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Mozilla stomps IE

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John Francis Stracke

Oct 4, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/4/97

OK, now, bear in mind that I'm not a primary source here; I just heard
about it, and saw the aftermath. But:

Last night (9/30-10/1) at midnight, Mr. Bill's Browser 4.0 was
released. Late last night, between midnight and 1:30, somebody (MS?
probably) dumped a huge IE logo on Netscape's front lawn (a metal
shell, apparently, deep enough to stand up on its own). They probably
expected that we wouldn't notice until morning, and wouldn't be able
to get equipment to move it until 11:00 or so, and some press cameras
would come by in the meantime; we wouldn't be able to bring legal
action, 'cause we wouldn't have any proof, and we'd just look whiny.

Well. Needless to say, MS was dumb: they forgot that we're *here* at
midnight! Somebody spotted it, and, rather than waste effort trying to
get rid of the logo, they decided to slap MS in the face with it
instead. (Figuratively. :-) They gathered people to help, and they
tipped over the IE logo so that it was lying on its back, spraypainted
"Netscape Now" on the side facing the street...and then carried over
our 7-foot-tall statue of Mozilla (Netscape's Godzillaoid mascot) and
stood it up on top of the IE logo.

So now we have Mozilla standing on top of the defeated IE (with his
thumb up and a grin on his face), and people are wandering by and
taking pictures; it got covered in by local papers and TV, and I've
been told Reuters picked it up. Not the sort of thing we'd publicize
on purpose, 'cause it is a little childish...but they started it! :-)

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