FS: Over 400 pokemon cards, including 15 holofoils [make me an offer, any offer]

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Jun 10, 2002, 2:18:14 AM6/10/02
Ah, finally to get rid of these precious cards of mine.

My collection contains cards from base set 2, jungle, team rocket, and gym

My holofoils are

Dark Raichu [81/80]
Machamp [Starter set]
Zapdos [20/130]
Ninetails [13/130]
Rocket's Hitmonchan [11/132]
Vileplume [15/64]
Scyther [10/64]
Poliwrath [15/130]
Clefable [1/64]
Erika's Clefable [3/132]
Dark Hypno [9/82]
Hitmonchan [8/130]
Dark Dugtrio [5/82]
Dark Machamp [10/82]
Nidoqueen [7/64]

The deck, will not, include any Eevee. I know that doesn't matter to
anyone,but I just thought I'd tell you.

I'll accept the best offer

Add in some Eevee and maybe a holofoil Eevee to your payment..and you'll
probably be the one to get the cards..and maybe a discount too.

And AGNP, hey, it's been a long time, I hope you are all doing well, because
I am. I just need some money, so I am selling tons of stuff online. I hope
at least some of you remember me, email me if you want to say anything, I'm
not actually checking the newsgroups.

Areku, ar...@houston.rr.com

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