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Ralph Barbagallo

Dec 12, 1993, 1:02:32 AM12/12/93
Yeah, after playing Consulting Detective for awhile on my Turbo,
I've kind of renewed my interest in FMV games. I had the game for a year
or so, but I've only now begun to play it. It's really quite good.
How's Consulting Detective II on the SEGACD? Is the FMV any better??

Also, how's this Ground Zero Texas?

Ralph A.Barbagallo III_Only AMIGA Makes it Possible!
"Maybe Atari will do well overseas. Jerry Lewis movies do very well overseas."
Scott Cohen -ZAP!: The Rise and Fall of Atari (1984)


Dec 11, 1993, 1:04:30 PM12/11/93

HI all,

I don't know if it's been posted yet, but Double Switch for the
Sega CD is out. I saw a running demo at EB. all I can say is....
HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS GOOD !!!!!!! I don't know about the game play,
but the FMV was unbelievable. Now, most of you know I don't care for this
FMV junk,.. but it looks like Sega and Digital Pictures got it right,
and when I say right,.. I mean.. flawless ( sorry .. I know I sound
hyped up,.. but i can't help it... I *NEVER* thought I'd see a FMV Sega CD
game that looked this good.. ).. Hey Teh,.. I think I finally found a
good reason to finally look at the Sega Cd much more seriously :)..
Unfortunately of course.. my funds are completely drained.. oh well,
Oh.. also .. EB has lowered the Sega CD^2 to a flat 199.99 :)

-Dmitri "Dmitheon" Lenna
" I may not agree with what you hve to say, but I'll defend
to the death your right to say it" - Voltaire

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