Genesis Review: Bonanza Bros.

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Lee Thompson

Oct 27, 1991, 4:03:21 AM10/27/91
Company: SEGA
Size: 512k (4 Megabit)
Players: 1-2
Theme: Cops 'n Robbers (you are the robbers :) )

This is a split screen cooperative game, although the manual and the
translated game try to sell off that you are "testing" the security, I
don't believe it for a minute.

The early levels are relatively easy, but get harder as you continue.

This game is fun to play, especially with a friend.

Graphics: 8 (especially cute are the little animations)
Sound FX: 8 (I like the sound of the fly buzzing)
Music: 8 (fits the game)
Gameplay: 6 (one player)
9 (two players, this game can be VERY fun)
Overall: 8.2 (not bad for $44)

the game does slow down occasionally with two players when there is a lot
of stuff onscreen. That's my only complaint.

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