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Rectum Joke

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james alspach

Apr 28, 1994, 10:31:22 AM4/28/94
91> So the Doctor says, "Rectum? It nearly killed him!"

91> Rectum = Wrecked him, for those lacking any common sense.

91> I don't know of any joke with *that* as a punchline, so it
>qualifies. It also happens to be funny.

91> Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit-Nit pick.

The joke that go's with the rectum punch line is as follows.
A young boy go's to school and during class is asked, by his teacher, to
tell the class something exciting he has seen recently. he stands up
and says "Today on the way to school I saw a man who was painting a
house fall off his latter on his ass!" the teacher clears her throt and
says "rectum..." to that the boy says "Rectum hell, it nearly killed
Just my .02$
ps...dont bitch to me about the spelling. I typed it fast and loose.

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George Goble

May 1, 1994, 8:47:14 AM5/1/94
In Lafayette, In, White Castle Hamburgers are often called
"RECTUM ROCKETS"... They were even called that on the air
by a local DJ (Rick Mummy then at WKHY)..
Also called "sliders" or "gut bombs".. 5 or 6 years ago,
the Lafayette White Castle opened, the Purdue Exponet
reported the sales of 22,000 "sliders" on the first day of

james alspach

May 2, 1994, 10:32:37 AM5/2/94

Jeff Menaker

May 2, 1994, 7:59:43 PM5/2/94
funny the way i heard it was a kid had a dog who followed him everywhere
and got hit by a train.
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