List of BBS's that are used by HAM'S

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May 23, 1990, 12:10:47 AM5/23/90
I'm looking for a list of computer BBS's where I can get in touch with HAM
radio operators. I'm interested in geting involved with HAMing and would like
to find a users group that would help me get started. Thanks in advance!

Tom Bruhns

May 24, 1990, 11:24:18 AM5/24/90
In a similar vein, are there any Amiga-specific (or even just
Amiga-oriented) ham BBS's?


Bob Cutler

May 25, 1990, 3:42:36 PM5/25/90
Here's an old (OK, REAL old) list that I found laying around. As you
can see, it was originally posted to notes by someone else.

-- Bob Cutler KE7ZJ


Ham Radio Phone BBS List 3/88

The following is a list of some telephone BBS's that support Amateur Radio.
Some of these are strictly for hams, while others support "SIG's" (special
interest groups) for hams or have radio-related files or message sections.

If you call one of these BBS's and find nothing to indicate it's relationship
to Ham Radio or find that it has been disconnected, let me know so I can
archive it and clean up the list. I can't gaurantee the accuracy of this list,
but I do strive to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Please send any updates,
changes, or comments to me. 73, Tom Brown KA2UGQ.

Packet: KA2UGQ @ KA2UGQ-4 (Node:NNJ, Zip:07922)
UUCP: ..!ihnp4!mtune!ky2d-2!ka2ugq
ARPA: mtune!ky2d-2!ka2...@rutgers.ARPA
ICBM: 40 40' 47" N, 74 25' 03" W

Baud rates are as follows: 3=300 baud, B=1200 baud (Bell 212A),
C=2400 baud (CCITT V.22 bis)

A symbol after the phone number indicates the status of the bulletin board
since the last verification. The symbols are as follows: '*' - verified OK;
'+' - probably OK (line busy when called); '?' - questionable. If there is
no symbol after the phone number, it has probably not been checked out yet.

NEW numbers (since 2/88 list) are listed with a ':' after the phone number.

Phone-Number Name SYSOP Location BAUD
============ ==================== ==================== ================== ====
201-245-6614 The Micro Room WA2BFW NJ 3BC
201-271-4517 WB2TIX Radio BBS WB2TIX Bound Brook, NJ 3
201-332-6098 Edgelight Online BBS KB2BLE Jersey City, NJ BC
201-385-1693 Radio CMBS ? NJ B
201-423-4258+Computer Nookery ? NJ ?
201-494-3417 Planet Shadowstar N2HGY Edison, NJ 3B
201-494-3649+Micro-Fone TBBS K2SHY Metuchen, NJ 3BC
201-694-8122+Sonnet Center Jim Sonnet Mountain View, NJ 3BC
201-757-1491 Holly Park PBBS Dick Roberts Piscataway, NJ 3BC
201-729-7056 ? ? Sparta, NJ 3BC
201-918-0683:KA2QHD Packet/UNIX BBS (login: guest) Wayside, NJ 3B
201-943-7759 N2DSY CBBS? N2DSY Little Falls, NJ? ?
203-237-1717 Summa Zulla Znode 43 KA1TB Meriden, CT 3B
203-366-1234 Dave's FIDO ? Bridgeport, CT 3B
205-598-6079 Elmer BBS WA6LMM/4 Fort Rucker, AL 3
205-649-2894 Mobile Alabama BBS NN4Y Mobile, AL 3B
205-758-5017 The Bulletin Board W4WYP/WD4DAT AL 3
205-987-9818 Superboard ? AL 3B
205-988-4816 Superboard ? AL 3B
206-763-8879 Sea-Comm 80 W7TWU Seattle, WA 3B
206-767-3223+Amateur Radio Supply WB7EWO/W7PV (6PM-9AM)Seattle, WA 3
206-783-4818 Hi-Tech BBS W7UZB Seattle, WA 3B
212-380-3864+Atari BBS K2BSM NY ?
212-645-2176 Metro CPU ? NY ?
212-781-4723 Friends WB2RSI New York, NY 3B
213-376-6221 Beach City KB6MND CA 3B
213-377-0450 Amateur World N6OQU Palos Verdes, CA 3B
213-541-2503 WB6YMH (GFRN) RCP/M WB6YMH Palos Verdes, CA 3BC
214-223-0983 ? Mark Collard Dallas, TX 3B
214-394-7438 Datalink BBS N5ITU Dallas, TX 3B
214-960-2730 NN5I BBS NN5I TX 3B
215-482-0262 PARA Time Warp W3IX Philadelphia, PA 3
215-572-5890 WA3DSP BBS WA3DSP Glenside, PA 3B
215-628-9265 K4KWW BBS K4KWW PA ?
215-827-7689 K3DSM BBS K3DSM Malvern, PA ?
215-948-0593+K3DSM BBS (?) K3DSM (?) Malvern, PA (?) ?
216-745-7855 Akron Computer Group WA8SNF Akron, OH 3
218-525-1788 ? Ron Carlson Duluth, MN 3B
301-272-5313+Aberdeen Interface ? Aberdeen, MD 3B
301-350-1299+Mad Faces BBS Kim Wells Upper Marlboro, MD 3B
301-495-7323+Nat. Capitol Wing ? MD ?
301-540-1378+WB6RQN Usenet gtwy. WB6RQN Germantown, MD ?
301-540-9095+WB6RQN Usenet gtwy. WB6RQN Germantown, MD ?
301-670-9621 3 Winks W3INK Gaithersburg, MD 3B
301-926-8187 3 Winks W3INK Gaithersburg, MD 3B
303-497-6968 Boulder FIDO ? Boulder, CO ?
303-593-0766 HIP Shack Fido BBS N3EUA Colo. Springs, CO 3BC
303-781-1079 Photo Tech ? CO 3B
304-273-4136 ? Emmett Earley Ravenswood, WV 3
305-773-5033 Computer Hustler ? Satellite Beach,FL 3B
305-859-9443 Orlando Communicator WA4GIF Orlando, FL 3B
305-973-1947 The Eye of Osiris Boca Raton, FL 3B
305-997-5849 Megasystems Online Boca Raton, FL 3B
312-529-1586 Elk Grove Village N9DKO Chicago, IL 3B
313-239-9690 Flint BBS N8DYB/(KA8OCN?) Flint, MI (?) 3B
313-629-2854 Flint Area BBS KA8OCN Flint, MI 3(B?)
313-759-6569*Royal Oak RCP/M W8SDZ Royal Oak, MI 3B
315-697-3996 Random Access BBS KB2ECI ? 3B
318-688-7078+NoChange #2 Mike Berry Shreveport, LA 3B
319-557-9659 Sunshine BBS AI9D/KA0JAW Cedar Rapids, IA? 3
404-289-2050+No Frills BBS WB4LBM Decatur, GA 3
404-363-1640+Hams Bulletin Board WA4CBT Forest Park, GA 3B
404-476-7970 Ham Board One ? GA 3B
404-491-6365 Flagship Express KC4ME Atlanta, GA BC
404-493-4708 Randy's BBS ? GA 3B
404-834-9097 Commodore Msg. Ctr. KB4EUX Carrollton, GA 3
404-949-0687+Lockheed Amateur BBS ? GA 3B
406-256-8717 ? Dave Williams Billings, MT 3B
408-674-5048 Elmer II WA6LMM Greenfield, CA 3B
409-838-3761 Lamar University BBS WB5VNX Galveston, TX 3
414-543-0988 Milwaukee City ARES WB9YSG Mil. City, ML? 3
415-961-7250 BBS-JC K6LLK CA 3BC
415-858-0363 Packet UNIX BBS login: packet, password: net ?
416-231-0669 Humber Queensway BBS VE3OOZ Toronto, ON Canada 3B
416-252-9692?Humber College BBS VE3OOZ (?) Toronto, ON Canada 3
416-598-1934 Boards Galore ? Canada ?
504-395-5655:Bit-by-bit RBBS WB3ABN Patterson, LA 3BC
504-834-2544 The Connection Keith LaBorde New Orleans, LA 3
505-646-5194?Teacher's Pet FIDO K5XY/W4GHV NM 3B
509-534-6866:ANARC BBS ? Spokane, WA ?
509-697-7298 Cent. Washington BBS K7NTV Selah, WA 3B
512-734-3521 Radio Flyer KA5SWI San Antonio, TX 3
512-837-0953 Jimnet BBS WA5VLZ? Austin, TX ?
515-961-3325 W0RPK AMSAT BBS W0RPK Indianola, IA 3BC
516-293-2283 Radio ElectronicsBBS R.E. Magazine Farmingdale, NY(?) 3B
516-472-0691 The Idea X-Change N2AYB Bayport, NY 3B
516-561-6590 LICA LIMBS WA2EXP Long I. City, NY 3B
516-661-3643 South Shore ARC WB2VOZ Long Island, NY 3
516-736-2208*Bald Hill Tech. Ctl. W2JUP Farmingville, NY 3BC
603-424-5497*Stateline BBS Bob Wescott Merrimack, NH 3B
603-888-6999 Access-80 ? Nashua, NH 3
603-924-9809+73 Magazine KW1O Peterborough, NH 3B
609-268-1505?Morningstar Keep KA2BQE Indian Mills, NJ 3BC
609-268-9597*Morningstar Keep KA2BQE Indian Mills, NJ 3BC
609-652-2921+ACADEMIA WB2DRD Pomona, NJ ?
609-693-8849 Jersey Shore BBS W2FJC NJ 3B
609-859-1910 Pinelands RBBS W2XQ Vincentown, NJ 3BC
609-894-4366 N2EHM BBS N2EHM Pemberton, NJ 3B
612-291-0567 Digital Newsletter K0TG St. Paul, MN 3B
612-431-1149 HR Commodore Clique WA0CQG Apple Valley, MN 3(B?)
612-920-L5MN NASA/ESA press rels. L5 Society Minneapolis, MN 3BC
614-457-4227 Ham BBS (HBBS) N8EMR Columbus, OH 3B
617-565-9136+WB3ABN BBS WB3ABN Boston, MA 3B
617-923-7605 MassHam BBS K1OJH MA 3B
701-746-4814 Shortwave Network ? North Dakota ?
703-250-1837?SMA Scanner BBS ? VA 3B
703-435-0836+Sterling Info Exch. KF4GL VA 3
703-734-1387*AMRAD BBS K8MMO McLean, VA 3B
713-242-6041 KC5UP BBS KC5UP Houston, TX 3BC
713-280-8711 NASA Activities NASA Houston, TX B
714-681-0731 Ham Radio West John Warren Riverside, CA 3BC
716-672-8843 Computer Access Ctr. KA2NRC Buffalo, NY ?
718-268-2062 Apple Sauce BBS ? NY ?
718-268-3173:WB2SQM BBS WB2SQM NY 3BC
718-442-1056 New York Transfer Bob Richards Staten Island, NY 3BC
718-698-7875 Hamnet ? New York, NY 3B
718-761-5727*Programmers Corner David Snyder Staten Island, NY ?
803-871-3468 Tinbrain's BBS ? Summerville, SC 3
805-251-5558 Westlink Report BBS (entry: WLR) Canyon Country, CA ?
805-942-0329 Superbyte NE6I Lancaster, CA 3
805-947-4357 WB6FIU Fido BBS WB6FIU Palmdale, CA 3BC
805-967-0895 Compucations BBS ? Santa Barbara, CA ?
812-332-7227 Indiana On-Line WB9LWQ Bloomington, IN 3BC
813-874-3078*Pac-Comm, Inc. BBS KC2FF/W1BEL Tampa, FL 3BC
816-241-1012 N0AJI BBS (a/c 314?) N0AJI St. Louis, MO 3
816-331-7023 Online II Ham Radio ? Belton, MO 3
816-833-3427+Ham BBS ? Independence, MO 3
818-967-3108?Dataline N6ECN Pasadena, CA 3B
818-998-0319 CSC Ham BBS K6IYK Pasadena, CA 3BC
904-651-8684 Hot Muddy Duck N4HMD Pensacola, FL 3B
904-733-4515+Jace ? Jacksonville, FL ?
907-243-0324 ? Dick Phillips Anchorage, AK 3
914-365-0180:Mnematics Videotext WA2IAC/(K2SK-HR SIG) Sparkill, NY ?
914-485-3393*Hamnet-80(Login:GUEST) WB2COY Poughkeepsie, NY 3B
919-353-0610 Broadcasting TBBS ? Jacksonville, NC 3

Foreign Listings:
011-353-1-88-56-34 Dublin Users BBS (Swdn Callers DX?) Dublin, Ireland 3BC
011-31-3545395 Radio Netherlands FIDO BBS (Dutch) Hilversum, Holland 3(B)
011-44-707-52242 RSGB Databox United Kingdom B

-Tom Brown KA2UGQ

UUCP: ..!ihnp4!mtune!ky2d-2!ka2ugq
ARPA: mtune!ky2d-2!ka2...@rutgers.ARPA o o
Packet: KA2UGQ @ KA2UGQ-4 c
2m FM: 145.750 MHz (local simplex) \____/
ICBM: 40 40' 41" N, 74 25' 03" W

If it's stuck, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyhow.

-Tom Brown KA2UGQ

UUCP: ..!ihnp4!mtune!ky2d-2!ka2ugq
or: ..!ihnp4!bellcore! o o
Packet: KA2UGQ @ WA2SNA-1 c
2m FM: 145.750 MHz (local simplex) \____/
ICBM: 40 40' 41" N, 74 25' 03" W

If it's stuck, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyhow.

Dale A. Weber

Jun 12, 1990, 3:52:27 PM6/12/90
pr...@dasys1.uucp (michael) writes:

We have Ham Radio Micro Bits here in Portland, OR. It is dedicated
totally to all phases of Amateur Radio. The number is (503) 285-0378 and is
online 24 hours. I'm also very interested in Ham Radio, especially packet,
and carry the rec.ham-radio.* news groups here. See below for the info on
my system. ;-) ;-)

INTERNET: OR (Dale A. Weber)
UUCP: ..!uunet!twiki!dalew OR ..!{sun!nosun, tektronix}!tessi!twiki!dalew
BBS: +1(503)239-4960, 24 Hours, 1200/2400 Bps MNP 1-5, PCPable via ORPOR

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