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Bryan Newell

Jun 30, 1991, 6:43:06 AM6/30/91
I've been working on compiling a list of all the Genesis hints I could
find. Here is the finished list. Please e-mail me any additions or
corrections. Thanx, and enjoy.

Bryan Newell (

-------------------- Cutting Here May Damage Your Terminal --------------------
* This list consists of secrets only. I have left strategies to others. The
* various entries were collected from articles posted to the Net, various
* video gaming magazines, word-of-mouth, hint books, etc. I have not tried
* all of these hints, and thus cannot attest to their validity. I have added
* editors notes where I have noticed a secret being nonexistant, different, or
* wrong. If you find any more secrets, or any mistakes in this document,
* please e-mail them to me. The list is alphabetized for ease of reading :).
* Enjoy.
* Bryan Newell (

SEGA Genesis Game Secrets

General Secrets
On the mission select screen, move the crosshair to a place on the map
that's not an area. Hold down the START button and press the buttons in
this order: A B C B A A B C B A B. Release the START button and you'll
hear a soft ping. Now move the crosshair to an area you wish to attack
and hold down START to be invincible, A to square off against the Fighter
Ace, B to fight the Super Carrier, and C to go right to the Last Fighter.
You have to hold down the button until the area begins. Note that you can
hold down START with any of the other buttons; for example, hold down START
and C to take on the Last Fighter and be indestructible.

Getting more missles
Before you reach the refueling plane, you have to push a button on
the control pad and BUTTON B. The direction on the control pad
varies with which stage you are in.
For level: Push:
3 left and B
5 right and B
9 B only
11 right and B
13 left and B
16 left and B
19 B only
21 right and B
You have to push the buttons down before reaching the refueling plane.
The process is instantaneous, so you don't have to keep your finger down
on the button waiting for the words to appear, telling you that you did
the method correctly (If you pushed the buttons and nothing appears
instantly, you did something wrong).
As for text, it seems they're trying to make a story out of it
(You are Tom, out on a mission to rescue to fair princess Mia from
the evil Simekiri). There IS an end to this game, but don't be fooled
by the text, thinking that it is leading to an ultimate boss man.

Stage selection
At the title screen, keep A, B, and C down at the same time and hit START.
You will be able to go up all the way to level 20. After two or three stages
you will see the ending. You will have enough continues to get through, but
be careful. They go all out on these last levels.

To continue if you die, hold down A and press START twice.

Monster selects
To select any monster on any round, hold the directional pad to the LOWER
LEFT diagonal and press A, B, C and START at the title screen.

Begin at any level
To begin on any level, use the Round selection on the Option screen. Doesn't
seem to work does it? There's a trick. First press START to exit the Option
Screen, then press A and START to begin the game. Now your should be on the
level you selected.

Game in a game
Putt 100 times on a hole to see a screen from Fantasy Zone when the game
is over.

More batarangs/lives
Two "manipulations" of the game are possible. First, in an early level,
In Flugelheim, there is a long passageway up complete with spike laden
moving platforms. Go to the top, move to the left, grab the batarangs,
move right and jump down to last platform, let the platform move all the
way down and then up, jump up and left and grab replenished batarangs. You
can max out your "rangs" this way. The second is later, when you fight
the fire breathing clowns and acrobats. At the top of the first section,
I believe it's a darker area, there is a platform you can jump to your
doom from, however on your way into oblivion you can get two lives,
repeat this process to max out your lives (9 I believe.)

Super option menu
Put the cursor over the OPTIONS text and press "C" 10 times. Then
press START and you'll get the SUPER OPTIONS menu.

T-Braster Ultimate Homing Weapon
Fire the TOZ 6 times before capturing an enemy, then capture something.

Secret level
Anyway press the TOZ 128 times.

Level Select
Go to the option screen and press A, C, B, C.

Level skips
To go to any level in the game, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT at the title
screen. Keep doing it until you hear the tone. Then experiment with the
directional pad and START to choose a level. Press A to go to the second
half of a level.

Start to play the game for a little while then,
press RESET 4 times
wait for "start" message
press A 4 times
press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT (you'll hear a chime)
press and hold B, then START (there's that chime again)
press and hold C, then START

Select levels
To start on any of the levels in Golden Axe, go into the options screen and
select arcade mode. Now push the DIRECTIONAL DOWN to the LOWER LEFT (the
characters will spin on the skeleton's hand) and press BUTTON B and START
at the same time. A number will appear in the top left hand corner.
Press UP and DOWN to adjust what level to start on, then select your
character and start the game.

Flying Tank Trick
Play til stage 2, then drive the tank off the edge EXACTLY as the timer
runs out. Your tank will explode, and the timer will reset. Your new
tank will be able to fly around and attack from outside the ship.
This only lasts until the timer expires.

Stage Select
Hold Up and Left and A on controller 2 when you turn the game on. While
holding these, press Start on controller 1, and select a one-player
game. After hitting Start, you'll see the words "Round 1", use Right/Left
to select a level, then press Start (you can't get to stage 6 this way).

Full Power Cannons
Pause, then press B, B, C, B, B, C, UP, DOWN, A, then UnPause.

20 Options
Pause, then press U, U, U, D, D, D, L, L, L, R, R, R, C, C, B, A.

5 Extra Ships
Pause, then press R, D, R, D, L, U, L, U, B, C, A.

Get to any world
Select New Game and start to enter the password. But hold down button B
while you scroll through the letters---and numbers will appear. Now put
in a number five times the number of the level you want to play. For
instance, put in 150 to play level 30. (Ed. note: My copy of this game
does not require that the level desired be multiplied by 5. However,
maybe I have a later/earlier version or something.)

WEAVUSPERT 494 (final world)
KILLUSPAL 999 (secret level)

Unlimited shurikens
For unlimited shurikens, set the number of shurikens on the options screen
to 00 until the zeros turn into an infinite symbol.

How To Get Unlimited Men
In round 4-2, there is a hidden 2-Up. At the beginning of the round,
walk to the edge of the pit and jump straight up, flipping and firing
a spread of stars before coming down. This will expose a 1-Up on the
ledge across from the pit. Jump over to the other side of the ledge
when the 1-Up is exposed (it will still be half hidden behind the ledge)
and then walk off the ledge to the left, grabbing the Power-Up before
falling off the screen. Although you will lose one man in the process,
two men will be added to your reserves. Repeat this process to get as
many lives as possible.

Play Data Screen
Just press A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, C at the Title Screen.

Harder Level
Press the C button 12 times at the Title Screen.

At the Sega sign, (turning on the system or resetting) hold down all
A, B, and C an then hit start. Repeat at the title screen. This will
enable you to practice any screen and stage (except the bosses) with
the third option. Almost every screen has a union lizard coin (worth 1
or 2 free lives).

Free life
In the Bonus Stage, just fall down and don't shoot any of the ninjas.
Number of hits: 00 out of 50. Special bonus: 1-UP

More free life
In the Bonus Stage, hang out right next to the right-hand wall, and throw
shurikens so they're almost but not quite one ninja-width away from the
wall. It's then very easy to pick the ninjas off as they bounce off the
wall. 49 gives 2-UP, and 48 gives 1-UP.

Stage select
When the title screen comes up do Up, Down, Left, Right, then you will
hear a chime. Then hold A and hit start. You can then start from
any stage or test the sounds.

Unlimited lives
Place your Altered Beast cartridge in the Genesis console and turn on the
game. When the title screen appears, pull the cartridge out. It should
continue to display the title screen. Now, without turning off the Genesis
console, stick in the Strider cartridge. Hit the reset button now, and then
hit start twice to begin the game. It should display 9 lives and will
continue to display 9 lives, unless you gain a life, then it will display
"0", but you'll always have an unlimited number even with "0" displayed.

Invincible mode
Press START button on control pad 2 when the game begins. Thats it.

To get 9 continues
Begin the game and destroy your warship. Let Rex die on his way to the
shuttle. Choose the Option mode, change pad reset from Cancel to Enable.
Now (while still in the Option Mode) push BUTTON C and START simultaneously.
A girl with nine continues will slide onto the screen. Exit the Option Mode
and save the universe.

To change your firing set up
Simply press BUTTON A, B and C simultaneously.

Invisible team: Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB
Weird setup: VU9lrstpomXcZTiebrHWyW
After you enter this code and press start, the game will seem to reset
only the color/graphics are REALLY WEIRD (i.e. screwed over). Anyway,
this isn't the neat part of the code. After you get tired of tripping
out on the groovy colors, just hit the reset button on your genesis.
This will return your picture to normal, but the code is still in
effect (and will remain this way until you turn the genesis off).
Anyways, start a game against the computer and play away! You will
soon discover many oddities in the game play.

Pause Bombs
When you use a Destroyer Bomb, pause the game. Leave it paused for
about 20 seconds, or else pause and unpause quickly. This will
make the bomb do much more damage.

Map stage selection
During the TitleScreen where it says "Valis III", hold Buttons A, B, C and
press UP on the directional pad. While holding them, press and hold the
START button for a few seconds then release the START button. You are now
able to select any stage (there are 24 map stages) by pressing up or down
on the directional pad.

Easy Mode
Go to the option screen, and move the cursor onto "game level". Now
hold down A, B, C, and press Start.

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