Streets of Rage 2

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Dennis E Thomas '**

Dec 16, 1992, 2:33:40 AM12/16/92

Just played SoR2 from 10:30 till 2:30. Great game. Worthy sequel.

Adam is not in this verision, but the characters replacing him are
definitely good ones. Max is a HUGE wrestler type. Slow as hell, but
packs a mean punch. Skates is Adam's little brother. Fast little bugger.
Lots of fun to run around with him.

The changes to the game are mostly minor in the opposition, but the
character of the game changes quite seriously because there are no
longer any special attacks like there were in the first game. Now each
character has SF2 type special moves. Different for each one. Definitely
makes playing more interesting and varied. T

The graphics are very good looking. The characters are larger in
relation to the screen now, making it a lot easier on the eyes. The
music and sound effects are even better if possible.

Overall, I'm really happy with it, and now, I'm gonna go back to playing

later days!

Dennis Thomas '**
Nerd For Hire, Budding Unix Weenie, and Mythical Figure.

Teh Kao Yang

Dec 16, 1992, 4:42:00 AM12/16/92
In article <> (Dennis E Thomas '**) writes:
>Just played SoR2 from 10:30 till 2:30. Great game. Worthy sequel.

It's already out?! Where's my credit card? Are there any video games stores
open at 2:00 AM? I guess not, damn....

-Teh Kao

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