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Heard it on the radio

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Jun 22, 1990, 4:48:57 PM6/22/90

A couple of not too brite guys go into a pub and grill. The place
was empty until finally a woman came in, sat down at the other end of
the bar and ordered a sandwich. The guys are checking here out when,
all of a sudden, she started to choke on her food. The guys are
looking at each other wondering what to do as she staggered off her
chair and began to turn a bit blue. Finally one of the guys went to
the woman turn her back to him, grabbed her pants, yanked them to her
knees and started to lick her ass. The woman, shocked by this behavior,
coughed the food out of her throat. The guy yanked her pants back up
and went back to the other end of the bar. His friend asked, "Where
did you learn how to do that?". They other guy said, "I heard about it
on the radio. It's called the hind lick maneuver."

John Fereira or

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