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Sep 3, 1990, 8:12:53 PM9/3/90
Sit back and take a deep breath, then put it back....for you are about to hear
a harrowing tale of heroism, valour, bravery and courage .... with some
steaming space-gypsies thrown in.


Roger Rogerson, Colonel in Its Majesties Space-O-Navy coolly surveyed the
situation. The tension had been building for weeks, the opposing parties had
frequently skirmished and now matters had come to a head. This would be a
battle to the death. Someone had to.....clean up the apartment !!!
Yes that's right, horrible as it may sound this cesspit of reflective
underwear, space-o-grams from Venus and half chewed Space-O-Bars was going to
have to be cleaned up. Rick decided to put his best foot forward.....but
outside the door......and down the Gravitic Lift......and into the Patented
People Mover street........
Calmly he raised his noble brow skywards to gaze at his apartment (the one
with the green fumes leaking suspiciously out the window) and decided
something.......BUGGER IT !!!!
With his highly trained arm he raised his highly dangerous Space-O-Blaster
and blew his highly offensive flat into highly small pieces.....The Space Corps
would pick up the tab.....

All of a sudden, the author ran out of plot, so he said ....
All of a sudden, his wristwatch bleeped and unfolded into a lightweight 7
foot wide hologrammatic screen with 14 inch speaker cones giving true
quadrophonic sound with such low distortion it would make you weep......
"Attention Roger, " came a voice that boomed halfway down the street and
scared all the pets...." This is the highly secretive top-super-mega Heroes
and General Daredevil Lunatic Fringe Society who no-one has ever heard of
because we don't exist really....."
The speaker looked like Idi Amin, Sadam Hussein, the Ayatollah and the entire
American High Defense Squad rolled into one. From somewhere under the medals,
gold braid, ribbons and decorations, Roger noted a beady little red eye
twitching about nervously.
"Chadwick...., " blasted Roger in dulcet tones that made all women between 15
and 82 years of age in the surrounding area slide off their chairs........
"Chadwick, have you been ransacking the cereal packets and sending off for
those ridiculous play uniforms again....."
"I'm sorry, Colonel Rogerson, sir, b-b-but I just can't help it" blurted the
quivering Chadwick, "I do so want to join Its Majesties Space-O-Navy..."
With a voice that made all female animals in the surrounding area develop a
nervous twitch, Roger replied.....
"I'm sorry, faithful yet incredibly idiotic sidekick. We can't have
kindergarten dropouts with terminal B.O and the social graces of a pox-ridden
clam like your vile self joining the incredibly useless yet very necessary for
tax reasons Space-O-Navy now, can we."
"Oh Colonel," blubbed Chadwick " so cruel, yet so handsome......" His
pathetic voice fell away in a torrent of tears.
"Come, come Chadwick, don't blubber...why did you call me, what's the idiotic
plot going to be this time..wait... don't tell me yet. First, feed me that
corny, cliched line that lets me look concerned, yet ready, anxious yet brave
and you know the rest."
"Yes sir, Colonel sir. Here goes...."


Will Roger respond ....
Will Roger stop posing....
Will Chadwick get to join the Space-O-Navy....

Keep listening (or even reading) and await the next incredible installment of

Rocket Roger in The Space-O-Navy !!!!!!

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