FS: 10 Saturn games and 2 PC games [$45]

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Jun 10, 2002, 1:54:06 AM6/10/02
Okay, here's the deal, most of these Saturn games cost $6 each on Ebay,
used. Some of them cost as much as $10.

I am selling them all for $45. They will come in double CD plastic cases,
and will be sent through priority mail. If I find the manuals, I'll send
them too, but most of them are disc only.

Daytona USA and Nights Into Dreams have lots of trouble playing on one of my
two Saturns, but only a few skips on my other Saturn. Lots of the disc are
scratched, but believe me, you can play these games.

As for the PC games, I am just throwing them in because I want to get rid of

Simcity [PC]
Sonic 3D Blast [PC]
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix [SS]
Mystaria: The Realms of Lore [SS]
Daytona USA [SS]
Tomb Raider [SS]
Virtua Fighter Kids [SS]
Virtua Fighter Remix [SS]
Astal [SS]
Ghen War [SS]
Nights Into Dreams [SS]
Clockwork Knight [SS]

I know it is hard to sell used games like this..but..I hope someone
considers buying this

Email me if you want to buy

[sighs] Hundreds of dollars of games..ending up in a few tens..[sighs]

Areku, ar...@houston.rr.com

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