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Ana M Rodriguez

Nov 12, 1992, 4:31:51 AM11/12/92

Well the long awaited moment is here! I was one of the lucky few to get
my hands on the Sega CD. Most places were sold out within a few hours. I
purchased mine at a Kaybee toy store. They didn't even know they had one!

I said, are those empty boxes or what? Sure enough they were the real thing.

Love the Audio Visiuals of Sol Feace, much better than the cart.

We were once in the dark, but know Sega has turned on the lights...

I am sure there is more user news to follow. I have been playing all
evening long, it's certainly getting late.

The machine sounds great and looks great. Can't wait to see what you can
really do with one of these M68K power CD machines.

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