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Phantasy Star II

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Mark Quattrocchi

Mar 15, 1990, 1:44:25 PM3/15/90
SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't got to Climatrol.
A question follows for those who have got past this part.

Help!!! I hope someone here has the answer to this question. I'm in Climatrol
station and have found Neifirst. Nei does a battle with Neifirst and gets
clobbered very quickly. Now to avenge her death I attack with the hunter,
biologist, and myself. I have gotten everything the hint book says and have
a fairly hit HP/TP (over 100 for all players) and Neifirst just kills everyone
too quickly. I've tried using different magic combinations and haven't found
the right one to win this dual. Anyone gone through this yet and have the
answer I need. I would like real spoilers unless the hint is real obvious :-)

BTW: This is really a quite fun game, excluding the random number generator
for determining how well you do in battle.

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