Herzog Zwei

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Dan Arvidson - Fun Stuff!

Apr 12, 1990, 4:37:04 PM4/12/90
Does anyone have any info on this? I'm kinda late in asking because I
just bought it. I figure, it was there, I'd better pick it up. If I don't
like it, it's sure to sell.

Just probing to see if anyone has any opinions on it. Also, what is the
name of the cart in Japan? (John Leo?)

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John Leo

Apr 13, 1990, 10:42:13 AM4/13/90
In article <10...@shlump.nac.dec.com> arvi...@fdcv06.enet.dec.com (Dan Arvidson - Fun Stuff!) writes:
>Just probing to see if anyone has any opinions on it. Also, what is the
>name of the cart in Japan? (John Leo?)

Well, since you mentioned me.... I haven't played the game, but I'm
almost sure, from seeing ads for it, that the Japanese name is also
Herzog Zwei. I don't know any German, so I don't even know what this

I'm not exactly sure what kind of game Herzog Zwei is, but I know
there's another military simulation game (perhaps closer to "Military
Madness" on the TG-16) for the Megadrive that got very good reviews in
Japan. It was called something like "Super Taisen..." (I can't
remember exactly) and it doesn't seem to be out for the Genesis yet,
but hopefully they'll bring it out sometime.

Actually, just for fun, I'd like to make up a list of name changes
from Japanese to US games. There are some very amusing ones. If any
one knows some good ones offhand send them to me via email. I'll post
a preliminary list in a while.

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