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Feb 21, 1991, 10:58:50 AM2/21/91

..... and speaking of Hedonism, I just came back from Hedonism II
in Jamaica. This place is the wildest place I have ever been to.
I am now an ex-club medder since going to Hedonism II. They have
an open bar from 10:00am until 5:00am .... and best of all no stupid
beads to deal with,furthermore, you can eat from 8:30am til 12:00am
all for free... sort of ( seeing that you pay for everything up front.)
Its all inclusive!!! ... and this resort lets singles in and boy there
were many single women... and guys to.
... and the nude beach!!! enough said.

OK seeing that this is rec.humor I hear one while I was there, here goes.

If Valentines Day is for lovers... what day is for single men...

Palm Sunday


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