu: internet/library/e-journals/ub/rift/journals/list/interface
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Interface/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/archive/alphabetic/i/interface/
AOL: Select keyword: PDA; Select: Palmtop Paperbacks;
Select: Electronic Articles and Newsletters
Subscriptions: inte...@cnsunix.albany.edu (real person, not

Editor(s): Benjamin Henry <inte...@cnsunix.albany.edu>
Submissions: inte...@cnsunix.albany.edu

InterFace Magazine

"The magazine featuring 'creative' use of computers & technology.
Intelligent reading material. Famous writers, Great Graphics,
Stories for downloading, Columns, Articles, Interviews, and a bunch
more cool stuff."

Format: HTML
Frequency: bimonthly
Note: We publish hard copy too, 5000 per issue. Into our
second year. Writer's guidelines and digital
requirements online. Always open to submissions
from writers and artists.

WWW: http://vvv.com/interface/
Email: inte...@vvv.com

Editor(s): Robert McCourty <inte...@vvv.com>
Phone: +1 604 595 3992
Postal: 3341 Keats Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8P 4B2

International TeleTimes

"International Teletimes is a general interest magazine. Each issue
contains a new feature. These themes tend to be quite broad and are
of international interest. There are several regular columns such as
The Keepers of Light (photography), The Wine Enthusiast, The Latin
Quarter (articles from and concerning Central America) and Deja Vu
(articles pertaining to past themes). Teletimes has contributors
from all around the world but is constantly looking for additional
staff members. If you are interested, please e-mail the editor."

Format: ASCII text
World Wide Web

Frequency: 6 issues/year

WWW: http://www.wimsey.com/teletimes/teletimes_home_page.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Intl_Teletimes
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /Zines/Intl_Teletimes/
sumex-aim.stanford.edu: /info-mac/per/tele/
BBS: OneNet (network of FirstClass BBSes)

Editor(s): Ian Wojtowicz <edi...@teletimes.com>
Postal: International TeleTimes, 3938 West 30th Ave.,
Vancouver, BC, V6S 1X3, Canada

The Internet Business Journal

"The Internet Business Journal is dedicated to documenting innovative
uses of the Internet by entrepreneurs in all commercial sectors.
Stay informed of commercial services and products on the Internet,
small and large business use of the Internet, and resources for the
virtual business community."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: 12 issues/year

WWW: http://www.phoenix.ca/sie
Gopher: gopher.fonorola.net: Internet Business Journal
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/i/internet-business-journal
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /e-serials/alphabetic/i/internet-business-journal/
ftp.fonorola.net: /Internet Business Journal/

Editor(s): Aneurin Bosley <edi...@strangelove.com>
Fax: +1 613 569 4433
Phone: +1 613 565 0982
Postal: Strangelove Internet Enterprises, 208 Somerset
Street East, Suite A, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1N


"InterText is a fiction magazine printing stories in all genres from
mainstream to science fiction. It's read by thousands of subscribers
on six continents, and has been published since March 1991."

Format: ASCII text
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Frequency: bi-monthly
ISSN: 1071-7676

WWW: http://www.etext.org/Zines/InterText/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/InterText
FTP: network.ucsd.edu: /intertext/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/InterText/
AOL: Keyword: PDA (Palmtop Paperbacks -> EZines ->
eWorld: in ZiffNet Software Library (Keyword: ZIFFNET), in
Software Central/Electronic
Publications/Additional Publications
Compuserve: Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Zines from the
Net" section, accessible by typing "GO EFFSIG"
Email: inte...@etext.org

Editor(s): Jason Snell <jsn...@etext.org>
Geoff Duncan <gadu...@halcyon.com> (assistant
Susan Grossman c/o <inte...@etext.org> (assistant


"Punk rawwwk, technology, and the DIY effort unite into one tasty and
scrumptious package with articles, audio samples, links to other
punk rawwkers on the WWW, as well as an opportunity to get a few
freebies if I have any in stock... Tools also available for live,
real-time Internet audio and video conferencing! Go ahead... You
know, deep in your heart -- YOU'RE a NRRRD!"

Format: HTML
Frequency: Whenever I Can Get Spare Time(tm)

WWW: http://www.etext.org/Zines/Intrrr.Nrrrd/intrrr.html

Editor(s): Bri Cors <cors...@student.msu.edu>
Phone: +1 517 333 3560
Postal: 220 Charles #2, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA


"I/O/D is a new interactive multi-media e-zine. Distributed free over
the networks, small and perfectly deformed it creates high density
chaos in a confined space. I/O/D investigates traces of linearity,
anti-linearity and straight talking by ex-humans who: Destroy
dogmatic language systems on a regular basis. Produce mind-curdling
animations or quick time movies. Make unearthly noises, loops,
samples. Rant like old testament prophets with bio-electrical

Format: Macromind Directory (BinHexed self-extracting

Email: ifgra...@gn.apc.org

Editor(s): Simon Pope, Colin Green, Matthew Fuller
Postal: I/O/D, BM Jed, London, WC1N 3XX, UK

It'sNEW! Magazine

"A new, high quality, color magazine about inventions, trends and
innovative new products. Premier issue, available worldwide Feb 21,
1995, contains over 200 new products and ideas. The interactive
on-line version includes selected articles and solicits reader
inputs for the "Why don't they make ..." page."

Frequency: bi-monthly

WWW: http://www.cts.com/~itsnew
Subscriptions: its...@cts.com

Editor(s): Ian McLean <its...@cts.com>
Submissions: its...@cts.com
Fax: +1 619 278 9081
Phone: 800 333 9345 (USA)
800 786 7115 (Can)
+1 619 278 9080
Postal: Sunshine Publishing Company, Inc., 7060 Convoy
Court, San Diego, CA 92111


"JASBITS reports on all aspects of net.culture, in a generally
humorous context. Also included are tips on where to get "Cool
Things," such as software, images, and info files. Each issue is
"illustrated" throughout, using ASCII art created by featured

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: irregularly, every three months

Subscriptions: To: jsqu...@cerf.net
Text: <your email address>

Editor(s): James A. Squires <jsqu...@cerf.net>

The Journal of American Underground Computing

"The ultimate newsworthy underground publication covering topics such
as hacking, security, legal issues, and world-wide networking. We
also cover book reviews, cutting-edge technology, editorials,
advertising, and much, much more!"

Format: ASCII
Frequency: quarterly (January, April, July, October)
ISSN: 1074-3111

FTP: gopher.etext.org: Zines/JAUC
ftp.fc.net: /pub/tjoauc/
Email: in...@fennec.com (general info)
Subscriptions: s...@fennec.com

Editor(s): Scott Davis (Editor in Chief)
Max Mednick (Co-Editor) <kah...@freeside.fc.net>
Submissions: sub...@fennec.com
Postal: 10111 N. Lamar #25, Austin, Texas 78753, USA

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

"The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is the first academic journal devoted
entirely to Buddhist ethics, and is innovative in adopting a totally
electronic mode of publication. In most other respects, however, it
will function as a traditional scholarly journal. Research papers
and discussion articles submitted to the journal will be subject to
blind peer review."

Format: ASCII text
World Wide Web

Frequency: continuous
ISSN: 1076-9005

WWW: http://www.cac.psu.edu/jbe/jbe.html
FTP: ftp.cac.psu.edu: /pub/jbe/
ftp.gold.ac.uk: /pub/jbe/
coombs.anu.edu.au: /coombspapers/otherarchives/electronic-buddhist-archives/buddhism-general/e-journals/jbe
Email: jbe...@psu.edu (editors)
jb...@psuvm.psu.edu (listserv)

Editor(s): Damien Keown <d.k...@gold.ac.uk>
Charles S. Prebish <cs...@psuvm.psu.edu>
Wayne R. Husted <wr...@psu.edu>

The Journal of Onestar

"An ORIGINAL humor/satire publication published weekly from the
offices of Onestar Central. Considered by some to be a cross between
an on-line sit com and cutting edge sarcasm, the Journal offers
something for everyone. Each weekly issue is mailed out in five
sections, NOTES FROM THE PUBLISHER (whatever he may be thinking of
that week), THE MISTER HOCKEY SECTION (sports, sex and the
occasional top ten list), ENTERTAINMENT REPORT (featuring Adam
Richter, e-mail's version of Dave Barry), SPECIAK K (Kelly and Kim,
providing a woman's touch to an overly testosterone-laden
publication), and THE BARD REPORT (thoughtful, insightful and
sometimes controversial, but always funny.)"

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: weekly

Email: one...@vms.cis.pitt.edu #%www

Editor(s): Eric F. Schetley <one...@vms.cis.pitt.edu>

The Journal of the PK Institute for Information Engineering

"A gaming related 'zine dedicated mostly to GURPS. (HTML version of
the paper version printed in "All of the Above".)"

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://http2.sils.umich.edu/~superman/jpkinst.html

Editor(s): David S. Carter <david.s...@umich.edu>
Phone: +1 313 663 7413


"A prototype ASCII-illustrated personal best-of-Netnews zine,
including net culture and kooks, conspiracy, Macintoshes, and other

Format: ASCII text and graphics
Frequency: infrequent, at this point

FTP: ftp.mcs.com: /mcsnet.users/jorn/keepers/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Jorn Barger <jo...@mcs.com>


"KNKKK is a part of KNK project, originally -- paper zine in English
about Lithuania (and our neighbouring countries)
underground/alternative/punk scene. Here you can find Lithuanian
scene report, interviews with local groups, info about Latvia's
underground, and LITHUANIAN BEER report. All in all punk zine's
elektirc version (quite interesting and funny)."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: no one knows

Gopher: zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt: DistributedSystems/Alternative_Music_Info/E-zines

Editor(s): JuNe <jur...@zalgiris.pit.ktu.lt> (contact)

Postal: Sarunas Karalius, P.O. Box 114, 3005 Kaunas,


"Kyosaku (n.) -- The stick that Zen masters use to whup their
students upside the head, sending them on the path to higher
consciousness. This magazine is dedicated to endangered concepts.
These concepts are: humor, art, philosophy, the quest for higher
consciousness, uncalled-for-absurdity in the face of pessimism, and

Format: HTML
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www.cs.oberlin.edu/students/djacobs/kyo/kyomain.html

Editor(s): David Jacobs <dja...@cs.oberlin.edu>
Michael Janssen <jans...@wfu.edu>
Jim McNamee <rg949...@vax1.may.ie>
Sudama Rice <sar...@hamp.hampshire.edu>
Derek Kershaw <dpk...@mail.wm.edu>


The Lady in the Radiator Online

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://nyx10.cs.du.edu:8001/~jrasmuss

Editor(s): John Rasmussen <jras...@nyx10.cs.du.edu>

Late Show News

"News and opinions about the late-night talk show industry, with
special emphasis on _Late Show with David Letterman_. Complete guest
listings for upcoming shows of all the big talkers."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: every Tuesday

WWW: http://www.cen.uiuc.edu/~jl8287/late.news.html
Gopher: echonyc.com: Pub/LSN
The WELL: topic 648 in the tv conference (g tv)
Usenet: alt.fan.letterman
Subscriptions: To: list...@echonyc.com
Text: subscribe late-show-news Your Name

Editor(s): Aaron Barnhart <barn...@echonyc.com>

LIMINAL -- Liminal Explorations

"LIMINAL seeks to apply new inter and transdisciplinary methods,
theories, ideas, concepts, and approaches to the study of cultural
phenomena as well as the inventive application of existing
approaches. The term 'cultural phenomena' is taken to mean, but not
limited to meaning: 1) an activity engaged in by humans as members
of a social network, 2) the product(s) of such engagement(s), 3) the
motivators of such activities or engagements, 4) the functioning of
such social networks themselves."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Liminal
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/l/liminal
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Liminal/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/l/liminal/

Editor(s): <swi...@andy.bgsu.edu>
Postal: The Liminal Group, Box 154, BGSU, Bowling Green, OH
43403, USA

Line Noiz

"Line Noiz publishes cyberpunk sci-fi, cyberpunk related articles and
news from the net."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: bi-weekly (irregular)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Linenoiz
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Linenoiz/
AOL: ???
Usenet: alt.cyberpunk
Subscriptions: To: dod...@fubar.bk.psu.edu
Text: Subscription LineNoiz <your address>

Editor(s): Billy Biggs <ae...@freenet.carleton.ca>


"LiNK is a commentary electronic magazine filled with articles that
are informative and interesting. Some articles will cause debates,
others will make you say "Hmm, I didn't know that" and still others
will simply make you laugh. If you're looking for something that is
generally entertaining LiNK is the zine for you!"

Format: ASCII
LiNK DOS viewer
Frequency: 1st of every month

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/LiNK
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/LiNK/
FidoNet: 1:250/808
BBS: The Intoxicated BBS +1 416 663 7044
Subscriptions: li...@tor250.org (state whether plain ASCII or
LiNK's DOS viewer is desired)

Editor(s): Mark Bylok <m...@tor250.org>
Fax: +1 416 663 4113


"THE LION Online is a text version of The Lion Sleeps, a print
fanzine for fans of the Canadian professional figure skater Brian
Orser. Published since 1989, The Lion Sleeps (and, as of June/July
1994, THE LION Online) contains news and information on Brian
Orser's career, where he is performing and can be seen on
television, as well as reviews of shows (both live and televised) in
which Brian performs, interviews with Brian, letter column,
editorials, and a buy-sell-swap-items-and-find-pen (or e-)-pals
column. The e-zine includes everything but the photos. Contributions
by readers are welcomed. Send email for more info on the printed

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: whenever the situation warrants

Email: tam...@rit.edu

Editor(s): Trudi Marrapodi <MARRAP...@a1.rit.edu>


"Lumpen magazine is a Chicago-based 52 page 20,000 circulation
publication. The next issue will be its 26th monthly printing.
Topics covered in recent issues have been: Paranoia, survival, and
sex. Along with each issue's theme articles, are a series of regular
columns. Two of these are Uncommon Sense, written by Edward McNamara
which offers an uncommon, yet logical view of current issues, and
Full Count, Mike Genet, is a political column from a
liberal/progressive viewpoint. With the capabilities of the WWW,
Lumpen staff have created a highly graphic, hypertext version of
their urban mag."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.interaccess.com/users/edmc/lumptime

Editor(s): Chris Molnar, Leslie Stella, and Ed Marzewski
Edward McNamara <ed...@interaccess.com> (Web Editor)
Fax: +1 312 227 2072
Phone: +1 312 227 2072
Postal: Lumpen, 2558 West Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647,

Mac Net Journal

"An interactive zine for Macintosh users who want to make the most of
their net-use, downloads, and Macintosh computers. MNJ deals with
any number of issues and topics from software reviews to general
trends in computing. We try to stay away from reviews of commercial
soft and hardware, preferring instead to try to show users how to
make the most of freeware and shareware. It is written for the
average, everyday Macintosh user (but we welcome Techies). MNJ is a
combination of text, sound, graphics, and anything else you might
want. The web version of Mac Net Journal, Mac Net Journal Online, is
somewhat different from the downloadable version. You may want to
try both. Subscriptions are free."

Format: DOCMaker (Macintosh application)
Frequency: biweekly

WWW: http://www.netaxs.com/~aaron/
FTP: ftp.netaxs.com: /pub/
AOL: Search software files for "Mac Net Journal" or
"MNJ" to find issues
eWorld: Use shortcut "Shareware"; the library path is
Software Central / Electronic Publications /
Additional Publications
Compuserve: Use "Go Downtech" to access ZiffNet/Mac's forum or
use "Go MACCOMM" to visit Macintosh Apple Users
Group's communication's forum (look in library 14
- Mac Internet stuff)
Subscriptions: aa...@netaxs.com

Editor(s): Aaron Anderson <aa...@netaxs.com>

Mac Star Digest

"Mac Star Digest is a Macintosh-based electronic publication
dedicated to Science Fiction and other futuristic themes. The eZine
covers many aspects of SF literature, including reviews, commentary,
currents, fiction and humor. MSD is a contributor-based publication,
and the Editor welcomes submissions of original written work or

Format: Macintosh DOCMaker (stand-alone document)
Frequency: bi-monthly, on even-numbered months

AOL: Macintosh Desktop Publishing Forum, keyword "MDP"
Macworld Online Forum, keyword "Macworld"
OMNI Forum, keyword "OMNI"
eWorld: Community Center's Trading Posts
SF, Fantasy & Horror Forum

Editor(s): Marton F. Carungay <mar...@aol.com>


"Mac*Chat is a free electronic newsletter biased toward Mac users who
are production-oriented professionals. It is written in a friendly,
non-technical manner, and covers many wide-ranging topics. It
includes many step-by-step tutorials, opinions and alerts. It's very
different from the rest of the Mac newsletters!"

Frequency: weekly

Subscriptions: To: list...@vm.temple.edu
Text: SUBSCRIBE MACCHAT <Your full name>

Editor(s): Tony Lindsey <xxl...@cts.com>

Mary Jane

"The Mary Jane E-Zine is dedicated to the worldwide cannabis culture.
We encourage the stoners of the world to leap from their smokey
closets and unite in a digital revolution! Log In...Light
Up...and...Drop OUT!"

Format: ASCII
Frequency: bi-monthly(ish)

WWW: http://www.paranoia.com/maryjane/
FTP: ftp.paranoia.com: /pub/maryjane/
Usenet: alt.drugs
Subscriptions: To: stash-...@paranoia.com; Text: Subscribe

Editor(s): Damian Caynes (aka Info Freako)
Submissions: fre...@suburbia.apana.org.au

Media 3

"Media 3 is the Media education resource magazine from Melbourne's
(Australia) Deakin University Rusden Campus."

Format: HTML
Frequency: 2 yearly (we hope)

WWW: http://www.deakin.edu.au/arts/VPMA/Media3.html

Editor(s): Peter Grennaway <gre...@deakin.edu.au>


"Meeker is a ZINE for the younger people who use the Internet, it is
yet another techno-zine. What is discussed is mainly the Internet,
and other technology/computers. We review sites, of interest files,
etc. We have sections for you to write in, and for your articles if
you want to submit them. We think that we are different from the
others since we cover cooler issues. We cover everything from art,
to hacking."

WWW: http://www.winternet.com/~chada/meeker.html
FTP: ftp.winternet.com: /users/chada/meeker/
Subscriptions: To: ch...@bitstream.mpls.mn.us
Subject: subscribe
Text: name and email address

Editor(s): chad <ch...@bitstream.mpls.mn.us>


"MELVIN is written by the staff of THE ONION at the U of Illinois, a
publication called "...the funniest, wittiest, and most clever prose
around" by MTV's Jon E. Ten Eyck. MELVIN's outrageous humor and
clever entertainment features make it everything a wonderful WWW
magazine should be."

Format: HTML
Frequency: bi-weekly

WWW: http://www.melvin.com

Editor(s): Matt Nolker (Editor-in-Chief)
Fax: +1 217 355 5032
Phone: 1 800 3MELVIN
Postal: 41 E. University Avenue, Suite 201, Champaign, IL
61820, USA

Meta Magazine

"Covers issues of particular interest to the net community, including
but not limited to: cryptography, electronic publishing, free
software development, intellectual property, internet
commercialization, privacy and virtual communities."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

FTP: ftp.netcom.com: /pub/mlinksva/meta.html
Email: <mlin...@netcom.com> (subject "sendinfo")

Editor(s): Mike Linksvayer <mlin...@netcom.com>
Fax: +1 415 327 7629
Phone: +1 415 431 0775
Postal: Meta Magazine, 1800 Market #31, San Francisco, CA
94102, USA

the mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR")

"Publishes news about overly stimulating research and ideas.
Specifically: A) Haphazardly selected superficial (but advanced!)
extracts of research news and satire from the The Annals of
Improbable Research. B) News about the annual Ig Nobel Prize
ceremony. Ig Nobel Prizes honor "achievements that cannot or should
not be reproduced." A public ceremony is held at MIT, in Cambridge
Massachusetts, every autumn. The ceremony is sponsored jointly by
AIR and by the MIT Museum. C) News about other science humor
activities conducted by the MIT Museum and AIR."

Format: ASCII text
ISSN: 1076-500X

Usenet: clari.feature.imprb_research
Subscriptions: To: LIST...@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
Text: SUBSCRIBE MINI-AIR <your name>

Editor(s): Marc Abrahams <a...@mit.edu>
Fax: +1 (617) 253-8994
Phone: +1 (617) 253-8329
Postal: The Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), c/o The
MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA
02139, USA

The Miniatures Page

"The Miniatures Page is dedicated to miniature wargaming in all
periods: historical, fantasy, science fiction and silly; ground or
naval; all figure scales; from grand-tactical to skirmish level."

Format: World Wide Web
Frequency: continuous (Check "What's New" to find the latest

WWW: http://biochem.dental.upenn.edu/Mosaic/bill/tmp.html

Editor(s): Bill Armintrout <barm...@origin.ea.com>

The Mini-Journal of Irreproducible Results ("mini-JIR")

"Publishes news about overly stimulating research and ideas.
Specifically: A) Haphazardly selected superficial (but advanced!)
extracts of research news and satire from the Journal of
Irreproducible Results (JIR). B) News about the annual Ig Nobel
Prize ceremony. Ig Nobel Prizes honor "achievements that cannot or
should not be reproduced." A public ceremony is held at MIT, in
Cambridge Massachusetts, every autumn. The ceremony is sponsored
jointly by JIR and by the MIT Museum. C) News about other science
humor activities conducted by the MIT Museum and JIR."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/j/jir
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/j/jir/
Subscriptions: To: LIST...@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
Text: SUBSCRIBE MINI-JIR <your name>

Editor(s): Marc Abrahams
Phone: +1 617 491 4437
Postal: The Journal of Irreproducible Results, c/o Wisdom
Simulators, P.O. Box 380853, Cambridge, MA,
02238, USA

The Minnesota Online Press

"A hypertext publication by University of Minnesota Students from the
English, IT, Journalism, Philosophy, and CSCL departments. Sections
include World News, Bits and Bytes, Features, Prose and Poetry,
Variety, and Editorials and Opinions.""

Format: HTML
Frequency: every two weeks

WWW: http://www.umn.edu/nlhome/g357/rebh0001/Online/online.html

Editor(s): Adam Rebholz (Editor-in-Chief)
Vincent Hopwood (Executive Editor, Public
Relations) <hopw...@gold.tc.umn.edu>

The Morpo Review

"How about Sonnets to Captain Kangaroo, free-verse ruminations
comparing plastic lawn ornaments to _Love Boat_ or nearly anything
with cows in it. No, not cute, Smurfy little "ha ha" ditties -- back
reality into a corner and snarl! Some good examples are "Oatmeal" by
Galway Kinnell, "A Supermarket In California" by Allen Ginsberg, or
the 6th section of Wallace Stevens' "Six Significant Landscapes.""

Format: ASCII text
Reading Room (DOS)

WWW: http://morpo.creighton.edu/morpo/
Gopher: morpo.creighton.edu: The.Morpo.Review
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Morpo.Review
FTP: morpo.creighton.edu: /pub/zines/morpo/
ftp.etext.org: /Zines/Morpo.Review/
AOL: use Keyword PDA, then select "Palmtop Paperbacks",
"EZine Libraries", "Writing", "More Writing"
BBS: The Outlands (Ketchikan, Alaska, USA) (+1
907-247-1219, +1 907-225-1219, +1 907-225-1220)
[The home BBS system for the ReadRoom BBS Door
format. You can download the IBM-PC/DOS ReadRoom
version here, as well as read it interactively
on-line via the ReadRoom door installed on the
The Myths and Legends of Levania (Council Bluffs,
Iowa, USA) (+1 712-325-8867) [Located in the
heart of the original Morpo and, in fact, is a
direct descendant of the original _The Land of
Morpo_ Bulletin Board System. You can download
both the IBM-PC/DOS ReadRoom versions and ASCII
text versions of _TMR_ here.]
Alliance Communications (Minnesota, USA) (+1 612
251 8596)
Email: li...@morpo.creighton.edu (send the message "get
morpo morpo.index" and you will receive
instructions on how to use our email archive
server to retrieve ASCII versions of _The Morpo
morpo-c...@morpo.creighton.edu (comments)
morpo-...@morpo.creighton.edu (all the editors
at once)
Subscriptions: morpo-...@morpo.creighton.edu

Editor(s): Robert Fulkerson <rf...@creighton.edu>
Matthew Mason <mtm...@morpo.creighton.edu>
Submissions: morpo-su...@morpo.creighton.edu

Mother Jones

"Mother Jones is a magazine of investigation and ideas for
independent thinkers. Provocative and unexpected articles inform
readers and inspire action toward positive social change. Colorful
and personal, Mother Jones challenges conventional wisdom, exposes
abuses of power, helps redefine stubborn problems and offers fresh

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.mojones.com/motherjones.html
Gopher: gopher.mojones.com

Editor(s): Jeffrey Klein
Postal: Mother Jones, 731 Market St., Suite 600, San
Francisco, CA 94103, USA

My Screws Aren't Loose -- I'm Just Wired a Bit Different

"This is the flotsam and jetsam of my mind. What's it like inside my
mind? Perhaps you should know before you proceed. "It's like living
inside a haunted house." [a science fiction author character in some
science fiction novel; names temporarily forgotten] "Sometimes I
give myself the creeps!" [Greenday] These writings range from the
cream of the crop to the dregs. Some are serious, some are insane,
some are pretentious, and three have been arrested in various states
as toxic waste. Some are in horrid taste."

Format: HTML
Frequency: This is an e-book, not really an e-zine, but it's
growing. Check it every other week or so for new

WWW: http://www.pencom.com/~meo/WiredDiff/contents.html

Editor(s): Miles O'Neal <m...@rru.com>

Nadine Magazine

"The magazine that wishes it were a band."

Frequency: six times per year from September to May

WWW: http://www.cis.yale.edu/~tpole/nadine/home_page.html

Editor(s): Matt Snow <sn...@minerva.cis.yale.edu>
Scott Hutson <Hut...@minerva.cis.yale.edu>
Phone: +1 203 432 2978 (Matt Snow)
Postal: P.O. Box 202365, New Haven, CT 06520, USA

National Computer Tectonics

"Computer magazine aimed at small and home office users. In depth
coverage of desktop publishing, graphics, CAD, fax, communications,
electronic document preparation, multimedia. Online ads with online
purchasing available. Over 400 pages of news and reviews."

Format: World Wide Web
Frequency: continuously updated (almost daily)

WWW: http://www.awa.com/nct/

Editor(s): Bruce Morris (Editor in Chief) <bmo...@usit.net>
Fax: +1 615 376 4879
Phone: +1 615 376 6806
Postal: 451 Blackburn Lane, Lenoir City, TN 37771, USA

NBK Fan Club

"Announcing the arrival of the "Totally Unofficial, Official NBK Fan
Club." Yes, your name was picked by Woody Harrelson and Juliette
Lewis (well, maybe) as one of the rare few who actually enjoyed
NBK!! And what does this mean to you, of discriminating taste? Why
it means that you can share your views of the whole M&M, NBK world
with others of your kind!! Ok, so you might have to wait for your
cool membership card and all, but this is the place to disseminate
all the NBK news that you run across and would like to share."

FTP: ftp.shore.net: /members/eskwired/NBK/

Editor(s): Spy...@delphi.com

NCSA Access Online

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/Pubs/access/accessDir.html

The Neon Gargoyle Gazette

"The goal of this magazine is to enlighten the public at large about
the world of horror from the tiny details of splatter to the grand
sweeping theories of hidden psychological appeal. The GARGOYLE
contains discussion forums on horror in all its forms. History, art,
poetry, biography, modern cinema, professional make-up techniques,
and horror productions both present and past are all examined here,
as well as a trivia Q&A section."

Format: ASCII text

Usenet: alt.horror
Other: Cleveland Free-Net Community Computer System (+1
216 368 3888 or IP address, once
logged in type "GO HORROR"

Editor(s): Dan Krumlauf <aa...@po.cwru.edu>
Phone: +1 216 491 4616


"Nordic Electronic Science Fiction Address Directory (NESFAD) is a
list of E-addresses to sf fans in the Nordic area (Denmark, Finland,
Iceland, Norway and Sweden), with a news section in the beginning of
each issue, e.g. listing the local sf conventions. The latest NESFAD
had close to 300 addresses. The language is English. NESFAD isn't on
a mailserver yet. To subscribe write to one of the editors and say
that you want it."

Format: ASCII text
ISO-LATIN-1 text
Frequency: approximately quarterly

BBS: SF-BBS (+46 8 642 40 77)
Subscriptions: broi...@abo.fi

Editor(s): Ben Roimola <broi...@abo.fi>
Phone: +46 8 641 34 05 (Ahrvid)
Postal: Ahrvid Engholm, Renstiernas Gata 29, S-116 31
Stockholm, Sweden
Ben Roimola, Puistokatu 15 b A 5, FIN-20100 Turku,

Netsurfer Digest

"Netsurfer Digest brings an entertaining and informative slice of the
rapidly expanding online world to its readers. Sections include
Surfing Sites, News, Arts, Travel, Software, Books, Community
Support, and others. It is delivered via email in text and HTML
versions, and is also available on the Netsurfer WWW server. Special
feature issues, e.g., WWW sites for Christmas Shopping, Macintosh
special edition, are published periodically. Netsurfer Digest is
available for free to the online community. It is supported by
sponsors and advertisers who appreciate the direct connection to
their customers. Commercial material is packaged in a separate
mailing titled Netsurfer Marketplace."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.netsurf.com/nsd/index.html
FTP: ftp.netsurf.com: /pub/nsd
Subscriptions: Web: http://www.netsurf.com/nsd/subscribe.html
To: nsdigest...@netsurf.com
Text: subscribe nsdigest-text (to receive text
Text: subscribe nsdigest-html (to receive HTML

Editor(s): Arthur Bebak <art...@msm.com>
Fax: +1 408 249 6346
Phone: +1 408 249 6346
Postal: Netsurfer Communications, Inc., 333 Cobalt Way,
Suite 107, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA

The Network Observer

"The Network Observer (TNO) is a free monthly on-line newsletter
about networks and democracy. It includes brief articles by the
editor and others about community networking, the social aspects of
cyberspace, networks and markets, and privacy issues. It also
includes several monthly departments: recommended books on a wide
variety of topics, a brief description of an interesting company,
and a batch of pointers to interesting stuff on the net."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://communication.ucsd.edu/pagre/tno.html
Subscriptions: It is not possible to subscribe directly to TNO. It
is, however, distributed through a mailing list
called RRE, to which the editor forwards whatever
he happens to find interesting on the net (five
or so messages a week). For information, send
email to rre-r...@weber.ucsd.edu with the
subject "help". You can receive a list of
archived articles by sending to the same address
with the subject "archive send index".

Editor(s): Phil Agre <pa...@ucsd.edu>
Fax: +1 619 534 7315
Phone: +1 619 534 6328

NMC Magazine

"Electronic version of the print magazine containing fiction, poetry,
features, and fine art/photography from the students of Northwestern
Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan."

Format: HTML
Frequency: 2-3/year

WWW: http://leo.nmc.edu/nmcmag/nmcezin.htm

Editor(s): James D. Nelson <ai...@leo.nmc.edu> (WWW

Notes from the Windowsill

"Reviews of new and reprinted children's books (picture books through
young adult). Our goal is to provide honest, informative reviews
that will help parents and educators find the best, most enjoyable
books. We also publish a non-electronic journal for children's
literarure enthusiasts interested in older books."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: irregular, approximately 10 issues/month
ISSN: 1078-8697

WWW: www http://www.armory.com/~web/notes.html
Gopher: lib.nmsu.edu: .subjects/Education/.childlit/.reviews/.notes
FTP: deeptht.armory.com: /pub/user/web/
AOL: Keyword: PDA; Select: Palmtop Paperbacks; Select:
Electronic Articles & Newsletters
Usenet: rec.arts.books.childrens
Email: "kidsbooks" mailing list
(kidsbook...@armory.com to join; please
include full email address in message)

Editor(s): Wendy E. Betts <w...@armory.com>
Evan A.C. Hunt
Submissions: w...@armory.com
Postal: P.O. Box 401, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0401, USA

Notes of a Dirty Old Woman

"A weekly column that'll gradually, graphically assemble a
semi-literary map of the coptic, neo-goth city of Coven Pride. It's
all about love, labor, and traversing ones days over a landscape of
pain. It lets in unsolicited submissions and keeps out only academes
and homophobes.""

Frequency: weekly installments

WWW: http://www.brown.edu/Departments/MCM/Rabyd/Vera_Rabyd_814.html
Email: ra...@brownvm.brown.edu (Vera's nephew)

Editor(s): Vera Rabyd


"NutWorks was a humor 'zine from the early days of BITNET and
reflects the student-oriented humor of the time. Some good sources
for articles, jokes and original material though. Should be in
collectors' archives."

Format: ASCII text
Note: now ceased, this is all that there was, vols

WWW: http://curia.ucc.ie/info/net/mags/
Gopher: gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/n/nutworks
FTP: curia.ucc.ie: /pub/mags/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/n/nutworks/


"A hypermedia magazine of art and literature. It is our intention
that the artistic works in NWHQ can be ultimately "grown" into a
network of novel-length literature. As it is not a paper publication
we do not want to approach it as such; instead of a product, it is a
process. It changes and shifts over time, a labyrinth in progress.
Not everything is accessible from the front/homepage. Individual
writers may grow their works, others may dissappear."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/

Editor(s): Elizabeth Fischer <NW...@wimsey.com>

John Labovitz

Mar 23, 1995, 6:14:22 PM3/23/95

Archive-name: writing/zines/part4
Last-modifed: 95/3/15
Distribution-agent: ldet...@csn.org

(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)


Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review

"The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review is a quarterly magazine
highlighting the latest and greatest happenings in the area of
science and technology at the Laboratory. Stylewise, we aim our
magazine at people who are interested in science, but who aren't
necessarily scientists themselves. The Review is also available in
hard copy and is distributed without charge."

Format: HTML (Vol. 26, No. 2 and all subsequent issues)
ASCII (back issues)

Frequency: quarterly (more or less)

ISSN: 0048-1262

WWW: http://www.ornl.gov/ORNLReview/rev26-2/text/home.html

Editor(s): Carolyn Krause <krau...@ornl.gov>
Jim Pearce <pear...@ornl.gov>
Fax: +1 615 574 1001

Postal: ORNL Review, ORNL, 4500-S, MS 6144, Oak Ridge, TN
37831-6144, USA

Obscure Electronic

"OBSCURE is the zine that profiles the people in this publishing

Format: ASCII text
Note: While back issues of Obscure are still available, I
am not putting out any new e-versions. I still do
the print version, though.

Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Obscure.Electric
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Obscure.Electric/

Editor(s): James P Romenesko <obs...@csd4.csd.uwm.edu>
Postal: POB 1334, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA

Oceania Oracle

"Oceania Oracle's slogan is 'No Nonsense New Nation News'. It is
predominently about Oceania, the new country in formation in the

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: twice-weekly

WWW: http://oceania.org/
FTP: oceania.org: /pub/oceania/
Usenet: talk.politics.libertarian
Subscriptions: To: ocea...@oceania.org
Text: subscribe oceania-l

Editor(s): Eric Klien <oce...@oceania.org>
Postal: The Atlantis Project, 4132 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite
388, Las Vegas, NV 89103, USA


"Omphalos is a quarterly speculative fiction review magazine
available in a variety of formats. It's still very new (first issue
just out), but we have high hopes for it. Art and text submission
guidelines available."

Format: PostScript (within the week)
ASCII text
paper (for $$$)

WWW: http://thule.mt.cs.cmu.edu:8001/sf-clearing-house/zines/omphalos
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Omphalos
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Omphalos/
Subscriptions: To: jr...@cs.cmu.edu

Editor(s): John R. R. Leavitt <jr...@cs.cmu.edu>
Andrea J. Leavitt

OneEurope Magazine

"The OneEurope Magazine is (so far) the only European students'
magazine made and spread in the entire continent. Created by the
OneEurope Working Group of AEGEE, the magazine collects opinions on
European issues from different nationalities and cultures, thus
fostering understanding and integration -- especially in the
east-west aspect -- on this continent. Students, politicians,
experts, young professionals make up the authors of this three times
a year published medium."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: 3 times a year
ISSN: ISSN 1023-6953
Note: The OEM is also printed and distributed at 170
European universities. It experiences support by
the German ministry for education and science, as
well as by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of
the Council of Europe.

WWW: http://www.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/AEGEE/oneEurope/
FTP: ftp.ask.uni-karlsruhe.de: /pub/aegee/papers/
Email: aegee...@abmx.rz.rwth-aachen.de
Subscriptions: aegee+...@abmx.rz.rwth-aachen.de (for
subscribing to the PRINTED magazine!)


Editor(s): Michael Waibel
Philipp von Klitzing
Lorenz Spillner <lorenz_...@freax.fido.de>
Sebastian Huebner
Frank Brehm <br...@reze-1.rz.rwth-aachen.de>
John Wouters <wou...@reze-1.rz.rwth-aachen.de>
Fax: 49-241-80 35 41 (att. OEWG)
Phone: 49-241-51 29 54 (M.Waibel), 49-241-8 32 55
Postal: OneEurope Working Group, at AEGEE-Aachen e.V.,
Templergraben 55, D-52056 Aachen, Germany

The Online World Monitor

"While the book The Online World describes the online world as it is,
the newsletter tracks changes. It can more freely focus on selected
offerings or phenomena than can be done within the strict framework
of the book. The newsletter contains tales about discoveries that
never made it to the book...Glimpses of the changes in the online
world...Trends... Spotlight on important new developments around the

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: bi-monthly
ISSN: 0805-6315

WWW: http://login.eunet.no/~presno/monitor.html
Gopher: cosn.org: Networking Information/Reference/The Online World - Odd de Presno
Email: LIST...@VM1.NODAK.EDU (put the command "GET TOW
MONITOR" in the BODY of your mail)

Editor(s): Odd de Presno <opr...@extern.uio.no>


"Ooze is the product of 25 years of government research into the
effects of recomibinant DNA tests on very small children. Ooze is
their spawn. Banned from 38 countries, Ooze has been known, on
occasion, to actually cause spontaneous anerisms in rats. Beware."

Format: ASCII
Mac Application format (with graphics)
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www.io.com/user/ooze/
FTP: sumex-aim.stanford.edu
AOL: Keyword: MGM (mac games area) in Publications
Compuserve: Go MACFUN; Ooze is located in the Game Aids/Add-ons
GEnie: ???
Usenet: alt.zines
Subscriptions: in mac or text format at drbu...@aol.com

Editor(s): Matt Patterson <drbu...@aol.com>
Postal: 968 Tularosa Dr. #2, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA


"A ragtag, fugitive zine on a lonely quest for a planet known as

Format: ASCII text
WordPerfect 5.1 (selected printers)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Parthenogenesis
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Parthenogenesis/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Dan Herrick <dher...@nyx.cs.du.edu>
Postal: Parthenogenesis, PO Box 1424, Fort Collins, CO,
80522-1424, USA

PC NEWS Review

"News and reviews of PC related subjects (including on-line and
multimedia topics)."

Frequency: monthly

FTP: ftp.cica.indiana.edu: /uploads/
ftp.cica.indiana.edu: /misc/
Email: RBAR...@TrentU.ca (Subject: GET PNR)

Editor(s): Steve O. Steele <ost...@u.washington.edu>

Pete and Bernie's Philosophical Steakhouse

"Surreal humour, straight humour, general articles which make the
people who write it laugh long and hard. Possibly offensive use of
language. Averages 5-7000 words per issue."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: first week of every month

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/PAB
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/PAB/
Subscriptions: To: D...@CATES.DEMON.CO.UK
Text: Subscribe <e-mail address> PAB

Editor(s): D. Lawrence <d...@cates.demon.co.uk>

Peter Funk Press

"A mythical and satirical news service published in the form of a
small online ezine. It reports what did not happen but probably
should have happened in current events and modern culture. Don't
believe everything you read in it... just like the media."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: approximately twice a month

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/FunkPress
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/FunkPress/
ftp.crl.com: /users/ro/blanning/
AOL: PDA Forum (keyword PDA). Mac users choose the Ezine
libraries button; PC users select "Palmtop
Paperbacks" then the Ezine libraries folder. From
there both users select "Humor" then "Other
Compuserve: in the EFF Forum in Zines from the Net; in the
Cyber Forum in Cyberlit/Zines
The WELL: In the Statements Conference (stmt) topic 81, in
the Zines Conference (f5) on the ezine menu.
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Byron Lanning <sw...@well.sf.ca.us> or


"An electronic publication covering all facets of the Computer
Underground. Phrack magazine has been published since 1984 and has
grown to become one of the best sources for information about
operating systems, bugs, telephony and the world-wide hacker

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: quarterly

ISSN: 1068-1035

WWW: http://freeside.com/phrack.html
FTP: freeside.com: /pub/phrack/
AOL: PhrackMag
Email: phr...@well.com

Editor(s): Chris Goggans (aka Erik Bloodaxe) <phr...@well.com>
Phone: +1 512 448 5098
Postal: Phrack Magazine, 603 W. 13th #1A-278, Austin, TX
78701, USA

Planet Magazine

"Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, humor, and poetry written by new
or little-known writers. The next issue will be dated March 1995.
Two versions: text only (any pc), and fully formatted (Mac only)
with color, illustrations, and sounds."

Format: ASCII
Macintosh DOCmaker
Frequency: quarterly

AOL: Writers Club Forum (keyword: WRITERS; the path is
The Writer's Club: Writer's Club Libraries:
Writers Club E-Zines) or Science Fiction &
Fantasy Forum (keyword: SCIENCE FICTION; Science
Fiction & Fantasy: The Science Fiction Libraries:
Member Fiction & Scripts Library).
eWorld: Community Center's Trading Posts (Community Center:
eWorld Live: Trading Posts: Newsletters Folder)
or the SF, Fantasy & Horror Forum (Arts &
Leisure: Forums: SF Fantasy & Horror: Alexandria
Restored files folder)
Compuserve: SF literature library (SF & Fantasy Forum; go:
SFLIT; look in the SF literature library).

Editor(s): Andrew McCann <Plan...@aol.com>

Play by EMail

"Electronic 'zine about free play-by-electronic-mail games. Reviews,
game openings, information."

Format: ASCII text, HTML (back issues), WinHelp, Acrobat,

WWW: http://fermi.clas.virginia.edu/~gl8f/pbem_magazine.html
FTP: ftp.erg.sri.com: /pub/pbm/magazines/
ftp.funet.fi: /pub/doc/games/play-by-mail/magazines/
Usenet: rec.games.pbm

Editor(s): Greg Lindahl <gl...@Virginia.EDU>

Poet's Park

"An attempt to mix art and poetry. We solicit poetry, short stories,
and art (as well as any combination thereof)."

Format: NEOBOOK (PC-DOS based, executable file)
Frequency: quarterly
ISSN: 0146-695X

AOL: ???

Editor(s): so...@aol.com
Postal: 2745 Monterey Hwy #76, San Jose, CA 95111-3129, USA

Poll Position

"Summary of the weekly AP Top 25 Poll for Men's Division I college
basketball. Contains a variety of poll-related statistics, comments
and observations by the staff and game of the week picks."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: weekly, during the NCAA basketball season (approx.
Nov. 15-Apr. 1)

WWW: http://law.uark.edu/bball/poll.htm
AOL: sports section
Usenet: rec.sport.basketball.college

Editor(s): Gillmer J. Derge <de...@crd.ge.com>


"PovZine is an magazine distributed in Common Ground format for users
of the PovRay freeware raytracer. It contains lots of 24 bit color
graphics, tips, and other useful information for PovRay users."

Format: Common Ground
Frequency: every other month

FTP: ftp.povray.org: /pub/povray/ezine/

Editor(s): Keith Rule <kei...@hevanet.com>

Power to the People Mover

"Concerned with unusual and noteworthy behavior observed on mass
transit systems, particularly the bus lines."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/People.Mover
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/People.Mover/

Editor(s): Minister Altair-Five <kn...@wendy.ucsd.edu>
Postal: Altair-Five, P.O. Box 232741, Leucadia, CA 92023,

Practical Anarchy Online

"An electronic zine concerning anarchy from a practical point of
view, to help you put some anarchy in your everyday life. The
anarchy scene is covered through reviews and reports from people in
the living anarchy."

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.cwi.nl/cwi/people/Jack.Jansen/spunk/Spunk_Home.html
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
gopher.etext.org: Politics/Spunk
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Politics/Spunk/
Email: cm...@umail.umd.edu

Editor(s): Chuck Munson <cm...@umail.umd.edu>
Postal: Practical Anarchy, PO Box 179, College Park, MD
20741-0179, USA


"Personal Arts & Letters. Vacillating between personal zine and
litmag, with ambitions toward printing comics, sequential art, and

Format: HTML

WWW: http://cssun9.vassar.edu/~misuba/PracticeWeb/

Editor(s): Mike Sugarbaker <misuga...@vassar.edu>
Postal: Box 1473 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY 12601, USA

The Practice Hall

"The electronic version of Tooth & Claw, a newsletter on myth and
martial tradition. I am the editor and publisher."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.nesc.k12.ar.us/ph_stuff/ph.html

Editor(s): Darryl Caldwell <dar...@on-ramp.ior.com>
Phone: +1 509 456 3723
Postal: P.O. Box 511, Spokane, WA 99210, USA

Prayers to a Broken Stone

"...a zine dedicated to all things Goth in general, and the Sisters
of Mercy in particular."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: whenever i get around to it (approx quarterly)

WWW: http://gothic.acs.csulb.edu:8080/Zines/
FTP: ftp.maths.tcd.ie: /pub/gothic/

Editor(s): corey <n844...@henson.cc.wwu.edu>
Postal: Prayers, 2918 cascade ave, bellingham, wa 98225 USA
(for sending material to be reviewed ONLY)

Psybernet Digest

"The exploration of psyberspace, the soul of cyberspace. Topics
typically include psychotherapy, the unconscious, the imagination,
archetypes, dreams, myths and metaphors, personal identity. There is
an emphasis on working psychologically within the medium of
cyberspace. Contents are in part from the Psybernet Mailing List."

Format: ASCII text

FidoNet: 3:770/270
BBS: Psybernet (+64-3-365-6876)
Email: wal...@link.equinox.gen.nz
Subscriptions: To: list...@link.equinox.gen.nz
Text: subscribe psyber-l <your address>

Editor(s): Walter Logeman <wal...@link.equinox.gen.nz>
Fax: +64-3-377-1207
Phone: +64-3-377-1206


"PSYCHOSIS is a magazine dedicated to a forum of literary, visual,
and other art forms. The art included on each CD is always a
spectacle to see!"

Format: CD-ROM, 640x480x256 Windows interface
Frequency: semi-annually

FTP: wizard.usis.com: /mags/psy

Editor(s): Ari Jay Comet, Mike Comet, Robin Lynn <p...@en.com>
Phone: +1 216 464 6033
Postal: PSYCHOSIS Magazine, P.O. Box 22604, Beachwood, OH
44122, USA

Pure Sheng

"An on-line version of a fanzine that we print and distribute in the
north of England. We (FAMILY db) throw parties in this area, and are
keen to promote good techno music, in fact good music of any genre
(especially techno). There are interviews with techno celebs; up to
the minute reviews; information about parties; flier gallery;
general bollocks; and a phatt page of hip-hop/trip-hop stuff, as
well as a well-stocked links page."

Format: HTML
Frequency: all the time

WWW: http://www.ac.uk/~rvdh1/db.html

Editor(s): dh <rv...@unix.york.ac.uk>

Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (PURPS)

"The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode is the Electronic House Organ of the
Otisians, the followers of the God(dess) Otis and her huge pantheon
of assorted dieties and saints, some of whom exist on the internet
in mysterious places such as hongkong and poland. Each issue
contains announcements of current events, various editorials and
commentaries, letters, dream intepretations, texts of translated
ancient writings, various stories and or parables, news events
pertaining to Otis and an assortment of generally intersting stuff.
Even though we are considered as a serious religious order people
often find our material humorous."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: irregular

WWW: http://www.tiac.net/users/ighf
Gopher: sit.sop.fau.edu
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Purps
quartz.rutgers.edu: journals/Purps
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Purps/
quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/Journals/Purps/
Subscriptions: To: list...@sit.sop.fau.edu
Text: subscribe hailotis <your name>

Editor(s): Mal <m...@sit.sop.fau.edu>
Postal: IGHF, P.O. Box 390783, Cambridge, MA 02139-0783,

QL Hacker's Journal

"The QHJ is published as a service to the QL Community. (QL is the
Sinclair QL computer that came out of Britain about 1983, and hit
the US about 1985.)"

Email: tswe...@dgis.dtic.dla.mil

Editor(s): Tim Swenson <tswe...@dgis.dtic.dla.mil>
Phone: +1 513 233 2178
Postal: QL Hacker's Journal, c/o Tim Swenson, 5615 Botkins
Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424, USA


"Quanta is the electronically produced and distributed magazine of
science fiction and fantasy. As such, each issues is packed with
fiction from amateur and professional authors from around the world
and across the net."

Format: HTML
ASCII text

WWW: http://www.etext.org/Zines/Quanta/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Quanta
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/q/quanta
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Quanta/
lth.se: /documents/Quanta/
catless.newcastle.ac.uk: /pub/Quanta/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/q/quanta/
AOL: PDA:Palmtop Paperbacks:Electronic Articles &
Compuserve: "Zines from the Net" area of the EFF forum
(accessed by typing GO EFFSIG)
Subscriptions: To: list...@netcom.com
Text: subscribe quanta-ascii (for ASCII version)
Text: subscribe quanta-postscript (for PostScript
Text: subscribe quanta-notice (to receive a notice
by email when a new issue comes out, instructing
them where they can retrieve it by ftp or other

Editor(s): Daniel K Appelquist <qua...@netcom.com>
Postal: Quanta Magazine, 1509 R. St. NW #3, Washington, DC
20009, USA


"Review And Discussion of Rock & Roll Culture. The Rock & Roll
newsletter that's not afraid to be original, each heart-stopping
issue of R.A.D! ON-LINE features interviews, editorials and lots of
CD reviews, as well as columns covering singles releases, reissues,
zines, video and Rock & Roll news. Oh yeah, we've been known to give
away some cool stuff every now and then, too! Published by the fine
folks at CONSPIRACY M.E.D.I.A."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Politics/RAD
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Politics/RAD/
AOL: "Palmtop Paperbacks" section
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Reverend Keith A. Gordon
Jesse Garon, West Coast Editor
Postal: CONSPIRACY M.E.D.I.A, Box 158324, Nashville TN
37064, USA

Reality Sandwiches

"RS is an independent, New Jersey-based zine featuring original
poetry, prose, essays, fiction and editorials. It is written as an
alternative to pop-culture and features commentary on society,
religion, popular culture, music, and the issues of the times.
Introspective and unique writing lends an agnostic charm to this

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly (or close to it)

BBS: The Porch (+1 201 966 2848)
Szafran InfoServices (+1 908-598-9122)
Summit PCBoard (+1 908-665-5992)
Ranger Blue 4 (+1 908-580-1945)

Editor(s): Darth%po...@cjbbs.com


"We publish the new, the lively, the witty and the exciting in
vernacular English. Any mutually comprehensible dialect will do, as
long as it represents a vernacular. We're modeling ourselves after
little magazines like Exquisite Corpse, New American Writing and
Another Chicago Magazine who have shown an openness to new writers
and new work. And who are not bound to some weirdly
academic/fascist/factional clique of selfpromoting hacks."

Frequency: one or two pages twice a week

WWW: http://www-bprc.mps.ohio-state.edu/cgi-bin/hpp?RealPoetik.html
Email: list archives: our entire first year of publishing
(1994) may be obtained through email by writing
list...@listserv.wln.com, no Subject: line, and
a single line of text reading: "get rpoetik
Vol1-94" (no quotes; note spelling and
Subscriptions: To: list...@listserv.wln.com
Text: subscribe rpoetik <Your Name>

Editor(s): Sal Salasin <sal...@wln.com>
Postal: 206 Lilly Rd NE, Apt K-8, Olympia, WA 98506


"Techno/Hip Hop Digizine"

Format: Macintosh stand-alone application
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://hyperreal.com/zines/reverb/index.html
eWorld: in the Music Universe (keyword "MU") section
BBS: New York Online (+1 718 596 5881)

Editor(s): Dan Sicko <rev...@hyperreal.com>
<rev...@eworld.com> <reve...@delphi.com>
Phone: +1 810 398 1025
Postal: Reverb, Inc., P.O. Box 3395, Farmington Hills, MI
48333-3395, USA

The Roadmap to the Information Superhighway

"The Official Roadmap to the Information Superhighway is now a
newsletter. Top Pick by AOL, now goes monthly. All the latest info
about how to do things and where to find people, places and things
on the Internet."

Format: Windows Help file
Frequency: monthly

FTP: garnet.msen.com: /pub/vendor/lighthouse/

Editor(s): Mike Mathiesen, Lighthouse Productions


"A Finnish-language electronic magazine published by Finnish Amiga
Users' Association. It is intended for anyone interested in the
Amiga range of computers. Sometimes it also contains English
information, and English abstract is available."

Format: HTML
ASCII text (on disk)
AmigaGuide (on disk)
Frequency: bi-monthly

WWW: http://www.modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~avs/saku.html
FTP: ftp.funet.fi: /pub/amiga/misc/diskmags/Finnish/
FidoNet: Region 22 internal echo area: SF.AMIGA.SAKU
contains weekly bulletins and conversation.

Editor(s): Janne Siren (Editor-in-Chief) <j...@krk.fi>
Antti Vaha-Sipila (WWW Maintainer)

Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge

"_Sam Johnson's Electronic Revenge_ is a freelance-written
essay/opinion, non-technical Web-based magazine for those with a
skeptical, inquiring turn of mind. We value the outlandish and the
iconoclastic but will embrace a defense of the status quo or the
eternal verities, if presented with zest and enthusiasm."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://pobox.com/slt
Subscriptions: Through Web form only (free until end of April, $20
a yr. afterwards) includes book discounts.

Editor(s): Derek Davis <de...@troll.com>
Phone: +1 215 222 4956
Postal: Silly Little Troll Publications, 3311 Baring St.,
Phila., PA 19104, USA


"Sarko is a journal of works-in-progress, published bi-monthly, that
is an ongoing attempt at world-building. Someone once accused Sarko
of being "weird Gothic Chinese Cyberpunk." I dunno, if it isn't
perhaps it should be..."

Format: ASCII text
ISSN: 1022-1069

WWW: http://www.hk.super.net/~bradc/sarko-home.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Sarko
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /Zines/Sarko/
Email: sarko-...@mach.hk.super.net

Editor(s): Brad Collins <br...@mach.hk.super.net>
Fax: (852) 605 7238
Phone: (852) 6057212 (GMT +008)
Postal: dih Press PO Box 1010 Shatin, NT., Hong Kong

Science Fiction Journalen

"SFJ has as a paper fanzine been the leading Scandinavian sf
newsletter since 1978. The electronic edition - identical to the
paper edition, except for the layout - is a recent addition. SFJ
covers news about books, authors, awards, clubs, conventions etc, in
articles, reports, lists, reviews, even gossip in primarily the
Nordic region, but the most important international news are also

Format: ASCII text (with 7-bit Swedish character remapping)
Frequency: 4-6 times/year

FTP: ftp.lysator.liu.se: /pub/sf-texts/swedish_fandom/

BBS: SF-BBS (+46 8 642 40 77)

Editor(s): Ahrvid Engholm <ahr...@stacken.kth.se>

Postal: Ahrvid Engholm, Renstiernas Gata 29, S-116 31

Stockholm, Sweden (subscription to the paper
edition costs 40 SEK to Swedish postal giro 436
32 00-9)


"One of the things that kept me from doing something sooner was the
idea that you sort of had to have a focus to do a proper zine. I got
over it. I found a new desire and enjoyment in rambling about
whatever seems appropriate at the time. So here we are."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Scratch
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Scratch/

Editor(s): James Barnett <spi...@Panix.Com>
Postal: J. Barnett, 28 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY
10805, USA

Scream Baby

"What do I want? Besides world peace, a sexy Mexican maid, and
someone to use their fucking brains around here, I want a really
good all-encompassing-sub-culture zine. Music, literature, art,
television, film, weird space-time kinks, events, information, news,
humor, interviews, and re:views of 'Stuff I Think Is Cool.' Not all
at once, of course. Each issue of Scream Baby will come out whenever
I can scrape together 25-30 kilobytes of really good stuff."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/ScreamBaby
gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/ScreamBaby/
BBS: Tejas (+1 512 467-0663) (16.8 HST modem)
Subscriptions: To: majo...@bga.com
Text: subscribe scream
Other: WWIVNet: 1@15115

Editor(s): Blade X <bla...@bga.com>

Screaming in Digital

""Screaming in Digital" is a weekly net-digest about the musical
group Queensryche. It includes news, commentary, discussion, and
classified ads, among other things. The digest is available via WWW
and e-mail; an "express" edition containing only news and ads is
also available via e-mail."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: weekly (Mondays, since 1991)

WWW: http://www.ios.com/~qryche/
FTP: ios.com: /pub/users/qryche
Email: qry...@ios.com
Subscriptions: To: qry...@ios.com
Body: message containing your first and last name

Editor(s): Dan Birchall (Shag Aristotelis) <sh...@ios.com>

Screams of Abel

"Soae gives you the latest information on Christian metal and thrash,
including new releases, tours, lineup changes, and any other points
of interest."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: Thursday nights weekly

WWW: http://music.acu.edu/www/jr/metal/soae.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Screams.of.Abel
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Screams.of.Abel/
Usenet: alt.rock-n-roll.metal
Email: meta...@cap.gwu.edu

Editor(s): Phil Powell <meta...@cap.gwu.edu>
Postal: Screams of Abel, P.O. Box 2861, Springfield, VA
22152-2861, USA


"SEMA is the undergraduate journal for the University of Toronto
Semiotics department. Semiotics is the study of the sign or of the
nature of representation. We include in our discussions art theory,
post-structuralism, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, film
theory, feminist theory, and more. SEMA features articles written by
students and faculty on various topics, which include in this issue:
tabloids, advertising, video games, communication, teen magazines,
and more."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: once a year

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/SEMA
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/SEMA/

Editor(s): Christopher Woodill <cwoo...@epas.utoronto.ca>

Silver's LARP Rag

"Silver's Rag is an in depth e-zine to support Interactive (Live
Action) Roleplaying for the Heartland of America. Interactive
Roleplaying is the next big wave in gaming and the Rag covers all of
the cons, events and clubs that play them. We also cover how to
articles, and cover the resources that both inspire and inform
ENTIRE roleplaying community. So the Rag also covers fan cons,
renaisance fairs, the WEB, Usenet, and anything of general interest
to gamers. Specifically the Rag focuses on the states of Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: bi-monthly

Other: Cleveland Freenet's "Gaming Forum"

Editor(s): Scott Bachmann (Silver)
Phone: +1 216 521 6219 (Ask for Scott)
Postal: 2053 robin st dn, lakewood oh 44107, usa


"skew is a graphic magazine of both local and wider interest. It
contains reviews and essays on current movies, publications, etc.;
hyper-linked features about topics both common and esoteric;
entertainment guides and suggestions; opinion columns, diatribes,
rants, and musings; and anything else we happen to come up with in
the course of the month."

Format: HTML, use of Netscape Navigator recommended
Frequency: published on or around the 15th of every month

WWW: http://www.ot.com/skew

Editor(s): Anabella Wewer <anab...@oasis.ot.com>


"SLAP has no goals. This is not a subversive underground e-zine. It
doesn't tell you what is cool and what is not. But it will try and
make you LAUGH."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly

FTP: ftp.teleport.com: /users/derek/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Derek Gottfrid <de...@teleport.com>

Slippery When Wet

"bisexual. penetration-positive. queer."

Format: HTML
Frequency: bimonthly
ISSN: 1072-7590

WWW: http://www.best.com/~slippery/home.html

Editor(s): Sunah Cherwin <slip...@pobox.com>


"inSobordinate Leftists Intellectual Trash Hopefully Earmarked for

Format: ASCII text

Email: anon...@nyx.cs.du.edu

Editor(s): anon...@nyx.cs.du.edu
Phone: +1 415 487 6209 (voicemail)

Snake Oil

"Your Guide to Kooky Kontemporary Kristian Kulture - for secular fans
of televangelists, etc. E-zine contains highlights from the print

Format: HTML
Frequency: updated/changed periodically -- no set schedule

WWW: http://fender.onramp.net/~analyst/snake/Snakeoil.html

Editor(s): Brother Randall <bror...@netcom.com>
Postal: 6102 East Mockingbird #374, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

Snuff It

"Snuff It is the quarterly magazine of the Church of Euthanasia. If
you've seen those *Save The Planet, Kill Yourself* stickers and
wondered what it all means, this is the magazine for you. What do
suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy all have in common? Of
course they're all good fun, but the real answer is they all help
reduce the population. Americans must die to save the planet. Also
the home of Kevorkian Records, Eat People Not Animals, Thank You for
Not Breeding, and Demons In My Head."

Format: ASCII

WWW: http://www.paranoia.com/coe/
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Snuffit
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Snuffit/

Editor(s): Rev. Chris Korda <c...@netcom.com> (both electronic
and printed version)
Postal: The Church of Euthanasia, POB 261, Somerville, MA
02143, USA


"A literary zine for creative people. Fiction, poetry, essays, art,
culture, rants, politics, pictures, and other meta-pseudo-stuff..."

Frequency: quarterly
ISSN: 1077-4149

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Sparks
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Sparks/

Editor(s): Jim Esch <jme...@artsci.wustl.edu>
Stacy Tartar <Stacy....@launchpad.unc.edu>
Postal: Sparks, 232 North Kingshighway, #616, St. Louis, MO
63108-1248, USA (paper copies of SPARKS,
including artwork, are available for $2.50;
subscriptions (4 issues per year) for $8 (U.S))

The Spill

"The Spill Magazine consists of music news, concert and album
reviews, and much, much more. We wish to act as a springboard for
new bands and record labels that may otherwise be overlooked by
mainstream press."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly

Usenet: alt.zines
BBS: Computer Link (+1 416 233 5410) in the Spill Mag
Ajax Shuttle BBS (+1 905 686 9297) in the file area
Hamlet's Hamlet (+1 905 457 2917) in the Magazine
Email: spil...@cml.com
Subscriptions: David Widmann <fox...@cml.com>

Editor(s): Arvin Kashyap <spil...@cml.com>
Postal: Arvin Kashyap, 3055 Harold Sheard Drive,
Mississauga, Ontario L4T 1V4, Canada

Spilled Ink

"A literary e-'zine consisting of all sorts of literary works --
poetry, prose, songs, short stories, and philosophy -- tending to
deal with the darker side of things, such as: betrayal, anguish,
angst, darkness, doom, question of existence, etc."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: a number of times a year

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Spilled_Ink
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Spilled_Ink
Usenet: rec.arts.poems
BBS: Actual Reality (+1 512 873 1900)
After Ours (+1 512 320 1650)
Ice Castle (+1 713 722 5400)
Ace of Spades (+1 512 794 0076)
Demented Dimensions (+1 512 918 1836)
Howl (+1 713 862 1415)
Peace (+1 512 440 7664)
Sprawl (+1 512 458 3409)
Other: Worldlink Net: Electronic 'Zines and Poetry forums

Editor(s): Twilight <twil...@mail.utexas.edu>


"SPONGE! (Simple People Opposing Neverending Gaudy Endeavors) is a
parody of a cult. Our 'bible' is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the
Galaxy and our ever supreme Lord is Marvin the Paranoid Android. The
logic is as twisted as Douglas Adams but there is a distinct
style/taste. (This is not Hitchhiker's Guide regurgitated!)"

Format: ASCII
Frequency: sermons are sent bi-weekly via e-mail

WWW: http://neuromancer.ucr.edu/sponge
FTP: neuromancer.ucr.edu: /pub/www/sponge
Email: spo...@neuromancer.ucr.edu

Editor(s): Steve(oid) Shah <spo...@neuromancer.ucr.edu>

Spontaneous Combustion

"Spontaneous Combustion is an underground music magazine with it's
feet firmly planted in punk rock. We cover many other types of music
as well. For lack of a better description, if you have never seen a
copy of SC, it's like a cross between Maximum Rock n Roll and
Flipside. We have been at it for 8 years now. Recently we expanded
our efforts to encompass the WWW. The WebZine contains much of the
contents of the hard copy zine as well as back issues, sounds and

Frequency: hard copy of the zine on quarterly basis; WebZine
updated almost weekly

WWW: http://www.spontaneous.com/scol/

Editor(s): Ron Jones <rjo...@inphoto.com>

St. Louis Sports Online

"StLSO is an online newsletter that aims to provide sports-crazed St.
Louisans (and transplanted St. Louisans) with an additional source
of news, information, and humor about St. Louis-area sports events
and St. Louis-area sports teams. Most issues of StLSO will include
some coverage and reviews of recent major St. Louis sports events,
evaluation of the St. Louis sports media, sports-related hobbies,
fantasy league updates, interviews with St. Louis-area sports
figures, and reader contributions."

Frequency: published every Sunday

Email: StLS...@aol.com

Editor(s): Mark Bausch <StLS...@aol.com>

Stay Free!

"Stay Free! is an all-volunteer, bimonthly zine distributed
throughout the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle of North

Format: HTML
Frequency: published the first week of every other month

WWW: http://sunsite.oit.unc.edu/pub/electronic-publications/stay-free/home.htm
Email: stay...@email.unc.edu

Editor(s): Carrie McLaren <stay...@email.unc.edu>
Postal: Stay Free!, P.O. Box 702, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514,
USA (subscriptions for hard copies are $6.00 for
four issues, check payable to Carrie McLaren;
check for current rates)


"I must admit it... by nature I am a packrat. I see all kinds of
strange stuff around the net and I go "HEy! I miGHt neED ThAt," so I
stick it in my scrapbook. Only, usually I never use the information
again. This is my way of reusing the info i've found... so anyway,
content varies depending on my interests at any given time. Maybe
it'll amuse you... maybe not. I dunno. Oh yeah... it always comes
with a g00d uuencoded picture."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: weekly?

FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Strangeness
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Strangeness
Usenet: alt.music.alternative

Editor(s): ph00dz aka jon aka <jona...@gas.uug.arizona.edu>
Phone: +1 602 884 7171


"street-level DJ-written music magazine & e-zine - techno rap house
rock reggae acid jazz dancehall freestyle industrial bhangra soul
funk alternative r&b latin hi-nrg jungle ambient media hardware

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.phantom.com/~street

Editor(s): str...@phantom.com


"Alternative/New Music magazine (print) based in L.A., covering
international biggies of interest as well as unsigned locals, and
other goodies in between. We're a year and a half old, but this is
our net debut (vol2, #9)."

Format: HTML
Frequency: WWW: monthly
print: bi-monthly

WWW: http://www.iuma.com/strobe/

Editor(s): Victor Bornia <str...@earthlink.net>
John Bitzer
Robin Emerson
Doran Meyers
Postal: P.O. Box 48558, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
($9.99/US, $18/outside US)

Super Stupid Slambook

"An e-zine that I've put together to review various eclectic things
that I think deserve reviewing. There is no high and lofty goal in
the pages of this thing. In fact, the only goal is to let other
people know about things that are either (a) really good or (b)
horrendously bad. That's it. Lofty goals aren't my forte. But
sharing information is always a good thing. If there's anything
you'd like to share with me, you can drop me a line."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: monthly

Note: For all intents and purposes, the SLAMBOOK is on
hiatus. Maybe one day the SLAMBOOK will come back
from the dead -- I may be doing a print version
of it.

Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us
gopher.etext.org: SuperStupid
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/SuperStupid/

Editor(s): Jack Szwergold <j...@panix.com>
Postal: P.O. Box 242, Village Station, New York, NY 10014,


"A Chapel Hill NC (US) chick zine. SuperClamp is now. SuperClamp
touches on all worlds, dealing each month with money, travel,
health, movies, books, fashion, society, decorating, and
celebrities. Our specialty, however, is the emotional life of
today's young woman, goading you into becoming your best possible
self by understanding both the inner and outer worlds of the
Triangle area. Forget the recession, the flooded job market, the
aimlessness of others -- you CAN! Features include Pick-Up Lines,
Hair Today, the Outrage of the Month, Truth or Dare, and others..."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://sunsite.unc.edu/superclamp/

Editor(s): the Clampettes <clam...@nando.net>

The SURFPUNK Technical Journal

"The SURFPUNK Technical Journal is a dangerous multinational hacker
zine originating near BARRNET in the fashionable western arm of the
northern California matrix. Quantum Californians appear in one of
two states, spin surf or spin punk. Undetected, we are both, or
might be neither."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.acns.nwu.edu/surfpunk/
Subscriptions: surfpunk...@osc.versant.com

Editor(s): surf...@osc.versant.com
Submissions: surf...@osc.versant.com

John Labovitz

Mar 23, 1995, 6:14:26 PM3/23/95

Archive-name: writing/zines/part5
Last-modifed: 95/3/15
Distribution-agent: ldet...@csn.org

(This document has been brought to you in part by CRAM. See the
bottom for more information, including instructions on how to
obtain updates.)


TANGO online

"Internet-supplement to the real paper magazine TANGO. TANGO is
published weekly in Berlin, Germany and is -- of course -- mostly in
german. TANGO online is our first step towards a new chapter in
bringing news in a modern way to our readers. You will find selected
pages as early as Tuesday -- two days before the paper version hits
the newsstand. You will find additional information about TANGO and
some homepages from our staff."

Format: HTML
Frequency: at least weekly
ISSN: 0947-7764

WWW: http://www.tango.de/
Email: em...@tango.de

Editor(s): Mathias Nolte <edi...@tango.de>
Fax: +49(030) 616 80 200
Phone: +49(030) 616 80 0
Postal: TANGO, G+J Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH, Ritterstr. 3,
10969 Berlin, Germany

TapRoot Reviews Electronic Edition

"Short reviews of micropress poetry, experimental literature and art
-- 250+ reviews per issue."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: wings.buffalo.edu: internet/library/e-journals/ub/rift/journals/selected/tree
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Taproot
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/t/taproot
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Taproot/
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/t/taproot/

Editor(s): Luigi-Bob Drake <au...@cleveland.freenet.edu>
Postal: Burning Press, PO Box 585, Lakewood, OH 44107, USA


"TAYLOROLOGY is a newsletter focusing on the life and death ofved
William Desmond Taylor, a top Paramount film director in early
Hollywood who was shot to death on February 1, 1922. His unsolved
murder was one of Hollywood's major scandals. This newsletter will
deal with: (a) The facts of Taylor's life; (b) The facts and rumors
of Taylor's murder; (c) The impact of the Taylor murder on Hollywood
and the nation; (d) Taylor's associates and the Hollywood silent
film industry in which Taylor worked. Primary emphasis will be given
toward reprinting, referencing and analyzing source material, and
sifting it for accuracy."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Taylorology
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Taylorology/

Editor(s): Bruce Long <br...@asu.edu>

Tech Support Tales

"The publication which proves that stupidity breeds humor. It will
never cease to amaze me how silly and befuddled some people get with
their computers. Every day thousands of people turn on their
computers (or try to) and come across a problem which they think
they understand. The results of their actions can be amusing and
often hilarious."

Frequency: approximately once every 2 months

Subscriptions: To: junk...@aol.com
Subject: Subscribe Tech Support Tales

Editor(s): junk...@aol.com


"Sci-fi, fantasy, horror stories with a cyber-magick twist."

Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://neuromancer.hacks.arizona.edu/technomancer/tcover.html
Email: Techno...@neuromancer.hacks.arizona.edu
Mabre...@neuromancer.hacks.arizona.edu (for
questions to the advice column)

Editor(s): Edi...@neuromancer.hacks.arizona.edu

The Terrorist Profile Weekly Home Page

"Contains a description of a major terrorist groups' whereabouts,
area of operations, training, manpower as well as funding and other

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: bi-monthly

WWW: http://www.site.gmu.edu/~cdibona

Editor(s): Chris DiBona <cdi...@mason1.gmu.edu>

This Just In

"A humorous, brief (~1000 words) weekly collection of
bizarre-but-true recent news items with running commentary, plus a
true "headline of the week." (True: adj., a news item reported on as
true by the legitimate/ mainstream press, such as Associated Press,
a major newspaper, a major newsweekly like Time or Newsweek, etc.
--TJI Dictionary.) There is also often an "item of interest" that is
sans commentary (a recent issue reported on NASA's use of the Net to
satisfy people's appetites for info on the comet impact on Jupiter
-- they reported more than 2 million WWW accesses in less than two

Format: ASCII text
paper/fax edition available (for a fee)
Frequency: weekly (e-mailed each weekend)

Email: Info: list...@netcom.com with message "info
this-just-in". Includes current issue.
Subscriptions: To: list...@netcom.com
Text: subscribe this-just-in

Editor(s): Randy Cassingham <ar...@netcom.com>
Fax: +1 818 791 0405
Postal: c/o Freelance Communications, PO Box 1895, Upland,
CA 91785, USA


"A free weekly newsletter that reports on the world of the Macintosh
and on electronic communications."

Format: ASCII (actually setext, structure-enhanced text)
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.dartmouth.edu/pages/TidBITS/TidBITS.html
FTP: ftp.tidbits.com: /pub/tidbits/issues/
AOL: Macintosh Hardware Forum (New Files library and
TidBITS library); keyword: MHW
eWorld: ???
Compuserve: MACDVEN #5
Delphi: ????
GEnie: Stack City area
Usenet: comp.sys.mac.digest
BBS: innumerable BBSs
Subscriptions: To: LIST...@RICEVM1.RICE.EDU
Text: SUBSCRIBE TIDBITS <your name>
Other: BIX

Editor(s): Adam C. Engst <a...@tidbits.com>
Tonya Engst <to...@tidbits.com>
Mark H. Anbinder (News Editor) <m...@tidbits.com>
Geoff Duncan (Managing Editor) <ge...@tidbits.com>

TimeWasters Online Magazine

"TOM is in Dutch and is intended for all Dutch-reading people on the
Internet. The topics are often computer-related, but we also have
regulars like a book review, a music column and a recipe section.
The magazine is based in Eindhoven, because it has grown from a
group of students of Eindhoven University of Technology called the
Incredible TimeWasters (since 1989)."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.win.tue.nl: tue/tw/TOM
Subscriptions: To: tom-r...@win.tue.nl (a HUMAN will read the

Editor(s): Erlend Nagel <wmp...@urc.tue.nl>
Koen Holtman
Paul Rambags
Submissions: t...@win.tue.nl


"A monthly Christian music magazine featuring an upcoming album list,
album reviews, artist interviews, news releases, indies, and more."

Format: HTML
ASCII (emailed)

WWW: http://www.netcentral.net/lighthouse/index.html
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Lighthouse
learn.etc.bc.ca: test/ixthous/lighthouse
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Lighthouse/
Email: lightho...@netcentral.net or
Subscriptions: To: list...@netcentral.net
Text: subscribe lighthouse-list <your name>

Editor(s): J. Warner Soditus <j...@sabine.acs.psu.edu>
Beth Blinn
Phone: +1 814 238 6730
Postal: The Lighthouse, 256 East College Avenue, Suite 302,
State College, PA 16801, USA

To Be Continued

"The newsletter of the Midwest Science Fiction and Fantasy
Association. The MSFFA is a 'not for profit' fannish support
network. The zine covers conventions in the midwest area, SF/f
related news, and faanish contact.Comments, submissions (we handle
both Mac and PC formats!) and information are gleefully accepted!"

Format: ASCII text
World Wide Web

Frequency: bi-monthly
Note: Membership in the MSFFA is 5.00, for 4 issues, and
will also count toward membership at a convention
to be held in the South Bend, Indiana, area.

WWW: http://thule.mt.cs.cmu.edu:8001/sf-clearing-house/zines/to-be-continued/
AOL: MS...@aol.com

Editor(s): R.allen Jervis <voy...@irishmvs.cc.nd.edu>
Phone: +1 219 272 7499
Postal: MSFFA, P.O.B. 665, South Bend IN 46624-0665, USA

Transient Images

"An e-zine dealing with everything Television or Movies. Distributed
every Wednesday to its mailing list, T.I. contains news on current
and upcoming shows and movies."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: distributed every Wednesday

WWW: http://www.cais.com/jpadgett/www/home.html
Subscriptions: To: Alex_A...@smec.sel.sony.com
Text: ADD TI <your address>

Editor(s): Alex Agostini <Alex_A...@smec.sel.sony.com>
Jol Padgett <jpad...@cais.com>


"TRAX is currently cloning a piece or two from its paper form which
has been a biweekly since 1985. Available now as an e-zine for dance
music enthusiasts, disc jockeys, radio & club programmers, music
journalists and retailers who need to be on the tip with the
progressive edge, the knowledge of what music is happening in the
industry and on the streets. Based on American*Trax Record Pool DJ
playlists and Trax music market research adventures, we bring the
cutting edge of American dance music airplay to your desktop as it
happens. Hip-hop, house, rap, pop, dance, r&b, funk, energy and
alternative. Industry tidbits on current events too. TRAX is a
registered trademark."

Format: ASCII text

Email: TRA...@aol.com

Editor(s): JC Fishman <TRA...@aol.com>
Michael Love <DJM...@aol.com>
Phone: +1 310 659 7852 (paper only)
Postal: TRAX, 111 n. la cienega blvd., beverly hills, ca,
90211, USA

The Trincoll Journal

"The Trincoll Journal is the Internet's only weekly multimedia
magazine. Housed on the World Wide Web since the birth of Mosaic
(1993), the Trincoll Journal has been criticaly aclaimed as, "one of
the best looking magazines on the net." The subject matter of the
magazine is non-technical, general interest -- with weekly columns
ranging from Sex & Relationships to Current Events. The Journal's
core staff is located at Trinity College in Hartford CT., however
its content is truly collaborative. Correspondents from others
schools and organizations on the Internet frequently contribute
articles, art, and creative works for inclusion in each issue. Read,
submit, take a look..."

Format: World Wide Web document
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.trincoll.edu/tj/trincolljournal.html

Editor(s): Peter Adams <Jou...@trincoll.edu>

Twilight World

"An all-format on-line magazine aimed at everybody who is interested
in any sort of fiction -- although it usually tends to concentrate
on fantasy and science-fiction."

Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Twilight_World
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Twilight_World/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): Richard Karsmakers <R.C.Kar...@stud.let.ruu.nl>
Postal: Richard Karsmakers, P.O. Box 67, NL-3500 AB,
Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Undiscovered Country

"the undiscovered country is a netzine put out by myself and my
coeditor, l.b. noire. it is the latest flatulence from our brains
regarding life/art/literature/cyberspace/philosophy/etc. it's a
large enchiladaesque bunch of stuff."

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://bacchus.pomona.claremont.edu/tuc.htm
Gopher: gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/u/undiscovered-country
gopher.etext.org: Zines/The_Undiscovered_Country
wiretap.spies.com: Library/Zines/Undiscov
FTP: www.std.com: /obi/Zines/Undiscovered.Country
ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/u/undiscovered-country
ftp.uu.net: /doc/literary/obi/Zines/Undiscovered.Country
ftp.uwp.edu: /pub/music/lists/tuc
unix.hensa.ac.uk: /pub/uunet/doc/literary/obi/Zines/Undiscovered.Country
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/The_Undiscovered_Country/
Usenet: alt.zines

Editor(s): S.R. Prozak <cbl...@pomona.claremont.edu>
L.B. Noire <rm0...@academia.swt.edu>
Postal: The Undiscovered Country, 14302 Kellywood, Houston,
TX 77079, USA

Unit Circle Magazine

"An eclectic magazine of art, prose, poetry, music reviews, and
liberal commentary."

Format: Postscript
Frequency: quarterly

WWW: http://www.etext.org/Zines/UnitCircle
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/UnitCircle
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/UnitCircle/
Email: submi...@unitcircle.org (for submissions)
zi...@unitcircle.org (for other general things)

Editor(s): Kevin Goldsmith <ke...@unitcircle.org>
Derek Chung <de...@unitcircle.org>
Nita Daniels <ni...@unitcircle.org>
Postal: Unit Circle, PO Box 20352, Seattle, WA 98102, USA

Unplastic News

"the odd e-mail magazine w/a fever"

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.well.com/Community/WholeEarth/tt.home/un.html
Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: Publications/online_zines/Unplastic
gopher.etext.org: Zines/Unplastic_News
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/u/unplastic-news
FTP: ftp.cic.net: /pub/e-serials/alphabetic/u/unplastic-news/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Unplastic_News/
quartz.rutgers.edu: /pub/journals/

Editor(s): todd tibbetts <t...@netcom.com>


"URBAN magazine is a magazine with articles slanted toward
hip-hop/rap listeners and/or interested parties. The articles range
from music review, TV & movies reviews, information materials, and
self-defense devices and devices of mischief. :)"

Format: ASCII
Frequency: every 2-4 weeks

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Urban
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Urban/
ftp.eff.org: /pub/Publications/CuD/URBAN/
aql.gatech.edu: /pub/Zines/Urban/

Editor(s): Lo-Life & Wisdom <m...@gagme.wwa.com>

Urban Desires

"Food, words, performance, style, technology, art, music, and sex.
May you get all you desire."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://desires.com/

Editor(s): Kyle Shannon <ky...@indienet.com>
Fax: +1 718 638 7316
Phone: +1 718 638 7281
Postal: 113 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA


"Swedish-based series written in English containing any topic you
probably could think of."

Format: ASCII text

WWW: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~chief/
Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/UXU
gopher.cic.net: e-serials/alphabetic/u/uxu
FTP: ftp.lysator.liu.se: /pub/texts/uxu/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/UXU/
BBS: +46 13 175042
BBSes in a number of countries including the US,
Canada, Holland, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium,
Germany and Sweden.
Subscriptions: uxu-info...@lysator.liu.se

Editor(s): Erik Soderstrom <ch...@lysator.liu.se>
Postal: uXu, c/o Svensson, Kantorsg. 4:415, 754 24 Uppsala,

Verbiage Magazine

"A short fiction magazine on the World Wide Web which pays for
stories and allows readers to comment publicly on each story."

Format: HTML

WWW: http://sunsite.unc.edu/boutell/verbiage/

Editor(s): Thomas Boutell <bou...@netcom.com>


"VIBE is the magazine of American urban music and youth culture. Our
WWW server contains full-length excerpts from the paper version with
photos, sound clips and video."

Format: HTML
Frequency: all the time

WWW: http://www.vibe.com
BBS: New York Online, a FirstClass BBS in New York, USA
(+1 718 596 5881)
Email: vi...@vibe.com

Editor(s): Alan Light (vi...@vibe.com)
Chan Suh <ch...@vibe.com> (Webmaster)
Fax: +1 212 522 4578
Phone: +1 212 522 6882
Postal: 205 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016, USA


"Virkbilagan is a personalzine, that is a personally oriented sf
fanzine, with chitchat around various subjects, sometimes about sf
and sf fandom. It is presently published weekly, and the language is
Swedish. Each issue is 21-22 K in length."

Format: ASCII text (with 7-bit Swedish character remapping)

Frequency: weekly to bi-weekly

FTP: ftp.lysator.liu.se: /pub/sf-texts/swedish_fandom/

Editor(s): Ahrvid Engholm <ahr...@stacken.kth.se>

Postal: Ahrvid Engholm, Renstiernas Gata 29, S-116 31

The Virtual Mirror

"We cover both the Internet and the world at large. We offer articles
on Internet reources as well as software reviews, fractal art
exhibits and soon we will be adding an arts supplement containing
book, music, art and movie reviews."

Format: HTML
Frequency: updated on an continuing basis

WWW: http://mirror.wwa.com/mirror/

Editor(s): Bob Stewart <mir...@wwa.com>
Phone: +1 202 232 3433
Postal: Bob Stewart, 1835 Lamont St., NW, Washington, DC,

Voices from the Net

"There are a lot of folks with at least one foot in this complex
region we call (much too simply) 'the net.' There are a lot of
voices on these wires. From IRC to listservs, MUDspace to e-mail,
Usenet group to commercial bbs -- all kinds of voices -- loud and
quiet, anonymous and well-known. And yet, it's far from clear what
it might mean to be a 'voice' from, or on, the net. Enter Voices
from the Net: one attempt to sample, explore, the possibilities (or
perils) of net.voices. Worrying away at the question. Running down
the meme. Looking/listening, and reporting back to you."

Format: Macintosh HyperCard stack
ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Voices
FTP: aql.gatech.edu: /pub/Zines/Voices_from_the_Net/
ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Voices/
wiretap.spies.com: /Library/Zines/
Subscriptions: To: Voices-...@andy.bgsu.edu
Subject: Voices from the Net
Text: subscribe

Editor(s): Bookish <swi...@andy.bgsu.edu>
CountZer0 <mga...@andy.bgsu.edu>
NEURO <fbo...@andy.bgsu.edu>


"-=VOId=- what is it? What planet does it come from? And does it eat
cabbage? Humm.. well VOId is a FREE, e-mag distributed by e-mail to
a good few chappies/chapesses.. VOId covers many subjects which
include such nail bitting topics as.. PC's, Internet, ASCII art, and
a large blob of other super interesting things. So why not
subscribe? I know I would."

Format: ASCII

FTP: red.css.itd.umich.edu: /pub/Zines/VOId/
BBS: INDEX III (+44 0602 855607)
Subscriptions: To: se...@dmu.ac.uk
Subject: void
Text: ADD

Editor(s): Phil Bird <se...@dmu.ac.uk>
Postal: Phil Bird, 41 Windsor Walk, South Anston, Sheffield
S31 7EL, England

WAM (words about music)

"WAM is the newsletter of Periscope CDs and Tapes, published on paper
and electronically to share our love and knowledge of the music that
we think deserves to be recognized. The newsletter contains REviews
INTERviews and OUR views about music in general."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: monthly

Subscriptions: To: majo...@cei.com
Body: subscibe wam <your address> (back issues can
also be requested through this server)
Other: Also available on-line at the east central Illinois
free-net "prairienet" <prairienet.org>: Login as
"visitor" and then type "go periscope"; see for

Editor(s): sc...@cei.com

The Washington Weekly

"Weekly political magazine offering conservative opinion, unbiased
news reporting, and extensive information on bills, speeches, and
documents. Covers many stories that are overlooked by the mainstream
media. Subscription required."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://dolphin.gulf.net/
Gopher: dolphin.gulf.net
Subscriptions: in...@dolphin.gulf.net

Editor(s): Marvin Lee <in...@dolphin.gulf.net>

We Magazine


Format: ASCII text

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/We_Magazine
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/We_Magazine/

Editor(s): Stephen Cope
James Garrison
Angela Coon
Eric Curkendall
Jay Curkendall
Roddy Potter
Chris Funkhouser
Belle Gironda
Ben Henry
Katie Yates <cf2...@albnyvms.albany.edu>
Postal: We Press, Postoffice Box 1503 Santa Cruz, CA 95061,


"WebRunner is a monthly zine dedicated to the art of the opinion
essay. We believe that somewhere between the gray columns of op-ed
punditry and the disjointed free-for-all of the newsgroups, there's
a place for short, sharp expositions of strongly held opinion about
American politics and society. WebRunner publishes between 5-10
essays of 500-1,000 words each. We encourage submissions. Anonymity
is ok. We have no ideological cast, nor do we have a legislative
agenda. Our focus is on opinion and insight. Paid notices accepted.
We have a co-op publishing program. Also, a growing reference list
of hundreds of advocacy groups. No mail subscriptions."

Format: HTML
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.access.digex.net/~web/

Editor(s): w...@access.digex.net

Webster's Weekly

"General interest weekly features magazine. Includes cartoons,
photography, poetry, psychology, political commentary, music and
movie reviews and mad rantings."

Format: HTML
Frequency: weekly

WWW: http://www.awa.com/w2/

Editor(s): The Editors <w...@casagato.org>
Brian Knatz <kn...@casagato.org>
David Miller <d...@casagato.org>
Clinton Johnston <c...@casagato.org>
Phone: 804-296-3282
Postal: 1305-A Cherry Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903,

The Weekly Something or Rather

"A weekly Internet-only paper dedicated to technology, insanity, and
humor. As well as re-writing news in a pretty twisted way. We also
interview bands, club promoters, and 4 year old kids."

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: weekly (or very close to weekly)

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/WhateverRamblings
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/WhateverRamblings/

Editor(s): Alex Swain <sw...@cybernetics.net>

Whatever Ramblings

Format: ASCII text
Frequency: about 3 times/year

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/WhateverRamblings
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/WhateverRamblings/

Editor(s): Alex Swain <sw...@cybernetics.net>
Postal: 5 Greenview Ave., Princeton, NJ 08540, USA (for
issues #1-11)
Twisted Image, 1630 University, Suite 26, Berkeley,
CA 94703, USA (for issues #12 and on)

Whole Earth Review

"We are dedicated to demystification, to self-teaching, and to
encouraging people to think for themselves. Thus our motto: 'ACCESS
TO TOOLS AND IDEAS.' Tools in the Whole Earth sense include hammers,
books, and computer conferencing systems. Our readers are a
community of tool-users who share information with one another. The
ideas we make accessible have not often been found in university
courses, but are becoming recognized as part of what you need to
know to be truly educated. Our readers contribute to the editorial
content as well, with both reviews and articles."

Format: ASCII text
Macintosh PageMaker 4.2 files
Note: e-text of WER is currently available *only* via
gopher; do not e-mail requests for issues

Gopher: gopher.well.sf.ca.us: WER

Editor(s): <w...@well.sf.ca.us>
Fax: +1 415 332 3110
Phone: +1 415 332 1716
Postal: Whole Earth Review, 27 Gate Five Road, Sausalito,
CA 94965, USA

Windows News & Reviews OnLine Magazine

Format: Windows Help file
Frequency: monthly


FTP: garnet.msen.com: /pub/vendor/lighthouse/
AOL: Windows Library, Reference section

Compuserve: WINSHARE FORUM, Lib 10, winrevux.zip (x denotes
latest version number)

Editor(s): Mike Mathiesen, Lighthouse Productions



Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.wired.com/

WP Mac News

"The WordPerfect Macintosh tech support team is publishing an
electronic newsletter for WP Mac users. It includes tips and tricks,
feature highlights and other useful items for users of our product."

Format: HTML
Novell Envoy format (standalone application)
Frequency: monthly

WWW: http://www.novell.com/SalesMkt/mac
FTP: ftp.wordperfect.com: /mac/mac_news/
AOL: Software libraries of WP Mac tech support
Keyword "wordperfect"

Editor(s): Daniel Midgley <mac...@wordperfect.com>

X Magazine

"X Magazine is a Detroit-based humor and music publication started in
May of 1990. Past issue themes/topics have included bowling, autos,
the Fisher-Price Little People, noise, and travel. Our musical
interests lie within the techno/ambient/hi-NRG/noise/industrial
spectrum. The print version of X appears on major bookstore shelves
about once every five months; the electronic update, "The X Magazine
Missives," an insider's view of X's progress, is mailed out roughly
once a week."

Format: ASCII text
ISSN: 1051-4155

WWW: http://www.msen.com/~xmag/
Subscriptions: To: xm...@mail.msen.com
Text: subscribe x-magazine

Editor(s): Jeff Hansen <xm...@mail.msen.com>
Postal: P.O. Box 1077, Royal Oak, MI 48068-1077, USA



Format: ASCII text
Note: This magazine is no longer being published. The
staff is currently working on the literary zine
Flatline. No printed back issues are available.

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/Xenocide
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/Xenocide/

Editor(s): Jon Konrath <jkon...@indiana.edu>
Postal: Xenocide, c/o Jon Konrath, 414 S. Mitchell Suite
13, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA


"This e-zine deals with discussions of interactive fiction (that is,
computer games where you play the main character, and are presented
with an all-text description of the game world and use the keyboard
to type in how you want to interact with it). XYZZYnews contains
reviews of new I-F games, interviews with authors, and many other
things of interest to fans of this type of game."

Format: ASCII
Frequency: bi-monthly

FTP: ftp.gmd.de: /if-archive/magazines/XYZZYnews/
Usenet: rec.arts.int-fiction

Editor(s): Eileen Mullin <eil...@interport.net>

Your MoM

"Funny stories, pictures, sounds, and other stuff. "The Most Fun You
Can Have With a Piece of Paper... err...Monitor""

Format: HTML

WWW: http://www.columbia.edu/~emj5/yourmom/ymhome.html

Editor(s): em...@columbia.edu
Phone: +1 212 853 2019
Postal: 226 Shapiro, 1116 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY
10027-7002, USA

Zen Anarchy

"Zen Anarchy started out as an excuse to learn PageMaker and evolved
into something which has to be seen to be understood. It's basically
my thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, etc... Some will like it, some
will hate it. I don't care, but if it gets just one person to think
about something, well then I guess it's worth it."

Format: Postscript
Frequency: frequent or when the mood strikes

Gopher: gopher.etext.org: Zines/ZenAnarchy
FTP: ftp.etext.org: /pub/Zines/ZenAnarchy/

Editor(s): Professor Z <an11...@anon.penet.fi>


"A hyper-text e-zine on the WWW featuring contemporary poetry
fiction, essays, interviews and more. Also the home of ZIPZAP
Gallery showing contemporary fine art."

Format: HTML
Frequency: approximately each quarter

WWW: http://zipzap.com/cover.html

Editor(s): Evonne Fenn <evo...@zipzap.com>
Jeff Williams <je...@zipzap.com>

-- end of e-zine-list

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