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Sep 12, 1990, 11:25:22 PM9/12/90
From: hl...@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Sir Han J. Lee)
Path: cory.Berkeley.EDU!hlee

>Games or types of games I would love to see for the genesis.
>Marble Madness
>TV Sports Basketball (due out (unfortunately) on just the TG16)
>A good implementation of Outrun (Not like the s***** job they did on the
>amiga version) (or of super hang-on)
>4 x 4 OffRoad Racing
>Dragon's Lair type of stuff.
>An adventure game more like Might and Magic II than like PS II.
>etc. etc. etc. oh yeah, klax.
>I would love to see a good version of Tubing and Rampage also.
>etc. etc.etc.

There's an interesting subject. Here are MY list of games I'd like
to see on the Genesis:
Power Drift (they're gonna have this anyway, so I'm happy),
Dragon Breed, R-Type,R-Type 2 (though I've never seen it in the arcade), MERCS,
Strider (good thing they'll also have this), MVP, Shinobi (I mean
the ORIGINAL Shinobi), Ys I&II (I might just have to buy TG16+CD-ROM
because of this), Air Busters (oh, they'll have this one also :) ),
Crackdown (will be available only on Mega Drive), Alien Storm,
UN Squadron, 1943-The Counter Attack (yes, I love Capcom games),
Original Space Harrier, Street Fighter, Apache, Bubble Bobble,
WGP, Lightening Fighters (aka Trigon), Raiden, plus all the cute
Capcom-nintendo games.


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