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Thomas Martin

Feb 15, 1993, 11:53:51 PM2/15/93
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BIG Tom's Genesis CD Game Ratings <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

HEY !!!! - You haven't been paying attention! If you want to vote,
see (and actually read) the paragraph at the end of this article. You will
also find the glossary there - which contains longer descriptions for the
games and ratings.

Are you tired of spending $60 for a CD, getting it home, and finding
it would be best used as a coaster? Is 4 hours of fun not exactly what
you had in mind when you layed out 300 for a CD-ROM? Here is a list of
ratings, from people like you who voted their mind about how good or bad
their CD-ROM's are. Read this list and don't buy crap!


New entries since last post:


Those who voted this week: Of:

>>>>>>> Thanks for participating and making this list so successful. <<<<<<<

- BIG Tom M.
# of | Game ^ | Hours | # of |Votes|
Name of Game Players| Rating |of Play|Voters|Tally| Description
Black Hole Assault 2 * 1/2 5 10 15 Fighting
Chuck Rock 1 ** 1/2 15 8 20 Platform
Cobra Command 1 ** 3/4 11 31 Shooter
Marky Mark, Make y/o Video 1 * 1 1 Interactive
Night Trap 1 ** 3/4 22 14 40 Interactive
Prince of Persia 1 *** 1/2 40 10 35 Platform
Sewer Shark 1 ** 3/4 13 36 Shooter
Sherlock Holmes Con. Det. 1 *** 1/4 30 16 53 Mystery
Sol-Feace 1 ** 1/2 20 54 Shooter
Wolfchild 1 * 1 1 Platform
Wonderdog 1 *** 1/4 10 33 Platform
11 games reviewed # Means can be played over and over.
^ All game ratings above are rounded down to the nearest quarter star.


Games with a 3 star rating or more, that 4 or more people voted for:
Game # of Votes Game
Rating Name of Game Voters Tally Rating Company
*** 1/2 Prince of Persia 10 35 3.50 Imagesoft
*** 3/10 Wonderdog 10 33 3.30 JVC
*** 5/16 Sherlock Holmes Com. Det. 16 53 3.13 Sega
3 games out of 9 with a 3 star or higher rating. (44.4% of rated games)


Games with less than a 3-star rating that 4 or more people voted for:
Game # of Votes Game
Rating Name of Game Voters Tally Rating Company
** 6/7 Night Trap 14 40 2.86 Hasbro
** 10/13 Sewer Shark 13 36 2.82 Imagesoft
** 9/11 Cobra Command 11 31 2.81 Wolfteam
** 7/10 Sol-Feace 20 54 2.70 Sega
** 1/2 Chuck Rock 8 20 2.50 Imagesoft
* 1/2 Black Hole Assault 10 15 1.50
6 out of 9 games with less than 3 stars. (55.5 % of all reviewed games)


# - Game can be played over and over again.
* - Dreck, yak, bleck, hack, gleck (Horrible beyond words).
** - OK, playable, still dreck, although someone might like.
*** - Decent game that will appeal to some (But not everyone).
**** - Pretty good, a fun game that almost everyone will like.
***** - Damn good, a real winner, every game should be this good.


Adventure - Games where you must explore large worlds, killing enemies,
and discovering hidden treasures, sometimes with a quest.
Arcade - Games that fit in no specific catagory except that they
are easy to start playing and are like arcade games.
Copter Sim. - Games where you are controlling the flight and other capa-
bilities of a helicopter, from a cockpit view.
Easy R.P.G. - Games that are role-playing games but are designed for the
novice player to easily begin play. See Role-Play.
Fight & Jump - Games where you fight and jump to stay alive, and sometimes
have other powers. Boards usually scrolling horizonatally.
Fighting - Games where you face off against another player, or the
computer in some form of one-on-one combat.
Flight Sim. - Games where you are given a cockpit view of some sort of
aircraft, and are given a flying mission.
Game/Show - Games that either emulate game-shows or board games.
Competition is with other players or against the computer.
Interactive - Games where you interact with on-screen video characters in
order to complete the given scenario.
Light-Gun - Games where you must use your system's light gun to perform
some function, usually similar to Shooter-type games.
Maze Game - Games where navigating a maze is the main objective. This
can be from any perspective, such as above and inside.
Multiple - Games where there are a variety of game scenarios of
differing sorts, played either randomly or in sequence.
Pinball - Games that emulate the playing of arcade-style pinball
machines, usually with some different options though.
Platform - Games where moving from platform to platform, avoiding
enemies, and getting prizes are the objective.
Reality Sim. - Games of this type take place from the point of view of a
fictional character's perspective. Like virtual reality.
Role-Play - Games where you take on the role of some sort of adventurer,
able to increase in abilities and experience along the way.
Shooter - Games where you shoot a lot and avoid being shot by the
enemies you are shooting. Most often are space scenarios.
Sports^ - Games where there is some sort of sporting event to play
other than everyday, normal sporting events.
Strategy - Games that require more thought than dexterity. This can
encompass a great variety of different type games.
Tank Sim. - Games where you are given the command and control of a tank
and play from a viewpoint within the tank itself.
Think Fast - Games that require the player to make fast decisions and
act on them, kind of a quick-thinking strategy.
Very Young - Games that are too easy for adults and even kids, these
games are really meant for kids 5 and under.

^ Regular sports games will be described by their appropriate sporting event.


Simply E-mail me (tma...@dpw.com) with your votes. You certainly can
vote for games that are not on this meager list and they will be added.
Please make your vote an even number of stars (1-5) or we will not include
it in our list. Also, the number of players (available on the screen at
once) should be included, as well as as short description similar to those
listed above, and if you can, how many hours of play you think the average
game player can reasonably expect to beat or play out the game.
Please vote for ALL your games, not just the good ones, people really
want to know what the crap games are. Also, if you have a suggestion or a
complaint, send it to me - as you can see I've been more than willing to
to make changes - but I make no promises that everyone's ideas and changes
will be made. I apologize to anyone who's votes I lose or mess up and any
mistakes I make in the future - WARNING - you will find mistakes. My
feelings will not be hurt if you write to correct any goofs that I make,
but I am sorry if I cannot respond to all the correspondence that I
receive. To those who do participate though - Thank You.

Thanks for participating.

BIG Tom Martin

Thomas Martin

Feb 18, 1993, 4:25:57 PM2/18/93
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