Tomcat Alley Arrives: Short Review

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Marc Baime

Mar 19, 1994, 11:44:55 PM3/19/94
Tomcat Alley for the Sega CD arrived here in Tampa today. I love any
kind of flying game so I rushed down to EB to pick up a copy. I must say
I am not disappointed. I AM EXCITED. This is, for me, the best game I've
played on the Sega CD. For those who are looking for a flight simulation,
bail out now. Those of you who remember the movie liek video game Firefox
hang in here. For those who like visceral shooters, you better start
collecting all the loose change you've got lieing around in your drawers;
you are going to want this game. On the down side (let's get the bad
stuff out of the way first) there are only 7 missions in this game.
So much for the down side. The game is a tru-video game i.e. full motion video
a la the Prize Fighter and Dracula Unleashed game. Here the full motion video
is of F14 Tomcats fighting Migs in combat. There's a story line that you're
fighting a renegade Russian general and his combat unit and there's a romanantic
interest but it's all secondary to the action. You play the weapons officer in
the F14. You fly with a pilot and a wingman (wingwoman in this case). The
A,B, and C buttons of the genesis are used. C button turns the Heads Up Display
and off. B button toggles between the HUD functions (in conjucnction with the
D pad targetingc cursor). These functions include using chaff, selecting
weapons, turning on the radio, and selecting waypoints. After selecting a w
aypoint your pilot flies you there. You then select a bogie to target and your
pilot flies you to the bogie where the dogfight begins. Once the pilot gets
you on the bogie's tail you need to target the bogie with the D pad and fire
the weapon with the A
button. You also may need to drop chaff to avoid being hit by the bogie's
missiles. The thing that makes this game are the stunning visuals. Even with
the limited color pallete of the Genesis all you'll be able to say is WOW! This
game is SO MUCH FUN it should be outlawed (who knows..perhaps the next
of congress will do just that). So...just in case...if you like action games
anddon't require the realism of a simulation....if you like gut wrenching
graphics and stunning explosions but don't like to read 500 page manuals...if
you want
to play the best arcade action game to appear on the Sega CD...lock on to the
nearest purveyor of Sega CD software near you today and make an attack run to
pickup this great full-motion video shooter. By the way the explosion views
and attack
runs seem to vary randomly even when you repeat a mission so it won't get stale
too fast. Also, FYI, you can save games, configure your joypad, and switch
between an easy and hard level. Go check this one out. As always, let the
buyer beware. Everyo
n'e taste is different so buy someplace where they'll let you return software
that YOU don't care for. This one's a keeper for me. WATCH YOUR
Regards...Marc Baime
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