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Waiter! Waiter!

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David Bridges

Apr 22, 1997, 3:00:00 AM4/22/97

Waiter! Waiter! This egg is rotten!
Don't blame me, sir, I only laid the table.

Waiter! Waiter! You've got your thumb on my steak!
Don't want me to drop it again, do you?

Waiter! Waiter! There'a a fly in my soup!
Never mind, sir, the spider on the bread will get him!

Waiter! Waiter! Where's my honey?
She left last Thursday, sir!

Waiter! Waiter! I can't eat this meat! Bring me the manager!
But you can't eat him, either, sir!

Waiter! Waiter! I'd like a greasy plate of burned fries, frozen solid
peas and a burger with a thumbprint on it and a fingernail on top!
We don't serve food like that, sir!
You did yesterday!

Waiter! Waiter! I'd like a stewed telegraph pole with truck tires and
roof tiles, please!
Boss! The loony's back again.

David Bridges

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