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Funny airline acronyms

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Feb 8, 1994, 7:16:39 PM2/8/94
ALITALIA (Italy) always late in take-off, always late in arrival.
SABENA (Belgium) such a bad experience -- never again!
LOT (Poland) lots of trouble.

Know anymore?

Feb 9, 1994, 3:53:49 PM2/9/94

> SABENA (Belgium) such a bad experience -- never again!
> LOT (Poland) lots of trouble.
> Know anymore?

TAP (Portugal) - Take Another Plane

Rolf L|vstr|m

Feb 12, 1994, 6:30:40 PM2/12/94
SAS = Sex And Satisfaction
BA = (was) Bloody Awful (before the privatization)
EAA = Even Apes Aviate
Air France = Fair Chance
TAP = Take Another Plane
TWA = Try Walking Across

Patricia McDonagh

Feb 14, 1994, 11:22:15 PM2/14/94
Rolf L|vstr|m ( wrote:
: SAS = Sex And Satisfaction

SAHSA (Honduras) Stay At Home, Stay Alive

Patricia McDonagh, NYC "There is not a moment to be lost." -- Captain Aubrey

Richard Parratt

Feb 15, 1994, 9:17:57 AM2/15/94
In article <2jpiln$>, (Patricia McDonagh) writes:
|> Rolf L|vstr|m ( wrote:
|> : BA = (was) Bloody Awful (before the privatization)

Still is in my book.

Richard Parratt.

David Chapman

Feb 15, 1994, 3:14:24 PM2/15/94
QANTAS: Q**ers And Nymphos Travel As Sex-deviants


Mike Hurst

Feb 15, 1994, 7:15:14 PM2/15/94
Rolf L|vstr|m ( wrote:
: BA = (was) Bloody Awful (before the privatization)

Not acronyms, but In the same vein ...

Dan Air (DA) - Dan Dare
Air UK (UK) - Air Yuk.
Air Lingus (EI) - Air Fungus
Pan Am (PA) - Pandemonium
USAir (US) - Useless Air
Continental (CO) - Incontinental
Aeroflot - Aeroflop


Halcyon Woodward

Feb 16, 1994, 7:14:52 AM2/16/94

You forgot one:

Sky West(US) - Scare West

I was living in St. George, Utah for a time, of which, Scare West was
the only commercial airline available at the local air port. It earned
it's moniker on more than one occasion... All the planes were the dinky
little 15 seater commuter type, and traveling in them was almost always
quite turbulent. One time, when I was commuting from St. George to Salt
Lake City weekly by plane, the turbulance got so bad on the flight that
one of the passengers lost control of his bodily functions... I can
remember another time, where the president of the company or somesuch
big-wig was coming into St. George for a visit, and the pilot of the
plane got so excited/nervous that he landed with out the benifit of
landing gear... (That might be an urban legend, although I heard it from
a reputable source...) Anyways, anyone else have quasi-humorous
airplane stories?

\ Halcyon Woodward /
/ Internet: \

Amiram Yehudai

Feb 16, 1994, 8:31:45 AM2/16/94
ELAL - every landing always late
TWA - try with another
LUFTHANSA - let us f*** the hostess as no stewardess available

David J. Addis

Feb 16, 1994, 10:51:50 AM2/16/94
Mike Hurst ( wrote:

: Mike.

How about that Caribbean favorite, LIAT?
Luggage Is Always Tardy

Dave Addis Spanky: "Hey, where we goin'?"
Norfolk, Va. Stymie: "I don't know, brother, but we're on our way!"

Steven M. Wilson

Feb 16, 1994, 5:47:24 PM2/16/94
In article <>,

I thought it was

QUANTAS: Queers and Nymphos Try Anal Sex...


VIRGIN: Very Interesting Ride: Going Into Nymphos
****** - Steven M. Wilson - aka - - ******
********* In America, the *best* people are put on pedestals *********
****** so that lesser folk can take shots at them.--Tom Clancy *******

Barry Traylor

Feb 17, 1994, 3:56:52 PM2/17/94
My favorite for USAir remains "You Despair". I know I do, anyway. This
is, of course, only a *personal* opinion and does not....

George Pike

Feb 21, 1994, 5:37:21 PM2/21/94
In article <> (David J. Addis) writes:
>Mike Hurst ( wrote:
>: Rolf L|vstr|m ( wrote:
>: : BA = (was) Bloody Awful (before the privatization)
>: Not acronyms, but In the same vein ...
>: Dan Air (DA) - Dan Dare
>: Air UK (UK) - Air Yuk.
>: Air Lingus (EI) - Air Fungus
>: Pan Am (PA) - Pandemonium
>: USAir (US) - Useless Air
>: Continental (CO) - Incontinental
>: Aeroflot - Aeroflop
>: Mike.
>How about that Caribbean favorite, LIAT?
>Luggage Is Always Tardy

Two of my favorites
TWA - Teeny Weeny Airlines
United Airlines - Untied Airlines

Feb 22, 1994, 12:36:59 PM2/22/94

How about

Delta...... Doesn't Ever Leave the Airport!



Feb 22, 1994, 1:16:59 PM2/22/94

Here's one:
AWA (America West Airlines) Always Wasting Assets

One of the many airlines in financial trouble.

Eric Mankin

Feb 22, 1994, 1:36:23 PM2/22/94
In article <> (George Pike) writes:
>In article <> (David J. Addis) writes:
>>Mike Hurst ( wrote:
>>: Rolf L|vstr|m ( wrote:
>>: : BA = (was) Bloody Awful (before the privatization)
>>: Not acronyms, but In the same vein ...
>>: Dan Air (DA) - Dan Dare
>>: Air UK (UK) - Air Yuk.
>>: Air Lingus (EI) - Air Fungus
>>: Pan Am (PA) - Pandemonium
>>: USAir (US) - Useless Air
>>: Continental (CO) - Incontinental
>>: Aeroflot - Aeroflop
>>: Mike.
>>How about that Caribbean favorite, LIAT?
>>Luggage Is Always Tardy
>Two of my favorites
>TWA - Teeny Weeny Airlines
>United Airlines - Untied Airlines
>>Dave Addis Spanky: "Hey, where we goin'?"
There is a mercifully small airline that serves
the Moluccas in East Indonesia. The official name
is Indoavia, but its stranded ticketholders
know it better as Indoalibi.
Eric Mankin

Richard Sun

Feb 22, 1994, 6:40:17 PM2/22/94
Gee, this is turning into a tired thread.

Kurt Ludwick

Feb 23, 1994, 3:12:29 AM2/23/94
In article <2ke551$t...@senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU>, dave...@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
(Richard Sun) says:

>Gee, this is turning into a tired thread.

Stewardess (to old man): Sir, would you like some TWA Coffee?
Dirty Old Man: No, but I'll take some TWA Tea! (heh heh heh)

(If you still don't get it, read it out loud. Make sure to shout the last
2 words as loudly as possible; trust me it'll help.)

Kurt E. Ludwick | "A mathematician is a device for turning
- - - - - - - -| coffee into theorems." | -- P. Erdos

Per Gunnar Hansoe

Feb 23, 1994, 1:12:49 PM2/23/94
This is no acronym but I submit it here anyway...
On a commersial poster (for some airtravel agency):
Breakfast in NY
Lunch in Paris

And added with graffitti:
The luggage on Bermuda.

(you can laugh now).

Boerge Haga 42634

Feb 28, 1994, 4:49:41 AM2/28/94
In article <> (Jeff Harvey) writes:
>> How about: TWA - Try Walking Awhile
How about:

AA (American Airlines) - Always Awful
- Abort! Abort!
- Awful Airlines
ACI - Always Crashing In flames
AI (Air India) - Allah Informed
- Already Informed (About Allah)
- Always Indefinite
Air BC - Air Bash & Crash
- Air Burn & Crash
ALIA - Always Late In Arrival
ALITALIA - Always Late In Takeoff Always Late In Arrival
- Air Line In Tokyo And Luggage In Amsterdam
- Always Late ITALIAns
- A little Italian Tit and lotsa Italian Ass
- A little Italian tradition and lotsa Italian attitude
- Airplane Lands In Toronto, All Luggage In Australia
Alyemda - Airborne Lunatic YEMenites Destroying Airplanes
American - After meals, each riding idiot
contracts acute nausea
ANA (All Nippon Air.) - Airplane Never Arrives
Apache - Arizona Planes Always Crash Horribly & Explode
APSA - Angry Peruvians Smashing Airplanes
Ariana - Afghans Really Into Always Neglecting Airplanes
ASA (Delta Connection) - A Sad Airline
- A Sorry Airline
ATA - Americans Take Alternatives
ATI - Alternative: Take Iberia
Aviaco - Airplanes Violently In Awful Crashes Often
Avianca - Awful anca
BA - Best Avoided
- Better Avoided
- Bloody Awful
BMA - British Mangling Airplanes
BOAC (Brit.Overs.Airw.Corp.) - Better On A Camel
- Bloody Old and Careless
- Bend Over Again Christine (from cabinet sex scandal)
- Bail Out And Crash
- British Overseas Air Catastrophes
BWIA - Better Walk If Able
- Better Wish It Arrives
- Bound to Wait In the Airport
- But Will It Arrive
- Baggage Wandering In Africa
- British's Worst Investment in America
- Book and Wait Indefinately After
CA (China Airlines) - Choose Another
CAAC (Chin.Avat.Airl.Comp.) - Chinese Airline Always Canceled
- China Airlines Almost Crashes
- China Airlines Always Crashes
CAL (China Air Line) - Come Always Late
CAT - Crashes After Takeoff
CCAir - Crash & Catastrophe Air
CONTINENTAL - Can Of Nitroglycerine Taken IN Every
Night To Avoid Landing
CP (Cathay Pacific) - Crash Planned
- Crash Perhaps
CPA (Canadian Airl.Intl.) - Can't Promise Anything
(New code CAI) - Crash And Ignite
- Call Ambulance Immediately
- Circle Airport Indefinitely
- Call Ambulance Immediately
- Circle Airport Indefinitely
- Cruise Above Iceland
- Cancel Alaskan Itinerary
- Call Attendants "Idiots"
- Check All Items
- Copilots Are Imbeciles
- Casual Atmosphere Inside
CP Air - Crashing Planes Air
CSA - Czechs Smashing Airplanes
DELTA - Don't Even Leave The Airport
- Don't Ever Leave The Airport
- Don't Even Let Them Aboard (referring to the arabs ?)
- Departing Even Later Than Anticipated
- Do Every Little Thing Awkwardly
- Doesn't Even Leave The Airport
- Doesn't Even Locate The Airport
- Does Eventually Limp To an Airport
- Doesn't Everything Lead To Atlanta
- Damaged Equipment Late To Arrive
- Drunken Engineer Landed Too Abruptly
- Don't Expect Loved-ones To Arrive
- Doesn't Ever Land on-Time Anywhere
EAL (Eastern) - Eastern's Always Late
ELAL - Every Landing Always Late
- Encountered Lightening, Aircraft Lost
- Entered Lebanon, Allah Livid
GARUDA - Get Another Reservation Unless Dead Already
IA (Indian Airlines) - Indefinte Arrival
JAL (Japan Air Lines) - Just About Late
- Japan's Always Late
JAT (Yugoslav Airlines)- Joke About Time
LAV - Linea de Accidentes y Victimas
LIAT - Leave Island Any Time
- Luggage In Any Terminal
- Lucky If Arrive at All
LOT (Polish Airlines) - Last One There
- Luggage On Tarmack
- Lots Of Trauma
LUFTHANSA - Let Us Fuck The Hostess,Are No Stewardesses Available
- Let Us Fuck The Hostesses And Not Say Anything
- Let Us Fondle The Hostess And Not Say Anything
- Let Us Fuck The Hostesses And Never See-you Again
NWA (Northwest) - Nothing Works Anyway
- Never Worry Again
OLYMPIC - Onasis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash
PA (Philippine Airways)- Please Avoid
PAL (Phil. Airlines) - Philippines Always Late
- Plane Always Late
- Pretty Awful Landing
PAN AM - Plan On Arriving Nervewracked And Mad
- Poor Airline, Need Any Money
- Passengers And Names Are Missing
PIA (Pakist.Int.Airl.) - Please Inform Allah
- Panic In Air
- Perhaps I Arrive
- Probably It Arrives
PWA (Pacific Western) - Please Wait Awhile
QANTAS - Queer And Nasty Types As Stewards
- Quick And Nasty Typical Australian Service
- Quite A Nice Trip, Australian Style
- Queers And Nymphomaniacs Take All Seats
- Queers And Nymphomaniacs Trained As Stewards
- Queer And Nasty, Try Another Service
- Quite ANother Thing to Arrive Safely
- Quangos and Nymphomaniacs Tagging around 'strayla
SABENA (Belgium) - Such A Bloody Experience, Never Again
- Such A Bad Experience, Never Again
SAHSA (Servicio Aero Honduras SA) - Stay At Home, Stay Alive
SAS (Scand.Airl.Syst.) - Sweet And Sexy
- Sex And Service
- Slow And Safe
- Sex and Satisfaction
- Same As Sabena (acfe
- Sex and Satisfaction
- Same As Sabena (actually closer to Swissair)
SIA (Singapore.Intl.Airl.) - So Incredible, Aah
- Sick In Air
SWISSIAR - Sex With Innocent Stewards Shows Aids In Result
TAA (Trans.Austr.Airl.)- Try Another Airline
TACA (Central America) - Take A Chance Airline
- Take A Coffin Along
- Tome Alcohol Cuando Aborda
- Toca Al Cielo--Aiiiii!!!!!
- Take A Car Afterward
TAP (Portuguese Airl.) - Take Another Plane
THY (Turk Hava Yolara) - Turkey Hates You
- They Hate You
TTA (Trans-Texas Airl.)- Tree-Top Airlines
- Teeter-Totter Airlines
TWA (Transworld Airl.) - Travel Without Arrival
- Try Walking, Asshole
- Try Walking Again
- The Worst Airline
- Took Wrong Airline
- Try Walking Across (transatlantic perspective)
- Travel With Arabs
- Terrorist Welcome Aboard
- Terrorists With Arms
- Teenie Weenie Airlines
- Traveling Without Air
- Tiny Wings Aflappin'!!!!!
- Twenty Wobbly Airplanes
- TightWad Airlines
- Trouble With Amal
- Travel With Amal
- Twits Win Again
- That Was Awful
- Today's Worst Airline
- Tomorrow's Widebody Accident
UAL (United) - Unexplicably Always Late
- United Aircraft Lost
- Undertakers Always Love
USAir - Unfortunately, Still Allegheny In Reality
- Underwater Seating Available In the Rear
UTA (Air France in Pacific) - Unlikely To Arrive


BOEING - Bits Of Engine In Neighbours Garden
- Bits Of Engine In Numerous Gardens

Aer Lingus Aer Fungus,
Analingus (cf. anal + cunnilingus)
Cunning Lingus
Aermediterranea Aermediterroranea
Aeroperu Aeroperhaps
Aeroflot Aeroflop
Air Afrique Air Freak(out)
Air America Scare Air
Air BC Scare BC
AirCal AirCrawl
Scare Cal
Air Cambodia Air forbodia
Air Canada Err Canada (as in "To err is human...")
Air Can't...uh...duh...
Air Cattle Car
Air Canabis
Air Ecosse Air Costs
Air Europe Air you're down
Air Florida Air Florideath
AF Air France Air Chance
Air Gabon Air Go down
Air Illinois Air what's that noise?
Scare Illinois
Air Jamaica Air Jerks kill ya
Airlines of Tasmania Scarelines of Tasmania
Air Lanka Air clunker
Air Malta Air Melt ya
Air Mauritius Air Murderous
Air Micronesia Air Microscopic
Air Midwest Air Mudwest (or The Mudliners)
Air New England Scare No west Air Mudwest (or The Mudliners)
Air New England Scare No Engines
Air New York Air New jerk
Air New Zealand Air No wheels land
Air Of Vermont Air Of Vomit
Air Pacific Air Pacifwreck
Air Tanzania Scare Tanzania
Air UK Air yuck
Air Vietnam Nuoc Mam (rotten fish sauce) Airlines
Air West Scare West
Scare Best
Air Worst
AW Air Wisconsin Scare Wisconsin
'ere We're crashin'
Dairy Air (as in derrierre :-) )
Air Zaire Air scare
Air Peut-e^tre (Air Perhaps)
Air Zimbabwe Air Zimbobsled
Alaska Coastal-Ellis I'll ask a ghost to tell us
Alia Always Late In Arrival
Alitalia Genitalia
Allegheny Air Agony Air
All Agony
Allegheny Allemaybe
Allegheny Commuter Agonizing Computer
All Nippon Airways All fall down Airways
Aloha Airlines All over Airlines
Altair Airlines All scare Airlines
America West Airlines America's Worst Airlines
Arrow Air Error Air
Harrowing Scare
Aspen Airways Crashpen Airways
Aviogenex Aviogen wrecks
Bahamasair By llamas air
Balair Fallair
Balkan Bulgarian Broken Bulgarian
Bangladesh Biman Bangladeath flamin'
Bar Harbor Scar Harbor
Bar Harbor Airlines Bar Hopper Airlines
Bonanza Air Lines Banana Air Lines
Bonanza Banzai
Braathens SAFE Braathens UNSAFE
Braniff Brand-F
Rainbow or Chiclet Airlines
Braniff's green 747 = Super Pickle
Braniff's orange 747 = The Great Pumpkin
Braniff Airlines Brainless Airlines
Britannia Airways Shit on ya Airways
British Air Ferries British scare Ferries
British Airtours British scaretours
BA British Airways Brutish Airways
Brutish Scareways,
Shitish Airways
British Caledonian Shitish Caledonian
Britt Airways Shitt
Brockway Air Shockway Air
Brymon Airways Die mon Airways
BOAC Bloody 'Orful' Aircraft Company
Cameroon No room
Cameroon Airlines Become marooned Airlines
Capital Airlines Crap it all Airlines
Cargolux Cargosucks
CA Cascade Airways Crashcade Scareways
Cathay Pacific Crash in Pacific
Central Airlines Bentral Airlines
China Airlines China scarelines
Cochise Airlines No peace Airlines
Comair Kamikaze Air
Command Airways Commando Airways
Conair Conned air
Condor Flugdienst Condor Flugdeath
Continental Contemptible
Coml Contemptible
ComAir Come on! Airline
Cordova Airlines Cart over Airlines
Crossair Crashair
Cruzeiro do Sul Crasheiro do Sul
Cubana Cuburn ya
Cyprus Airways Try a bus Airways
Dan-Air Damn-Air
Delta Air Lines Deltoid (The Chicken Flight) Air Lines
Delta Connection Delta Conniption
Delta Melt ya
Lufthansa Lusthansa
Midwest Express Midwest Excess
Mohawk Slowhawk
Northwest Northworst
Northworst Arrogant
Northwest Orient Northwest Disorient.
People Express CattleCar Express
People Distress
People Compress
Piedmont Piedmonster
QuebecAir Quick Air
Skywest Airlines Skyworst Airlines
Scarewest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Southworst Airlines
United Untied
US Air Useless Air
US Scare
You Swear

Aeromexico Aerowrecksico
Aero Peru Aero P.U.
Aero Virgin Airlines Aero burnin' Airlines
Air Hawaii "Try our Sun-roof 737 models!"
American Airlines "Nothing special on the ground"
(AA terminal facilities suck big time)
American Eagle UnAmerican Swallow
Britt "If you don't give a shit, go by Britt!"
Continental Air Lines The Proud Bird with the Brass Ass
Delta "We love to fly and it's close"
"We love to show our flies"
"Landing in a city near you" (motto)
Eastern Who?
Mexicana Where being Late is Fashionable
Midway They only take you MIDWAY!
NorthWORST Some people just know how to f--- up
Ozark Krazo (backwards)
Skywest Airlines White Knuckle Express
UA You Again?

10. We're Amtrak with wings
9. Join Our Frequent Near-Miss Program
8. Ask About Our Out-Of-Court Settlements
7. Noisy Engines? We'll Turn 'Em Off!
6. Complimentary Champagne in Free-fall
5. Enjoy the In-Flight Movie on the Plane Next To You
4. The Kids Will Love Our Inflatable Slides
3. Terrorists Are Afraid To Fly With Us
2. Our Pilots Are Terminally Ill & Have Nothing To Lose
1. We Might Be Landing On Your Street!

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Hans Kristian Ruud

Feb 28, 1994, 12:01:18 PM2/28/94
Airline slogan:

Take a chance - Fly Air France

* ... C are the Chessmen which drive us all mad The noble art *
* D for Defeats which can make us so sad, of losing face *
* E is Excuses we make when we loose, may one day save *
* F is for one of the swear words we use ... the human race *

Ian Bradford Crosby

Mar 5, 1994, 7:22:26 PM3/5/94
In article <>, Jeff Harvey <> wrote:
>How about: TWA - Try Walking Awhile

I'm from Juneau, Alaska, and weather conditions are often very bad for air
traffic. Juneau has been served by Alaska Airlines for a number of years,
and Alaska pilots are usually pretty daring when it comes to landing in iffy
weather. Recently, Delta added service to our community, but were very, very
timid about landing in marginal conditions. Often they would overfly to
Anchorage when Alaska Airlines was keeping its schedule. Alaska airlines
employees then thought up the following funny acronym:

Delta: Doesn't Ever Land At The Airport

ian crosby

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