Batman Returns Sega CD

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May 23, 1993, 11:42:46 AM5/23/93
Well, I bought this game a couple days ago and have been playing it hard.

I thought I'd give a few of my comments on this game.

First of all, the driving sequences on this game are incredible.
If you thought the scaling and rotation of Jaguar were awesome, this game
totally blows it away. There have been many times while playing jaguar that I wished for a machine gun or something on it. This game answers my prayers.
The graphics in the driving sequences are awesome. The colors are magnificent.
The game seems like it has many more colors then the sega can support.
There are 5 separate driving levels each with 6 stages on each. You go
from the streets of Gotham to tunnels complete with scaling bats flying all over
the place to snowy terrains to the sewers on the batskiboat.
The bosses are extremely challenging.

To top it all off, the entire game has an awesome soundtrack from sega's
multimedia studio. This game has a LOT of CD quality music pumped into it.
This is the first game I have played that made me want to actually tape the
music just to listen to. It is complete with digitized pictures of the Penguin
that scale out as your continue timer ticks down. It has digitized voices
straight from the movie.
The CD sound adds a whole lot to the regular cartridge game, which I think
is extremely challenging.

All in all, if you have a sega CD already you should seriously consider buying this baby.

Steve Lane

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