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Jan 18, 2020, 4:00:05 PM1/18/20

I was brought up to despise Llama handguns. A few years back, however, a Llama-made 1911 Commander showed up on Armslist at a price that was too good to ignore. It had been owned by a cop, who had done a fluff-and-buff, replaced every spring with a Wolff spring, and put in a solid guide rod.

THat gun shot better than well. It would eat anything I fed it. It shot ragged, one-hole groups at fifty feet. Then, one day, in a fit of stupidity, I sold it.

But I had learned not to distrust Llama handguns.

That turned out to be a mistake.

I bought two others shortly after that. One was a Minimax II, a aub-officer-size 1911 that took a double-stack magazine. It failed to feed the very first round that I tried to shoot, then failed to feed every round thereafter.The other was a little, 1911-style, 22. It would fire only about one in three cartridges due to a light strike. The firing pin has been blunted.

For the Minimax, I used a Wolff magazine spring designed for a Para Warthog. The new spring has reduced the magazine capacity, but has fixed the feeding problem. The gun now cycles and fires flawlessly with both factory ball ammo and my semi-wadcutter handloads. It was a cheap fix.

I've not yet got around to repairing the 22. One of these days I will, but I have other projects in the que first.

But I believe I'm through with Llamas. The first one was great, but only because somebody else got to it first. The other two have just been an annoyance. I didn't buy them as projects, but that's what they turned out to be.

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