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David Dalton

Aug 9, 2015, 1:55:54 AM8/9/15
What meaning would you attribute to my blue rose vision
of early Sept. 6, 1991?

I think the Cathors did and the Essenes do associate the
blue rose with Mary Magdalene, but other Christians
associate the blue rose with Mary the mother of Jesus.
(Mary is described as the mystical rose or the rose
without thorns and is often depicted in blue garb.)

I associate my blue rose vision with our blue planet Earth
and also somewhat with my main human inspirer, Sarah McLachlan,
but I am interested in other interpretations and in any
past figures who also had a blue rose (or maybe in some
cases a blue lotus) vision.

Note that the rosary derived its name from the rose hips,
which were strung as prayer beads by the monks. Later
rosary beads were made from the fragrant paste of crushed
rose petals.

On Christy Moore's recording Voyage there is a song written
by Jimmy MacCarthy entitled Bright Blue Rose with lyrics
that include

"One bright blue rose
Outlives all those
Two thousand years and still it goes,
To ponder his life and his death eternally"

Also from The (gnostic) Nag Hammadi Library -- On the
Origin of the World there are the lines

"And the first soul (psyche) loved Eros, who was with her,
and poured her blood upon him and upon the earth. And out
of that blood the rose first sprouted up, out of the earth,
out of the thorn bush, to be a source of joy for the light
that was to appear in the bush."

I think that the burning in the bush of Moses was actually
the glowing of a blue rose at night.

My blue rose vision is described on my
Salmon on the Thorns web page, if you want more detail.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"When the train, it left the station, with two lights on behind
Well, the blue light was my blues, and the red light was my mind" (R.J.)
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