Worms World Party - first impressions

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Adam Mesenbrink

May 31, 2001, 10:46:27 PM5/31/01
Ok I have been waiting for a redo of Worms since I bought the first
one. I actually got a fairly long response when I e-mailed Team17
after Worms Armageddon was released. I suggested things like auto
load, online play and a few other things. There response was "just
wait, you will love Worms World Party"

I picked up Worms World Party tonight, $19.00 at Babbages, can't beat
the price. I has a few more options then the first DC Worms game.
Loads are quicker and it does search for the Worms save file and auto
loads when the game boots up. The computer is quicker as well, in
fact several times the computer thought for a few seconds and made a
move. This is a vast improvement over the last games 45-50 sec wait
for the computers turn. There are more options for Death Match and
terrains as well. Up to this point I was very pleased with the game.
Next I tried online play, and tried and tried and tried and... well..
you get the point. I chatted with a couple other folks on the server,
some said they got a game to work, some didn't. I didn't. I tried on
and off for about 3 hours to get an online game started to no avail.
If I hosted a game everyone would get ready and then the game would
freeze. Several times I was able to reset the game with the buttons.
3 times it required a power cycle (oh sorry router language, I hit the
power button).

All in all I am satisfied with my purchased, after all the game was 19
bucks. I paid more for the pizza we had for supper... If you had the
last one and were put off by load times get this one. If you want it
for online play good luck. I'll report back with more info if I get a
game to work later.

Adam Mesenbrink

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