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Aug 15, 2010, 9:12:14 AM8/15/10
>From the Gardens Shmooze, weekly newsletter of the Cape Town Hebrew

Three men are in the maternity waiting room at Hadassah Hospital in
Israel. A doctor comes
in and says to the first man, "Mazel Tov, your wife just gave birth to
The man replied, "Wow, what a coincidence, I live in Kiryat Arbah and
arba is four."
Another doctor comes in and says to the second man, "Mazel Tov! Your
wife just gave birth
to septuplets." The second man replies, "I can't believe it. What a
coincidence -- I live in
Be'er Sheva, sheva is seven." Just then, the third man faints and
thuds onto the floor. The
others rush over to him and one of the doctors is able to revive him.
"Sir" he says, "what
happened? Are you alright?" The man looks at the doctor and smiles
weakly, "I live in Meah
Shearim. The neighborhood of a hundred gates."

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