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Some aggie jokes

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Sep 23, 1991, 1:28:42 PM9/23/91

Do you know why aggies carry cow chips in their back pockets?
For identification!

Did you hear about the aggie who moved his finger from his left nostril to his
right and thought he had invented the transplant?

Did you hear about the aggie who spent three hours in the library trying to
look up Author Unknown?

Did you hear about the aggie who had diarrea?
He thought he was melting!

How do you go from Texas Tech to Aggieland?
Go east until you smell it, then go south until you step in it!

The Shadow

Sep 26, 1991, 2:30:36 PM9/26/91
What's the difference between normal pilots and Aggie pilots?

Normal pilots break groud and fly into the wind.

(anyone who needs an explanation of this joke MUST be an Aggie)

THE /\
\ Friends don't let friends wear beer goggles
\HADOW ...alone.

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